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Posted: Fri, 06/01/2023 20:28 (5 Months ago)
Friday, 6 January

Today I got to stay home for once. Usually me and my brother go wandering over mountains with my mom. Today though it was hailing and for a change we stayed inside. I was actually having a blast in my room, gaming all morning and munching on snacks. But of course my brother had to pull a prank on me. He went outside and fetched a Volcarona while I was playing Pokenight. Silently he snuck into my room while I was only hearing the sound of bullets being fired. My brother John then hid the Volcarona under the bedsheets and you can imagine what happened since I‘m a plant type. I‘m burnt out today see ya tomorrow.

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Posted: Fri, 06/01/2023 20:20 (5 Months ago)
This is a diary about me and my friends and family except that they are all pokemon. I hope you enjoy my effort. Daily entries nto guaranteed lol i have a life :)

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Posted: Fri, 16/12/2022 18:10 (5 Months ago)

Title: you can deny this

I know you don’t do this but the payment will be 1x old vinyl, 60 nuggets and 70k pd

Hi Penguin! Can I buy some art?
Description: a bacon hair holding a powerful stone and background is rising fire (blue fire)
Type of Art: roblox
Payment Type:
Tips? (Optional) 10 normal gems
Other: Penguin

also pls tell me how llong it approximately takes

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Posted: Mon, 01/08/2022 16:06 (10 Months ago)

Hi Ducky! I want to buy some art >U<
Reference/description, etc. : Bulbasaur retro
Plushie or regular art: regular art
Payment (set a range, pick exact price after I'm finished): 40-50 Normal gems
Tips (optional):
I have read the rules: yes

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Posted: Tue, 22/03/2022 17:25 (1 Year ago)
banned because…
well because…
uhhh cuz you are banned! 01010101000001011111001

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Posted: Thu, 24/02/2022 17:15 (1 Year ago)
i need to sign out cuz im leaving PH for A WHILE OR FOR A ETERNITY

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Posted: Sun, 20/02/2022 20:03 (1 Year ago)
HI Tea Phanto recruits! AS mentioned in the PP I made a contest of who makes the best ghost and dark type trio? Anyways read the instructions


Make a Party of 3 ghost/dark types (mixing allowed) and also add a name for it! The participants all get voted bz the judges and the winner get a special prize! GL and have fun! Put 0770 in other.

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Party time!

Signup: which poke will you use? :

Judge form

Hi! I would like to judge!

Should i PP/PM you:

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Posted: Thu, 17/02/2022 15:30 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Tue, 01/02/2022 12:53 (1 Year ago)

Nebby! I wanna bid💜!
Username: LugiaStrike0770
Title of the piece of art you want to bid on: Ditto trio (original)
Bid: 26000
Form of payment for bid (Yes, I do accept items & pokemon): dragon gem + 8 pd
How to be notified when you are outbid/ the auction is over: pm

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Posted: Mon, 31/01/2022 10:29 (1 Year ago)
im not sure because retros would become worthless

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Posted: Mon, 31/01/2022 08:00 (1 Year ago)
could i get 45 pd for a mix of ice and flying?

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Posted: Fri, 28/01/2022 19:06 (1 Year ago)
im selling shadow celebi!

I would like to: Get a Shadow Scizor
Offering: 17000
Other: thx

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Posted: Tue, 25/01/2022 18:36 (1 Year ago)
Hi Penguin! Can I buy some art?
Description: A Blue Reshiram
Type of Art: pokemon
Payment Type: ghost gems> 8
Tips? (Optional) 2 ghost gems
Other: Penguin

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Posted: Tue, 25/01/2022 16:02 (1 Year ago)
It became digital!
Username: LugiaStrike0770
Pokemon: Lugia
Color palette (if left blank will use mine):
Parts to accentuate (if left blank I will choose):
Other: 2k
Subscribed? (Yes or please PM me when you've finished) PM me

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Posted: Mon, 24/01/2022 18:16 (1 Year ago)
A thing. Yes, A Thing. Use this form. only 70980980 pd each (Lol just a joke)

Prices> 5k per piece


Hey! Pixil thing!

Thing you want me to make>
Anything else?>

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Posted: Sun, 23/01/2022 13:25 (1 Year ago)
granted but you get cursed by jirachi cuz hes maad at you XD

i wish i could use razor leaf

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Posted: Sun, 23/01/2022 13:23 (1 Year ago)
granted but you are a furniture that gets destroyed.

i wish i could get a shiny mega on chain 1. And good luck. And not get bored.

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Posted: Sun, 23/01/2022 07:14 (1 Year ago)
so many GGC

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Posted: Fri, 21/01/2022 19:17 (1 Year ago)
So you post something you wouldnt want to find in your living room in alphabetical order like this:

1st person: Airplane

2nd person Bomb

3rd person: Crickets

so on...

If someone reaches Z the chain resets but he gets a mention here:

Current winners:


Ill start:

I wouldnt want a Airplane on my couch

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Posted: Fri, 21/01/2022 15:43 (1 Year ago)
angry sparrows

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