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Posted: Thu, 11/08/2016 18:48 (6 Years ago)
Just somewhere to store art. Requests are welcome!

[Palette 1]

[Sprite 1]

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Posted: Tue, 09/08/2016 01:06 (6 Years ago)

A blitzle?

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Posted: Tue, 09/08/2016 00:15 (6 Years ago)
Username: piggylover29
# of tickets: 12 (2 boxes, 5 keys)
Password: Any of the shinys <3
Other: ; p

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Posted: Tue, 07/07/2015 05:10 (7 Years ago)
Lii, let me tell you about that awesome friend of mine!

Their username
: NepetuLeijon~
Our story: Well, I Actually Met Her On An Account She Made Before She Realized She Had Already Made An Account Before, (Confusing, I Know!) Which Was Adeptus. She's A Really Good Friend, And We Skype Often, We Also Roleplay All The Time! How We Met Was Kinda A Funny Story, When Plug.Dj Was popular Around Here, My Other Friend ( squertle908 ) Posted Her Plug.Dj Room. Me And Nep Were The Only Ones Who Joined, And I Met Nep That Way... We Palpad Pretty Often (Except Not Recently, 'Cause Its Summer). And Uh, I Guess that's Our Story!

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Posted: Mon, 06/07/2015 03:14 (7 Years ago)
I Would Like To Buy 5 Card Packs.

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Posted: Fri, 19/06/2015 02:34 (7 Years ago)
Amazing! Good Job Everyone!!

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Posted: Mon, 15/06/2015 00:24 (7 Years ago)
@Nessy May I Have The Snapper Cutie? <3

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Posted: Fri, 12/06/2015 07:09 (7 Years ago)
Got My Entry!

Ehhh Its Terrible ono

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Posted: Fri, 12/06/2015 06:41 (7 Years ago)
Username: piggylover29~
Any Nicknames: piggy, Usually.
Artist or spriter?: Artist, But I Specialize In Pixel Art ( Thats Not Small )
Art sample (so we can see your pretty work, and detect thieves): Haven't Been Very Active So, Heres A Few Refs I Did For My Ocs.

Password: Edited!
Other things we need to know?: I Can Also Do Thicker Lined Art, And I'm Terrible At Spriting I Also Use Mspaint

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Posted: Tue, 09/06/2015 22:38 (7 Years ago)
@Sylvia Thank You!

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Posted: Tue, 09/06/2015 22:31 (7 Years ago)
@Sylvia Could I Have This One Please? ouo My Username Is piggylover

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Posted: Sun, 07/06/2015 07:35 (7 Years ago)
-Edited Out Because No One Seemed To Want Them ;3-

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Posted: Wed, 03/06/2015 06:58 (7 Years ago)
@koshilala Your Post Is Considered Spam, As You Did Not Post The Form To Be Added That Is On The Main Post, Or Anything FR Related.

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Posted: Fri, 29/05/2015 04:25 (7 Years ago)
@Daster 13 - piggylover

Also, Toothi Grew Up!

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Posted: Tue, 26/05/2015 22:47 (7 Years ago)
@cinamomo Okay! I'll Palpad You Once I've Got Enough Treasure!

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Posted: Tue, 26/05/2015 22:44 (7 Years ago)
@cinamomo Even Though I'll Have To Probably Work To Afford Them "ouo How Much Are You Selling Both The Male And The Female Dragon For?

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Posted: Mon, 25/05/2015 15:27 (7 Years ago)
I Hatched A Few Babies With Oneiros And Kurshaw! <3
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-Swampy- (My Favorite Out Of The Three)



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Posted: Sun, 24/05/2015 21:49 (7 Years ago)
@Kit/@cinamomo Thank You!

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Posted: Sun, 24/05/2015 21:40 (7 Years ago)
I Bought A Bunch Of Cuties!~
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Posted: Sun, 24/05/2015 04:29 (7 Years ago)
Username: piggylover29
Nickname (if you have one and prefer to be called by this way) : Usually piggy!
About how often do you get online?: About A Hour A Day.
What's your favorite dragon from your lair?: I'm Kinda New, So It Would Be Toothi Who I Got From The Auction House~
Which Flight do you like most and why?: Shadow, Mostly Because I Love Horror, And I Thought It Was Suiting.

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