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Carpet's Chat Events and Ribbons

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Posted: Wed, 18/06/2014 07:09 (8 Years ago)
This is the thread in which I store important information for my ChatQuizzes and ChatContests.


1) All Herochat rules apply.
2) Do not curse under any circumstances! This is already a rule, but I'm saying it twice because it's important!
3) Don't be rude to other participants.
4) You can correct me if I'm wrong about something, but otherwise, PLEASE don't complain unnecessarily.
5) You may use emphasis so long as you follow the restrictions set in the Herochat rules, except color. You may not use color during the ChatQuiz/ChatContest, because that is what I use to distinguish my posts from the others.
6) Please do not answer more than once until I say whether you were right or wrong. (After I reply, you may answer again.)

I tend to use colors to distinguish my posts from the others; most of the time, I use dark green for ChatQuizzes and dark red for ChatContests, but if those aren't different enough, people may request that I use other colors.


My policy on looking up answers in ChatQuizzes: you may look it up, because speed-wise, that puts you at a disadvantage to the others unless you are Tina or the others are Shuckle, and I wouldn't be able to enforce a rule against it anyway. People would just lie and do it anyway.
The following users are never allowed to participate in my future ChatQuizzes:


Registration usually takes place on the feed in which the Contest is announced, but sometimes takes place in the Herochat itself; one must simply pick four moves (only moves that existed in Generation IV or before are eligible; Generation V and VI moves are not allowed!) and a Pokémon that can learn them. It is a good idea to pay attention to the Contest effects of moves rather than the normal ones, as the normal effects (including type) mean nothing in Contests.
There is one Contest for every four participants. Thus, there are often several consecutive Contests; because of this, they don't happen quite as often, as opening registration for Contests usually means about an hour straight of just Contests.
Participation is quite simple; you just have to pick one of your four moves to use it. Please be sure to post your moves in the order I give each turn! I will then say everything that resulted from your action, and at the end, whoever has the most points wins a Ribbon that proves you won, to display in your Signature, About Me, or wherever you want. (There are other ways to earn Ribbons as well, but most are from Contests.)
There are be five turns, like in Generation III. The first turn is Beauty; second is Cute; third is Cool; fourth is Tough; fifth is Smart!


This section is under construction! The following is literally copied/pasted from my About Me as a result.
I enjoy making ChatQuizzes and ChatContests. If you see commemorative Ribbons on people's About Mes, avatars, or signatures, they may have been won from my Contests or awarded by me for other reasons. ^^
In case they are, please DON'T steal them! The participants won them fair and square. Here is a list of people who actually won Ribbons:

Past Contests:
Contest 1 - SandeviRae got first; Locke got second; GhestriHoundoom got third; Lunalonewolf got fourth
Contest 2 - Professor Joe got first; HeyItsLexi got second; CyndaquilLuvsVan Halen got third; only three members took part, so nobody got fourth

Other Ribbons:
Klonoa got a Quiz Effort Ribbon for coming in first place in my 30-question ChatQuiz against Riako (it was amazing and Black Smoke is an Ability now)!
Death got a Puzzle Ribbon for correctly decoding and answering the mysterious picture I posted!
Riako got a Hero Ribbon for so many reasons that I'd probably pass the character limit if I listed them all; to put it simply, he is an amazing admin and an amazing person and he deserved it. ^^
Claus got a Quiz Effort Ribbon for coming in first place in my 20-question ChatQuiz!
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Posted: Thu, 19/06/2014 01:35 (8 Years ago)