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pokemon spirits

Forum-Index Fanmades Spriting pokemon spirits
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Posted: Wed, 24/09/2014 12:15 (7 Years ago)
hi here is what i can do

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hey i want a recolors of pokemons
pokes i want you to make a recolored:
any specific color:
it is 100 pd new ones are coming
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Posted: Wed, 24/09/2014 14:00 (7 Years ago)
Hi! It's not spirit, it's sprite. Another thing: You just put a part of a pokemon on a another pokemon. Maybe think about where you should put it, and then recolour it. The pictures are really big, maybe make them littler. Sorry, but what you're doing is what everyone else can do too. Maybe practise a bit, befor you open a spriting shop that takes PD. I had a free shop some time ago, maybe I'll reopen it, don't know, but you did not have to pay there, and I had lots of different types of sprites there, you only have one.

Sorry for saying so much negative stuff, but you really have to change something.
Hi! I'm from Germany, please forgive me my bad English ;)