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The Journey of a lifetime

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Posted: Thu, 28/12/2017 05:25 (5 Years ago)
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So I was bored, and had an hour before I usually decide to go to bed so I'm going to start writing Tiger's first journey. I know I'm not the best with titles but enjoy either way!


Tap Tap Tap. A noise was heard on a window just outside a twelve year old boy's bedroom window. The small clock on the dresser read ten in the morning, and late morning light was pouring into the room. A small boy groaned and rolled over in his bed, he pulled his black comforter back over his face in an attempt to block the sun out. Tap tap tap, the tapping got more violent, and rapid. "Pidgeot go away" the boy said in a groggy tone and rolled over once more. He threw a small Charmander plush at the window to try and scare the Pokémon away. A burn mark scar was seen as his right arm slipped out from the bed sheets.

Pidgeot growled and shook his head as the small toy hit the window. Taptaptaptap, the tapping came off more violently. The window vibrated when he tapped it this time and the blinds were moved slightly showing the messy room the boy slept in. There were notebooks with notes on how to be a trainer, and status ailments, as well as story books on legendary and mythical Pokémon were visible even from the window. "Tiger you're late!" Pidgeot yelled and tapped once more.

Tiger sighed in annoyance and hauled himself out of bed, he half walked, half tripped over the many books and plushies on the floor, and soon arrived at the window, his emerald green eyes were dull from exhaustion. "Pidgeot, how many times do I have to tell you. Don't wake me up like that!" He yawned and rubbed his left eye. "Mom doesn't like it when Cyndaquil visits, she won't like it if you break the window." He warned tiredly.

"And Elm isn't to happy that you're late. Cyndaquil is waiting for you to show up to the lab!" Pidgeot retorted dryly. "You were supposed to be there an hour ago" the Pokémon growled in annoyance.

Exhaustion forgotten, Tiger blinked in shock. "Wait what time is-" he said in shock and looked at the clock, which read about ten in the morning. "Oh no I forgot to set the alarm." He groaned. He shook his head, and grabbed his black jacket, blue shirt, and jeans, and ran to the bathroom. "Tell Cyndaquil I'll be there in less than fifteen minutes!" Tiger told pidgeot quickly before running into the bathroom to get ready for his first Pokémon journey.

Pidgeot sighed in annoyance and shook his head. "That kid is going to get himself into trouble" the flying Pokémon mumbled simply, and flew off towards the lab.


Tiger ran into the lab, and slid on the tile floor of the lab. He crashed into a stack of boxes near the wall, and was buried under some of Elm's notes. "Hello there Tiger" Elm said in his usual kind tone, though a hint of amusement at Tiger’s arrival shone in his golden brown eyes. He went over to Tiger, who was hauling himself out of the paper, and helped the new trainer to his feet. Tiger grabbed his blue cap from under the stack before grabbing a box to help clean up the mess.

"Hello Elm. Sorry I'm late, and for the mess" Tiger said in embarrassment. "I kind of forgot to set my alarm and I stayed up most the night studying" he explained quietly and picked the box back up.

Elm shook his head. "No it's fine. I'm surprised you decided to study up on being a trainer. To be fair you seem to get along more with Cyndaquil and Pidgeot than any experienced trainer and their Pokémon I've met. I thought you knew what being a trainer was like. I mean it's like you, know, what Pokémon are saying. It's been that way since you returned from Viridian Forest." He mused and looked at Tiger pressing for the usual answer.

Tiger stayed silent. He never told anyone about what had happened seven years before when he was five. He had run into a battle while trying to rescue his old Pichu. The Pokémon fighting were Lugia and Ho-Oh. He had taken a sacred fire from Ho-Oh and miraculously survived the experience. Though he stayed in a different part of the forest, and had learnt to speak and understand Pokémon a bit better than most humans.

"So aren't you going to tell me anything?" Elm pressed in a concerned sigh. "I mean you use to be so open to me, Tiger. Now whenever I ask how you know a Jolteon has a thorn in it's pad; mind you without even looking at the injured paw, you completely shut down and become guarded." He said quietly.

Tiger looked at the professor and frowned. Elm has helped me out when Dad, no Frost, wasn't here for me. Though I made a promise, I can't let him know. He thought sharply and looked away. "It's a long story" Tiger said quietly and put the final box back into place.

Elm frowned and gave up. Sighing, he replied. "Alright, if you ever need to talk I'll be here for you. Anyway are you here to pick Cyndaquil up and begin your journey?" He asked kindly.

Tiger nodded, "yeah of course I'm ready to become a trainer! I've been ready for seven years!" He began cheerfully and sighed in slight annoyance. "Especially when I was forced to stay behind last year..." He said quietly and remembered how Elm forced him to wait until he was twelve to become a trainer due to how he disappeared in Viridian Forest and didn't go home with his brother, Smokey. At first the delay was only six months long, that was until his half brother, Snow a Team Rocket grunt, had stolen his Cyndaquil. Tiger had left town without warning his mom or Elm about the situation, and went missing again for two days while he chased Snow to Rocky Tunnel to get Cyndaquil back. Some trainer had helped Tiger out, but had punched him in the face first. He still wasn’t sure why she was so hostile when Tiger tried to explain what had happened to her. Maybe due to the fact that I was speaking in Pokemon for that whole ‘adventure.’ Tiger thought with a sigh. He didn’t mind the extra six month delay though, as the extra year he had to wait had given him time to study up and relearn some things he forgot when he was in the forest.

Elm nodded and lead Tiger into the lab's fields. Once outside, Tiger ran his gaze over the fields of the lab. Miltank, and Tauros ran by kicking up dust. There were Pidgey and Hoothoot sleeping in an oak tree to the right, and a few Politoed and Squirtle splashed in the pond nearby. Tiger smiled and ignored the dust that caused him to sneeze slightly. "Cyndaquil, hey bud I'm here!" Tiger called out.

Silence was all he was greeted with, and soon a small fire Pokemon jumped out of the oak tree nearby. He tackled Tiger into a hug and smiled. "You're late!" Cyndaquil snapped and punched Tiger in the arm playfully.

Tiger laughed and grabbed Cyndaquil off his shoulder and scooped him into his arms. "Sorry. I slept in. I'm here now and we can go on our journey." Tiger said kindly and hugged his friend.

Cyndaquil sighed and shook his head "I thought you forgot about our journey! We're going to make new friends, and be the best like no one ever was!" The Pokemon squeaked in excitement and climbed onto Tiger's head. He mockingly pointed to the next town.

Tiger laughed and shook his head lightly in an attempt to not make his starter fall, before hearing Elm chuckle in amusement beside him. "I'm glad you found your friend. Now come back inside so I can give you your pokedex and pokeballs." He said kindly and walked back into the lab.

Tiger nodded and looked at Cyndaquil once the Pokémon jumped onto his shoulder. "I wouldn't forget about you, or the journey. Now come on let's go!" Tiger said cheerfully and ran into the lab.

Elm stood next to a table and waited for Tiger and Cyndaquil to get over to him. Once Tiger ran over, with Cyndaquil still on his shoulder, Elm handed him the Pokedex and pokeballs. "Alright Tiger I'm trusting you with the Pokedex I hope you have a safe and fun journey. Good luck." Elm said kindly, and put some emphasis on safe. Tiger sighed and shook his head in amusement as he knew what the emphasis was for, Tiger had a bad habit of finding himself in danger. Shaking off the thought of trying to stay safe on his journey, Tiger took the items and went to the door. He was about to walk outside when Elm stopped him once more. "Wait Tiger one more thing" Elm said quickly.

Tiger and Cyndaquil stopped and the two exchanged a glance before looking back to Elm. "What's up?" Tiger asked and tipped his head to the side.

"Oak gave me this egg. I told him I'd give it to a trainer I think will take care of it. So could you take care of it?" Elm asked and grabbed an orange egg from a counter.

Tiger blinked and grabbed the egg. It felt warm, he examined it closely, noticed the pokemon inside might be a fire type, and nodded. "Yeah I'd be more than happy to take care of it. I'll call you when it hatches." He said kindly and put the egg into its incubator, and placed both into his bag. "I'll see you later!" Tiger said and waved to Elm as he ran outside. Cyndaquil squeaked once more in excitement.

"Goodbye Tiger and good luck!" Elm said and watched as Tiger and Cyndaquil took their first step on their Pokémon trainer journey.
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Posted: Sun, 21/01/2018 05:51 (5 Years ago)
Tiger walked into Route 29 and looked around. He could see Cherrygrove City from where he stood, the red roof of the Pokemon Center was visible through the trees in the route. The trees grew to the sides of the route keeping it as a clearing, and tall grass grew all along the path. Hiding wild Pokemon from unsuspecting trainers. Tiger was about to walk into the tall grass when a familiar trainer grabbed his shirt and yanked him backwards. "What the!?" Tiger said with a yelp and fell to the ground with a thud. He looked up and glared at the trainer. The trainer who had stopped Tiger was about five foot four, towering over Tiger’s four foot ten height. He had golden hair, and golden eyes. The boy was wearing a black vest, red shirt, and blue jeans. There was no expression in his golden eyes. "Lion? What the heck! You could have hurt the egg in my bag." He said in shock.

Lion shook his head and grabbed a pokeball. "I don't care about that egg. All I care about is defeating you in a battle and proving to you that I'm stronger!" He said lowly.

Tiger and Cyndaquil exchanged a glance. "Is he always going to be this way? I thought you said he was awesome, and kind." The Pokémon asked dryly.

Tiger sighed and shrugged. "Lion changed I guess. Though I'm not sure. I mean-." He trailed off uneasily and glanced at the golden haired boy. We used to be close. Now he just wants to fight. He thought to himself with a frown.

"I haven't changed! You've changed!" Lion retorted angrily, and glared at Tiger. "Now either battle me or go home 'oh wise child of the forest"' he snarled.

Tiger sighed in annoyance and nodded to Cyndaquil. "Guess we're battling. You know I feel awful for Blast." He said quietly. Lion just shook his head quickly.

"Squirtle is fine with me! He doesn't need you worrying about him" Lion said dryly and called out his Squirtle.

Tiger looked at the Pokémon, and frowned. When he and Lion were younger, Squirtle use to be so much happier when he was around Lion. Now, he looked miserable and depressed to be with the trainer. "Hello, Blast, how are you?" Tiger asked gently and crouched down to the Squirtle's level.

"I'm fine I guess. I ju-."

"Squirtle don't just stand around!" Lion yelled in a commanding tone. "Attack Cyndaquil!" He snapped.

Blast sighed and shook his head. He then ran at Cyndaquil with a tackle. Tiger shook his head in frustration, "you know. Pokemon aren't tools for battle." He said to Lion dryly.

"Do not tell me how to raise my Pokémon, Stripes!" Lion snarled using a nickname that he gave Tiger years ago just to annoy him. Somehow, unknown to Tiger, Team Rocket had figured out this nickname as well. Has Lion been talking to Rocket? If so what did he say? Can I trust him? The thoughts crept at the back of Tiger’s mind and he shook them away quickly.

Tiger frowned and sighed. "Cyndaquil let's go use a flamethrower." He ordered knowingly. He wanted to use a move that wouldn't effect Blast much, as the water type had somehow gotten to a lower level than Cyndaquil. Despite the fact that Blast started his journey with Lion over a year ago.

Blast slid back from the move and Cyndaquil shook his head when he was affected by tackle. "Squirtle use a bubble now!" Lion yelled.

Tiger blinked as the move was shot off, it was heading for Cyndaquil quickly. "Dig!" Tiger ordered quickly. Cyndaquil looked at Tiger and nodded. He jumped underground dodging the bubble attack.

Lion growled and looked around. "Where did your." He began and was caught off guard. Blast looked at Lion uneasily when Cyndaquil confused him.

Tiger sighed "Blast focus on where Cyndaquil is! If you do you'll be able to figure out where he'll come out from." He yelled to the opposing Pokemon in an attempt to help.

"Thanks Ti-." Blast began but was cut off by Lion's snarl.

"I told you to stop telling me how to raise my Pokémon! Squirtle just stay there and wait." Lion yelled angrily.

Tiger sighed "Cyndaquil now," he mumbled feeling bad when Cyndaquil jumped out of the ground from below Blast. The squirtle was knocked across the ground. Due to lack of training, the Pokémon fainted.

Lion growled and recalled the squirtle. "This isn't over, Tiger. I'll prove to you that you're wrong. Pokemon aren't meant to be friends, and humans shouldn't be able to speak Pokémon!" He snapped angrily and walked away.

Why did I ever tell Lion about the forest? I thought it would help, but it only made things worse. Tiger thought sharply and picked Cyndaquil up.

"He'll come around. Don't worry." Cyndaquil said gently to his trainer and looked at Tiger.

"Yeah. I hope so." Tiger whispered quietly and walked into the tall grass heading towards Cherrygrove City.


"Hey look a Sentret." Tiger whispered quietly and crouched among the leaves of a tree. He was watching the Pokémon as it munched on a green Apricorn.

"Yeah are we going to try and catch it?" Cyndaquil asked quietly. Tiger blinked and scooted along the branch.

"I'm going to try" he said quietly, and tried to go further along the branch when. Creak. The branch groaned under Tiger's weight. "That's not good" Tiger mumbled and fell into the clearing scaring Sentret.

"Agk! A human! P-please don't hurt me." The Sentret said in shock and fear, it took a few steps back.

Tiger blinked and rubbed his head. "I'm sorry for dropping in I ju-." He replied cautiously in an attempt to calm the Pokémon down.

"Uh Tiger I don't think that talking to Sentret is a good idea!" Cyndaquil squeaked in shock and watched from the tree.

Tiger looked up, "wait why?" He asked and got to his feet.

"Sentret are known for kicking sand up with their tails!" Cyndaquil warned, too late Sentret had kicked sand up defensively and covered Tiger in sand.

Tiger coughed and rubbed his stinging eyes he watched as Sentret ran off quickly. "Well there goes our first catch" Tiger mumbled and spat sand out of his mouth. "I think I'm going to be tasting sand for the next few days." He grumbled quietly.

Cyndaquil couldn't help but laugh at this. He rolled out of the tree and nearly fell onto the egg. "Sorry. That was by far the best failed attempt at a capture I've seen to date! Are you going to catch all 251 types of pokemon like that." Cyndaquil said in between laughter.

Tiger rolled his eyes and went to the egg. He examined it and sighed in relief when it was unharmed. "There’s more than 251 pokemon out there bud.” He mumbled and sighed before sliding the egg back into his bag. “Let's just go to Cherrygrove City it's getting late" Tiger sighed and glanced at the sky, the sun was beginning to set behind the Tin Tower that was barely visible to the west. They both had been out in Route 29 for a few hours now.

Cyndaquil nodded and climbed onto his shoulder. The two then made their way to the next town in silence. Tiger was still spitting out sand as he walked to Cherrygrove.
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Posted: Tue, 23/01/2018 03:50 (5 Years ago)
Trees and flowers grew along the edges of Cherrygrove City. There was a small part of the sea was off to the South. Tiger blinked, and smiled he had only been here one other time, when he was eight, and Cyndaquil was sick. He had been told, by Elm, to get the medicine to heal his friend from Joy. He looked at Cyndaquil and smiled. "So where should we go? Should we go to the center and try to get a room for the night, or should we continue to Violet and camp out for the night?" He asked his partner kindly.

Cyndaquil looked thoughtful. He looked at the sky and looked at the stars. "I think it'd be best if we stayed here tonight. You can get Joy to take a look at the egg and we can get a decent night's sleep." He said kindly.

Tiger nodded in agreement and walked towards the Pokémon center. He walked inside and yawned. Walking up to the counter, Tiger placed the egg down and looked around for Joy. The egg glowed faintly. "Oh looks like it's close to hatching." A gentle and kind voice said from the back. Joy then walked out of the back room and went to the counter. "Welcome to the Pokémon center, you're up late. How may I help you tonight?" Joy said kindly.

Tiger blinked and looked at his pokegear. It was about nine at night, "definitely later than I originally thought." Tiger remarked and looked back up to Joy. "Uh I just need a room, and for you to examine my egg. You said it was close to hatching?" He asked kindly.

"Yes. It should hatch very soon" Joy remarked kindly and smiled. She took the egg to the back, and handed Tiger a room key. Tiger accepted the key and walked to the back with Cyndaquil following him quickly.


Tiger walked into a small room used for trainers when they were away from home, and staying the night at the center. There were a few bunk beds here, and a small desk near the back of the wall. A small TV was near the end of the beds and there was a small bathroom to the back. "Looks like we'll be sleeping soundly tonight." Tiger said cheerfully and put his bag on the bed. He climbed onto the top bunk and looked around the room.

"Wonder if it'll be different when we have people travel with us." Cyndaquil said kindly and climbed up to the bunk that Tiger claimed.

Tiger blinked and peered over the side of the bunk. "I think it'd be different, we'd have people to talk to and we'll find people who will be amazing to be around." He said cheerfully.

Cyndaquil nodded and smiled, "it'd definitely be more fun then." He said in a tired tone. "I'm going to sleep. G'night Tiger." Cyndaquil squeaked cheerfully and curled up on the pillow.

Tiger blinked and looked at his Pokémon, he smiled weakly and sighed. Friends would sound awesome to have. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to find some soon? Tiger thought with a yawn and settled down for the night. He closed his eyes and instantly fell asleep.


Tiger ran through a pitch black area. He wasn't sure what he was running from, or after, he was just running without a purpose. He was about to call out to see if anyone would answer when he heard a familiar screech. "You can run and you can hide, but you can't stop the flames inside!" The voice screeched menacingly. Tiger flinched and felt his arm burn.

"Ho-Oh." Tiger whispered quietly and ran faster. He continued to try and see where he was running, but Ho-Oh's screech was getting closer.

All of a sudden a light was behind him. "The flames grow brighter. Will you be able to stop them, Tiger?" The voice said in a mocking tone.

Tiger blinked in shock, and was knocked aside by the flames. He slid across the ground he saw darkness as he skidded through grass and dirt. He stopped sliding and was scrabbling at thin air as if he was about to fall. "Someone help!" He squeaked out weakly.

"There is no help for you, kid." Ho-Oh whispered darkly and used an Extrasensory knocking Tiger over the edge of the darkness.

Tiger woke in shock and panted. Cyndaquil was looking at him from the top bunk. "Are you alright?" Cyndaquil squeaked in concern. Tiger blinked and got to his feet. He had fallen from the top bunk, and was slightly sore from the fall.

"I'm fine. I've fallen from trees that were higher up." Tiger mumbled quietly. He brushed himself off and looked at the scar on his shoulder. "I just had a nightmare. No huge problem." He grumbled.

Cyndaquil climbed down the ladder and jumped onto Tiger's head. He looked at his trainer in concern. "About? Was it the one with Pichu?" He asked cautiously.

Tiger shook his head, "no it wasn't that. It was a different one." He mumbled and explained the dream to his friend.

Cyndaquil frowned and took in the information. He tried to think of a logical answer to the nightmare. "Maybe it's just caused from the stress of trying to find out how to save Ho-Oh?" He suggested gently.

Tiger shuddered "Ho-Oh still scares me..." He whispered quietly and shook his head clear.

Cyndaquil frowned and climbed to Tiger's shoulder to look him in the eyes. "Don't fear, 'cause I'm still your first Pokémon!" Cyndaquil said reassuringly, and smiled at Tiger. "I'll be here by your side until one of us, most likely you, die." He said jokingly.

Tiger rolled his eyes fondly at Cyndaquil. "Just because I have bad luck when it comes to dying doesn't mean I can't fear." He said kindly and sighed. "Come on let's go check on the egg and get a move on to Violet city." Tiger said kindly and grabbed his bag. He walked out of the room and went to the counter.

"Good morning Tiger! You'll be happy to know your egg is safe and healthy it should hatch within the next day." Joy said cheerfully when Tiger greeted her at the counter.

Tiger accepted the egg and smiled. "Awesome thanks, Joy!" He said kindly and glanced at Cyndaquil. He then ran out of the center with the egg in his arms Cyndaquil was sitting on his head. "Next stop, Violet City, and our first badge! We'll be there by noon!" Tiger said cheerfully and walked out of Cherrygrove with Cyndaquil squeaking in a cheerful agreement.
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Posted: Sat, 27/01/2018 01:22 (5 Years ago)
The sun was in its highest point in the sky when Tiger and Cyndaquil arrived in Violet City. The smell in the air was very comforting and had a slight nostalgic feeling to it. The Sprout Tower was swaying gently in the breeze as the middle pillar moved back and forth like a Bellsprout's body. Tiger blinked and glanced at Cyndaquil. "Alright so where should we go first?" Tiger asked and nodded to Sprout Tower. "We can either train in Sprout Tower, or we could go straight to the gym." He asked kindly.

Cyndaquil looked thoughtful, "I say we try and train. After all it's only me who's going to battle Falkner. Unless, of course, you don't scare off another Pokémon." He said teasingly.

Tiger shook his head and walked towards the tower. "If I scare off another Pokémon? Then you can call me a Magikarp." He said good naturedly and coughed slightly. "I swear to Arceus I still taste sand from that Sentret." He muttered.

Cyndaquil snorted and nudged his trainer playfully. "Tiger, you're going to taste it for a few more days. It'll wear off soon, don't worry." The Pokemon squeaked cheerfully.

Tiger rolled his eyes, and pulled the egg out of his bag. It was glowing faintly now, and Tiger smiled. "You might not be the only Pokémon taking on the gym!" Tiger exclaimed cheerfully and held the egg close. He ran into the Sprout Tower with Cyndaquil following him with a sigh.

"Don't you know how to wait for your Pokemon?" Cyndaquil asked as he ran after Tiger. The trainer stopped and looked over his shoulder. Cyndaquil then scrambled up Tiger's arm and sat on his shoulder.

"Whoops. Sorry I was just excited. What do you think's at the top of this tower?" Tiger asked gleefully and looked up the swaying pillar, there was an air of wonder in the tower as the building seemed to be supported by the swaying beam in the middle. The tower creaked and moaned from the years of it sitting there. Tiger smiled as he looked around the historical building, there was a sort of childlike wonder in his emerald gaze.

Cyndaquil sighed and shook his head fondly. "I say more of the tower" Cyndaquil responded playfully and pointed to the ladder. "Now come on! We won't see what's at the top if we stay here all day." The Pokemon squeaked cheerfully, and nudged Tiger's arm.

Tiger nodded and shook his head clear. "Right." He said in a bit of a more serious tone. He put the egg back into his bag, and went to the ladder and climbed up onto the second floor. Once on the second floor, a few Rattata ran by scurrying away from the trainers on this floor. Tiger blinked and stepped to the side to avoid the Pokémon. "Guess Rattata like to live up here. I don't blame them I mean it's out of the cold." Tiger mused kindly, and looked around. He saw a trainer blocking the path to the next ladder. "Hey bud you ready for a battle?" Tiger asked his partner gently.

Cyndaquil nodded and jumped to the ground. "I'm always ready!" He said cheerfully. Tiger nodded and walked up to the trainer. Once the two locked eyes, a battle was initiated.


After a few more battles and more climbing up the tower, Tiger and Cyndaquil made it to the top. The two looked up from the ladder and gazed around the top of the tower. There was a small hallway with three more trainers, were blocking the path. Tiger and Cyndaquil exchanged a glance and Tiger climbed onto the floor. "Um hello?" Tiger called out carefully. The first trainer looked at him in shock.

"Get out of here." The first sage whispered quietly. Tiger blinked in confusion and tipped his head to the side. He looked closely at the sage and noticed the trainer was burnt from an electric type move. Cyndaquil looked at Tiger as his friend got to his feet.

"What happened here?" Tiger asked quietly and looked around. Cyndaquil was handing the sage a berry.

"W-we were ambushed by Rocket. One of their grunts had a Pikachu and a Poliwhirl they were too strong for us.” The sage said quietly and accepted the berry.

Tiger nodded and exchanged a glance with Cyndaquil. "Call the cops I'll distract the grunt." He said to the sage quietly. A nagging voice at the back of his head continued to say. "It's Snow. Are you ready to face the past once more?" Tiger closed his eyes and shook the voice away. He bit his lip and went down the hall to where the elder was.

"You may have beaten me, but I will never give up my Pokémon!" The elder snapped at a boy. Tiger crouched down and hid in the shadows. He tried to get a better view of the grunt. He was definitely younger than Tiger, about ten years old, he had brown hair, and blue eyes. The grunt was paler in comparison to Tiger, but he looked almost exactly like Tiger. Tiger growled Snow, he thought to himself sharply and looked at Cyndaquil.

"Nonsense. Pokemon? They're tools, and they only exist for the glory of Team Rocket!" Snow said maniacally. He nodded to the Pikachu that was next to him. "Rai, paralyze this guy." He said coldly. The Pikachu nodded coldly and was about to use a thunder wave.

"Cyndaquil, keep the elder safe. I'm going to get Snow." Tiger whispered, he was speaking Pokémon, and sounding like a Rattata as to not alert the grunt. Cyndaquil nodded and once the thunder wave was sent off, Cyndaquil used a flamethrower causing the move to be destroyed in the air.

"What the!" Snow yelled in shock and looked around. Tiger and Cyndaquil then jumped into the clearing between the elder and the grunt. "Tiger? Why are you here?" Snow asked dully and growled.

Tiger didn't answer he glanced at the elder and sighed in relief when he noticed that the elder wasn't hurt. "I am here to protect Johto from the likes of you." Tiger growled angrily and Cyndaquil squeaked in agreement.

"Oh? So are you Johto's guardian now?" Snow said dryly. "Last I checked Matt was the guardian, and he's-"

Tiger cut Snow off angrily. "I am not nor will I ever be the guardian of Johto. Now either leave the Sprout Tower willingly, or I'll drag you out of here like the toddler you are!" Tiger snapped. Snow snarled angrily, and launched himself at Tiger.

With a yelp, Tiger fell to the ground, the egg fell out of his bag, and rolled towards the pillar. Tiger froze and shoved Snow off of him. He ran after the egg, but was hit in the side by Rai. The Pikachu had used a volt tackle sending both Tiger and the egg over the edge.
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Posted: Sun, 28/01/2018 20:44 (5 Years ago)
"Tiger!" Cyndaquil yelled in shock and ran over to the edge where his friend and the egg went over. He poked his head over the edge and squeaked in shock when Rai ran at him angrily. Cyndaquil used a flamethrower on the ground dodging the volt tackle that would have knocked him over the edge.

"Just fall, like your puny trainer!" Rai snapped, his red cheeks were sparking angrily. Cyndaquil landed behind Rai and tipped his head to the side.

"My trainer fell because you knocked him over!" Cyndaquil spat angrily, and lit his back flames in a defensive way. "If he's hurt, or the eggs damaged, then you better hope that your Rocketball can double as a heal ball. Because when I'm done with you-" Cyndaquil snarled and cut himself off when Rai ran at him with a volt tackle. The move was unexpected, and the small fire mouse slid across the ground. He crashed into the wall.

"Well if it isn't Cyndaquil." Snow's voice came from behind him. The rocket grunt crouched down next to Cyndaquil and held a black Pokéball, there was a red R on it, and it had a small chip attached to the side of it. "Would you like to join my team? I mean just like the Dark ball prototype, this will capture you and make you forget all about that weakling, Tiger." Snow said lowly, and threw the ball.

Cyndaquil growled and used a flamethrower knocking the ball out of the air. He began to run away from Snow, Rai was close behind him. "What do I do. What do I do?" Cyndaquil said in fear and ran.

Tiger was trying to grab onto something as he fell down the center of the tower. He was hit in the back of the head from the swaying pillar in the middle of the tower. Tiger groaned and tried to focus. He vision blurred from the hit. The ground was beginning to come into view, their was a few shocked and afraid screams coming from the bottom of the tower. Tiger looked around frantically, "come on think! Who's always following me even at a stupid time..." He said fear was in his tone. He blinked "of course! Pidgeot! He's always following me" he finished and looked around the tower. There were a few open windows here and there. "Please don't be wrong." He grumbled quietly and whistled. The ground was getting closer as he continued to whistle.

Just as he was about to hit the ground, a blur of brown flew through one of the windows. Tiger had gasped and braced himself for the hard slam of the ground, when pidgeot managed to catch up to him. The flying Pokémon hooked his talons into his jacket hood and stopped him from slamming into the ground. "Wow here I thought you'd learn that you can't fly." The Pokemon said teasingly.

Tiger frowned and was safely put on the ground, he was panting heavily from the experience. "I-I thought I'd try and fly. I mean I learnt a lot of other things about a Pokémon why not flight." He said dryly, and looked around. The people in the first floor of the tower were looking at Tiger in both shock and amazement. "Err... why are they staring at me?" Tiger whispered to Pidgeot.

Pidgeot blinked and looked around. He landed next to Tiger, and extend his wing to pat the trainer on the head. "Maybe because you were so scared you ended up speaking in Pokémon" he whispered back slyly.

Tiger flinched and shook his head clear. "U-um nothing wrong with that, just was mimicking my pidgeot" he said to the people in the first floor in embarrassment. A few trainers exchanged glanced, and shrugged. Tiger then sighed and grabbed his hat off the ground. He looked back up to the top of the tower, and shook his head as his vision was blurring again. He had a dull thud of pain in the back of his head where the beam had hit him.

"Maybe you should rest." Pidgeot whispered in concern. Tiger sighed and shook his head.

"Cyndaquil is still fighting up there by himself. I don't care about myself right now. Not having my partner being taken is my main priority." Tiger said quietly and went to the ladder once more. He spotted the egg on the ground. It was broken in half. "How am I going to expla-" he began but was abruptly cut off by a flamethrower nearly hitting him. The move was weak, and it came off as a more of a frightened move. Tiger blinked and walked away from the ladder. He stopped when he saw a small, golden, Charmander hiding behind the broken incubator.

"Hey it's alright. I'm not going to hurt you" Tiger said gently and took a few slow steps to the Pokémon. He was about to touch the Charmander when it growled and used another flamethrower, this time it was a bit stronger.

Tiger bit his lip and cleared his throat as he tried not to scream in pain. "It's alright. Huh, you're really a lucky little guy for surviving a fall like that." He began evenly and tried to get closer to the Pokémon. Pidgeot landed behind him and tilted his head to the side. He must have hatched before hitting the ground. His efforts shielded him from the ground, but I'm not sure if he's hurt... he thought to himself sharply and soon he was in arms reach of the Pokémon.

"Keep going slow. The Charmander is just frightened." Pidgeot said gently to Tiger. The boy nodded, and soon, he had the Charmander in his arms. The small Pokémon squeaked in protest but soon he relaxed and hugged Tiger protectively.

"D-dad. W-what happened" Charmander said in fear and Pidgeot let out and small chuckle. Tiger blinked but didn't yell at the Pokémon.

"I'm not your dad. I'm only twelve, I'm your trainer and your friend, Tiger." Tiger said gently and held the Pokemon close. "A bad person knocked us down the tower. You were lucky to have been fine." He said gently and examined the Pokémon. "Just a little Lucky charm aren't you." Tiger said with a smile.

"T-Tiger?" Charmander said quietly.

Tiger blinked "yeah" he asked and looked back up to the tower top.

"I wike the name Chawm" the Charmander said kindly.

Tiger nodded and exchanged a glance with Pidgeot, "alright then, Charm, Pidgeot, we have a friend to save" he said and got to his feet. Charm was still in his arms as he got to his feet. He made his way to the ladder once more with pidgeot following him quickly. The three then made their way back up the tower. Hang in there, Cyndaquil, help is in the way.
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sorry for the short chapter. I honestly was completely consumed with writer's block. I might edit this chapter whenever I can so enjoy it either way. If there's anythign that doesn't make sense in it feel free to tell me through palpad

Cyndaquil was pinned against the wall. Snow and Rai were slowly creeping towards him. Tiger glanced at Charm and looked thoughtful. "What can we do?" Tiger whispered and glanced at Pidgeot.

Pidgeot leaned against the ladder, and tapped a feather to his beak. "Hmmm..." Pidgeot began quietly. Tiger sighed, and stayed hidden on the ladder's top. "Maybe we can try and create a distraction?" Pidgeot whispered quietly.

Tiger nodded, and glanced at Charm. "What moves do you have?" He asked with a whisper.

Charm blinked, "Why are you asking me to help?" He asked in shock. Tiger sighed, and shook his head.

"You're my friend, and we need to save Cyndaquil. He's a friend too." Tiger explained to the hatchling and pointed to Cyndaquil.

"But I'm not strong!" Charm said quietly, and shied back. Tiger shook his head, and looked at Charm.

"You are strong! Please, Charm. Just use a flamethrower, and distract Snow for a moment so I can get Cyndaquil back." Tiger whispered quietly, and looked at the Charmander closely. "You're not going in alone, Pidgeot and I will be behind you." He said reassuringly and looked at the shiny charmander.

Charm nodded reluctantly, and got to his paws. "I'll try." He said quietly and walked onto the floor of the room.

Tiger poked his head over the side of the ladder, and looked at Snow. "Now, Cyndaquil, just stay sti-" Snow began and went to throw the rocketball. He was hit by a flamethrower and was sent stumbling backwards, the rocketball fell out of his hand. "What was that!?" Snow said in shock and looked around quickly. Tiger held his breath, and ducked down as to not be spotted, as the grunt's gaze moved over him. "Rai go and investigate." Snow snarled and glanced at his Pikachu.

The Pikachu nodded, and walked along the top floor of the shrine. A little closer. Just a little closer Tiger thought to himself, and noticed Pidgeot was slowly raising his wings. Once the Pikachu made it to the stairs, Tiger nodded, and gave the signal. Pidgeot then chirped and used a sand attack when the Pikachu got close enough. Causing sand and dust to fill the staircase and swept the brown cloud into the top floor of the tower. Tiger coughed, and covered his mouth.

He watched as Pikachu squeaked in shock, stumbled back, and began to cough violently. "I can't see!" The Pokemon yelled angrily. He rubbed his eyes, and struggled to see through the brown dust cloud. Just before he could shoot out a thunder bolt, Pidgeot flew in knocking the Pikachu over.

"Rai!? What's going on?" Snow yelled quickly, and was coughing through the cloud of dust. Tiger narrowed his eyes against the dust, and held his breath. Is Cyndaquil still alright? I mean he looked hurt... Tiger thought to himself in fear. He then saw a flash of light, a flamethrower, stronger than Charm's. He breathed in relief when Cyndaquil managed to break free of Snow.

"What in the!?" Snow snapped, and growled when the dust finally cleared. He glared at Tiger angrily. "You. Why are you here? Shouldn't you be dead?" Snow asked coldly, and narrowed his eyes at Tiger.

Tiger blinked, and made himself look innocent. "Dead? Heh I don't think I know that concept." Tiger said with a shrug and smirked. "I mean." He trailed off, and glanced at Pidgeot. "I was burnt alive, knocked off a mountain, thrown off a tower, and pushed into a lake. I think death might be the last thing I expect in life. Literally." He said dryly, and glared at his half brother. His emerald eyes were blazing with anger and annoyance.

Snow snarled in response and glanced at Rai. "Use a volt tackle, and make sure they don't survive it." He said lowly. Tiger blinked, and looked up to Pidgeot.

"Quick! Use another sand attack! We need to get out of here." Tiger said quickly. Pidgeot nodded, and flew up into the air quickly. Tiger heard Cyndaquil's shocked squeak as Rai got closer. "Hang in there Cyndaquil!" Tiger said quickly, and grabbed the Pokemon. He shielded the injured starter from Rai, and as the move was about to hit, a dragon claw sent Rai backwards.

"What was-" Cyndaquil said in a shocked whisper, and looked over Tiger's shoulder. He saw Charm, the shiny Charmander was snarling at Rai.

"Charm!" Tiger said in astonishment and smiled. The Pokemon looked at Tiger with tears in his eyes.

"I didn't want the bad Pika to hurt you!" Charm said in fear and ran over to Tiger. Tiger grabbed the other starter and held both his Pokemon close. He closed his eyes, and waited for Pidgeot's call to escape the area.

"It's alright Charm. I'm fine. Don't worry, I'll protect you. Everything will be fine." Tiger whispered to Charm gently, and got to his feet. Rai was running back to him with another volt tackle, that's when he heard the signal. A screech from Pidgeot. Tiger nodded and ran for the ladder, he had both Cyndaquil and Charm in his arms as he ran. He made it to the ladder, and jumped down. The last thing he heard was a screech from Snow, and Rai as Pidgeot filled the room with dust once more.

The last thing Tiger heard from his half brother was a defeated yell. "This isn't over Stripes!" He yelled.

Tiger sighed, and continued down the tower with Pidgoet quickly flying down the tower and catching up to him.

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The light was blinding as Tiger and Cyndaquil walked out of the Sprout Tower. Charm was hiding in Tiger's bag, and Pidgeot flew away. Tiger's head was still pounding in pain where he had hit it against the swaying pillar in the tower. The sun was beginning to set showing that the two had been in the tower for a few hours now. "We should go and get some rest." Cyndaquil said with a sigh, and yawned. "You look like your head hurts, Charmander needs to be checked on." Cyndaquil finished and glanced at the bag where Charm was hiding.

Tiger yawned and glanced at Cyndaquil, his emerald eyes were shining in concern for his friend. "What about you?" Tiger asked gently, and tipped his head to the side. "I mean you were in that fight too." He said quietly.

Cyndaquil sighed, and glanced at his paws for a moment before nodding slowly. "Guess it'd be best if all three of us are checked out. By the way where did that Charmander, err Charm is what you called him? Come from?" Cyndaquil asked and sniffed at Tiger's bag curiously.

"He well. Hatched? From the egg Elm gave me." Tiger said awkwardly, and sighed as he remembered the moment he found the egg shattered on the ground.

"Hatched? Did you manage to catch the egg before it fell on the ground?" Cyndaquil asked in shock, and crawled around Tiger's shoulder. He tried to get to his head, but Tiger had gently grabbed him, pulling him to chest level as the two walked.

"No." Tiger said quietly and looked ahead of him. His green eyes were unreadable, and he was managing to keep a blank expression. "The egg shattered." He said quietly.

"It did?" Cyndaquil said quietly, and blinked. "The Charmander seemed alright. I mean, he seemed healthy." The Pokemon whispered cautiously.

Tiger sighed, and glanced at Cyndaquil. The two seemed to look at each other for a few heartbeats, they both seemed to be lost in a memory, and they seemed to know what each other meant Tiger then broke the silence. "I just want to be safe." Tiger said gently, and Cyndaquil nodded in understanding. The Cyndquil then shook his head, as if to get rid of a memory, and Tiger held the Pokemon closer. "I'm sorry." Tiger grumbled quietly, and closed his eyes.

"For what?" Cyndaquil asked curiously, and glanced at Tiger. He tipped his head to the side and looked confused.

"For what happened in the forest. I wish I could have-" Tiger was cut off by Cyndaquil poking him in the face with a small paw.

"What happened in Viridian wasn't your fault. It happened before we met, and there's nothing we can do about it." Cyndaquil said gently, and burrowed deeper into Tiger's arms. Tiger smiled and nodded he held Cyndaquil closer, closed his eyes, and took refuge in the natural comfort he had when he was with his starter, a pokemon that was like a brother.

"Still I just feel guilty that you lost your ability to evolve." Tiger whispered quietly and hugged Cyndaquil. The two walked into the pokemon center, and looked around. There were a few trainers chatting, and trading pokemon in the lobby. A boy looked up to Tiger and held his gaze for a moment. Tiger blinked, the boy was about his age with short blonde hair, and blue eyes. He wore a red shirt, and blue jeans. He was standing next to a girl with brownish blonde hair, and gray eyes. They looked related. Tiger blinked, and shook himself. He ignored them and made his way to the front counter.

"Hello welco-" Joy began and looked up, she blinked. "Tiger, how many times are you going to end up here with a new bruise or a new injury." The nurse asked with a shake of her head. Tiger blinked, and flinched. He hadn't been to this pokemon center in a while, but since he always went to school in Violet City, he ended up finding a way to injure himself either on his way to school, by falling off Pidgeot's back as he hitched a ride, or by stopping a school yard fight when the battling pokemon didn't want to battle. He shook the thought away, and shrugged in response to the nurse.

"Habit of dying? It's nothing new to me." He said simply, and glanced at Cyndaquil who was laughing in amusement. The pokemon jumped onto the counter and yawned.

"Oh is this the starter you chose? He's cute, but-" She trailed off as she looked at the old scars and injuries from Cyndaquil's past. "You do know Elm gave you a pokemon who's lost his ability to-" She began. Tiger glanced over to Cyndaquil who flinched, and he blinked before replying curtly.

"Yes I know. He's my friend from when I was five." Tiger said quickly, and Joy decided to drop the subject. Tiger could feel the two trainers from before were looking at him in confusion. How much did they hear? He thought to himself sharply, and shook his head clear.

"So what can I help you with?" Joy asked a bit more professionaly, and looked at Tiger. Tiger then blinked, and put his bag on the table, he unzipped it, and Charm poked his head out of the backpack. The small golden pokemon jumped onto the counter next to Cyndaquil.

"There was a mishap when Charm hatched, and I'd like to get him checked out to make sure he's not hurt in any way." Tiger said gently, and blinked. Joy nodded, and looked back to Tiger and Cyndaquil. The nurse glanced at their injuries and sighed.

"Would you like me to get Chansey to look at you and your friend while I give Charm a checkup?" She asked gently, and pointed to her pokemon assistant. Tiger exchanged a glance with Cyndaquil and nodded.

"That'd be great, thanks Joy." Tiger said kindly, and watched as the nurse walked to the back with Charm in her arms. Tiger then picked Cyndaquil up and made his way to Chansey. The pink pokemon looked at Tiger and Cyndaquil and nodded a greeting. She smiled politely.

"Hello Tiger. How's your journey going so far?" Chansey asked cheerfully, knowing that Tiger could understand her. Tiger blinked, and sat down so Chansey could look at him a bit better. Cyndaquil was on his lap. Tiger looked at Chansey as she began to check Tiger over.

"Eh it's going I guess. I mean I ran into my half brother, fell off a tower's top floor, hit my head on the swinging pillar in Sprout Tower, and nearly killed an egg Elm trusted me with." Tiger replied simply and sighed. Chansey nodded, and handed Tiger an ice pack for his head. Tiger nodded a thanks, and gingerly placed the ice pack on his head. Chansey began to wrap his cuts, and went to Cyndaquil once she was finished.

"All journeys start out rough. I'm sure yours will get better as it goes along." Chansey said cheerfully and finished working on Cyndaquil. "For now, you both should get a room, and get some rest. I'm sure Joy will be finished with Charm in the morning." She said gently.

Tiger nodded a thanks, and picked Cyndaquil up once more. He yawned. "Guess we can battle Falkner in a few days. I'm not going to risk you and Charm getting hurt, and I'd feel more prepared if we find another partner for our journey." He explained gently.

Cyndaquil nodded in agreement and yawned as Tiger got a room key from Chansey and headed towards his room. Once inside, the duo made their way to the top bunk, and Tiger threw his bag onto the bunk across from him. He settled down, and yawned. "We'll find someone to join our team soon, Tiger, and I'm sure you won't scare them off." Cyndaquil said gently, and curled up next to Tiger's head.

"Thanks Cyndaquil." Tiger said gently, and closed his eyes. He allowed sleep to claim him as soon as he closed his eyes.
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Tiger was back in the dark forest. He couldn't see anything here, but he could hear the voices of pokemon screaming for help. "Sounds like-" He began to himself, but cut himself off as a bone chilling screech split the air. He gasped and continued to run. A light burned behind him once more, and Tiger could see Ho-Oh's sacred fire. He squeaked in shock, and stopped as the edge of the dark forest could be seen, thanks to the light of the flames. It lead him straight to the edge of a cliff, looking down the edge of the cliff, he saw the ocean. "Great." He groaned and turned around, his back to the edge of the cliff. Something seemed familiar about this cliff, there was a river to the left of him, and a waterfall went over the cliff into the ocean below. The light of the flames danced on the surface of the water. I might need to jump to end this dream. He thought to himself. He was certain this was another dream because he didn't remember getting into this forest at all, but what was causing it, and why did it involve Ho-Oh?

"Oh come on Tiger. Don't you have a world to save, a region to protect?" Ho-Oh's voice came off as a snarl, and almost mockingly. Tiger growled, and took a step back, he looked over his shoulder as his foot slipped, the sound of rocks hitting the water below could be heard as he nearly fell over the edge of the cliff. He soon saw it, a small vine barely visible through the darkness, and growing just off of a tree that was near the waterfall. He blinked.

It's now or never. I have to jump, and if I jump then I will be able to flee Ho-Oh. I just need to make it to the vine, there's a cave just below me. Tiger whispered, after seeing the waterfall and the vine, he knew that this was a familar forest, one that he knew like the back of his hand. "Why is Ho-Oh chasing me through Ripple Forest?" He asked himself quietly, and continued to look over his shoulder. He didn't notice that Ho-Oh sent off a fresh Sacred Fire that nearly hit him.

"Well? Aren't you going to run?" Ho-Oh snarled. Tiger looked up fear threatened to freeze him. He closed his eyes tight and took a deep breath.

"No." He said quietly, his heart skipped a beat as Ho-Oh used another Sacred Fire. It hit his arm where his scar was located, though, was to numb with fear to feel the move hit him.

"Run!" Ho-Oh demanded angrily, and snarled at Tiger. As the boy defied the earlier demand. Tiger swallowed and rubbed his neck as the hair on the back of his neck began to stand up on end. Every muscle in his body told him to run, to get out of there, and end the nightmare. Ho-Oh then sent off another sacred fire.

Tiger took a few steps backwards once more as he was hit by the move. It burnt him, causing him to snarl in pain and shock, which confused him. If this is a dream, then why am I getting hurt? He thought to himself, but swiftly shook it off. "You and I both know this, Ho-Oh." Tiger began in a low growl, an attempt to sound brave, when he felt so afraid, and looked up to the legend.

"Know what? That you can't save me? That you will die alone with that stupid rat, and bird following you? You know? You threw more of a fight when we first met. I mean I was quite surprised that you survived my first sacred fire attack all those years ago." The legend commented, using information that the real Ho-Oh knew, that's when Tiger noticed. This was the real Ho-Oh not a figment of his imagination.

How is this possible? How is Ho-Oh torturing me through my dreams!? He was completely in shock. He tried to shake his head clear, and surprisingly managed. "I can't do this on my own! My Pokemon will help me defeat you, and rescue you from Rocket's control!" He yelled boldly. That's what made Ho-Oh snarl.

"You think you can save me?" Ho-Oh laughed lowly, and snarled. "However, the smart five year old has become a dumb, weak, and reckless twelve year old." Ho-Oh said dryly, and flew at Tiger. Tiger squeaked in shock, and jumped over the cliff. He barely managed to grab onto the vine before one final Sacred Fire was shot off, and the dream faded away.

Tiger woke up the next morning with a groan. He looked at his right arm, and noticed the burn mark was slightly irritated, as if it had been hurt recently. Was that all a dream or something else? He thought to himself but swiftly shook it away. He glanced at Cyndaquil, who was still asleep next to him. Tiger then yawned and made his way to the ladder that lead to the floor. He climbed off of the top bunk, and landed on the ground silently. The light from the sun was shining through the bottom of the blinds creating a pattern of lines on the ground. Tiger yawned, and opened the blinds to take a look outside while he tried to wake up.

He was greeted with a very peaceful sceen, the sun was just peering over the peaks of Mount. Silver in the distance. The early morning light bathed the region in a soft golden light, and Spearow and Pidgey were flying from the tree tops, either out looking for Caterpie, or twigs for their nests. Tiger smiled slightly and sighed, he looked up when Cyndaquil jumped out of the top bunk and nearly knocked him to the ground. "Morning Tiger!" Cyndaquil said cheerfully.

Tiger shook his head as he regained his balance. "Morning Cyndaquil. Are you ready to help me find a partner for our team?" He asked with a smile, and regained his balance after a moment.

"Promise you won't scare it off this time?" Cyndaquil asked with a sly grin. Tiger just rolled his eyes in response. The trainer grabbed his bag off of the bed, and went to the door, Cyndaquil followed after him quickly.

"You think Charm was alright after that battle?" Tiger asked Cyndaquil gently. Cyndaquil looked up to Tiger and shrugged. He jumped onto Tiger's shoulder, and looked around the hallway when the two walked out of their room.

"Of course! I mean he hatched to the most reckless, and insane trainer I know!" Cyndaquil said teasingly. Tiger smiled and shook his head in amusement, he then pet Cyndaquil on the head and sighed.

"True, but I'm still worried about how he hatched. Pokemon don't usually just. Well lack of a better term? Crash into the ground to hatch." Tiger said with a sigh as he walked down the hall. A few trainers, and pokemon were heading into the lobby to either pick up teammates, or going out to capture a few new pokemon. Tiger got a strange look from two trainers as he walked into the hall. "Am I speaking in pokemon again?" Tiger asked in a low whisper, he couldn't tell if he were speaking in pokemon, and he did that when he was nervous, scared, or more or less calm in general. Which right now, he was nervous and at unease due to not being sure on Charm's well being.

Cyndaquil shook his head and watched as the two trainers walked off. "No, you sound normal to me. I think those were the same trainers from the night before." He said quietly and crawled onto his head. "Maybe they're confused because you're more talking to yourself for other people than talking to me. You have to remember that you're not in the forest anymore, talking to a pokemon isn't natural for humans." He pointed out quietly.

Tiger blinked, and sighed before nodding slowly. "Yeah you're right. I forgot about that." He said lowly, and picked up the pace to leave the center. "Wait those were the people from last night?" He asked cautiously.

"Yeah." Cyndaquil replied lowly, and looked at the trainers who walked to the lobby. He looked around the lobby as Tiger and him walked out of the hallway. "I think they heard what Joy said about me yesterday." He said in a fearful tone. "What if they try to attack with fully evolved pokemon? We'd never be able to-" He was cut off as Tiger reached over and pulled Cyndaquil off his shoulder, and into his arms.

"Being able to evolve doesn't mean you can't take on a fully evolved pokemon. I mean you managed to take down Gengar in the forest with amazing skill." Tiger said reassuringly. "Yeah you had Tally's help, but who else can say that they managed to take down a level fifty Gengar when they were only level six." He said gently. Cyndaquil nodded and smiled slightly.

"Yeah, that's true. I had help from Tally that day, and she's a level twenty, but we managed to confuse and knock him out." Cyndaquil said gently. He climbed onto Tiger's head and the two walked into the main room of the pokemon center.

Tiger ran towards the counter, and looked around quickly. He still had the feeling of being watched. He looked over his shoulder and saw the two trainers from the night before. Are they watching me? Why? I'm nothing special. He was broken out of his thoughts when Charm tackle hugged him.

"Dad! Dad! Dad!" Charm said cheerfully.

Cyndaquil laughed in amusement, and went to tease Tiger, when Tiger sighed heavily. "Charm, how many times do I need to tell you. I'm not your dad, I'm Tiger." He said gently. Charm blinked and laughed.

"Sorry, Tiger! Guess what!?" Charm began, but didn't give Tiger to answer as he continued. "Joy said I'm gonna be a very strong pokemon. I'm even gonna evolve." He squeaked cheerfully. Tiger smiled, and nodded in response to the Charmander.

"That's great!" Tiger said happily, and Cyndaquil breathed a sigh of relief. Nurse Joy smiled, and handed Tiger a pokeball.

"Glad to see that you found out Charm is in perfect health. Here's a pokeball for him." Joy said kindly, Tiger blinked and accepted the pokeball. He tapped Charm's nose with it, and instantly caught the starter. "Have a great day, Tiger, I hope you try and stay safe before you return." Joy said with a small laugh.

Tiger blinked, and waved as he walked outside with the pokeball firmly in his hand. Cyndaquil was looking at the two strangers as they seemingly followed Tiger out of the pokemon center. "Tiger we might want to be careful. They're following us." He whispered the warning to Tiger, Tiger nodded in return and headed for route 32, and to find a new partner for their first gym match.
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Grass rustled wildly as a Bellsprout ran away from Tiger and Cyndaquil. Tiger sighed, and walked over to the empty pokeball that had missed the capture. "Great three hours, and nothing." Tiger mumbled and looked at the sky with narrowed eyes. When they left the pokemon center that morning the sun was just to the middle of the sprout tower, now it was just above it. Signifying about eleven in the morning. "All the pokemon around here keep running away." Tiger sighed, and sat down on a rock.

"Maybe we should be trying to weaken the pokemon a bit more, or you need to work on your aim." Cyndaquil suggested with a sigh, Charm poked his head out of Tiger's bag, and shook his head as a bit of berry juice managed to soak his head. The sickly sweet scent of pecha berries came from the small golden charmander. Tiger blinked, and looked over to the pokemon. "Arceus, Charm what did you do?" Tiger asked with a small smile, and wiped some berry juice off his face.

"Can we look for more pink berries? Those are the best!" Charm asked childishly, completely ignoring Tiger's question. Tiger sighed, and shook his head, he looked at the young pokemon, and noticed that Charm's fur was completely matted and sticky with pecha berry juice.

"Charm can you not eat all my pecha berry supply? I don't have any poison heals left." Tiger sighed, and looked over his shoulder towards town. "You're going to have a very bad stomach ache later. Maybe we should go to the pokemon center and call it a day?" Tiger mumbled remembering how, if a pokemon ate too many of one berry, they'd feel very sick from the effects of it.

"I'm fine, Tiger! Let's go find a new friend for the team!" Charm protested gleefully, Tiger and Cyndaquil exchanged a concerned glance before giving off a reluctant nod. Tiger continued down the route, walking in the tall grass with his hands behind his head. Cyndaquil walked next to Tiger and looked around with a determined look. The trio went along the path in silence when Tiger soon heard a rustle in the bushes. Tiger froze, and looked at Cyndaquil.

"Cyndaquil go investigate." Tiger whispered quietly. His starter nodded, and walked to the bush. Soon, a Mareep jumped into the clearing, knocking Cyndaquil back. Tiger blinked in shock, and watched as the Mareep hid behind Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil grunted and glanced at the bush where the Mareep came from. Tiger looked at the pokemon quickly, and noticed it was poisoned. He froze, and looked back up as an exeggcute rolled into the clearing. It used a poison powder aiming for Cyndaquil. "Cyndaquil! Use a dig!" Tiger called out, he had taught his friend to dig when he was in New Bark still. It was how he managed to sneak out of town and head off to the forest without anyone knowing. The pokemon nodded, and dug underground. Just as Cyndaquil dug, the Exeggcute saw its chance. It used a bullet seed, which confused Tiger. The move was heading for Mareep. Tiger blinked, and quickly grabbed the pokemon the move hit him in the ankel.

How in the name of Arceus is this Pokemon using these moves? Most, if not all, Exeggcute in this route are only level ten. Exeggcute can't leard bullet seed until level seventeen, and poison powder is a level twenty one. Is this pokemon? Tiger looked curious, he pulled his pokedex out, and sure enough the pokedex marked it as a wild pokemon. It was level twenty one, with Bullet seed, Poison powder, Hypnosis, and Leech seed. Charm was wiggling in Tiger's bag.

"I wanna battle!" Charm called cheerfully. Tiger shook his head, and glanced at the pokemon.

"No. You're not fighting this pokemon."

"Why not?"

"Because you're level six. We'll find someone else to fight you." Tiger said quietly, and looked back to the Exeggcute. The Mareep was too weak to fight Tiger, and free herself from his grip. She just burrowed herself into Tiger's arms and looked at the Exeggcute in fear. Tiger looked at the pokemon, and blinked. "Listen I can help you. Cyndaquil is level fifteen. He and I have been training for a long while, and I'm certain we can fight this Exeggcute and help you." Tiger whispered and jumped back as Exeggcute used another poison powder. Tiger covered his mouth and stumbled back. Soon cyndaquil jumped out of the ground from behind the Exeggcute. The pokemon used a flamethrower, it was super effective. The Exeggcute growled, and went for Cyndaquil. Mareep was forgotten.

"Cyndaquil watch out!" Tiger called out hoping to let his friend hear him as the Exeggcute used a bullet seed. Cyndaquil didn't hear his call he was hit by the move, but wasn't badly hurt due to the type difference. "Cyndaquil use an aerial ace, we need to wrap this up!" Tiger called out. Cyndaquil nodded, and very quickly ran at Exeggcute the move was strong enough to knock the pokemon out. Tiger nodded to Cyndaquil, and left behind an oran berry for Exeggcute. "We have to go to the center, I have no more pecha berries, or poison heals." Tiger said to Cyndaquil and ran to the center.


Silence was filling the waiting room as Tiger and Cyndaquil sat near the window. Charm had gotten sick from eating all the pecha berries, no surprise, and Mareep was being looked at. Tiger sighed, and looked at his pokegear as the door to the pokemon center opened, and Lion walked inside. Tiger squeaked in surprise, and threw his hood on. The last thing he wanted was confrontation from his so called friend. Tiger kept his eyes glued on his pokegear's screen. Lion placed his pokeballs on the counter, sat down near Tiger, and sighed. He didn't recognize Tiger at all as the trainer kept his gaze fixed on the ground.

"Um. Something wrong?" Tiger couldn't help but ask. He kept his voice low, and he kept his gaze on his pokegear. He could sense the concern in Lion's actions. He bit back a sigh of relief when Lion didn't look up.

"Uh no. It's personal. Sorry." The golden haired trainer said quietly. Cyndaquil glanced at Tiger, and jumped into Tiger's bag. He handed Tiger a very old picture. It was a picture of Lion, as a very young baby. His mom and dad were holding Lion, the man had gold hair like Lion's but it was cut short, and was neat. He had brown eyes, and wore the same black vest that Lion wore, as well as a gray shirt, and blue jeans. A Luxray stood beside him. The woman had blonde hair and golden eyes. She wore a purple dress. Tiger blinked, he was told by Elm, after the two trainers had an argument, to give this to Lion. Though, due to Lion's attitude, and distrust towards him, Tiger never could give Lion the picture.

"He might need that picture now more than ever." Cyndaquil whispered. He knew Tiger wanted to repair the relationship, and friendship that he had with the trainer he used to count as his brother. Tiger nodded reluctantly, and got to his feet.

"It's alright." Tiger said quietly, and looked away from Lion. "Though, I'm sure it'll work out, whatever is going on with you." He said gently, and went to the counter as Mareep and Charm ran out from the back. Joy was about to call his name when Tiger passed Lion, and placed the picture in Lion's hands. "Alright come on Charm. Let's go to the gym." Tiger said quickly once Joy gave Tiger the news that the two were healthy enough to fight.

"Wait, Tiger?" Lion said in a low tone. He got up and was going to confront the trainer when Tiger recalled Charm. Cyndaquil quickly jumped onto Tiger's head.

"Skrelp! I gotta go see ya, Lion! Bye Mareep!" Tiger said in shock, and ran outside rather quickly leaving Joy confused. Mareep blinked, and followed Tiger out quickly. Lion blinked in shock, and looked like he was going to follow Tiger, but he thought against it, he sat down once more, and stared at the picture. The golden haired trainer looked very distracted as if he were trying to figure out what just happened.


Tiger was panting by the time he reached the gym. He looked over his shoulder towards the center and sighed in relief when he noticed Lion hadn't followed him. "Urgk." Tiger said in a quiet tone, and leaned against the wall to catch his breath. "Why does it have to be so difficult between me and Lion now. Is it because Frost killed his dad? I mean, I know Frost was my dad, but I would never do anything like that to Lion." He said in defeat and sat down to catch his breath.

"It'll work out between you two." Cyndaquil whispered sheepishly. Tiger sighed, and looked very unconvinced by this.

"Doubt it. I mean, it hasn't gotten better. I mean, I told him what happened in Ripple forest when we were both six." Tiger said quietly. He remembered the forest that he grew up in, hidden away from trainers by a rock barrier that was impossible to climb. He had been taken into the forest the day he went missing. A Lugia had taken him in as he managed to absorb a sacred fire from a brainwashed Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh. I know what your corruption felt like. I'm freeing you from your prison whether you want me to or not.

Cyndaquil looked at Tiger and nudged his trainer gently. "Hey it's alright, Lion will figure out what he's doing is wrong. Just give it time." Cyndaquil said quietly.

"It's been six years!" Tiger retorted angrily. "It's like he blames me for what Frost did to Matt." He whispered quietly and looked at the flowers that grew near the tree. Cyndaquil was about to reply when Mareep walked over to the duo.

"Um. Is this a bad time?" Mareep asked quietly and stopped near the two. The sheep pokemon was looking at Tiger and Cyndaquil curiously.

"No it's not a bad time." Tiger said kindly, glad for the change of subject for the time being. Though the thought kept prickling in his mind, he had to patch up his friendship with Lion soon. Because it was hurting him, just as much as it was hurting Lion. Tiger could see this as plain as day just by how Lion was acting in the center. He doesn't want to admit it, but he truely cares for Blast, and his new Spearow. Tiger thought to himself with a sigh. He had seen the Spearow on the counter before Tiger fled the center. Both pokemon were badly hurt from a battle. Tiger sighed and shook his head clear before looking back to the Mareep. "What can I help you with?" He asked kindly.

The Mareep shuffled her hooves in a shy manner, she looked at the ground. "I saw how you and your Cyndaquil fought, and well." She trailed off sheepishly.

Tiger and Cyndaquil exchanged a glance. "Thanks." The two said at the same time. They both laughed in amusement.

Mareep smiled, and looked at the two. "Listen, I'm not that strong. I'm only a level six. I want to get stronger." She began quietly. "I-I think you'd be a great trainer for me." She said and looked at Tiger in determination.

Tiger and Cyndaquil exchanged a glance. Tiger was the one who broke the silence. "Of course you can join us!" Tiger cheered happily, and grabbed a pokeball from his bag. He held it out to the small sheep pokemon. "Welcome to the team." Tiger said kindly as Mareep poked her nose on the button instantly getting caught in the pokeball.

Tiger's pokedex went off. Mareep's information was loaded up on the screen. "'Its fleece grows continually. In the summer, the fleece is fully shed, but it grows back in a week.' That's pretty cool." Tiger commented as he read the information to Mareep's entry.

"What are we going to call her?" Cyndaquil asked and looked at Tiger. Mareep came out of the pokeball and looked at Tiger curiously.

Tiger blinked. "Hmm...Fluff, Cotton candy?" He began Mareep shook her head in response to Tiger's suggestions.

"Spark ball?" Cyndaquil suggested.

Mareep shook her head, "What about CottonFluff? Or Cotton for short?" Tiger asked the Mareep curiously.

"That sounds awesome!" The Mareep cheered, Tiger nodded and went to put the name into the pokedex to register it.

"Alright let's see..." Tiger mumbled, and typed in CottonFluff, but their weren't enough characters, and it came out CottonFluf. "Hmm. It'll be spelt wrong, but that's the pokedex's fault." He explained to Cotton kindly.

"I don't mind." Cotton said kindly and looked at Cyndaquil with a smile. "Let's go take on this gym!" She cheered.

Tiger and Cyndaquil nodded in agreement. "Yeah!" Tiger cheered and headed to the gym's door. A Hoothoot watched as the three went into the gym excitedly, a small smile was on the pokemon's beak.

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Tiger narrowed his eyes against the dimmed light as he walked into the gym. He looked up and noticed there was a platform above him. Cyndaquil glanced at Tiger and looked nervous. “We have to go all the way up there to fight Falkner?” He whispered nervously.

Tiger blinked and returned the glance before shaking his head. “'Course. I mean, it’s definitely higher up than any tree I’ve seen, but we’ll be fine.” He whispered unenthusiastically.

“There’s no safety rails!” Cotton pointed out quietly, Tiger glanced at the Mareep and sighed before hearing Charm’s nervous cry.

It might be way up in the sky, but we have to fight Falkner for our first badge! Though, what can I say to cheer them up. Put them at ease? Should we just quit and go home? Tiger thought to himself and looked at the platform for a moment longer. No! We won’t quit not after getting to the gym. He decided and looked at his pokemon.

“Alright, we’ll be fine. We just need to figure out how we’re going to do this.” Tiger said reassuringly and looked at his team. “There’s a battlefield up there that’s big enough for us to use our skills. Cyndaquil can still use dig.” He began when Cyndaquil gave Tiger a look.

“Uh, Tiger. You do know ground doesn’t affect flying right?” Cyndaquil pointed out dully. Tiger shrugged and smiled.

“I know, but I have a plan. We’re going to trick Falkner into lowering his guard when we fight him.” Tiger said cheerfully. Cotton and Charm cheered, and Tiger smiled. He sighed in relief as he noticed he managed to calm his pokemon down at least a little bit. He recalled Cotton and Charm, and went to the elevator that took challengers to the gym leader, and pressed the button to go up. The elevator jerked and went up rather quickly unbalancing Tiger and making him and Cyndaquil fall backwards. Tiger hit the side of the elevator and nearly fell over when Cyndaquil jerked him back to safety. “Thanks.” Tiger sighed and looked at Cyndaquil thankfully. Cyndaquil nodded and the two took a step onto the platform.

“Who’s there?” A voice asked from the shadows, and the lights to the battlefield slowly turned on one by one. Tiger took a step onto the battlefield and looked across the grassy plain at the top of the gym. There was nothing up here but a grassy field and a glass ceiling showing the sky and making it seem like the challengers of the gym were fighting high up in the air. “Well, who are you?” The voice said kindly, and Tiger met the gaze of Falkner. The gym leader for Violet City. The Gym leader’s dusk blue hair covered one of his eyes, he was wearing all blue, and looked at Tiger with a quizzical glance.

“Uh sorry, Falkner. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Tiger Spruce from New Bark Town, and I’m here to challenge you.” Tiger said in a shy tone, and dipped his head respectfully. “This will be my first Gym battle, and I will be honored if you will be willing to give me a fight that will help me grow stronger on my journey.” He said respectfully.

Falkner smiled and nodded before walking over to Tiger. He stood a few feet from the trainer and examined his pokeball belt as well as Cyndaquil on his shoulder. He had a pokegear out as he examined Tiger’s Pokemon levels. “Mhm. Two fire types, not a good idea for a balanced team.”

“Charm will evolve into a flying type as well, and Cyndaquil is my friend.” Tiger said evenly as he felt nervous about the gym leader looking at his pokemon’s types.

Falkner ignored Tiger, “and you caught an electric type, was that because you knew about my gym being a flying type gym?” He asked suspiciously. “Gaining the type advantage-”

“-doesn’t mean I’ll always win.” Tiger finished with a shake of his head and sighed. “Listen, Falkner, Cotton just joined me today because she wants to get stronger. All my pokemon do.” Tiger said in a determined tone, and cautiously looked at the gym leader, who looked genuinely surprised by Tiger’s words.

“Very well then.” Falkner said in a satisfied manner, and grabbed three pokeballs. “I’ll use these three seeing as your Cyndaquil is level fifteen, and Spearow will add extra challenge.” He explained kindly.

Tiger raised an eyebrow, but nodded. He originally thought he’d be battling a Pidgey and a Pidgeotto. He took a few steps back as Falkner went over to his side of the battlefield. Tiger passed a referee that was walking to the middle of the field. Tiger then took his position on the opposite side, and grabbed Charm’s pokeball. He turned to face Falkner. “The battle between Tiger Spruce of New Bark Town, and Falkner the gym leader is about to begin!” The referee stated in an enthusiastic tone.

“Charm I choose you!” Tiger called out, and threw the pokeball into the air. Charm jumped out and landed evenly right in front of Tiger. He gave off a cheerful cry, and let a puff of ember escape his mouth.

Falkner nodded and grabbed a pokeball. “You chose your Charmander. Very well, I’ll choose Pidgey.” He called out, and threw the pokeball into the air. A Pidgey flew from the pokeball, and landed just in front of Falkner. The flying pokemon chirped and flapped its wings. Falkner looked at Tiger and nodded as if telling the trainer to begin.

Tiger glanced at his pokedex for a split second to review Charm’s moveset. Flamethrower, Dragon claw. Strange those must’ve been from his parents. He began thoughtfully to himself and blinked. Then Scratch, and Growl. He nodded and slid the pokegear into his pocket. “Charm! Start this off with a dragon claw!” Tiger called out. Charm nodded, and drew his claws, they began to glow a dark color as the power behind the dragon claw was summoned. Charm then ran at Pidgey quickly.

“Pidgey counter it with a Mud-slap!” Falkner ordered quickly. The Pidgey chirped and flew up, it then dived down quickly and scrapped at the ground as it kicked mud up from off the battlefield.

“Charm watch out!” Tiger called out, too late. Charm was hit by the move, and stumbled back. Tiger glanced at the screen for a moment and flinched as he recognized the pain of a super effective move on a pokemon. He shook his head clear and looked back at Charm. “Charm hang in there, I know you can do it!” He called out. Charm nodded, and got back to his paws. Falkner blinked in surprise, and shook his head clear.

“Pidgey use Mud-slap again!” He ordered. Pidgey nodded and flew at Charm once more. Tiger looked at Charm and noticed his eyes were closed due to the mud lowering his accuracy.

“Charm focus on where Pidgey might be flying then use a Flamethrower in its direction!” Tiger called out. Charm grunted to show he heard. He stopped moving and focused on the sounds around him. Just as Pidgey landed the hit, Charm shot off a flamethrower and hit Pidgey straight on. The flying pokemon chirped and was sent backwards. It crashed into the ground, and stopped moving.

“Pidgey is unable to battle! Charmander is the winner!” The referee called out. Tiger smiled and was about to congratulate his pokemon when Charm fell over and panted. Tiger glanced at his pokedex, Charm gained a few levels due to the level difference between him and Pidgey, but he was also unable to battle. Tiger sighed and recalled his pokemon. “You did great.” Tiger whispered and looked at Falkner.

“Nice job, Tiger, but can you hold out to the end?” Falkner asked kindly.

Tiger nodded and smiled. “Of course I can!” He said cheerfully. Cyndaquil nodded and squeaked in excitement.

Falkner nodded in a satisfied manner and smiled. “Very well then, call out your next pokemon.” He said kindly, Tiger nodded and looked at Cyndaquil.

“I choose Cyndaquil.” He said respectfully. Cyndaquil ran onto the battlefield and lit his back flames in an excited manner.

“Very well, I choose Spearow.” Falkner replied kindly and called his pokemon out. Spearow flew out of the pokeball quickly and landed neatly on Falkner’s shoulder.

“Let the second round begin!” The referee called out quickly.

“Spearow start this off with fury attack!” Falkner called out quickly. The pokemon gave off a cry and flew at Cyndaquil very quickly. The fire mouse pokemon crouched down as Spearow hit Cyndaquil three times in succession.

Tiger growled slightly and shook his head clear. “Cyndaquil! Counter it with a swift!” Tiger called out quickly. Cyndaquil nodded, and just as Spearow was about to get a fourth hit in, Cyndaquil used a swift knocking the Spearow back. Cyndaquil jumped backwards and focused his gaze on his opponent.

“Spearow shake it off and use a roost!” Falkner ordered quickly. Spearow nodded and flew up to a high perch on a windowsill and began to rest. His wings were folded neatly next to him. Tiger glanced at Cyndaquil.

“Cyndaquil use a dig.” Tiger ordered, and Falkner looked at Tiger in a confused state.

“You do know ground type moves don’t affect flying type pokemon, right?” Falkner asked simply and raised an eyebrow.

Tiger blinked and played dumb. “They don’t? Huh? Guess I missed out on that lesson in Earl’s pokemon academy.” Tiger replied with a shrug, and glanced at Spearow.

Falkner sighed in a disappointed manner, and looked at Spearow. “Spearow! Now use an aerial ace, get that mouse out of his hole!” He ordered. Spearow nodded and flew down from his perch. He was about to go into the hole Cyndaquil dug when Tiger smiled faintly.

“Cyndaquil, now use a flamethrower!” Tiger ordered. Just as Spearow flew into the hole, Cyndaquil used a flamethrower sending fire out of the hole, and Spearow went flying across the field. Cyndaquil jumped out of the hole and shook his fur out. He looked at Spearow. The pokemon chirped in shock, and Falkner blinked.

“Clever trick, Tiger, but you’re not going to defeat Spearow!” Falkner said in a satisfied manner. Tiger smiled slightly.

“Wouldn’t dream that the gym battle was easy.” Tiger replied kindly. “Considering you’re using a Spearow that’s level fifteen.”

“How’d you know without looking at your pokedex?” Falkner asked in surprise.

“Spearow learns Aerial Ace normally at level fifteen. It can learn roost at level thirty-two, but considering this is a professional gym match. You wouldn’t use a pokemon that was too strong for my Cyndaquil. That’s why you were looking at Cyndaquil’s level.” Tiger pointed out respectfully. “You taught Spearow roost with a TM, am I right?”

“Completely correct.” Falkner said in an impressed manner and smiled. “You know, maybe you should become a pokemon professor seeing as you know quite a bit about pokemon.” He commented.

Tiger blinked, and glanced at Cyndaquil. His starter was panting slightly, and was staring Spearow down as the two were nearing their limits. “Well to be fair. I’m not sure if I can be an amazing professor. Not as great as Professor Elm or even Oak, but maybe I can be a great lab assistant or something.” He said with a sigh.

Falkner rolled his eyes, and looked unconvinced. “I honestly don’t think lab assistant is for you. You’ll see that you’re meant for something more than you think. All you have to do is spread your wings and learn to fly.” He said kindly.

”Oh great flying analogies.” Tiger mumbled and sighed before Cyndaquil looked at the two.

“Are we going to continue this battle, or are we having a picnic?” Cyndaquil asked dryly. Tiger blinked and laughed in slight amusement.

“Sorry bud.” Tiger said with a smile and nodded a thanks to Falkner. He then looked at the battle once more.

“Spearow use a fury attack once more.” Falkner ordered, Spearow nodded and flew at Cyndaquil once more. Tiger blinked and smiled.

“Cyndaquil, let’s go use a flamethrower on the ground and dodge it!” Tiger called out quickly. Cyndaquil nodded and just before Spearow hit him, he shot up into the air and dodged the move quickly. Spearow squawked and crashed into the line of fire that was shot off from Cyndaquil. The flying pokemon used a roost in an attempt to recover.

“Spearow finish this quickly with an Aerial Ace!” Falkner ordered quickly.

“Cyndaquil use an Aerial Ace as well!” Tiger ordered.

Both Cyndaquil and Spearow nodded and used their moves. They collided in the air, and both pokemon cried out in defeat. They fell to the ground, Tiger ran forward and managed to catch Cyndaquil, while Spearow crashed into the grass. “Both Cyndaquil and Spearow are unable to battle! This round ends in a tie!” The referee called out the outcome. Tiger sighed and gently placed Cyndaquil on the ground next to him while Falkner recalled Spearow.

“Looks like we have one pokemon left each. Let’s make this final round something worth our time.” Falkner said with a smile. Tiger nodded in agreement and grabbed Cotton’s pokeball. He glanced at his pokedex for a moment and read Cotton’s movepool.

Thunder wave, Tackle, and Growl. Not the best movepool, but I can work with it. Tiger thought with a nod, “Cotton let’s go it’s up to you now.” Tiger called as he threw the pokeball containing Cotton. Cotton came out, and sparked her fleece making it puff up for a moment before giving off a cheerful cry.

“Pidgeotto let’s go! This is for the badge!” Falkner called out cheerfully and called his Pidgeotto out. Pidgeotto chirped and spread his wings out before looking at Cotton. He gave out a faint nod, and Cotton returned it.

“Let the final round begin!” The referee called out in excitement, and nodded to the two.

Tiger looked at Falkner and blinked. “Pidgeotto start this off with a gust!” Falkner ordered quickly. Pidgeotto quickly flew at Cotton, the Mareep jumped back as she tried to dodge, but she was hit by the gust and was sent sliding back from the wind.

“Cotton use a tackle.” Tiger ordered quickly. Cotton nodded and ran at Pidgeotto quickly. She was managing to run through the strong winds that were chipping away at her health. Tiger watched closely as Cotton ran. The Mareep then jumped up and hit Pidgeotto with all she had.

“Pidgeotto hang in there, and use a mud-slap.” Falkner ordered. Pidgeotto flew at Cotton quickly. His talons dug into the grass kicking mud and dirt up.

“Cotton dodge it!” Tiger called out, too late. Cotton was hit and was sent backwards. She squeaked as the move was super effective, and made her lose a decent amount of health. “Hang in there.” Tiger called out.

Cotton nodded and grunted, she shook her head clear and tried to focus. The move had lowered her accuracy. “Once again Pidgeotto!” Falkner ordered quickly.

Pidgeotto was flying at Cotton once more. Tiger blinked, and waited. The pokemon drew closer and closer. “Cotton! Jump up now!” Tiger called out. Cotton squeaked in confusion, but listened. She jumped up and landed on Pidgeotto’s back.

“Get off!” Pidgeotto said in shock. Falkner looked at the two pokemon in shock as well. Tiger blinked and tried to think clearly. He hated to admit this, even to himself, but he was improvising at the moment.

“U-Uh. Cotton! Use a thunder wave!” Tiger called out quickly.

“Pidgeotto don’t let that Mareep effect you use a gust to get her off!” Falkner ordered quickly.

Cotton shot off the thunder wave paralyzing Pidgeotto, Falkner blinked. Pidgeotto went to use a gust, but the paralysis was taking effect. His movements were slowed. Cotton held on as tightly as she could while the Pidgeotto flew sporadically. The flying pokemon was still using gust to try and knock her off.

“Cotton use a tackle!” Tiger called out. Cotton nodded, and jumped up to use the tackle. Once she landed, paralysis took complete effect on Pidgeotto, the move hit Pidgeotto and was a critical hit. However, it was too strong, and Pidgeotto lost control in his flight. Both pokemon were now crashing down into the ground of the battlefield at an alarming speed.

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A loud crash shook the gym, as the last Pokémon on both sides of the gym match crashed into the ground. Tiger coughed and covered his face with his sleeve from his jacket as dust filled the air. Cyndaquil coughed and shook his head before jumping into Tiger’s bag to escape the dust. “Who’s still standing!?” The referee called out when both Tiger and Falkner tried to make out anything through the dust. Tiger glanced at Falkner, who was about to call for a bird Pokemon to clear the dust away when Tiger saw Pidgeot.

“Pidgeot!” Tiger called out, the bird Pokémon had been perched on a windowsill and had been watching the fight. “Can you help us clear this away?” Tiger asked before breaking off into a cough.

Pidgeot nodded and flew into the gym. The flying pokemon used a gust, and with a few flaps from his wings, the dust cleared. The outcome of the battle was that Cotton was standing right on Pidgeotto's wing. The bird Pokémon had long since fainted, while the Mareep was panting heavily and looked like she was on the verge of fainting herself.

“Pidgeotto is unable to battle! This victory goes to Tiger Spruce of New Bark Town!” The announcer cheered. Cyndaquil squeaked in excitement and jumped out of Tiger’s bag followed closely by Charm. Both Pokémon were overcoming their defeat from Falkner’s Fearow and Pidgey respectfully. Charm happily tackled Cotton as if to congratulate her, while Cyndaquil just high-fived Tiger.

“You and your Pokémon seem close. That’s what I like in a trainer, anyway, Tiger here. You’ve earned this.” Falkner said kindly as he walked up to Tiger. He held out the Zephyr badge.

Tiger smiled and accepted the badge. He reached into his pocket and grabbed his cobalt blue badge case. The item had been a birthday present from his brother, Smokey. He smiled, and opened the badge case, he placed the Zephyr badge in its place, and nodded to Falkner. “Thank you for the battle, Falkner.” He said respectfully and dipped his head. Cyndaquil climbed back onto Tiger’s shoulder while Charm took his place in Tiger’s bag, and Cotton jumped into Tiger's arms.

Falkner smiled in slight amusement and took a picture of Tiger before quickly putting his pokegear away. “So where are you going next?” The gym leader asked kindly.

Tiger blinked, he hadn’t noticed Falkner take the picture. “I’m going to go to Azalea City so I can challenge Bugsy for the Hive Badge.” Tiger said kindly. “If I leave now-“ he cut himself off as a shiny Vulpix caught his eye, the pokemon was staring at Tiger as if it were willing him to go over to it. Tiger blinked and looked at Falkner. “Uh sorry can’t finish that sentence. I’ve got to go!” Tiger called and ran outside before Falkner could ask him what he had seen. The gym leader looked very confused by Tiger’s hasty attitude, and just watched as Tiger and his Pokémon ran out of the gym.


“Tally come out I know I saw you!” Tiger called out once he was in route 32. The trees and grass seemed to rustle with movement as wild Pokémon ran by. He had recalled Cotton and Charm when he left the gym, and now he was alone with Cyndaquil. The memory of the strange levelled Exeggcute was still on his mind. On the bright side, Cotton grew to level nine, and learnt thunder shock while we trained in the gym, and Charm is now level eight. Those two in combination with Cyndaquil who’s just shy of level sixteen will be helpful if we do run into that Exeggcute again. Provided it didn’t reach level twenty-five. Man I really should train Charm and Cotton up more before Bugsy. Tiger thought with a sigh. He hadn’t noticed the flash of golden fur that nearly knocked him over. He jumped in shock as Tally, the shiny Vulpix, stood inches away from his face.

Tiger blinked, and looked at Tally. The Vulpix had been one of his best friends in Ripple Forest, and was like a sister to him. Tally's mother, Kit had helped raise Tiger when he lived in the forest. She had taught Tiger everything he knew about healing and caring for Pokémon while using berries and herbs. The boy now looked at the Vulpix in confusion, the Pokémon had an urgent look in her eyes, she was panting heavily as if she ran all the way from Viridian Forest.

“What’s wrong?” Tiger asked Tally in concern and grabbed a bowl and a water bottle. He unscrewed the cap, and poured the water into the bowl before placing it in front of Tally’s muzzle.

Tally nodded a thanks and began to greedily drink the water. “Kit sent me.” She finally spoke. Tiger and Cyndaquil exchanged a glance and looked concerned. “Don’t worry, Rocket isn’t back or anything. It’s concerning a Pokémon we need help healing.” She said gently.

Tiger raised an eyebrow. “Are you in need of something only humans make in medicine? Because berries heal nearly everything.” Tiger asked in concern and crossed his arms.

“Maybe it’s something else?” Cyndaquil suggested gently and Tiger nodded in agreement. “What’s wrong with this Pokemon, Tally?” Cyndaquil asked curiously and looked back at Tally in concern.

“This Pokemon won’t let Kit and I help him. We’ve given him berries and tried to examine him, but he always stays on the beach, in the rockpile where you and Cyndaquil met.” Tally explained quietly and sat down in the sunshine. For a moment, Tiger was brought back to the snowy day on the beach in the small rockpile. A young and injured Cyndaquil was growling at him, and had a look of fear on his face. Tiger shook his head clear as he remembered Tally was still talking. “He’s a Dratini that arrived in the forest about three years ago. We thought maybe he belonged to the colony, but he won’t even talk to us. We can’t even get a Pokemon to use a sleep powder to make him sleep, so we can take him back to the cave. Every time we try he uses an ice beam or a twister to get the pokemon we send in hurt.” She sighed.

Tiger and Cyndaquil exchanged a glance before Tiger replied. He sat down next to Tally, and handed the Pokemon a Sitrus berry so she could restore her energy. “Three years?” Tiger repeated and looked thoughtful. He scanned his memory as he tried to think of any Dratinis he knew of in the forest from three years ago, then, he remembered two Dratini, they used to explore the forest, and try to befriend all the pokemon they met. Until the day Tiger had to rescue them both from Alakazam with Cyndaquil, Pidgeotto, and Psy’s help. There was Yas and Kair? Maybe the Dratini is Yas, but. Why isn’t Yas letting Kit or Tally near him? Where’s Kair? He thought to himself and shook his head clear as he thought of the two Dratini, I hope nothing happened to them to split them up, or hurt them. They really cared for each other, I’d hate to see them split up. He sighed. “Well there were these two Dratini that used to explore Ripple Forest when we visited three years ago. Though, I haven’t seen them since they tried to befriend Alakazam.” He grumbled and shook away a memory as he mentioned the psychotic psychic Pokémon that had the entire forest of Pokémon turn against him. He, Pidgeot, and Cyndaquil had barely managed to rescue the Pokemon that were captured, and Tiger still called it a failure since he had to leave Ho-Oh behind. The legendary Pokémon was still in his father’s, Frost’s, grasp. Tiger sighed and shook the memories away of him having to convince Psy, Alakazam's son, to make Alakazam stand down. Why is he even still in Ripple Forest? Maybe Lugia just wants to keep a close eye on him?

“Tiger!” Tally said in an annoyed tone to try and get Tiger out of his train of thought. Tiger blinked and shook his head clear. He looked at Tally.

“Whoops sorry about that. Uh, anyway, this Dratini. How bad is he?” He asked quietly and crossed his arms. Tally sighed and looked concerned.

“He’s bad. Tiger I don’t think he’s going to last much longer if you don’t help us.” Tally said in a fearful tone. Tiger blinked and nodded he picked the Vulpix up off the ground, and placed her on his shoulder. He then picked the bowl up and put it away before brushing himself off. “Charm, Cotton come out.” Tiger called to the two pokeballs on his belt. Charm and Cotton came out and looked at Tiger in confusion. They exchanged a glance while Cyndaquil looked calm and ready to go.

“What’s wrong?” Cotton asked with a tip of her head.

“Yeah aren’t we going to battle Bugsy tonight?” Charm asked curiously.

Tiger shook his head. “The journey’s on hold for now, Bugsy can wait.”

“Wait what? You’re not planning on quitting are you?” Charm asked sadly, Cotton whimpered as if she were afraid the journey was already over.

“Us quit? No! A friend needs our help. We’re going to Kanto.” Tiger said kindly. He didn’t want any passing by trainers to find out exactly where he was going.

“Kanto?” Charm said in confusion. “What’s a Kanto?”

”Strange that the Kantonoian pokemon is asking that question.” Tally muttered quietly.

Tiger looked at Tally, “he’s still a hatchling, and to be fair, Cyndaquil didn’t know what Johto was when I went home considering he grew up in Kanto, and he’s a Johotish pokemon.” Tiger explained quickly before looking at Charm. “We’re going to go somewhere else that’s out of this region. Kanto isn’t too far away, it’s just over the river in New Bark Town.” He explained to Cotton and Charm kindly. The two looked even more confused, and Tiger sighed.

“We don’t have much time, Tiger. Can’t you ask Pidgeot for a ride to Ripple Forest?” Tally asked quietly before Tiger could explain anything else Cotton and Charm.

“Yeah of course.” Tiger said to Tally with a quick nod, and looked at the trees nearby, he hoped that Pidgeot was nearby. He whistled and watched as Pidgeot flew out of a tree and landed nearby. A Hoothoot landed behind Pidgeot, and Tiger raised an eyebrow. “Hey Pidgeot, got a friend?” He asked curiously.

“Yeah, this guy was actually going to ask you something, but if you need me to take you somewhere he can tag along and ask you later.” Pidgeot said respectfully.

Tiger nodded, “yeah, we’re kind of in a rush right now. Could we get a ride to Viridian Forest?” Tiger asked kindly, he decided to use the name Viridian Forest instead of Ripple Forest, due to a couple of trainers passing by him. He recalled Cotton and Charm once more.

Pidgeot nodded, and crouched down so Tiger could climb on. Tally sighed in relief as Tiger climbed onto the bird pokemon and settled down. Once settled, Tiger nodded to Pidgeot and the small group was on their way to Ripple Forest.

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Pidgeot landed in a clearing deep in a forest. To the left of the group was the rocky wall that blocked Ripple Forest from Viridian. “It’s been a bit since I was in Ripple.” Tiger mused quietly and looked at Cyndaquil who nodded in agreement. Tiger looked around at the spruce, elm, pine, and oak trees that dappled the area near the clearing. An old apple tree grew near the border, and Tiger shivered as an old memory came to him. He had climbed the same apple tree when he was five to save his older brother from falling over the side of the rock wall near Viridian Forest. He shook his head clear and glanced over at Tally.

“So where exactly is this Dratini?” Tiger asked politely as he nodded thanks to Pidgeot and the pokemon flew off. The Hoothoot followed Tiger, Cyndaquil, and Tally as they walked through the forest and towards the small beach in the direction of Mount Silver.

“Just on the beach, Kit and I have been leaving berries next to the rockpile, which he eats rarely, just enough to keep him alive, but we can’t seem to get him to come out and get him to the cave so we can help him. All we want you to do is help us get him to the cave.” Tally explained kindly and sighed. “We just want to help him, Tiger.” She said in concern.

Tiger blinked a few times and nodded slowly, he looked over to Cyndaquil who gave the same expression of concern as Tally. Hoothoot just flew above them silently as if listening to the conversation. Tiger sniffed the air and caught the very faint scent of salt water that was sort of hidden in the scents of the leaves and grass of the forest. He glanced at Cyndaquil and walked in the direction of the ocean. “Okay here’s the plan, Cyndaquil will cover the entrance to the cave with Charm, Cotton knows thunder wave so she’ll come with me in case Dratini is hostile and I have to subdue him.” Tiger explained carefully. “Hoothoot you and Tally can head back to the cave and get it ready for Dratini.”

“Alright.” Tally nodded and looked at Hoothoot. The flying type pokemon nodded and followed Tally back to the cave. Tiger yawned and looked at Cyndaquil, he called Charm and Cotton out and explained the plan to the Charmander and Mareep. The two Pokemon nodded and followed Tiger to the beach.

“What will happen if you get hurt?” Charm asked the question causing Tiger to look like he was taken off guard. “After all this Dratini sounds like he might be hostile.”

“Good question.” Tiger said with a sigh and frowned. “I’ll be sure to not get hurt then!” He finished with a grin causing Cyndaquil and Charm to groan in annoyance.

“Let’s just get to the rockpile.” Cotton said with a sigh and looked up when Tiger and the others arrived on the beach. Tiger nodded to Charm and Cyndaquil who took their positions at the entrance to the rockpile. Tiger nodded to Cotton and crawled into the small outcove at the bottom of the rockpile. Cotton followed after him.

Inside was dark, the pile of rocks didn’t give much room as Cotton and Tiger were side to side. Tiger could feel Cotton’s fleece on his hand as he crawled along the ground. Tiger froze when he saw a Dratini. The usually light blue pokemon was covered in dirt and scratches making him look more like he was a grayish color. His scales looked dull and unhealthy as if he hadn’t been taking care of himself at all. It seemed like the pokemon hadn’t cleaned or eaten in some time as he looked skinny and sickly. “Hey, Yas? Is that you?” Tiger whispered in concern and inched forward. The Dratini growled and bared his teeth. “Hey it’s okay I’m not going to hu-” Tiger was cut off as the Dratini used an ice beam.

Tiger was hit by the move his entire left arm and shoulder was frozen. Tiger looked at the ice and blinked as if in disbelief. “I can still fight if you’re confused.” The Dratini snarled and shot off another ice beam. This time it hit Tiger in the chest causing him to slide backward and hit his head on a couple rocks. Cotton growled and stood in between Tiger and the Dratini.

The Dratini narrowed his eyes and looked at Cotton. “I said to the others that I’m not going with them.” He said in a guarded tone and coiled up as if he were trying to attack, or look like he might attack.

“Yas. I’m not going to hurt you.” Tiger said gently and held his unfrozen hand out, Dratini blinked in shock and seemed to relax, but only slightly. “It’s me, Tiger. We used to be friends.” He said gently.

Dratini sighed and relaxed completely before nudging Tiger’s hand. “I-I’m sorry if I hurt you.” He said quietly and shivered. Tiger looked at the pokemon and noticed how bad he really was. The Dratini was very skinny and looked exhausted. His scales were dull and covered in dirt, his eyes looked glazed over and void of any emotion besides depression.

“It’s fine, what happened?” Tiger asked in concern and sat down he gently touched the Dratini’s head and flinched when he noticed the heat coming off the small dragon snake. I’ll be stuck in the forest for a bit while I heal him up… He thought with a sigh.

“I-I’ve been exiled from the colony.” Dratini said sadly and looked at the ground. Cyndaquil looked into the rockpile at the news. Tiger blinked as he knew that the small fire mouse was thinking of the day he was exiled from his tribe. Tiger looked at Dratini sympathetically and nodded slowly.

“How, what happened?” Tiger asked in concern and dug through his pocket to see if he had an oran berry on him. Dratini sighed and closed his eyes as if he was trying to repress the memory once more. “Yas, what happened?” Tiger asked once more.

Dratini let out a long sigh and rested his chin on the ground before looking out of the rockpile at something in the distance. Tiger blinked and looked at Dratini for a moment as he waited for the pokemon to continue. “Kair ran away. I asked her where she was going, but. She wouldn’t tell me, I asked if I could come.” He trailed off sadly and shook his head. “In the end, Kair’s mom told me I was to blame for her disappearance. I-I was exiled from the colony, and I’ve been here since.” He whispered.

“That’s terrible. When did this happen?” Tiger asked gently and gently picked up the pokemon up.

“I-I don’t know.” Dratini whimpered sadly. “I-I stopped going by Yas and lost the track of time. I think it’s been around twelve seasons since she left. I can’t find her anywhere.” He said sadly and burrowed his way into Tiger’s arms. Tiger held the pokemon close and nodded slowly.

“Dratini,” Tiger began gently not using the old name that Yas had long since abandoned. “Come with me. I mean, I might not know where Kair went, but Johto and to a bigger extent, Kanto. Are huge regions with unexplored land. Just waiting for us.” He trailed off and smiled weakly at the Dratini. “Maybe I can help you find Kair. You can join my team, and if you decide to stay with her. Then I won’t make you stay.” He promised gently.

“You’ll help me find her?” Dratini whispered quietly and looked at Tiger in a hopeful manner.

Tiger nodded and gently placed Dratini on the ground. “I promise I’ll do my best to help you. If we don’t find her, then I’m certain that I can help you evolve into a strong and formidable Dragonite.” He promised kindly and held a friend ball out for the Dratini. He had gotten the ball from Kurt a year back for his birthday. Sort of a good luck charm for his journey, a Pokeball to help him make a new friend, is what Kurt said to Tiger. “Let me take you back to the cave. Kit, Tally, and I will heal you up. Then we can set out and look at Johto first.” He promised.

Dratini looked at Tiger in silence and smiled before nodding and poking the button on the Pokeball with his nose. The small dragon snake then went into the friend ball and was caught. “Alright, thanks Dratini. I promise we’ll all get stronger!” Tiger said happily and smiled at Cotton before leaving the rockpile and heading to the cave.