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Posted: Tue, 31/01/2023 03:04 (4 Months ago)
OK so there's this girl and she becomes the queen of the pokemon showcase. She has a gallade and maracas and also she's trans because I said so anyway her gallade ends up dying and she gets sad so she adopts a kid. Eventually she gets sick and dies and her kid, this boy who is now a teen, grieves with her maracas. He's a regular trainer btw, and he also has an apom. He's super depressed but he meets this girl and she's a pokemon ranger, and her partner pokemon is dragonite, also she has a comfrey even though rangers are only supposed to have one partner because she really loves them both. She meets the boy doin grafitti and they start getting along and they like each other. The girl is passionate about being a ranger, and in my head the rangers are seperated by boys and girls. The top boy and the top girl are siblings, they guy has a hero complex and the girl has MASSive gifted kid syndrome but they're still really nice and are self aware. Anyway, the top girl gets mad when she finds out that our main girlie is breaking the rules and is stilll rising to the top, so she tries to battle her with her inceneroar, but rangers arent allowed to battle so she tries to run. Gifed kid girl is really mad so she tries to attack but our main guy (hes back!) stops her and battles with maracas- but inceneroar destroys her and maracas dies! And gifted girl feels terribleand begs them not to report her and they dont. OUr main guy lets go of the maracas, and therefore accepts his moms death and now the moms whole OG team is together in the afterlife or whatever. Anyway the story is SUPER sloppy but it doesnt really matter. So theres OG showcase girl, top of his class boy, top of her class girl, grieving main guy, and love interest girlie/ What do I name them? if anybody reads this

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