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Posted: Sat, 04/02/2023 23:57 (3 Months ago)
could I get 1?

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Posted: Thu, 02/02/2023 15:11 (4 Months ago)
What does the final raylong quest mean? how much money do i need to gather? EDIT: I found it!

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Posted: Fri, 20/01/2023 17:49 (4 Months ago)
I need 2 dragon gems and have several other gems.
I have
29x rock
21x bug, ground, poison, water
19x fighting
11x steel
10x psychic
9x normal
7x electric, dark
6x grass
5x ghost
3x ice, fairy
2x fire
make any offers please and thank you

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Posted: Thu, 19/01/2023 01:45 (4 Months ago)

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Posted: Wed, 18/01/2023 23:14 (4 Months ago)
I happened to get a hoopa for some pd and want to know how much it's usually worth? Could I get 4 dragon gems for it?

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Posted: Sun, 15/01/2023 15:03 (4 Months ago)
I've been looking at the gem exchange since I've been working on the raylong quest and was wondering why so many of the exchanges were offering a small amount for a bigger amount? It doesn't seem to be about gem rarity, but I've seen like 2 gems offered up for 40 gems, is this normal?

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Posted: Wed, 11/01/2023 19:31 (4 Months ago)
Hi my name is Johnny! I was thinking about those old online pokemon games i played when i was little, and i looked something up and this came up! It wasn't what i was looking for but it looked really fun so i decided to join! i've been playing a lot of pokemon black lately

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