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Posted: Tue, 16/08/2022 19:17 (8 Hours ago)
Isabelle snickered at the bickering. She always thought playful fighting was funny.

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Posted: Tue, 16/08/2022 18:28 (9 Hours ago)

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Posted: Tue, 16/08/2022 17:49 (10 Hours ago)

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Posted: Tue, 16/08/2022 15:17 (12 Hours ago)
People (?)

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Posted: Tue, 16/08/2022 01:37 (1 Day ago)
Isabelle giggled. Despite never going to taco bell are taco bells even in Britain? or never going to Mexico, she did see a funny animatronic once with a funny hat that everyone called a sombrero. It was only in a poster tho. lore + rip off el chip

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Posted: Mon, 15/08/2022 20:42 (1 Day ago)
I'm not magic so I could be an escapist! Isabelle was ruling out her options. or I could be an acrobatic because I can do dangerous stuff and not get hurt!

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Posted: Mon, 15/08/2022 16:07 (1 Day ago)
Isabelle already was brainstorming what she could do and what her stage name could be. She was excited.

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Posted: Mon, 15/08/2022 03:24 (2 Days ago)
"Oooooh, yes yes yes I wanna do fun circus stuff!" Isabelle said, overly excited especially after eating that funnel cake. The circus is now her favorite place. "I'm Isabelle!"

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Posted: Sun, 14/08/2022 21:34 (2 Days ago)
"woah.." Isabelle said in between bites of the funnel cake. Which she loved.

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Posted: Sun, 14/08/2022 19:28 (2 Days ago)
Isabelle was also excited about the circus, but more excited about the funnel cake. It looked good. And it tasted good.

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Posted: Sun, 14/08/2022 18:17 (2 Days ago)
L a m p

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Posted: Sun, 14/08/2022 16:21 (2 Days ago)
At the moment I'm listening to the sweet sound of the highway

Oh, music? I got Worlds Smallest Violin looping in my head

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Posted: Sun, 14/08/2022 04:31 (2 Days ago)
Apparently getting a Phione from the lab is rare but I got one from the lab-

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Posted: Sun, 14/08/2022 03:25 (3 Days ago)
Isabelle giggled at Scara and Matsunaga. "...food?" the good sugar food they were talking to me about?

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Posted: Sun, 14/08/2022 01:45 (3 Days ago)
Isabelle deemed Heizou a good detective and floated through the walls went back to the exit. he's amazing compared to the bozos back in my world.

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Posted: Sun, 14/08/2022 00:26 (3 Days ago)
Isabelle did follow Heizou in, but in her ghost form. She mostly wanted to see if he was a real detective, but looking at the situation now, Izzy would probably have to step in.

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Posted: Sat, 13/08/2022 23:06 (3 Days ago)
One of my favorite legendaries

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Posted: Sat, 13/08/2022 20:51 (3 Days ago)
A lamp playing Minecraft

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Posted: Sat, 13/08/2022 05:47 (3 Days ago)
"Oh and Cloudy, no I probably couldn't help because I'll get lost in the maze too. I can change to float through walls but they can't." Isabelle pointed out, even though there were tons of other solutions.

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Posted: Sat, 13/08/2022 05:42 (3 Days ago)
"So we're not under arrest??" Isabelle was confused.

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