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Posted: Thu, 03/10/2019 00:30 (3 Years ago)
(everyone is near the meeting hill right?)

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Posted: Wed, 02/10/2019 03:12 (3 Years ago)
Will sat down on the hill, with a tiny iron doll next to him. "I think this was a scam." He murmured. "Hmm, maybe." The smaller one replied. "But, I dont think so. Remember how that message was sent by the government itself? People in power like them wouldnt spend their time playing pranks on others, would they?" He remarked.

"You never know." Will replied, visually bothered. He looked around his surroundings one more time; a large landscape, a lot of green, some stones...and no Bounty Hunters. He started thinking about how he could entertain himself. Maybe he could animate a piece of dirt and tell it to tell him a joke? Or he could check out social media..

Yawning, Will grabbed four small rocks. "Sturdy, mind chiseling them a bit?" He asked, leaving them next to his small iron puppet. "I want them to be able to roll properly." "Of course." He replied, and started cutting the first one into a more aerodynamic shape with his arms.

Many minutes of stonecutting later, and the four pebbles now had the shapes of a tiny marble or a silver coin. He carefully rubbed his hands against all of them. "Rocks," He began, "Please scan the area around me. Tell me if you find anyone."

"Yes!" They all exclaimed in unision and rolled out.

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Posted: Tue, 01/10/2019 23:19 (3 Years ago)
(heyyy recap)

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Posted: Fri, 27/09/2019 04:08 (3 Years ago)
William "Will" Hayes



Will is slightly short, fair-skinned and blue-eyed. His face wields freckles and his hair is short, messy and black. His outfits are always simplistic and normally dont contain many colors, as he really enjoys the "boy next door" fashion style.

Will is calm, docile and naive. He values life and friends a lot, which is very fitting for his power. He also has an affinity for anything that requires a lot of thinking, making him a very smart person and a great strategist. He usually does not start conversations, but when he does, the topic is almost always interesting or relevant to the current situation. He has a bit of an arachnophobia and does not enjoy causing violence himself, often leaving that job to either his minions or his teammates.


Will can give life to inanimate objects, command them, and can also give them a few human abilities. In order to do so, first he must touch an object he wants to animate, and after a few moments, the object and his hands will glow blue and the object will now be alive.
Animated objects are always loyal to Will, and will always listen to his orders and will try to execute them (as long as its reachable for them)
The way an object executes an order also varies differently and changes depending on the object's structure; for example, if a towel is told to walk away, they will drag themselves across the floor at a medium speed, while if a toy car is told to walk away, they will use their wheels to drive off.

Animated objects are also given a few human abilities, those being knowledge, the ability to talk, the ability to hear and the ability to see. The knowledge given to animated objects is the same knowledge that Will has (for example, if he animates a crowbar and tells it to tell him the meaning of life, it wont be able to because Will himself doesnt know the meaning of life) and the voice that they use to speak is the same as Will's.

Animated objects are not given organs or anything like that in order to speak, see and hear; instead, they are given a large, invisible aura around them. If something is inside that aura, they will be able to hear it and see it. In order to speak, they are given a second aura, much tinier than the first one, where their voices come out of.

Lastly, he can receive headaches depending on how big the object he animated is. Animating small objects doesnt affect him at all, but animating very big ones does.

Bounty Hunter or Rogue?
Bounty Hunter

Backstory (Optional)
i would love to write something here but my sloth is speaking louder today so i will keep this blank lol

he carries around a tiny iron mannequin called Sturdy that he gave life to long ago and hasnt recalled life from ever since then
he frequently uses his power to make an object go fetch a cup of water for him. truly an example of a bounty hunter

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Posted: Mon, 11/02/2019 16:47 (4 Years ago)
(added the form for one of the teachers)

Okay, I think I'm late at this point. Kanjo looked around the locker room, only to see nobody this time. Where did they all go?! Did they go to class already? Where is the classroom?!

He thought to himself nervously, but then noticed the big room in front of him. Oh.

Silently, he went inside, and glanced over everyone sitting. Then, he sat near the back of the room, almost close to Mei.

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Posted: Sat, 09/02/2019 03:33 (4 Years ago)
Kanjo looked up to the school gates, and to Prestae High's symbol. A green P, with a diamond in it. For him, that symbol basically meant "Wow nice, you did it", although it was meant to represent pro-heroes and prestige.

He paused for a few seconds, just looking up, before walking forward. There were many trees behind the school gates, but he had his eyes set on other people. He could see nothing more than blurry figures from far away, but he was excited to meet people who would be in his classroom.

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Posted: Fri, 08/02/2019 05:18 (4 Years ago)
(both accepted!

i was rlly busy today so i couldnt make a post, but i will make one tomorrow~)

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Posted: Thu, 07/02/2019 00:15 (4 Years ago)
What a nice day! Kanjo thought to himself as he walked down the streets. Its not too hot, not too cold...and I just got accepted into Prestae High! Today is going to be so, so exciting! The thoughts of what could possibly happen today were circling around his head, making him smile at nothing while walking.

He looked down to the uniform that he was wearing for a moment. I'm going very early...maybe I should speed down a bit. After all, it would be nice to get to know a few people that will be in my classroom before classes start, and getting there before anyone else is not the way to do that!

He decided to stop, and began looking around the street he was in.

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Posted: Tue, 05/02/2019 19:55 (4 Years ago)
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Kanjo Fukigen


Kanjo is the average build for his age. His hair is short, very messy, and white-colored, and his eyes are black. He is usually wearing the Prestae High uniform, but his casual clothes are very simple.

Emotion Projectile - Kanjo can create small projectiles whose shape and color changes depending on the emotion that people near him (and also himself) are feeling. For example, if he is near someone who is sad (or is sad himself), he will be able to create a large, blue, teardrop-shaped projectile.

The downfall to that is that, if he makes too many projectiles out of one specific emotion, he will feel only that emotion for a few hours.

To become a popular hero, although he is not focusing only on fame.

Hero Type


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Reji Sei


Reji is quite tall, fittingly for her age. Her hero outfit (which is also the outfit she wears during classes) is a simple skirt, a long-sleeved, fancy shirt with a tie, and high heels; essentially a bigger version of the classic schoolgirl uniform. There is basically no combat-related feature to it, as she leaves it all to her quirk. However, the most noticeable thing about her appearance is her hair; it is colored in a nice shade of brown, but its also long, somewhat poofy, and very large. She has trouble going through a few doors thanks to that.

Hair Inventory - Reji can store any non-living thing into her hair, and also take it out at any time at will. She doesn't use that quirk only for usefulness; she also uses it during combat, as she is able to launch objects that are in her hair onto opponents. If a tuft of her hair falls off or is cut off, any object that was stored near said tuft will jump out. She doesn't know how her quirk works scientifically, but she assumes that objects shrink in size when inside her hair.

The downfall to that quirk is that, if she has too many objects in her hair, her hair's health starts depleting.

To help students become heroes.

Hero Type
Homeroom Teacher


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Posted: Fri, 25/01/2019 03:09 (4 Years ago)
hi i am not dead
i didnt draw anything in a while but i decided to get back to drawing yesterday so i did this

shes this girl btw

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Posted: Mon, 24/12/2018 01:14 (4 Years ago)
Nick woke up a lot later than anyone else.

He had a small sleep paralysis while everyone was around him- he could only hear them yelling about becoming a Pokemon, and someone telling them to go somewhere.

When there was nobody around anymore, he woke up.

He had no idea what was going on. His body felt weird, though he quickly came to the conclusion that he was a Larvesta. He did not panic, though, as he assumed that everything was nothing more than a lucid nightmare.

Since he was not able to wake up, he decided to play along. He tried to remember the direction everyone left into based on the noises that were around him, and made his way towards Fauna Village.

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Posted: Sun, 23/12/2018 16:14 (4 Years ago)

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Posted: Mon, 10/12/2018 19:08 (4 Years ago)
Username: meme
What would you like?: Christmas special of this guy:

Full-body or Headshot?: Headshot
Add an Avatar?: yup
Background color/s: a dark blue background with a moon in the corner, and also red and green fireworks if you manage to put them in too
Additional information: a ^ ^ face (with the circles in the middle of the stars on his face becoming the ^s; basically a happy expression) and a santa hat on his head
Payment: 170k PD

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Posted: Wed, 05/12/2018 19:27 (4 Years ago)

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Posted: Wed, 05/12/2018 02:34 (4 Years ago)
Gaea is dead.

This should be a good thing. The primordial goddess of Earth has been tormenting demigods ever since she started to wake up, and everything was finally at peace once she was defeated.

However, nobody thought of what the side-effects of slaughtering the Earth could be.

There have been thousands of reports all around the world of crops suddenly dying, farms suddenly not being as plentiful as they should be, and large portions of grass disappearing at once.

Everyone is sure that Gaea has something to do with this.

The worst part, though? A new prophecy says that the ones who were part of the Prophecy of Seven will be completely useless now.

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Godly Parent:

My Forms:

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Cole Eldenwood


Godly Parent

Cole seems like he spends a lot of his time on a library. He has a slim build, yet his skin is kind of pale. His deep brown eyes are definitely something to stare at, as if you could feel wisdom coming out of them when you looked at them. His black hair is always tidy, and it goes well with everything else.

As a child of Athena, Cole is undoubtedly smart. He studies very fast, has a great memory if he needs to remember something that he read or saw, and is very good at starting up engaging conversations. He uses those conversations a lot against monsters, which can either result in a monster being completely bored out, entertained, or with their minds changed by the end of them.





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-This RP will have spoilers for the Trials of Apollo trilogy, but I will try not to go too in-depth with them
-I recommend reading up to the Mark of Athena before joining, although just having some knowledge on the second series will be good enough
-I will control canon characters
-This RP is semi-literate, so please try not to one-line
-Your character can be child of almost any god/goddess; be them a major god, minor, almost-unknown, and even primordial (though you will need to have a reeeeally good backstory to be child of a primordial god; not to mention that Ouranos and Gaea are dead so they're not options)

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Posted: Mon, 03/12/2018 00:12 (4 Years ago)
(pretend the two followed everyone else lol)

Although everyone else were attacking the stars, Salvator decided to actually try to dodge him. It was not very hard, thanks to his slim figure, although he was close to dropping his charm on the ground multiple times. The only time he actually fought back was when clearly-undodgeable stars were flying straight to him, and even then, he just opened his charm to block them.

Lady Requiem tried to run from the stars at first, but her armor was making it quite hard. She decided to fight them back; She blocked the small ones coming around her, while slashing through the bigger ones. She was unsure if she should summon a spirit, since she could easily be hit by any star while temporarily unconscious.

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Posted: Sat, 01/12/2018 00:44 (4 Years ago)
(reserving a spot please!!
also whats a D&D?)

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Posted: Fri, 30/11/2018 15:48 (4 Years ago)
heeyyy can you reserve me a spot for the next time your shop opens?

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Posted: Thu, 29/11/2018 17:59 (4 Years ago)

Lady Requiem gave one last look at Harpy, before the bell rang. She made sure that her rapier was attached to her armor, and then walked over to her classroom.

Salvator took one last bite of the cake, and then left the rest of his food, his plate and his fork on the table, while grabbing his umbrella charm and running over to the classroom. He was hoping not to accidentally stab anyone with his charm.

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Posted: Fri, 23/11/2018 15:32 (4 Years ago)
(sure ig)

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