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Posted: Tue, 31/07/2018 22:15 (3 Years ago)
oh my god..... my son...

it's so good! thank you very much!

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Posted: Sun, 29/07/2018 02:47 (3 Years ago)
Username: eons-stars
What would you like?: my electrifying alolan raichu oc, kai
Full body or avatar?: fullbody
Background color/s: light blue!
Addition information (ex. pose, emotion): kai likes to surf, so that's important haah
Payment: 210k PD
Other: (anything that doesn't fit the above, I suppose?)
here's his ref!! if it doesn't load up please tell me

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Posted: Fri, 06/07/2018 15:08 (4 Years ago)
Kendra, a Charm please!
Username: eons-stars
Pokemon: mareep
String Color(s): dark blue
Extra: going to give a tip of 10k again

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Posted: Fri, 06/07/2018 01:38 (4 Years ago)
Kendra, a Fusion please!
Username: eons-stars
Base Pokemon: mareep
Second Pokemon: ho-oh
Extra: i'll be tipping 10k

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Posted: Thu, 28/06/2018 04:34 (4 Years ago)
I did play blue a little when I was younger, but the game i was really invested in and completed was pokemon black

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Posted: Wed, 27/06/2018 03:38 (4 Years ago)
(i can't find the form so im just gonna causally use the cough used)

Username: eons-stars
Reference: it's already tagged in eon, she's the light wolf one. i would recommend using the color of the june 26th one lol
Details?: ...i guess not
What type of pixel/art?: solid coloring
Payment: says 50k but will to pay up to 100k cause eon's A Mess

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Posted: Fri, 05/01/2018 05:33 (4 Years ago)
10/10! It looks really cool! Love how sharp and clean it is !!

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Posted: Fri, 05/01/2018 05:29 (4 Years ago)

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Posted: Thu, 04/01/2018 23:52 (4 Years ago)
most likely evil

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Posted: Sat, 03/06/2017 00:51 (5 Years ago)
Chapter 9: What a Buggy Start

Our heroes are still on their way to Santalune City. But along the way, Eon had made a new friend, with was a Fletchling that she named Rohana. But where are they now?

Eon sighed as she looked down onto her Guidebook, it clearly said she was going in the right direction but she still didn't see any buildings from her view. She knew she was close, after all the icon on the Guidebook was really close to Santalune City.

Rohana gave a small concerned chirped to Eon. Eon looked up and smiled, "Don't worry about a thing, Rohana. It's nothing."

Rohana didn't believe her, and Eon could clearly see that. Eon sighed once again and gave the little bird a thumbs up.

"Don't worry about it, like I said it's nothing major." Eon tried to make the little bird reconsider. But she was pretty sure it wasn't convinced.

Hell, now the who crew was concerned.

"Uh, sis. Anything wrong?" Sabrina looked over to Eon.

Eon sighed and glared at Rohana who chirped away as if they had done nothing.

"Look, it's just that the Guidebook says that we're nearing Santalune City and that we're really near but I don't even see even a small building from here. It's concerning me." Eon finally said what had been bugging her to the rest of the crew.

Sabrina sighed, "I mean, hell I would be worried too but come on. That book-thingy wouldn't lie to you..right?"

Eon looked down to the guidebook, of course the most recent technology wouldn't lie. Unless someone had hacked it or it was just a bug that the developers didn't catch it wouldn't lie to the owner.

"I guess you're right, but still. It's going to bug me for a while unless I see some type of civilization nearby." Eon responded back.

Sabrina rolled her eyes, guess she knew how much a single thing could bug someone that much. She walked closer to Eon and put her hand on her shoulder. "Just..don't worry about it. We'll be there in no time. Right?"

Eon stared at Sabrina for a little longer until she finally nodded. "Yeah, you're right." She then started to walk once more.


At last, a sight of the city. Eon's face grew bright as she saw the city, finally her worries were to be gone. For now at least.

Eon started to walk faster to the city, not even caring about if Sabrina would complain about how fast she had been going.

"H-hey! Stop going so fast! The city isn't going anywhere!" Sabrina yelled out for Eon.

Eon snickered, "I know it isn't, but I want to challenge the gym before anyone else does!"

Sabrina sighed and looked down to Marlua, "How do you even deal with her?" she whispered to the small Mareep.

Marlua looked up and shrugged her shoulders. "Mar...ar ar eep." it responded.

Sabrina sighed, "I'm guessing you either said you don't know or you don't ev-" she couldn't finish her sentence as Marlua already went to Eon's side. Sabrina stood there for a second, "...or you know...you're just like her."

Eliana sighed along with Sabrina, they both just couldn't catch a break.

As Eon started running in whatever direction the guidebook told her to go she bumped into a shoulder of somebody who had been walking in her way.

Eon looked up to the stranger, "Oh shoot, sorry." she apologized.

The stranger, who had blond hair although it was quite in a weird style, wearing a white top tank shirt, green baggy shorts, and of course you couldn't forgot the huge camera around her neck.

"It's alright," She waved off the apology and then grabbed her camera ",but can I ask...can I take a picture of you?"

Eon stared blankly at the stranger, trying to process what they just asked. She finally processed it and nodded slowly. "Uh...sure! There's never any harm in a photo." she agreed to the strange request.

The stranger's face beamed in joy, "Alright! Just stand right there and I'll tell you when to make a pose!"

Eon gave the stranger a thumbs up. "Tell me when you're ready."

The stranger walked around until she found the perfect spot. "Pose!"

Marlua jumped onto Eon's arms and Rohana was about to make a pose, but instead she looked down to Marlua and laughed as she almost fell down. Eon was caught off guard by the jump that Marlua made. As she caught her, she smiled gently to Marlua.

Snap! The camera went off.

Eon looked over to the stranger with a confused look. "O-h-h...didn't know you just took it."

The stranger stood there staring at the photo.

Eon's heart started beating rapidly, did the photo not come out right? "A-are you...okay?" She asked her. "Did it not come out right..? I can do it again if y-"

"It's..." she walked over to Eon and showed her the photo. "PERFECT!" she yelled.

Eon felt sweat drop on her forehead, but it soon went away as she looked down to the photo that had been taken. "Wow, it is pretty good!" Eon was quite surprised. It came out amazing, the smiles, the emotion. Heck, even the position.

"Eonnnnn!" Sabrina yelled Eon's named as she ran over, "Please...stop...running..." she caught her breathes in between her sentences.

Eon chuckled at Sabrina, "Well, you should be faster. Besides, I 'waited' for you."

Sabrina glared at Eon, "Yeah right, as if I couldn't see the photo in front of you that had been taken." she pointed to the camera the stranger had been holding.

The stranger giggled as Eon had been caught, she then looked up to the street clock. "Ah, I better get going. I'll send you this photo later. If I find you around that is."

Eon nodded, "I have a tendency to find people that I just met." she gave her a thumbs up. "See you around town."

The stranger gave a thumbs up back and started running to the direction that Eon had been going in the first place.

Sabrina whispered to Eon, "Did...you even get her name?"

Eon shook her head while smiling, "Nope, didn't tell her my name either so....win-win." she shrugged and continued walking to the direction she was going in the first place.

Sabrina sighed, "How are you going to call out to her if you don't even know her name?"

Eon chuckled, "I'll just walk up to her and she'll be able to recognize her. No need to call her name out."

Sabrina wanted to question Eon even more, but she shook her head. No use in debating with the smarta** of the group.

Marlua snickered as she saw Sabrina's expression. Sabrina couldn't respond as Marlua's expression changed due to Eliana giving Marlua a Mean Look.


They finally reached the gym, Sabrina sighed in relief since that's what Eon was all hyped about.

Eon took a deep breath and looked at Rohana and Marlua. "Alright, are you two ready? Because I sure aren't but hoo boy we got this. Right?"

The two Pokemon nodded and soon Eon opened the doors, only to see a white hall with many photos on the sides. "Wait...what? Is this a museum?" Eon said.

Eon then spotted some more doors down in the hallway.

"I mean, yeah, the whole building isn't a whole gym." Sabrina blurted out.

Eon shot her a glare, "I know that, it just caught me off guard."

Sabrina shrugged her shoulders and put her hands up in protest. "Don't get mad at me, I'm just saying."

Eon rolled her eyes but then shot her sister a smile, Eon then walked down to the other doors. She would've loved to admire the amazing photography in the walls...it reminded her of the stranger...

Eon shook her head, no way it could've been her.

As she opened the doors, with the help of Marlua. She saw the gym leader sitting down, waiting for challengers. Eon put her hand on her face and yelled into it. Of course it would have been the stranger, who else!

The gym leader looked up and laughed, "Guess you didn't know, huh?"

Eon looked down to the gym leader, "I knew it right after I thought about the photos." she sighed as Sabrina walked in and laughed.

"LUCKY YOU!" Sabrina laughed as she tried to stating that Eon had the beginner trainer luck.

Eon didn't respond back, she just sighed heavily and walked down the stairs to the battlefield. "Sabrina, just get to the sides. If you don't I'm going to have to rumble with you instead."

Sabrina knew that was a small warning, although she knew Eon wouldn't be like that she picked up Eliana and ran over to the side. She then put Eliana on the top of the counter. "Do your best, I don't care if you lose, just do your best!" Sabrina yelled at Eon.

Eon smiled at Sabrina, "Thanks." she whispered quietly.

The gym leader walked over to her position.

The referee ran over to his position "Well, welcome to the Santalune City Gym uh...."

"My name's Eon." Eon responded quickly.

"Alright, Eon! Each side will have the use of two Pokemon, and the battle will be over once both of the either Trainer's Pokemon are unable to continue! Only the challenger will may be able to substitute Pokemon. Is this alright?"

Both of them nodded, but then Eon suddenly sparked up. "A-a- wait! I forgot to do something!"

Everyone fell down, just right when the battle was about to start....

Eon grabbed her recording phone and ran over to Sabrina, "You know what to do." she said to Sabrina.

Sabrina sighed and nodded her head. "Of course I do."

Eon gave Sabrina a thumbs up and returned to her battling position.

The referee coughed, "Alright, are you ready?"

Both of them nodded once again, "Let the battle, begin!" the referee shouted.

"Alright, Marlua. Let's go!" Eon shouted Marlua's named, as Marlua heard her name she jumped into the field.

"Marlua! Woo!" Sabrina and Eliana cheered in the sides, as if they were the cheer squad.

Viola grabbed a pokeball and threw it up to the air, "Surskit, good luck!"

A blue bug like Pokemon came out out of the pokeball, it looked almost like a spider! Although, pretty sure spiders didn't have yellow 'caps' on their head. "Surskit!" it yelled out.

"Marlua, let's start out by using Growl!" Eon shouted out the move she wanted to use first.

Marlua roar echoed throughout the battlefield, loud enough to lower the attack that Surskit was able to land on Marlua.

"That won't affect us in any condition!" Viola smirked, trying to taunt the other Trainer. "Surskit, use Ice beam to freeze your opponent!" she commanded.

"Marlua, dodge!" Marlua waited for the attack to get just a little bit close until she finally moved out of the way, causing the attack to miss her. "Way to go!" Eon yelled out.

Viola suddenly sparked up, getting that same smirk from before, "Use Ice Beam once again!" she commanded that move once again to the bug pokemon.

Eon told Marlua to dodge again, in which she was going to but they suddenly heard another attack that Viola made.

"Use Sticky Web once it dodges!" Viola yelled out as Marlua had dodged the Ice Beam by jumping.

The Surskit planned out where Marlua would land, it then shot it's Sticky Web right under the landing spot of Marlua.

"Mar!" Marlua looked down and tried to get out of the Sticky Web, but her hoofs were stuck. "Marlua! You alright?" Eon asked her Pokemon.

Marlua nodded, but she was in trouble. Eon nodded and looked up to Viola in concern, she needed a plan to get out of the Sticky Web but there was no time.

Viola already commanded another attack.

"Signal Beam!" Viola yelled out, Surskit sent a mixed color beam out of it's antenna, sending Marlua flying back.

"EEP!" Marlua cried in pain as she got hit, she went flying back to the wall near the plants off the battlefield.

"MARLUA! Are you alright?" Eon cried out Marlua's name, Marlua responded with a yell. Eon sighed, this wasn't going great as expected.

"Come on Eon, you got this!" Sabrina yelled out Eon's name, trying to cheer the now losing battler.

Eon gave her sister a thumbs up then looked back to Marlua, "Alright, use ThunderShock!" she shouted out.

Marlua jumped, "Marrrrreeep!" she yelled as she shot out her ThunderShock.

"Surskit, quickly! Use Protect!" Viola yelled out, Surskit soon made a platform to protect itself.

Eon saw this as an opportunity to finally land an attack on Surskit. "Marlua, while it's distracted go behind it and use Iron Tail!"

Marlua jumped over Surskit and went behind the bug Pokemon and landed the attack that had been commanded.

Eon raised her fist, "Alright, way to go!" she yelled out happily to her Pokemon.

Marlua jumped back the other side of the battlefield, waiting for more directions from her trainer.

Surskit looked back to Viola, Viola smiled and nodded. "Let's freeze the battefield with Ice beam!"

Eon's eyes widen, "What?!" she yelled out as she saw the Surskit blast an Ice Beam into the battlefield, it had frozen everything in it's path.

Marlua kept having troubles standing, "Marlua! Try to use your hoofs like ice skates!" Eon yelled out to her Pokemon.

Marlua looked back and nodded, she looked down onto her hoofs and thought back to the times her and Eon always went to the lake that had been frozen. Sure, it was dangerous but it helped them learn to skate. Marlua started to skate as she did in those times.

Eon sighed in relief as she saw Marlua skate around, "Alright, keep it up! Use ThunderShock on the Surskit!"

Viola was quick to say her next attack, "Counter that ThunderShock with your Signal Beam!"

The two Pokemon sent out their attacks, as the attacks hit each other a huge explosion was caused in between the two attacks colliding. Lots of smoke had been created due to the explosion.

"Use Growl!" Eon commanded, hoping that Marlua could hear her.

Marlua roared once again, clearing the smoke in her way and lowering the attack of the Surskit once again.

Viola grunted, they kept lowering her Surskit's attack. But that wouldn't stop her. "Build up your speed, Surskit. Distract that Mareep!"

"Marlua! Try to hit it with ThunderShock before it starts moving!" But Marlua had to build up her attack, "Marrrreeeep!" The attack landed, but it was too late. The Surskit had already dodged and started to circle around Marlua.

"YOU CAN DO IT!" Sabrina yelled once again at Eon and Marlua.

Eon felt sweat drop on her face, her heart started to beat even faster. "Marlua, try to skate around. Try to confuse it!" she yelled, this was her only bet at the moment. She couldn't think of anything else.

Marlua nodded and started to skate around the frozen battlefield. But the Surskit was too fast, it was confusing her instead.

Viola almost laughed out loud, "Use Signal Beam once again!" she yelled.

Surskit sent out it's Signal Beam once again, Marlua looked back and yelped. She couldn't dodge this, it was already in her way.


As the attack landed, Marlua was thrown back due to the explosion of the attack. As she was thrown back she hit yet another wall once again. She tried to get up, but she fell down and swirly eyes had appeared.

"Mareep has fainted! Surskit is the winner!" The referee yelled out as he rose up his hand to the air.

Eon sighed, she grabbed Marlua's Pokeball and called her back. The Pokeball sent out a red beam and returned Marlua to her Pokeball. "Good job out there, get some well rest." She whispered to the Pokeball.

Eon then looked up to Rohana and sighed, "Rohana, it's your turn."

Rohana chirped in fear but there was still some confidence in it. It flew into the battlefield ready to fight.

Eon was the first to request a move to her Pokemon, "Alright, use Peck!" she ordered.

Rohana's beak glowed and it started to dive down to the bug Pokemon underneath them.

"Use Protect!" Viola yelled out to her Pokemon, it was last minute sure, but her Pokemon would be able to do it anyways.

The Surskit had the same thing block the attack coming after it. Rohana backed up into the sky as the attack had already been done. "Alright, fly around it and use Steel Wing!" Eon yelled out.

Rohana nodded and dived down, flying around the blue bug. As if it was it's prey, finally it's wings started to glow and soon it had hit the scared bug. Sending it flying back, it was knocked back into the ground. It tried to get up, but it fell down and like Marlua, swirly eyes appeared.

"Surskit is knocked out! Fletchling is the winner!" The referee called out as he rose his hand into the air.

"Alright!" Sabrina and Eon yelled out at the same time.

Viola called back her Pokemon, thanking the Pokemon for trying it's best out there. She looked into Eon's eyes. "Good going, but will you be able to defeat my next Pokemon?" she grabbed another Pokeball and threw it into the air. Soon a strange looking butterfly came out, "Viiii!" it yelled out.

"A.....Vivillon?" Eon's eyes sparked in delight, she had never seen this close before. They always flew away or she always spotted them when they were migrating. She shook her head, "Alright, Rohana."

Rohana waited for Eon to say something. "Use Peck!" Rohana nodded and her peak glowed once again, she flew close to the other Pokemon.

"Use Psychic!" Viola yelled out, Vivillon nodded and it's eyes glowed blue. Soon a blue aura surrounded the bird Pokemon, sending it flying down to the frozen ground, making ice shards fly everywhere. The ice shards even hit the Vivillon flying in the air.

"Rohana!" Eon cried her bird Pokemon's name in fear, she didn't mind losing. But man this was going horribly, how was she supposed to over come a Psychic Attack?

The little bird was alright though, it sent out a cheerful chirp to it's owner. Making sure Eon knew that it was okay.

Eon nodded and looked up, She could always build up her attack with Steel Wing as Rohana moved around. But once she got close Viola could use Psychic once again. Eon sighed and order the attack either way.

As Rohana built up it's speed using Steel Wing, it finally attacked the Pokemon. Hit one of Vivillon's wings, sending it to stay in the ground.

"Alright, now use Peck!" Eon commanded quickly after the last attack hit.

Viola grunted, "Blow it away with Gust!" Vivillon started to flap it's wings quickly, creating large gusts of wind, sending the little bird Pokemon flying back into one of the trees in the room.

"Now charge up your Solar Beam and charge once it comes out."

Eon looked back to the tree that Rohana had landed in, what was she going to do?! "Rohana! Get up quickly, while it's charging it's attack use Steel Wing!"

But there was no response. "Rohana! Please, I believe in you!" Suddenly, leaves fell off the tree as Rohana quickly jumped out of the tree with it's Steel Wings.

"NOW!" Viola yelled, Vivillon sent out it's Solar Beam. It landed on the little bird perfectly as Rohana had been charging straight in front of the way the Solar Beam was going to come out of.

BOOM! Yet another explosion hit the Fletchling, sending it flying down to the frozen ground once again. Ice shards once again going everywhere. The little bird didn't respond, instead it had swirly eyes...

"Fletchling has fainted! Vivillon is the winner, therefore Viola has won this battle!" The referee yelled out, like always raising his hand towards the sky.

Eon sighed and grabbed Rohana's Pokeball and called her back, "Good job out there, Rohana. Get some rest." she then looked at Viola who had been smiling.

"Good job out there, you almost had me! If it weren't for Marlua being knocked out early and me charging the Solar Beam you've had me!" Viola gave Eon a thumbs up.

Eon sighed but smiled, "Yeah, that was a close one. I'll come back later once I'm ready though!" she gave a thumbs up.

Viola nodded, "I'll wait for your return!"

Eon ended the conversation there and went over to Sabrina who had been waiting for her.

"You did great out there!" Sabrina said to cheer Eon up.

"I don't know...I let Marlua down." Eon chuckled.

Soon both of them started to talk to each other, most of it was just Sabrina trying to say that Eon did well enough. In which Eliana agreed, that battle was pretty great!

It seems as if our hero didn't win her first gym battle, but will she win next time? Find out next time as the journey continues! also if the author updates in a week and not in 8 freaking months!

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Posted: Sat, 01/04/2017 20:40 (5 Years ago)
'Oh! Well uh...come on think of something you idiot...'

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Posted: Sun, 18/09/2016 20:21 (5 Years ago)
Chapter 8: A Flying Joke
After leaving the Pokemon center and finally heading off to Santalune City. The heroes decide they should rest after walking nearly one hour in this forest.

Sabrina sat down quickly, and rubbed her legs "Ugh-" she sighed "how much longer until we get to the city?" she looked over to Eon who was too busy 'vlogging' she sighed again, and waited for Eon to finish talking to the phone. She then asked Eon how much more did they have to walk over to the city.

Eon looked at the guidebook she laughed nervously "M-maybe 1 or 2 more hours?" she knew Sabrina wouldn't like the news of walking for 1 or more hours.

Sabrina sighed even louder. I mean, she loved the idea of going on an adventure with her sister but this much walking? No way, she could've just died right away but thankfully her body can keep up with her laziness.

Eliana sighed with her trainer, she wished she could've stayed in her Pokeball but I guess walking with these humans was better? Not really, she looked over to Marlua. Just how could that Mareep walk so much and not get super tired? She didn't understand but hey, different Pokemon different natures.

"We should get moving, after all we did rest for 10 minutes." Eon got up and grabbed her backpack. But before she could grab it, a Fletchling snached the Jirachi pin that was pinned onto the backpack!

"Hey! Give the back! That's important to me you know?!" She yelled at the Fletchling. But it seemed like it didn't care? It mocked Eon "Fletch Fletch Fl-etch!" it sung in a cheerful tone. Eon grew furious at the small Robin bird.

Sabrina grabbed out her Pokedex and scanned the Fletchling "Fletchling : the Tiny Robin Pokemon. Although Fletchlings chirp is quite beautiful to hear, it is relentlessly tough with those who enter it's territory." "Hmm.. it's chirp is pretty nice. Even though right now it's mocking you."

Eon glared at Sabrina then looked up at the Fletchling "Come on now, please give that pin back -it's kinda important to me!". The Fletchling looked down and gave Eon a weird look, it noticed how badly Eon wanted that pin back so it flew away with it. "Hey get back here!" Eon quickly put on her backpack and ran after the Fletchling.

"Oh come on! I don't wanna run after you!" Sabrina got up-put on her backpack-and ran after Eon.

After 10 minutes of chasing that Fletchling. Eon couldn't find it anymore, she sighed. Guess she had to buy another Jirachi pin even though they can only be found online now-a-days. She laid down next to her Mareep. "Ugh, how am I going to tell Mom that I lost the pin that I got when I was 7? I mean, it did only cost 15 dollars but dang, I got it from Dad.." she sighed again, "Oh well, guess it got stolen from a stupid Fletchling.." she laughed quietly, she got up again and started walking back towards where her sister was.

Sabrina saw Eon walking back "Oh! Did you find the Fletchling?". Eon shook her head. "Oh..". Eon smiled "Don't worry, it's just a pin." "But you loved that pin so much, after all you did get it when you were younger..". Eon put her hand over Sabrina's shoulder " Like I said, dong worry. I can always buy another onone somewhere.". Sabrina didn't believe Eon, after all that pin was from 5 years ago no way she could find it anywhere! "Oh alright, but if you can't find it anywhere don't blame me.". Eon laughed "I won't blame you at all."

The Fletchling was looking over Eon and Sabrina. It didn't know the pin was that important..maybe it should give it back to Eon. It flew downwards onto Eon's head, making Eon fall over.

Sabrina screeched at Eon falling over "Are you okay sis?!". Eon got up and scratched her head "What even hit me?" she turned around, and saw the Fletchling flapping it's wings in front of her holding her pin "M-my pin?". The Fletchling nodded, and gave a small chrip, most likely saying sorry to Eon. Eon grabbed the pin, and put it on her backpack once again. "Thank you very much for giving my pin back, just remember please don't steal something from anyone. After all it might be important to them. Okay?". The Fletchling chirped an okay, and nodded it's head. "Alright then, have a good life then little Fletchling." Eon and her sister started to walk away. The Fletchling felt weird feeling...it felt as it wanted to be with Eon? But at the same time it didn't want to go with her? It does back to its tree and started to think if it should go with her of not.

Sabrina looked over to Eon "So uh, I thought you were going to catch that Fletchling?". Eon sighed "I was going to go ahead and catch it. But I would have needed to battle it. I didn't want to do that after giving it a good lesson. That just sounds stupid.". "I mean, you could've asked if it wanted to join you in your journey you stupidhead.". "Now that sounds stupider that my original idea." Sabrina gave Eon a glare "It does not sound stupid at all. After all that Fletchling could've wanted to go with you. Like did you even see the look on its face?". Eon shook her head "No, because I was too busy closing my eyes while smiling to look cute.". Sabina signed " Well it looked like it wanted to go with you. So like, maybe go back and catch it?". "You know what, okay? I'm going to catch it!" Eon and Marlua started to run back towards where the Fletchling was. Sabrina her hands on her hips "I'm such a great sister." and started to walk towards Eon.

"Little Fletching where are you?!" Eon and Marlua yelled for the Fletchling. The Fletchling jumped up with the sound of them yelling for it, it flew down towards Eon and Marlua. "Oh there you are!" Eon bent down towards the Fletchling size. The Fletchling looked confused. "Look I wanna catch you, but I want to battle you to catch you. Does that make any sense at all?". The Fletchling nodded it's head. "Alright! Then let's battle!"

Eon got up and went towards the other side, "Alright little Fletchling, prepared to be caught!". "Fletch!" the Fletchling got into its ready pose. "Marlua! Let's start it up with an Iron Tail!" Marlua jumped up and slammed her glowing tail near the Fletchling, the Fletchling flew up and used it's Quick Attack, hitting Marlua directly. "Marlua! Are you alright?" Marlua nodded. "Well then, seems like you'll be a tough one to catch.". Fletchling chirped happily, mostly because it was happy that Eon thought it was tough. "We won't let you escape though. Use Thundershock!" Marlua let out it's shock and hit the Fletchling. "Alright! Good job!"

After a few moments the smoke cleared out but the Fletchling had it's wings covering it's body. It must've used Rasor Wind to block Marlua's Thundershock..it still was hurt but it reduced the damage done. "Marlua, use growl!" Marlua let out a roar causing the Fletchling's attack to go down. The Fletchling ignored it and used Peck. "Use Thundershock when it gets closer!" a few seconds before Peck hit Marlua quickly stored enough electricity to send out the Thundershock causing the Fletchling to fall down. Eon quickly took out a pokeball and pressed the button to make it bigger "Pokeball let's go!" she threw it and it thankfully hit the Fletchling. The Fletchling went into the Pokeball and the ball started to wibble wobble. Eon and Marlua looked at the Pokeball very closely, after 3 times it made a 'ding' noise, meaning that the Pokemon was caught!

Sabrina jumped out of the bush startling Eon and Marlua "HOLY ARCEUS, SIS YOU CAUGHT IT!" she yelled loudly. "I KNOW! IT'S MY FIRST TOO!" Eon grabbed the Pokeball and let the Fletchling out. "Well then, welcome to the party...uh..Rohana? Yeah that's a good name right?". Rohana happily chirped. Eon looked over to Marlua, Eon hugged Marlua "Man! It has only been like what? 1 day since we set out and we caught our first Pokemon! Isn't that great?!" Marlua nodded. Eon suddenly remembered something. "Aw man, I didn't even record the fight!". Sabrina laughed "You didn't but I did.". "You did?". Sabrina nodded. Eon jumped up and gave Sabrina a big hug "You're the best dang sister out there!". Sabrina blushed "I m-mean it wasn't that much of a de-". "Shush, it's a big deal to me.". Sabrina couldn't argue with that. "Anyways! Let's continue to Santalune City." Eon grabbed out her guidebook and got the best route towards Santalune City. Rohana sat on Eon's shoulder, Eliana and Marlua were jealous that she didn't have to walk like them, but after a while they brushed it off...

Catching her first Pokemon, Eon and Sabrina continue to head onto Santalune city. As Eon and Sabrina's adventure continues!

Preview Time!
"Oh man! I can't believe it's finally time for my first gym battle!" "Good luck sis! I'll be rooting for you!" Eon is going to battle for her first gym badge! Will she win or not? Find out in the next chapter of Eon and Sabrina's adventure!

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this is suppose to be a filler 'episode' but eh
Chapter 7: A Nice Break

After seeing such a wonderful view, they decided it was best to go back to the Pokemon Center. After all, they wanted a good sleep no?

Eon opened up her guidebook and typed in 'Pokemon Center' so they could get the fastest route to the center. Since the center closed at 10PM they had to get there fast since it was 9:23PM. "Come on guys!" Eon looked back, her friends were not paying attention. She yelled louder, they looked at her. "Alright so, we might have to run because walking takes 25 mintues, and we might be late? So uh.." she rubbed her head "We have to run?" they looked at Sabrina right when Eon said 'run' Sabrina looked at everyone, she shurged. "Sure, the faster we get there the faster I can take a shower." "Alright then, let's go!" Eon got a head start and started running.
Everyone yelled at Eon to slow down but of course, she didn't.

After 17 mintues they finally reached the Pokemon Center. Eon was the one who got the keys for the rooms, everyone else just sat down to catch their breath. Eon thanked Nurse Joy for the keys and went to the others. She threw the other keys to Kit. "So, there was not enough room for all of us, so you two-" she pointed at Sabrina and Kit "-get that room for tonight while me and Valerie get this room. Is that okay with y'all?" Everyone nodded, they all got up and started heading towards their rooms once they got to Kit and Sabrina's room, Eon winked at them Sabrina and mouthed "Have fun." to Sabrina. Sabrina gave Eon a glare, but you can clearly notice she was blushing. Kit then opened the door, Kat and Kit quickly ran inside and then hopped on to the bed. "Man! It feels so good to be on a bed." the bed did seem pretty comfy Sabrina giggled, Eliana just hopped onto bed and sighed, her trainers friends were pretty weird but she didn't mind them.. Sabrina put her bad on the bed "I'll get to bed later, first I need to take a shower." Sabrina opened her bag and found her pajamas and went into the shower. After 30 minutes she came out all dressed in her
pajamas, she brushed her hair and then brushed Eliana's fur. She then looked over to Kit and Kat, who seemed to have already fallen asleep. They seemed pretty cute,

Eon and Valerie got to their rooms. Eon needed to work on the video she had recorded today so she quickly got out her small laptop she bought along. She didn't tell Sabrina since she would've said to leave it behind since Eon might break it. Marlua hopped onto the bed and went to sleep fairly quickly, Eon looked over, I guess the battling might've made her tired? Or maybe just the running? She didn't know but she didn't care right now, she went over to Marlua and kissed her forehead and whispered 'have good dreams' and went over to the desk where she put her laptop.

Valerie didn't want Eon to stay up late working on that video. "Hey Eon?" Eon looked over to Valerie. "What's up?". "I don't want you staying up late, so.." Valerie looked down "Maybe you could work on it tomorrow?" Eon quietly gasped "But, I have to work on it now. I won't take long. I promise.". Valerie sighed, she knew Eon would still work on it. "Alright, but if I catch you working on it around 12PM or even later than that I will take that laptop away from you and make you go to sleep." Eon giggled, "Man Valerie, you sure are sounding like my mother. I guess the nickname 'Mom' does work for you. But anyways besides that, I won't stay up THAT late. I need my sleep for the adventures ahead.". Valerie blushed when Eon said she sounded like a mother, she then looked back to Eon. "Well then, okay. I guess you have a point.." Valerie opened her bag. "But that's still not good enough because knowing you, you would stay up no matter what.". Eon laughed, "I always have a reason to stay up though?". Valerie sighed, trying to reason with Eon was no use. "Whatever, just don't stay up late.". "Like I said, I won't." Eon then turned back to her Laptop and put on her headphones and started editing. Valerie changed into her pajamas and went to sleep hoping that Eon wouldn't stay up late.

Eon of course, stayed up late. As she was finishing the video she noticed that the bottom of the screen it said "1:07AM" she quickly whispered 'oh god' and saved the video and looked at the playback, it seemed pretty normal..the only parts bugging her were the battling parts. I guess she should've explained the whole situation and also should've reported those three crooks to Officer Jenny. She sighed, she just hoped these parts didn't become viral because that would REALLY suck. Since people would know who she is...she uploaded the video with the title "Our first day of our adventures!" and uploaded it. The rendering is said to take only 2 hours. She kept the laptop on and silently changed into her pajamas and went to sleep.

It was a wonderful morning. Well, kinda wonderful. They decided to wake up around 7AM and since Eon slept at 1AM she only got around 6 hours and that honestly wasn't the best for her. She quickly checked her laptop hoping that the video was uploaded and ready to go. Thankfully it was. She looked at the comments, there may have only been around 130 comments but she loved going through them no matter what. Most of the comments were things like 'omg! I hope u guys are ok!' or stuff like that, some got REALLY long like telling Eon how she should've told a nearby adult and all of that. While others were just saying that they hope her adventures would be great. Eon was also glad that it didn't go viral. What was she thinking? That it would just go viral? Man, how stupid could've she been last night. Anyways, Eon quickly got on PokeHeroes and shared the video, she then tagged the video as "Eon and Sabrina's Adventure!" on every social media she had, so that way people can easily find it. She looked over to her friends list, guess she got two messages from her other friends Elizabeth and Johnny. She didn't have the time to read them so she left the messages for later read. She changed into her outfit and got ready for the day. She woke Marlua up and then went over to met up with Valerie who was already ready and had breakfast. Valerie looked at Eon, "So, did you stay up late?" Eon shook her head "No. I went to sleep at around 11:30." Eon lied again to Valerie. But Valerie didn't seem to catch that lie "Well then! I'm proud of you!". Eon put her hand behind her head, "Thanks? I guess...". Eon then sat down and ate Breakfast.

Kit and Sabrina finally woke up, but Kit was already wake, she was just having trouble waking up Sabrina. Sabrina looked at Kit and asked "Ugh, what time is it?". Kit looked around for a digital clock, "Uh, It's 7:15AM?". Sabrina screeched, "That early?!". Kit nodded. Sabrina put her hands in her face, she didn't want to keep waking up early to move around. Kit picked up Sabrina "Come on, get fully awake." Sabrina put her hands on Kit's face "Let me down and then I'll wake up!" Kit laughed "Are you sure?" "Yes!" Kit let go of Sabrina and she hit the floor. "I let you go." Kit kept on laughing. Sabrina got up and tried her best not to laugh with her, since she wanted to be mad. But she couldn't be mad at her, so she too laughed. After 2 minutes of laughing they both calmed down. Sabrina grabbed her outfit "Uh..you can go met the others. I'll go later." Kit nodded and opened the door to leave "See ya!" she and Kat walked out. Sabrina changed into her outfit and did her hair, she then brushed Eliana's hair and then finally met up with the others.

"Oh! There you are, what took you so long?" Eon asked Sabrina. "Uh, you know? Changing and brushing my hair?". "Oh right. Anyways, we have food if you want some." Eon pointed at the Sandwich and the croissants. Sabrina grabbed the Sandwich and noticed everyone was already done. "Uh..maybe I could eat this while we walk?" "Oh..then alrighty then. Let's go!" Eon got up and everyone followed her outside.

"So, where are you two headed?" Eon asked Kit and Valerie. Valerie looked up and finally thought of what she was going to do "Well, I'm going to go into the woods just to catch me some Pokemon. Plus, Betta needs some training. What about you Kit?" "Me and Kat are going to go around town and kick people's butts!" everyone sweatdropped that wasn't much of a goal but then again, it was Kit..."What about you two?" Kit pointed at Eon and Sabrina. "Oh well uh..we are going to Santalune City so I can battle the gym leader there! And since we are going to go through the Santalune Forest we will be able to catch some Pokemon!". Kit gave a thumbs up to Eon, most likely meaning that she was giving her good luck. Nobody was talking so Eon just said "Nice, well then uh. See you two later?"
"Alright! See you later!" They all started to walk away and waved to each other.

The Journey has officially started! Yesterday was just a get your Pokemon and have fun type of day. But today, we were finally going to a city. We were finally going to battle, and of course meet new friends!
But of course, this is only the beginning. As the journey continues!

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Chapter 6: Picnic Fun?
We left off with our heroes and friends going up the hill to have a small picnic so time can pass by, plus it was almost time for lunch! Let's see what they are doing now.

Eon and Marlua marched up the hill, they didn't seem to have any problems going up, Valerie didn't mind walking up either, Kit and Sabrina? Kit was helping Sabrina up hill, she really hated walking up since you had to put more energy into it. Eon looked over to Sabrina, "Come on sis, it isn't that much work.". Sabrina looked up "Well, you aren't me so you don't know what I'm going through right now.". Eon rolled her eyes and kept walking, up on the hill there was only one tree, it seemed
very pretty.

Finally they got up to the hill, they could see all of Lumiose City up there! They all said "Woah.". Kit was really excited to be up there, since as said before, she wanted something romantic for Sabrina. Eon grabbed out a blanket and put it on the ground, she then grabbed out her phone. She started talking to it in a weird way, but nobody cared since they were too busy putting out the food that they got, Eon got out her Macaroons and of course showed it off to the phone, Kit and Sabrina
got out their Pokepuffs, Valerie got out the Sandwiches she got from Budway. She hoped she picked out the good ones.

Eon kept on recording the food, everyone looked at her confused. Sabrina pointed at her phone "So uh, what are you doing?". Eon looked over to Sabrina then back to the phone "Oh this? I'm recording a vlog for my Poketube channel, I promised them that I would vlog my whole adventure for them!" Eon seemed really happy to be 'vlogging' all of this. Sabrina remembered that Eon had a Poketube channel, she got annoyed with her sometimes since she always talked to the camera and since she also recorded video games, it was more annoying...Eon then got an idea "Maybe you guys should start one too!". Sabrina laughed. "Me? No way, I wouldn't even know how to start!". Valerie and Kit just sat there, they too had channels but they only used them to watch their favorite Poketubers...Valerie also laughed "I'm too shy to talk to them, even if it's a camera." and Kit? She just didn't have the time and plus, she would forget to record any videos. Eon looked at them, "Oh well." she said to the camera..after a few seconds she started talking to it again, everyone else just talked to their Pokemon.

Eon remembered she hadn't recorded their Pokemon! She got up and walked over to the others Pokemon. "I forgot to show you guys these dudes, that's Betta." she pointed at the Finneon, it said hi. Eon then pointed to the Pikachu "That's Kat." it as well said hi. "and that's my sister's Pokemon, Eliana!" she pointed at the Fennekin, it didn't say hi, instead it just looked away. "Ooookay, whoops that went bad." she went back to her spot, Marlua was just sitting there embarrassed by her trainer. "Of course here's Marlua, she is my bestest friend why wouldn't I take her with me." she snuggled Marlua, "Well, I might be taking up THEIR time so I'll see you guys later!" she turned off the camera finally..

Everyone sighed and started eating, the food was pretty delicous. Kit took a big bite out of her sandwich "Man Valerie! These sandwiches you picked are the best!".
"I'm very glad that you like it, because honestly, I didn't know which ones to choose for you all..". They kept on eating, after the sandwiches were finished (there was 2 left.) they went on to the Macaroons. Eon quickly told them what the flavors where for each one of them, nobody cared and they just picked which ever LOOKED good and ate it. Kit picked out a Strawberry blast, Valerie picked out Lemon, Sabrina sadly had to pick Pineapple, and Eon picked out her favorite..Pistachio! They ate the Macaroons (Sabrina SUFFERED by eating that Pineapple flavored Macaroon.) and left 5 in the tray.

The Pokemon got to eat the Pokepuffs, although Eon REALLY wanted to try one out so she sneakly got one (everyone saw her get it.) Valerie tried to tackle Eon but missed. She yelled at her to NOT eat the Pokepuff, but Eon still ate it. Eon took a big bite out of the Pokepuff and once it passed, she looked up and screamed. Everyone quickly ran to her. "Are you okay?!" they asked. Eon kept on eating the Pokepuff and nodded, the Pokepuff was amazing! Valerie sighed "You scared me to death!"
Eon swallowed the remaining pieces of the Pokepuff then looked at Valerie "Sorry, it was just that good..." Eon then took out her Phone and recorded the Pokepuffs,
and told them how amazing that one Pokepuff was, she then picked another one but she picked the super spicy ones meant for fire type Pokemon, she quickly heated up
and started asking for water or milk, they didn't have any water so Eon just laid on the ground and talked to the camera telling them to not try out the spicy ones because they SUCK.

The Pokemon decided to play around on the hill while Eon was suffering with the spicy Pokepuff, Sabrina went over to Eon "Are you alright?". Eon looked up "No, my whole body is burning." she said with her tongue out, Sabrina didn't fully understand her but knew some of the words she had said, "Hope you stop burning." Sabrina then laid down next to Eon. "Thanks, but I won't since I'm still burning hot if you know what I mean." Eon knew that was a bad joke, but she still had to say...Sabrina rolled her eyes and then shrugged it off.

"Hey sis?" Sabrina looked over to Eon, "What kind of Pokemon would you like to meet?". Eon thought for a long time, she didn't really know...there are lot's of cool Pokemon in all of the regions..."I really don't know, I mean it would be cool to meet some legendaries...but that would NEVER happen since they are so rare to meet!".
Sabrina smiled and looked up to the clouds "Yeah...It would be cool to meet them huh?" she closed her eyes and started to imagine all of the things that could happen..

Sabrina started to fall asleep, but a big explosion woke her mind! She quickly got up to check what was happening..something attacked their Pokemon! Eon quickly got up and ran over, she yelled out her Mareep's name, thankfully Marlua came running towards Eon. Sabrina went over and called out for Eliana but she couldn't find her anywhere! Valerie and Kit went running over. "Is everyone okay?!" everyone nodded, they looked over to the smoke that the explosion caused and saw a weird object...
"Uh...what is that?" Kit pointed to the object, everyone was surpised by it..it just looked so weird...Eon quickly took out her phone and started to record, Eon just hoped that nothing bad would happen.

Laughter could be heard from the smoke, finally the smoke cleared out. The object was a big mecha! Ruby was the first one to talk "We have come back.". Romero appeared in one of the windows "But this time we will steal your Pokemon!". "Because we are on the attack!". Finally the talking Houndour appeared too "But this time we are on track!". They then started to get in sync, "We are Team Rocket! The best ones because we can mock it!" then they finally stopped 'singing'.

Eon facepalm'd her face, she couldn't believe these IDIOTS were back. "One question, why are you back again?" she knew why, but she wanted to tease them...Ruby's face got red, "Why do you never listen?! We are here to STEAL your Pokemon!" she yelled at Eon.

Valerie and Kit looked at Eon "Wait a mintue, have you met these guys before?" Kit asked Eon. Eon nodded "Yup, they attacked one of my friends, tried to steal his Riolu, and we pretty much beat them up." Sabrina also nodded, "They did a pretty good job at beating them up.". The three rockets heard them. Romero quickly got up.
"Excuse you! It's because we were warming up, and plus you had the help of a Riolu! That's hard to beat!". Eon rolled her eyes, "Yeah right, anyways, can you maybe leave us alone again?". This time, the Houndour spoke up, "Look kiddo, we just wanna steal y'all's Pokemon so we of course are going to be here alright?". Valerie stepped in, "But we don't want you evil people here. If you don't leave then well...I hope you enjoy a good beating." Valerie started to crack her knuckles, everyone
looked surpised but they didn't mind, after all Valerie would do anything to protect her friends. The three rockets laughed, they couldn't believe that SHE wanted to beat them up!

Before anyone could say anything they heard a small bark, the looked over to the chest of the mecha. It seemed that there was a...Fennekin?! "Eliana!" Sabrina yelled, so that's where Eliana was...

Ruby started laughing, "It seems we caught your pesty little fox, this is great for us!". Romero smirked, "Indeed it is, now we just need all of the others.". The Houndour started pressing buttons "Well whatcha two lousy mouths waiting for?! Let's move and catch their Pokemon!".

The Mecha started to roll towards the trainers, everyone jumped out of the way. Eon let go of her phone and somehow forgot about it, she then commanded Marlua to attack "Marlua!" Marlua looked over to Eon "Use your Iron Tail to damage the Mecha!" Marlua nodded and started running towards the mecha, Marlua jumped and slammed her tail on the arm of the mecha, it broke it off. The three rockets screeched "HEY! Don't you be hitting our mecha! Do ya know how much it took to make?!". Eon laughed "I bet it didn't cost much, after all it should just rip apart that easily. You guys must
have used cheap metal.". The Houndour barked at Eon "Why you little twat..." it tried to contain it's anger but it couldn't "TAKE THIS!" it pressed a button. The other metal arm went towards Eon. "Oh shoot!" Eon started running away. "Can you guys maybe help?!". "Oh right, Betta use Aqua Tail to destroy that mecha arm." "Fin!" Finneon went near the mecha arm, although it was really fast she hit it and it too broke off. Eon then tripped over "Thanks Mom!" "No problem, I gotta protect you after all."

While Valerie was too busy protecting Eon, Kit commanded Kat to use her Thunderbolt to break the mecha's chest. "Pikaaaachu!!" The Thunderbolt hit the mecha's chest and it broke it. Eliana came out running and jumped into Sabrina's arms. "Thank goodness you're safe, I would hate myself for losing one of my friends." Eliana smiled at Sabrina.

The three rocketers didn't know what to do, they started panicing a lot. They decided to get out of their mecha. "Alright, you defeat our mecha...but you haven't defeated us yet!" Ruby took out a pokeball "Go! Flabebe and use Fairy Wind!" "Flaaa!" a strong gust of wind went towards the group. Eon fell back down while everyone else were still standing. "Marlua, just use your Thunderbolt." "Marr!". "Betta, destroy them with your Psybeam." "Finnn!". "Hey Kat, use your thunderbolt again to make them suffer." Kat looked at Kit weirdly but still used her Thunderbolt. "Pikaaachuu!". "Uh..Eliana use Ember?" "Fenne!" Eliana happliy used her ember, after all she wanted revenge on those three idiots. The four moves came together and formed a big attack, soon it hit the three rocketers, blasting them off to space.

Ruby yelled at Romero and Houndour "Why didn't you two idiots help me?! You know I couldn't do it alone!". Romero put his hand behind his head "Well uh, I didn't have time and plus, we were going to get destroyed no matter what.." the Houndour nodded "Plus, I don't wanna battle things. It hurts but ya two wouldn't knew.". "Ugh." Ruby rolled her eyes at the two of them. Soon they were long gone..

Kit jumped with joy "Alright! We kicked their butts!". Valerie laughed "Yeah, they deserved to get their butts kicked." she then went over to Eon to help her up.
"Thanks Valerie, you're the best." Eon grabbed her hand and got up. Valerie blushed "I-i'm not the best. I just wanted to help you out.". They both started laughing.
Sabrina smiled "I'm just glad that I got Eliana back." Kit went over to Sabrina "I'm glad too." she then nuzzled Sabrina. Kat went to Eliana and offered a hug, they hugged and it was pretty neat too.
After Eon stopped laughing she soon remembered about her phone, she went over to get her phone, she was lucky it was still okay. She picked it up and said sorry to the camera for not recording the whole battle. She then said goodbye once again and turned it off.

It was soon to be sunset, everyone was putting their stuff up and waiting for the Lumiose Tower to finally light up. It was the perfect night to view it up there.
"Eon hurry up! You can take pictures afterwards!". "No way! It would be too dark to take pictures of these mecha parts!". Sabrina facepalm'd her face. "There we go, I got almost all of the pictures I needed, I just need one more..". "No time for it! Just come over!". "I was going to come over anyways sis, the picture isn't the mecha it's something else." Eon giggled and stood behind Kit and Sabrina, both of them didn't know what Eon was talking about but they didn't care. Valerie shook her head then looked over to the tower. It seems to be starting to light up. The Tower lit up by each panel and finally it was fully lit. With the perfect timing they somehow had the tree started to let go some of it's leaves and some Fletchlings started to fly in front of them and their wings let off some small sparkles of fire. It looked beautiful...Sabrina smiled. "Thank you Kit." Kit smiled back "No thank you, I'm very happy that we got to see this together..." she then kissed Sabrina's cheek..

"You're the best."

After beating Team Rocket they got to see a beautiful view....what a good ending but their adventures aren't over yet! As Eon and Sabrina's adventure continues..

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Chapter 5: Whoops! Sorry...
We last left off with our heroes meeting up with Kit and Valerie, going out to a cafe and stopping by the Lumiose Tower..Let's see what they are doing right now...

"So uh, what should we do?" Sabrina asked as she sat down on a nearby bench..

"I dunno, I guess we should just chill out here..." Kit sat down next to Sabrina and put her arm over her shoulder.

"Yeah, I guess...there's nothing to do except either sit down and chill or explore around Lumiose City..heck we can even go to the nearest town and hang out there for a while then come back later." Valeire also sat down, her idea was pretty good.

"But, what if we don't make it on time? Like the tower is already lit up and sadly we couldn't see it in action." Kit said, the idea still was pretty good but she didn't wanna risk it since she wanted to be 'romantic.' to Sabrina.

"Let's see what Eon thinks..." Valerie turned around but she couldn't see Eon anywhere. "Uh guys?" the two other gals looked at Valerie. "Where's Eon?" Valerie looked worried. Sabrina also looked worried "I don't know..she was just right here a second ago..." they started to think where could have Eon went to..."You don't think.." Valerie looked at them "She must have went to the Lumiose Tower..." they got up quickly. "Crap! We have to go now!" they went running to the tower..

Eon was in the tower, she looked around. "Man, this place is pretty cool." she looked at the glass on the wall, they seemed to have contained electricity in them. "This is really cool woah!" she tapped the glass, the electricity moved a little bit. "Man, Marlua isn't this cool?" Marlua just looked at Eon, they were suppose to look see if what the trainers said about this gym were true, not see moving electricity cotained in glass. Marlua went over and tugged Eon over to the platform. "Oh yeah, forgot we had to see if what they said was true..." suddenly the screen on top started talking in a robotic voice. "Welcome to the Lumiose Gym!" Eon looked up and freaked out.
"How may I help you?" Eon finally found out what to say.
"Hey there, so uh, I came here for a Gym Battle please?" "How many badges do you have?" Eon didn't have any so she said "Oh, I just started out on my journey and this was the first place that had a Gym...so I have none?" "None?! My dear, you have to at least have 4 gym badges!"
Out from the corners of the walls came out two polls, Eon looked scared. "Please get out as soon as possible." but it was too late, the two polls charged up electricity and shocked Eon and Marlua, "Ahhh!" Eon yelled loudly, it hurt really badly...after they were shocked the floor seemed to be a trap door! They fell through. "What the heck is happening?!" Marlua grabbed onto Eon, them seemed to be outside now? But they were feet away from the floor! "Ahhhh! Somebody help!" Eon and Marlua waved their arms and legs midair but Eon then grabbed Marlua and braced for impact on the ground...they didn't feel the hard floor, instead they felt a wet surface! It seemed to be
a big bubble...they were inside of the bubble!

Eon opened her eyes, she saw Valerie and the others running towards her, she couldn't hear anything in the bubble so she just floated there still holding Marlua.
She saw Valerie's face...'Oh no' she thought 'she must be mad...' Eon was scared to even wave back or say anything to Valerie. But she couldn't anyways since she was still in the bubble.

Valerie did look mad, she ordered Betta to make the bubble disappear. Eon hit the floor, but it only hurt her butt. She wasn't wet, just a little bit since the inside of the bubble was filled with air since she didn't want Eon to not be able to breathe. Eon got up and rubbed her butt, before she could say anything, Valerie went up to Eon "What did I tell you about going in there?!" Valerie started yelling at Eon. "You knew that you would get hurt! But you still went in!" she started to yell louder. Eon's face got red since people started looking at them. "Don't you ever do that again! Use your brain next time!" the last part made Eon cry..she knew it was stupid...she knew she had to use her brain...but for what cause? She wouldn't have found out anything! She wanted to run away, so she did. "Eon! Wait!" Sabrina went after her sister. But before she ran after her, she looked at Valerie with a mad look. "Look at what you did! You made her run away!" "Well it's not my fault that
she went in the gym when I told her not her..." Valerie started to feel bad...although she was still pretty mad at Eon...Kit went up to Valerie. "Don't worry about it, you made the right decision to yell at Eon." that also made Valerie feel bad...she didn't want to yell at Eon, she was just mad that Eon could have gotten herself killed, heck didn't Eon promise? Or maybe she faked promise.."Let's go find her!" They went out to go after Eon.

Eon kept on running, Marlua was following right behind her. Tears filled Eon's eyes, so she couldn't see where she was going, she ran, she kept on running, until finally she accidentally bumped into someone and fell right back down.."I-i'm sorry." Eon said, she was trying to talk through her tears..it wasn't going well.
"Oh! I'm sorry, we should have seen you coming!" the young boy said, he seemed was nice. He had blond hair and seemed to be wearing a blue jumpsuit a cool backpack and he wore glasses "N-nah, I-i-i shoul-l-d hav-e-e s-e-en you c-c-oming.." Eon was still trying to talk, although she couldn't since so many tears were coming out of her eyes and it interrupted her words..The little girl that was standing next to the young man looked sad..."Is something wrong?" she asked. Eon wiped off her tears, "Oh...it's that.. I got yelled at by my best friend..and the last words she said just..made me really sad.." the little girl went to Eon and said there there. That made Eon very happy.

"Thank you..." Eon smiled down to the girl, then she thought she was being rude since she never introduced herself and yet, this little girl was making her happy.
"Oh, my bad..My name is Eon..sorry to have run into you both." the young boy looked up from her sister. "No worries, it was an accident." he noticed he forgot to say his name as well. "Oh! My name is Clemont, and this is my little sister, Bonnie." "Nice to meet you both, oh, almost forgot about my buddy Marlua over here." Eon turned around and picked up Marlua. "This is Marlua." Bonnie was amazed, Eon had a Mareep?! Amazing.. "Can I pet it?!" Bonnie asked quickly, she loved Pokemon. "Oh, uh sure if it's fine with Marlua here.." Marlua seemed fine with it, she liked pets..so she nodded to Eon. Eon put Marlua down and let Bonnie pet it. She looked at Clemont, he seemed cute..
"So uh, what are you guys doing around here?" Eon asked Clemont, he looked at her and tried to think of something. "Well uhm, we uh, were going over to uh, our dad's workshop." Clemont seemed to be scared. "Oh, what does he do for his work?" Eon just kept on asking questions. "He uh, fixes machines, and works on electricity." this time he wasn't so scared, so Eon guess he was telling the truth, now it was Clemont's turn to ask a question.

"So uh, what are you doing around here?" Clemont asked Eon, she turned around to look at the Tower. "Well uh, I came running from there since I got kicked out-" "You got kicked out?!" Clemont seemed worried about that part. "-Uh, yeah...this is my first time traveling in any region, and I thought, hey why not try to get you first badge here, too bad that didn't even go well." Bonnie and Clemont looked really worried. "Are you okay?" Clemont asked, he seemed very worried about this. "Yeah..my friend caught me and Marlua in a big water bubble so we wouldn't crack our heads open...man...that gym sure is weird.." "But why did you come running crying?" Bonnie asked, Clemont looked at his sister and yelled out "Bonnie!" Eon giggled at Clemont and just said "Nah dude, it's okay. It ain't anything bad, it's just she yelled at me because I went into the gym when she told me not too and then she said "Use your brain next time." and that made me sad." "Are you okay now?" "Yeah, it was thanks to you that I felt a lot better...maybe I should go back.." Eon looked over to the path she ran but she already saw Valerie and everyone else coming their way. "annd nevermind here they come." Eon waved over to them while Clemont and Bonnie and just stood there.

"Eon!" Valerie started to run faster and towards Eon. Eon wanted to move out the way, but that would have been very rude, so she let herself be tackled. "Oof..that hurt a little." Eon got up, she also helped Valerie up too. "I'm sorry I yelled at you." Valerie apologized to Eon. "No, you should have yelled at me, it was stupid of me to go in the gym anyways.." "But I made you cry..." "Pfft so? I always cry mom." Clemont and Bonnie looked confused so they said "Mom?" Eon looked over to them and said "Oh-" she giggled. "I call her that since she acts like a mother." Clemont and Bonnie just took that as an answer. Then everyone else looked at Clemont and Bonnie. "So uh, who are these two?" Kit and Sabrina asked at the same time. "Good question!" Eon jumped in. She pointed at Clemont. "This is Clemont." then she pointed at Bonnie. "and this is Bonnie." Everyone said hello and introduced themselves to them. "Nice to meet you all." Clemont said, it was nice meeting new people. "So, are you all traveling together?" Valerie and Kit shook their heads. "No, but these two are." they pointed at Eon and Sabrina. "Yeah, we are traveling together since after
all, we are sisters." Bonnie seemed even more excited as she saw Sabrina's Fennekin and Everyone else's Pokemon..heck she was even more excited because all of these girls could be Clemont's wife!

Bonnie ran over to Eon first, "I forgot to ask you this but, will you be my brothers wife?" Eon just looked down and blushed. "Bonnie!" he seemed to have pressed a button on his Backpack and soon came out an Aipom Air that took Bonnie away. "I would...but I'm not going to date or marry anyone just yet." Bonnie seemed to be celebrating but at the same time she was sad since Eon couldn't be her bro's girlfriend or wife. Sabrina quickly took action and went over to Eon and she whispered to
her "ooo, you like Clemont." Eon quickly attacked Sabrina, everyone else seemed confused, but they really didn't care since they were distracted by Bonnie since she was just being held in the Air by an Aipom Arm and a blushed out nerd controlling the arm...after a few minutes everyone calmed down.

"So uh, what are you guys planning on doing today?" Clemont asked the group. Kit quickly responded since she was the one that planned almost everything for today.
"We were going to wait till night to see the Tower light up so I could have my time with my dear over here." she pointed over at Sabrina. "but, we don't know how to waste time but thanks to Eon over here, we got some time done." Clemont quickly thought of something "Why don't you guys battle? There is a battlefield near.." Eon took out her Guidebook and searched for battlefields over Lumiose City, the closest one was a few blocks ahead. "Ooo, thanks Clemont." "Your welcome." Eon looked over at her group. "Do you guys want to go battle?" Valerie was the first one to say yes, heck she even had a reason. "Remember when I told you'll have to pay a price if
you went into the gym?" "Uh..yeah?" "That price was going to be a battle where I pretty much beat you up.." "In my opinion that doesn't even sound that bad." "Yeah, I know since I have a water type and you know..you like battles?" "Pretty much.." they looked over to Clemont and Bonnie. "Do you guys want to watch?" they were going to say yes, but they remembered they had to go to their dad's workshop. So, Clemont and Bonnie shook their heads. "Our dad keeps telling me and Bonnie here to go to the shop more often or else he will be worried about us." Although Eon looked disappointed, she didn't mind. "Well uh, I hope I see you guys sometime later today or some other day." she shook hands with Clemont and of course, can't forget Bonnie so she shook her hand as well, and decided to give her a small gift, she gave Bonnie a small string doll that looked like a Superhero, Eon then whispered that Bonnie would have to take really good care of it for her. Bonnie nodded and was very happy. After that they waved goodbye to them as they were leaving, Eon blew a kiss to Clemont, he blushed. He was glad that Bonnie didn't see that since Bonnie seemed to be amazed by the string doll, but Eon was not glad that Sabrina and Kit saw Eon blow the kiss, so they teased her along the way to the battlefield..

"Alright!" Eon looked around to see if everyone was here. "Okay, since everyone is here. Let's battle!" Eon ran over to the other side of the field she then suddenly remembered something, she took out her guidebook since It also had camera and a better one and gave it to Sabrina, she told her to record the battle, it was for something 'special', Sabrina agreed to record and grabbed the notebook, she pressed play, Eon said Hi to the camera and said some extra works, Eon then went back to the other side, everyone looked at Eon weirdly but they didn't care, so they sat down expect Valerie since she had to battle Eon. So, Valerie went over to the other side as well. "Uh, who is going to referee?" Valerie pointed to the empty spot of the referee, Kit got up annoyed and stood there, Kit thought up of what to say. "This is going to be a 1v1 because that's all that you guys have, and if your Pokemon faints then your the loser." "You two got that?" they both nodded. "Battle begin!" Kit sat down where she was standing and just waited for the battle to begin.

"Good luck both of you!" Sabrina and Eliana yelled out.

"Okay, Marlua I choose you." Eon pointed at the battlefield, Marlua went on the field.

"Well then, Betta let's go." Valerie as well pointed onto the battlefield, she wasn't excited cause she knew she was going to lose.

"Why don't you do first? That way it might be 'easier' for you." Eon teased Valerie, that didn't seem like a good choice though...after all she didn't know what moves Valerie had up her Sleeve...

Valerie held out her hand and opened it "Alright, Betta use Psybeam!" "Fin!" Finneon sent out a beam. "Marlua dodge then use Thundershock!" "Mar!" Mareep dodged the beam, and used her Thundershock. "Counter it with Water Gun!" The two attacks hit, although it was a water type move, it stopped the Thundershock from going through.
The attacks exploded and caused smoke. "While the smoke is going, use your Iron Tail!" Eon told Marlua, even though Marlua couldn't see she jumped into the smoke, started up her Iron Tail and slammed down. Sadly she missed.

"I knew it wouldn't have worked." Eon slapped her face, she needed a better strategy to do while there was smoke. Right behind Marlua appeared Betta. It seemed to have been charging up it's Water Gun "Marlua behind you!" Marlua looked behind, she tried to jump but she got hit by the water gun. "Eep!" Marlua shook off the water. "Use your Iron tail once again!" Marlua ran towards Betta. "Use Aqua Tail to counter it." "Fi!" Finneon got her tail up and and used Aqua Tail, thankfully since Marlua always jumps up once she is going to use Iron Tail the impact of the tails exploded and sent them flying, since Finneon was on the ground she flew downwards and hit the ground
hard, and Marlua went flying up but noticed she was about to fall to the ground so she landed on her four feet..

Finneon shook her head and got back up. "Ah, I see your finally doing some damage?" Valerie also teased Eon, after all the first few times were a fail. "Oh shush, at least I can do more damage than you." they seemed to be trash talking to each other, Kit looked at them both irratatied "Oh, will you two just shut up and continue battling? This isn't a roast contest." Valerie and Eon remembered they were battling "Oh right sorry." they said.. "Anyways, Marlua. Use Growl to lower down her Attack!" "Eeeeeeeep!" Marlua gave out a big roar and made Betta lower her attack. "Like that's going to do anything, Finneon use your Psybeam!" "Fin!" it let out that beam again. "Use Thundershock to counter that Psybeam!" "Mar!" Mareep gathered up her electircity and sent out another Thundershock, the two attacks hit each other and caused another big explosion. "Now, Marlua use Growl once again!" "Eeeeeeeep!" Marlua gave another big roar, it cleared out the smoke and of course, made Betta lower her attack once again. "Use your Aqua Tail, but this time go above her!" "Fi!" Finneon leaped up with her Aqua Tail and went over Marlua. "Ah! Use your
Thundershock!" "Mar!" Marlua once again gathered up her electricity and shot out another Thundershock, Betta used her Aqua Tail to block it but it failed and she got hit. "Betta no!" Betta went flying downwards and hit the ground, it seemed like it was gameover...Kit got up and went over to Betta, it seemed to have swirly eyes.
"Betta is no longer able to battle, therefore that means that Marlua has won the match!" Marlua landed on her feet and looked very happy. Eon as well looked happy, this was their second battle won, due to that Team Rocket accident, but I guess this was her offcial match won. Valerie returned Betta to her Pokeball. "You deserve a good long rest." she put her Pokeball back, then went over to Eon "Well Eon, you got me there. I thought you were going to go with Iron Tail since you do that a lot when someone uses another attack that has 'Tail' in it's name, plus I didn't think you would have gone with Thundershock since it takes a while for the Pokemon to gather up the electricity. Other than that, good job." Valerie gave Eon a thumbs up. Eon of course responded with something good back. "That was a great battle, I thought you were going to win since most of my movements were really bad, but yeah it was a good battle." Eon as well gave a thumbs up back.

Eon looked over, she saw Sabrina and Eliana running towards Eon and Marlua. "Man sis!" she put her arm over her shoulder. "That was such a cool battle! At this rate you'll be able to surpass the gym's in no time!" "Now now, your just saying that." Eon blushed a little, it wasn't that good was it? "Come on Eon! You have some good strategies, heck you even used one in this battle, you'll be able to pass the gyms in no time and I know it!" "I used a strategy?" Sabrina nodded. "When?" "When the smoke came up, you used Growl to get the smoke out of the way so that you could lower her attack and then attack her." "Oh..I didn't even notice that. I just thought of using that move so she didn't have much attack damage on her." Everyone facepalmed, they thought that she was using that move to do both of those things. "Eh, I guess I'll note that down onto my notebook." Eon took out her skill notebook, she checked to see if it was it since she has two notebooks, after she knew it was her skill notebook and wrote in the thing that she used in the battle, closed her notebook, and put it back into her backpack. Sabrina then gave Eon back her Guidebook, she didn't know how to stop it but that was okay, because Eon could have just edited that part out. So Eon paused it. Then put her guidebook back into her backpack.

After Eon had put up her notebook and guidebook, Kit jumped in and asked everyone what should they do? No one was sure, there was nothing else to do other than talk, explore the city, or do nothing at all. Eon thought for a moment, then finally thought of something "I mean, we could either go up the hills to get a full view of the tower, stay down here to get a close view of the tower, go around the city to see what type of shops and Pokemon there are, or do nothing." "Ooo, let's go to the top of the hills!"
Everyone looked confused at Kit, didn't she want it to be close and romantic? "I think going up there would be more romantic, because down here we just have people all over the place, and up there we have ourselves, nature, and the Pokemon." Everyone agreed with Kit, so they decided to go to the top of the hills. But before they left, Eon thought it would be a good idea to at least get some food. They thought that was a good idea as well so they went into the shops and got some food, Eon went over to the Macaroon store and got lot's of them. Sabrina and Kit went over to the Pokepuff store and got lot's of those. While Valerie just went onto the Budway store
and got some sandwiches that everyone liked, after they got the stuff, they set off for the top of the hills.

Before you leave, here is a preview for what is going to happen in the next chapter!
We are just walking up here, no one is trying to disturb us thankfully, we finally make it to the top, but it's still afternoon! We eat some food and after we eat. We
just play around! Suddenly someone attacked our Pokemon?! Who are they? Are they those three Rockets? Will they go away? Find out next time on Eon and Sabrina's

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I want to join the parade by drawing myself!!
Username: Satoshi_Eon
pokesona: Eon hope this works lol.
Pass: Marikot and -Max

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Chapter 4: Cafe Time!
We last left off with our two heroes meeting up with Kit and Valerie. Let's see what they are up to now.

"Ugh, is it far?" Sabrina whinned since she hated to walk anywhere.

"Not really...it's just a few blocks away from here, thankfully it's just a few blocks away.." Eon said as she tried to put her Map away although it was too big to put away. "Ugh, I wish I had an easier way to tell where I'm going and what type of cafes are around here.."

"Don't you have a cellphone?" Valerie asked Eon.

"I do, but this cellphone only has calling and a Camera, so I cannot use the Map on it.." Eon said as they walked down the street to the cafe.

"Doesn't she have one?" Kit pointed at Sabrina. Eon looked over to Sabrina "Oh, she does but, she doesn't have the Map nor GTS app on it since she deleted it forever." she said.

"Hey, I didn't know that we needed it alright?" Sabrina said as she was looking down to her phone.

"Uh, you might wanna get off your phone or else you'll trip." Eon said to Sabrina, she did look like she was going to trip since she didn't notice all of the cracks on the sidewalk.

"Yeah, no thanks." Sabrina said as she looked at Eon then back to her phone. Eon just sighed and continued giving directions to the cafe.

While they were walking, it seemed like a huge crowd was standing in front of 3 news reporters standing on a stand.. "Sheesh, I wonder what that's all about." Eon pointed over to the three news reporters, suddenly they looked at her. "Oh no..." Eon said quietly. "Hey there! You there!" One of the news reporters pointed at Eon. "Me?" she said worried. "Yes, you with the Mareep. Come over here!" the other one waved his hand over to the stand. "Uhhh, alright..." Eon and everyone else walked over to the stand. "You have been selected to win this Guidebook!" the short news reporter came with the Guidebook and showed it off to everyone, it seemed lot's of people wanted
that Guidebook, Eon didn't know why though. "Um, but why me though?" Eon asked while her Mareep also was questioning why they picked her trainer. Everyone else around them started asking the same question "Yeah why her!!" they all yelled out. "Well, she seems like a person that would know what they were doing. Plus, didn't you see that big map she was carrying? Surely she needs an easier way to tell where she is going.." one of the news reporter seemed to be mad at everyone else. Some of the people started saying 'oooo' even though they were the ones being roasted as well..."Alright I'll do this-" she looked and put her hands up. "-whatever your doing."
"Alright come up here!" they said as they helped her up.

"Eon you can do this! Even though I don't know what it's about!" Valerie yelled out, everyone looked at Eon. They seem to have know her name now.

Eon gulped, she didn't like the fact that there was attention on her. Heck, some now even knew her name thanks to Valerie. "So uhhh...what are we doing exactly." Eon asked and jumped to the noise of loud yelling.

"Good question!" One of the reporters said as the others got their Camera's and Mic's ready. She then faced the camera. "This lady right here has been chosen to win a Guidebook!" she grabbed the Guidebook and showed it off to the camera. "If she answers these 5 questions correctly. Then she will win this Guidebook!" the other news reporter put his hands up and shook them so the people around them could scream in excitment. "Are you ready..? Oh yeah, almost forgot, what is your name?" She put the mic near her. "I'm Eveva, but please call me Eon.." she said to the mic, hopefully they understood her. "Alright Eon! Let's start with number one!" They started to pull out a card. Eon just sighed since the news lady understood to call her Eon.

"Number one. What is Bulbasaurs typing?" she reed it off a piece of paper. "That's easy! Grass and Posion." Eon said of course that was an easy question for her.
"Correct!" she said and made a 'ding' noise. "Good job Eon! You'll get that Guidebook!" Kit yelled out, Sabrina seemed to not be paying attention. Eon got a little bit

"Number two, put the following Pokemon in order." she started to read off the Pokemon names. "Dragonite, Dartini, and Dragonair." someone in the crowd started jumping since they seemed to love those Pokemon. "It goes by, Dartini, Dragonair and Dragonite." there was silence. Suddenly a 'ding' was heard. "Correct!" the crowd went wild suddenly Sabrina looked up and looked mighty confused. "What's going on here?" she asked Kit. "Oh? Your sister is on stage answering questions and trying to get that Guidebook." Kit pointed over to the Guidebook. Sabrina looked jealous, she wanted the attention! Why did it have to be her sister? Eliana looked up to her trainer, man
were humans werid she thought...

"Number three, which Pokemon is known as the Lighting Bird?" Eon knew that answer right off the bat, she loved studying Kanto Pokemon. "That's Zapdos!" she said as Marlua nodded, Marlua loved Zapdos, after all it was a powerful electric Pokemon. 'ding' it seemed like she was correct? "Correct!" she sure was correct. The crowd went wild once again.

"Number four, what Pokemon does Fletchling evolve into?" Eon cussed quietly, she didn't study Kalos Pokemon, but then she realized, this Pokemon was another of her favorites! "Fletchinder!" she hoped she got it right, after all it's been a while since she last said that name...'ding' "Correct!" Eon's heart started pounding, she was going to get that Guidebook no matter what, she looked over and saw Sabrina. She seemed mad? Eon didn't know why, but she didn't care right now, all that was in her mind was about the Guidebook...

"Last question! Are you ready Eon?" "I sure am." Eon was ready for anything. "This Pokemon, told by myths, is told to have created the world and universe using only one thousand legs...which Pokemon is it?" Eon looked down, she didn't study in myths of Pokemon! All she knew were the religious Pokemon that people seemed to praise. She thought about all of the religious Pokemon..'Ommanyte the Helix?..no that can't be it...Kabouto the Dome? no that cannot be it either..what else is there? Those are the two most popular...' suddenly she got it. 'Arceus the Creator!' she finally got it "That has to be Arceus!" she hoped that she got it right..everyone was silent and their hearts seemed to be pounding together...'ding' "Correct!" Everyone started cheering, Eon jumped up and grabbed Marlua. Valerie and Kit yelled out 'Congrats!' while Sabrina? Let's just say she yelled way to loud and said 'Good job?'

"Congratulations Eon, you won the new Guidebook!" she grabbed the Guidebook, she showed it off to everyone, some of the people stuck out their tonuges, while others congratulated Eon.. "Thank you very much! I will use it as much as possible." she shook the news lady hand. They told her to take a picture, so she took out her cellphone and took a picture with everyone around. Eon then got off and helped Marlua off too, then she ran over to the others. "Look guys! Doesn't it look amazing?!" she showed it off to them. "It sure does, I'm glad you won it." Valerie looked at her and smiled. "Thank you very much, mom..." Eon smiled back and suddenly realized what she had
just said "Oh crap, I didn't mean to call you mom." she laughed nervously "Nah, that's okay." Valerie put her hand over Eon. "You can call me whatever you want." she put her hand across the sky. "Uh, thank you I guess?" Eon laughed again..

"Hey sis, good job. Your really smart." Sabrina went up to her sister. "Your kinda lucky you are smart." Sabrina looked bummed out... "Aww, thank you sis, but I'm not that smart. Those questions were really easy, after all, it was mostly about evolution and typing..." Eon put her hand being her head, it did seem kinda hard if you think about it..the last question was the hardest in her opinion.. "Pfft, yeah right...those questions were hard sis!" Sabrina also put her hand over Eon. "Anyways,
let's go to the cafe like you were saying. That way it will also be a reward for you too..." Sabrina let go and stood next to Eliana and petted her. Eliana just looked up and looked rather confused...

"Oh yeah, what happened to that plan? I'm craving for some food right now.." Kit grabbed her belly, she was kinda straving after all she had been standing and yelling at Eon so that she could hear her... "Come on...can we go?" Kit looked at Eon rather cute.

"Uh, we were going no matter what..." Eon grabbed out the Guidebook and turned it on...this thing was very useful it seemed, it had a Map, Bulbapedia, heck even Serebii since people needed those news on the Pokemon Leagues and of course some other special stuff that was happening around the regions... "Woah! This Guidebook is amazing!" Eon tapped on the Map and went to the cafe "Alright, this is easier now so let's go!" Eon ran towards the direction they were suppose to go.

"Hey uh, wait up!" Sabrina got off her phone since she was looking at cute pictures of Pokemon and forgot she was outside with her friends and Pokemon...she ran after Valerie, Kit, Eon, and Marlua. "Come on Eliana we gotta catch up!" Eliana ran next to Sabrina 'Man, she may be weird but I'm starting to like her.' Eliana thought..

After a few minutes they finally reached the cafe. "Alright! Here we are!" Eon put her Guidebook away and went on in. She held the door open for everyone. After everyone got in she closed the door silently although there was already enough people that were talking loudly so they couldn't hear the door anyways... "Alright" Eon looked around for a table that had a window so they could see outside, she finally found one "This is a good table!" she led everyone right over the table.

A waiter with long blond hair came over. "Good afternoon ladies, here are your menus...I will come back in five minutes to get your orders." she said as she put down the menus for them. Eon gave the waiter a thumbs up. Everyone else started to look at the menu right away.

Eon on the other hand kept looking through it over and over. She noticed there was a Pokepuffs section in the menu. "Guys, did you see the Pokepuffs menu? Boy oh boy, I know which one I'm going to get for Marlua." Marlua quickly jumped on top of Eon and looked the menu, she seemed to have pointed at an Oran Berry with Mago berry.
"Uh, Marlua you know I was going to get you that anyways." Marlua seemed relived, she knew her trainer was going to get that one for her but she just pointed at it just in case..

"Uh, what are Pokepuffs exactly?" Kit asked, she didn't pay much attention in those foods, although some other foods she would know instantly. Sabrina gasped quietly..of course Sabrina knew what Pokepuffs were, so Eon sat there and looked at Sabrina so that she could explain.

"Pokepuffs are these types of amazing food for Pokemon! Although some are okay for humans to eat, don't know why you would do that though, they are mostly for Pokemon, there is Spicy, Sweet, Sour, Dry, and Bitter. You can make them easily if you have dough, the berries and any other ingredient that you want to add!" Sabrina was an expert in Pokepuffs, she loved making them. Usually she made a lot for Marlua and some wild Pokemon in the forest. Lupe didn't agree on this but let Sabrina do it since it was nice of her to give Pokepuffs to the wild Pokemon and plus, her daughter knew how to bake! Now that is something you should be proud of..right?

"Sheesh, when did you get that smart." Kit teased Sabrina, she knew that Sabrina had the smarts for the Pokepuffs so she always teased her about it since that was one of the things Sabrina loved..

"How many combinations can you even make?" Valerie asked, she wanted to know more about Pokepuffs, after all they seemed nice and she thought she could try to bake some for her Pokemon.

"I don't know that part, there are lot's of Berries and flavors and different ingredients for a Pokepuff.." Sabrina knew all of the Berries and some of the other stuff but she didn't know much combinations due to them not having lot's of items back at home.

Kit thought for a second. "Hey Eon, didn't you want to talk about our Starter Pokemon?" she asked Eon. "Uh, yeah? Why?" Eon looked confused, she didn't know why Kit asked her that question. "Well, I guess I'll show you mine!" she grabbed her Starter's Pokeball, and made her Starter come on out.

"Woah! A Pikachu?" Eon looked at it, she seemed surprised...she didn't know Kit was going to get a Pikachu, she thought she was going to get one of the normal starters.
"Yeah, my mother decided to give me a Pikachu since she knows how much I love Pikachus...Also, I decided to name her Kat.." Kat went over to Eliana, she seemed to be interested in her. Eliana said hi but this time she meant it. Eon and Valerie just stared and said "Like trainer like Pokemon..."

Valerie remembered she had her Pokemon too. "I guess I'll show her to you guys, it's kinda weird how she can stay out of water but hey, aren't Pokemon magical and all of that?" Valerie took out her Starter's Pokeball as well and sat it on the ground, out came out a Finneon.

"Ooo, a Finneon?" Eon looked at it, she thought of an idea..but she decided she was going to do that idea later... "Yeah, my dad thought it would be cool to get me a different Pokemon that wasn't suppose to be a Starter. I really like her though...Don't you like me too Betta?" Valerie petted her Finneon and the Finneon responded with a happy bubbly voice.

"Aww, that's cute." Sabrina said, while she petted her Fennekin. "Oh yeah, as you all know I got this Fennekin, I just didn't introude her since I was a bit too lazy at the time." Sabrina put her hand on the back of her head and laughed. "Her name is Eliana by the way."

Eon didn't really need to introudce her Pokemon, after all everyone knew she had to get Marlua or else that would have been very stupid..but she did it anyways. "I really don't need to talk about her but eh, if y'all doing it I am too. Of course, I got Marlua since y'know...we are best buddies forever and ever. So uh, yeah I didn't need to introudce her but I did it anyways..." Eon laughed nervously and quickly grabbed the menu and put her face in it..

"Hey come on now, it's alright we always love hearing about Marlua." Valerie said. "Plus, our Pokemon don't even know her that well to begin with.." Finneon agreed with her trainer, she didn't know anything about this Marlua character! At all!

"Yeah, Valerie is right, our starters don't know who she is so it cool." Kit agreed with Valerie, heck even Kat and Eliana didn't know who Marlua was so it was cool.

"I guess your right..." Eon put away the menu. She had to put it away anyways since the waiter was coming right over.

"So, have you all chosen what you will pick?" The waiter grabbed out a notebook and waited for their response. Eon was the first one to go. "Oh uh, I would like a Pinap cheesecake, some hot chocolate and my lovely Marlua right here would love the Oran with Mago berry Pokepuff." the waiter wrote it down really quickly.

Next was Sabrina's turn, "Hey thereee, so uh, I would like a Pecha berry chocolate cake, some Iced Majo tea and Eliana here would like a Tamato with twigs Pokepuff." she said it pretty awkardly...the waiter again, wrote it down pretty quick.

After her was Kit's turn..."Sup, I would like an Aspear chocolate cake, also iced water, and Kat here." Kit pointed at Kat. "Would like a Sitrus berry Pokepuff with a bit of vanilla." the waiter sure liked to write fast..

The last one to have a turn was Valerie. "Hello there, I would like Wiki Berry cheesecake with orange juice and my lovely dear Betta would like Nanab Pokepuff with sprinkles." This time the waiter wrote it slower since her hand was hurting. "Alright, your orders will be here in a couple of mintues." she left.

Eon again, gave her a thumbs up. The waiter gave Eon a thumbs up too since she felt bad the first time Eon did it...Eon was happy after that....

Eon turned back around to her friends "Anyways, so uh, what are y'alls future plans?" Eon said to pass the time. Kit was the first one to respone "Well, I really only want to fight people that are younger and smaller than me so they can suffer." Kit seemed pretty happy about that goal...Eon just looked at her and decided 'eh it's her goal not mine.' and said "Good luck on that.." she then turned to Valerie.

"Oh, my goal? Well uh, I really want to become the number one trainer in the world but that might take me forever." Valerie said, there were so many trainers in the world...that would be a hard goal wouldn't it? Well it is, but it wouldn't stop Valerie. "I hope you do, but you'll have to get past me first." Eon liked the fact that Valerie wanted to be the best, Eon also wanted to be the best so she would have to defeat Valerie...a lot...

"What about you Eon?" Kit asked Eon "What's your goal?" Eon had thought about her goal ever since she was 8, that was the year she found out about the Pokemon Leagues and she decided to watch some, lucky for her...she found the channel that had the league the dude she likes was battling in. Eon was so happy she saw the battles, after all it was cool and it gave her so many ideas. "My goal is to become the best trainer in the world...by winning lot's of Pokemon Leagues, battling Champions, and traveling lot's of regions. I will become the best in the world! Right Marlua?" Eon looked down to see her Marlua having a happy serious face on, Marlua was going to do her best for her trainer. No matter what happened she was going to be the best Pokemon out there next to her Trainer...

"Ooo, well I hope you good luck!" Kit said then looked at Sabrina. "What about you my dear?" Kit asked Sabrina what was her goal. Sabrina was straight up frozen. She didn't have a goal! 'Oh no.' she thought 'Why am I on this journey if I don't even have a goal!" Sabrina looked at Eliana and made a sad face. "I don't have a goal.." everyone in their table gasped. "It's just..I never thought that I would have a goal...I never even thought about it.." Sabrina started getting teary eyed..

There was slience for a moment, no one wanted to say anything...
"Come on, sis..don't worry about it!" Eon broke the slience and put her arm around her sister. "Along the way, you'll find your destiny...It might not come soon or it will. Who knows? It's your destiny! Surely it will come no matter what. After all, there are some people that never knew their goal but they found it, and you will to! So don't worry about it!" Eon closed her eyes and smiled at her sister.

"Yeah, your sister is right!" Kit slamed her hands on the table, that scared Kat "You'll find out your goal someday! Also sorry Kat I scared you." "Pika..." Kat said it was okay...

"Yup, like they both said, it'll come to you someday." Valerie didn't have much to say due to Eon giving a small speech about it.

"Man...-" Sabrina brushed off her eyes. "-thank you guys." Sabrina smiled brightly to everyone.

After that happened, the waiter came over with their food. The waiter also asked for the money so once they were done they could leave right away...Eon paid since she also won 5000 Pokedollars in that Guidebook Giveaway..she didn't know she won it but they gave it too her after. She forgot to tell everyone else since she was more excited about the Guidebook, anyways, remember Eon had an idea? Well she asked the waiter to take a picture of them all. The waiter agreed since after all, Eon did seem like a nice person, so the waiter took the photo and Eon gladly thanked her and decided to give her a tip. The waiter was very happy and thanked Eon. They were
friends even though they didn't even know each other! Anyways, after that they all looked at their foods, they seemed to look very tasty! Although...Sabrina looked at Eon disgusted since Eon got Pinap and that was the most disgusting berry ever..well to Sabrina it was...they all started to dig in.

"Oh man! This is tasty!" Eon grabbed a big bit out of her cake, which was kinda of a bad idea since it was pretty big...she quickly drank her hot chocolate, which again was another bad idea since it was hot chocolate..it was very hot...good thing the waiter gave her water too...she gulped down the water and relaxed..everyone just looked at her very disappointed.. "W-what?" Eon drank more of her water.

"I thought you were smart. You weren't suppose to drink that hot chocolate to help you get out the big bit of cake...man I thought you were smart." Kit said, Eon looked at her confused. She didn't know if she was either teasing her, or being serious... Eon just said "Uh...alrighty then?" and continued drinking her water and eating her cake.

Everyone else, shurgged it off and continued eating their own stuff. Eliana seemed to enjoy the Pokepuff that Sabrina picked out. Kat loved the living heck of the Pokepuff Kit picked out for her. Betta ate the Pokepuff happily, she seemed to like hers too. Marlua also loved the living heck out of her Pokepuff too, but that was because Eon knows her Mareep too well...

After eating, they went outside. It seemed to be early afternoon, more trainers were around. They decided to take a look at the Prism Tower. Eon looked up, she was scared of big buildings. "Man, it sure is big..." Marlua agreed with her trainer, this building is way too tall...they suddenly noticed people talking to each other. "What's that all about?" Kit pointed at the group that were in front of the Tower. "I don't know, let's go check it out." Eon said and everyone followed her.

"Hey!" Eon yelled out for the group, the looked at her. "Hey." they responed back. "So uh, I have a question for y'all." the group was listening to Eon. "What are y'all
doing in front of the Tower?" the group looked at each other and finally someone said something. "This gym is jacked up! It asked if I had 4 badges, but I only have three badges! So guess what it did?" "What?" "It shocked me and kicked me out! I could have died if someone wasn't there to help me out." Eon and the others looked at each other worried. "Don't even try to go in if you don't have four badges, you might die." One of the dudes said and they started to walk away. Eon really wanted to go in and see what this was all about. "Let's go in!" Eon said. Everyone just looked at her shocked. Valeire seemed the most worried "Uh, Eon?" Eon turned around "Yeah?"
"Didn't you hear what they said?" Valerie was more worried. "They got shocked and they were kicked out. You don't have four badges...so please don't go in." Eon seemed sad, but she had a secret plan to go in. "Oh alright." She lied. "I won't go in." Valerie looked at her happliy "and you better not be lying, cause if you do, then you'll have to pay." Eon looked shocked, she didn't want that...but she really wanted to go in... "Anyways." Kit jumped in out of nowhere. "Let's stay until night. That way we can see the Prism Tower light up!" Sabrina also jumped in, she would love to do that with Kit. "Alright!" Eon jumped. "Let's stay until night, for now let's just chill out." they all agreed on that.

So, Eon won a Guidebook, and the group went over to the cafe to eat! What will happen next? Will Eon go into the Prism tower or not? Let's find out next time on Eon and Sabrina's Adventure!

Hey there fellow reader! Need a preview for the next chapter? Well lucky for you I can tell you something...Eon does go in the Prism tower...but it doesn't go very well...
Valerie is mad with Eon and decides to fight her. Will Eon win or lose? Who knows?! Remember trainers! Train hard and don't give up.

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Chapter 3: We Have Come Lumiose City!
As Eon and Sabrina are still heading for Lumiose City, and are pretty near. They have a little rest under the trees...

Sabrina sat down and rubbed her legs "Ugh, how long until we get there my legs are itching!" she asked Eon.

"Not long, we are pretty near.." Eon pointed to the right and was pointing to a tower "See? It's pretty near. Also, how are your legs itchy? We haven't even walked for that long.."

"Oh really? Then let me look at the time!" Sabrina grabbed out her cellphone and the time seemed to be 9:12AM. "We have been walking for about 2 hours, now tell me that isn't long enough."

"It really isn't, the longest has to be about 6-8 hours now that would be long." Eon liked to walk a lot when she was young, sometimes she would get herself lost in the forest nearby since she walked about anywhere to be honest.. "Anyways, let's get going again, we have rested long enough."

"Oh come on! I just sat down!" Sabrina whined as she stood up.

"Oh shush, you'll be able to sit down at one of the cafes in Lumiose City after you get your Pokemon.." Eon stood up and started walking towards Lumiose City, suddenly out of nowhere a big noise came out..

"What's that?!" Sabrina yelled out and she looked up, there seemed to be an airport nearby.. "Oh! Nevermind I found out why it's loud!"

Eon couldn't hear her, so she yelled out "What?!" Sabrina rolled her eyes and let the plane go by. "I said, that there is an airport nearby so that's why it's loud.."

"Oh, okay. I knew that already though. But hey your looking around you, isn't that exciting." Eon said as they walked down the road and entered a tunnel.. "Alright, so this tunnel leads us to the center although we aren't really in the center since the center is the Tower. Anyways, to get to the Professors lab we have to go...."

Sabrina wasn't listening to Eon, she was just looking around her. The tower seemed pretty cool, and there was lots of Trainers around. There was so many new Pokemon he has never seen with her own eyes, she has only seen some of them by Movies, TV shows, and Pictures. It was really exciting to see many new ones.

"Alright you got that sis?" Eon looked at Sabrina, she had noticed she wasn't listening. "Sis! Did you even hear me?!" she quietly yelled at her sister.

"Huh, oh yeah totally." Sabrina was still looking at the tower. It was really big, she couldn't wait to go see it up close..

"Ugggh," Eon grabbed Sabrina's hand but then stopped and looked at the tower, it really did look nice. Then she remembered, they still have to go to the Professor! "Sis, we have to gooo! We can look at the tower later!" She pulled her sister and they kept on walking. After a few minutes they finally made it to the Lab.

"Finally! We are here!" Sabrina stopped and looked at the Lab. "Man, this place sure looks fancy."

Eon went to the front door. "Well uh duh, it's a Pokemon Lab, sometimes they have to look fancy, anyways let's get your Pokemon." Eon opened the door "Uh, hello?" No one responded "Anyone here?" She yelled once more.

From the right side came Professor Sycamore. "Oh! Hello there, comment puis-je vous aider?" he asked Eon and Sabrina.

Eon did take classes on how to talk French but she mostly was taught to talk English and Spanish, so she just stood there and waited for Sabrina to say something since she was the once that knew French..

"Uh, nous sommes arrivés à obtenir mon premier Pokemon." Sabrina hoped she said it right, Sycamore seemed to understand what she had said.

"Ah, I see. Will you two please come with me?" Sycamore went to the hallway.

"Uh, sure." Eon grabbed Sabrina's hand and then let go once they were in the other room.

"Sofie, can you please get the Pokemon so this young lady can pick her starter?" Sycamore asked his assistent Sofie. He then sat down on the couch that was near. "Sit down if you would like too." both Sabrina and Eon sat down.

"May I ask, what are you two's names?" Sycamore asked Eon and Sabrina.

"Well, my names Eveva but I prefer to be called Eon, and this Mareep right here is my partner named Marlua, it also means Seamoon but Marlua sounds better." Eon introduced herself and her Mareep, she then looked at Sabrina and waited her to introduce herself.

"Oh uh, my name is Sabrina.." Sabrina introduced herself although that was pretty short don't you think?

"It's nice to meet you both, also may I ask, Eon have you already traveled to other regions?" Sycamore said, after all Eon did already have a Pokemon..

"Huh, me? Pssh, no. I wish I could have, but we just turned 10 today so I couldn't have traveled other regions.." Eon seemed sad, I guess she really wanted to explore other regions early in her life so she wouldn't be too behind of her favorite trainer in the world..but she doesn't mind, since that's how Arceus made her..

A roar filled the room as soon as Eon finished her sentence

Eon jumped as soon as she heard the roar, then looked over to see a Garchomp being fed by one of the professors assistants. Her eyes lit up as soon as she saw it. "Oh my! A Garchomp?! Man, they are so cool!" she seemed to be fangirling..

Sycamore smiled at her and said "Do you want to pet him?" he asked Eon, as soon as Eon heard that she bounced up and said "Do I? Of course I do!" they both went to the Garchomp.

Marlua was going to follow them until she noticed that Sabrina wasn't getting up or saying anything.. "Maree?" Marlua went to Sabrina and asked if she was alright. "Huh? Oh, I'm alright...I'm just thinking about some things.." Sabrina told Marlua. "Hey sis, do you wanna pet the Garchomp? It's really cool." Eon asked her sister. "Nah, I'm okay." Sabrina replyed back and sat there..

"Man, Marlua come over here and say hi to the Garchomp!" Eon called her Mareep over to say hi to the Garchomp, although Mareep seemed scared she went over and said hi. "Mareep!" Marlua said hi to Garchomp. "Chomp!" he said hi back cheerfully. They seemed to be friends now.

"Aw, that's just cute! A small little pokemon being friends with a big one." Eon said, she seemed to be teasing Marlua.."Mareep!" Marlua went to Eon's leg and kicked it. "Youch! You didn't need to do that you know?!" Eon rubbed her leg where Marlua..

"Professor I got the Pokemon!" Sofie came into the room. "That's wonderful, come on now. We have to get you your first Pokemon." The Professor went over to Sofie and waited there for Sabrina and Eon.

"Come on Sabrina! Get your butt over here!" Eon yelled out for Sabrina.

"These are the Pokemon you get to pick, here is your Pokedex to give you more information about them." Sycamore gave Sabrina and Eon their pokedexes.

Sabrina got up and looked at the Pokemon. She noticed the Fennekin right away and loved it. Although, the Chespin was pretty cute...and the Froakie looked really cool!
Oh man, she couldn't just pick one..

Sabrina took out her Pokedex and scanned it on Chespin. "Chespin, the Spiny Nut Pokémon. Chespin can flex the soft spikes on its head, making them so stiff and sharp, they can even pierce through stone." "Ooo, seems tough." Then she scanned Fennekin. "Fennekin, the Fox Pokémon. Fennekin expels hot air that can reach nearly 400 degrees. It likes to snack on twigs." "That's pretty neat." then she finally got to Froakie. "Froakie, the Bubble Frog Pokémon. From its chest and back, Froakie creates bubbles called Frubbles, which act as a cushion and soften the blow of an opponent's attack." "That sounds so useful and cool!" Sabrina sat there and thought it through. She
liked the Chespin since it seemed tough and cute, she liked the Fennekin since it was hot and it's favorite snack is twigs so that's pretty useful, and the Froakie seemed so bad*** with it's Frubbles and it seemed pretty cool-looking.

"Boy aren't I glad I don't have to pick one of these, I would have taken 2 weeks to just pick one!" Eon laughed at her own stupid joke, although it wasn't even a joke.

Sabrina finally decided to pick the Fennekin, not only because her favorite plushie was a Fennekin, but because it seemed like it had a great personality.."I'll pick, you!" she pointed at the Fennekin. It seemed very happy to be picked...the Chespin was sadden and the Froakie...well it seemed like it didn't care one bit.

"That's a wonderful choice Sabrina!" Sycamore said. "Oh, you think so?" Sabrina was confused as why to Fennekin was a good choice. "I'm sure of it, after all they say that fire types usually have the most burning passion." Sycamore seemed to have laughed at what he had just said, Eon also laughed since she got it. Everyone else? Not really, they just stood there and looked at the Professor and Eon weirdly...then silence took over for like 3 seconds after they stopped laughing.

Eon looked out the window to see a small field. "What's out there?" she pointed outside of the lab. "Oh there? That's where we keep some pokemon and take care of them." Eon turned her head to the Professor and the Professor knew what she wanted to do. "Alright, let's go over there and see the Pokemon." Sycamore said as he led Eon and Marlua out to the small field that seemed to be the Lab's backyard.."Hey sis, you wanna come?" "Huh? Oh yeah, I'm coming right over."

"Woooah....there are so many Pokemon in here!" Eon said as she looked around and saw so many different Pokemon. She then went over to the Professor. "I have a question for you." Syacmore looked at her. "What is it?" "What do you study? Like I know some Professors study like, pokemon eggs, or the pokedex, heck even Pokemon Evolution." "I don't know if you might believe me on the thing I am researching on.." Eon looked at him confused. "Well then tell me!" Sycamore smiled at Eon, he was glad that she was interested in finding out. "It's called Mega Evolution...it is said to evolve pokemon that have already reached their final stage into a new stage but it doesn't
stay in that form forever, instead it turns back into it's normal self.." Eon looked really surpised, she couldn't believe that would be able to happen "That's impossible! But hey, if there has been reports that Mega Evolution can happen then I believe it!" "Well then, you better believe it since there has been reports that Charizards and Blasikens can mega evolve...Also, remember that Garchomp in the lab?" Eon nodded. "There has been studies that it shows that Garchomps might be able to mega evolve as well." Eon started to fangirl about it right away, she loved all of this scientific stuff too much..

"What are you two talking about..?" Sabrina came into the conversation. Eon told her all about Mega Evolution, when she didn't remember some of the parts that Sycamore had said, he said it and she went 'oh yeah duh' as if she knew all about it right away. After they had told her everything, she didn't believe it. "If I see it, then I'll believe it!"

"Well then, I guess we'll have to wait and see one..." Eon said, then she turned back to Sycamore and started to talk to him again, but this time he asked her about her journey..

"Well, I really went on this journey to become a Pokemon Master, since there's this dude that is so coool, and like he has traveled to different regions and saved the world multiple times!" Eon said... 'oh no.' Sabrina thought. 'she is going to fangirl about that dude again.' Sabrina yanked on Eon's arm and said "Don't we have to leave so you could be registered to the Kalos League?" Eon then remembered, she did have to register or else they wouldn't count her when she registered at the
Pokemon League since they wouldn't have any data of her. "Oh yeah! That's right...well then we have to leave.." Eon seemed sad since she was getting along with the Professor. "See ya later Professor!" Eon said as she ran back inside together with Sabrina and Marlua. "Take care you three!" Sycamore yelled at them three and they left.

"See you guys later! Also, Garchomp you take care dude!" Eon did finger guns and winked at Garchomp "Gar!" Garchomp said goodbye to them, and so did the assistants.

Soon, Eon and Sabrina were outside. "Oh yeah that reminds me, how is your Fennekin?" Eon asked Sabrina. "She is pretty nice, I hung out with her while you and the Professor were talking and fangirling a lot." Sabrina grabbed out her Fennekin's Pokeball while in the background Eon was blushing. "Hey there Eliana, how are you doing?" "Fenne!" Eliana seemed pretty happy to be outside of the Pokeball. "Huh, maybe you should keep her out for now, she seems to like being outside." Eon seemed to be right, Eliana was super happy to be out of the Pokeball. "Well then, I guess I'll keep you out for now, you'll like that won't you Eliana?" "Fen!" She happily nodded to Sabrina and looked around.

Marlua walked towards Eliana, she didn't really talk to her when they were in the lab since she didn't want to ruin her time with Sabrina, plus she was planning to met the other Pokemon in the lab. "Mar!" she greeted Eliana. "Fenne." Eliana replyed back, but didn't seem that intrested in talking.

"Oh, I guess she isn't much of a talker to others huh?" Eon said as she noticed that Eliana didn't really want to talk with Marlua. "Oh well, anyways we better get going to the Pokemon Center." after a few minutes they finally made it to the Pokemon Center.

They walked inside and seemed so surpised that this Pokemon Center was really big. "Man! This center is really big!" they walked towards the counter where Nurse Joy was standing. Nurse Joy greeted them with a "Good morning!" the two sisters replied with "Good morning." too. "In our Pokemon centers our number one responsibility is to help out Trainers and Pokemon in need. Now, how may I help you today?". "Oh uh, well I was told you could help me register for the Kalos League?" Eon told Nurse Joy. "That's right, you can just put your Pokedex on the screen right here." Nurse Joy pointed at a screen on the counter. Eon took out her Pokedex and put it on the screen
"Eveva from Catallia City. Number of Badges: Zero. We wish you luck to the Kalos League." "Alright! That simple?!" Eon said excitedly as she took the Pokedex again and put it in her backpack. "It sure is that simple, now every registered trainer gets a badge case." Nurse Joy pointed to a Wigglytuff coming there way with a Badge Case that was clear and was blue. "Ooo, a Wigglytuff? I thought they were only Chanseys and Audinos?" Eon remembered researching about what Pokemon Nurse Joys use. "In Kalos, we use Wigglytuffs.." "Wiggly!" Wigglytuff greeted Eon and gave her the badge case. "Alright, we got it!" She happily showed it to Marlua, who seemed very happy
too. "We wish you good luck on your journey to get the badges! Remember, to train hard and do your best!" "We sure will do our best!" They started to walk away.

"Hey! Eon, Sabrina!" a familar voice was heard from afar. Eon and Sabrina turned around to see their two friends, Kit and Valerie.

"Oh! Valerie!" Eon quickly ran towards her best friend and hugged her hard. "I love this bowtie you gifted me so much, so that's why I made you a flower and one rock necklance!" Eon grabbed the necklance out and gave it to Valerie. "Oh! I love it so much, thank you Eon!" Valerie quickly put it on and hugged Eon.

On the other hand, Kit and Sabrina were hugging with joy. "I haven't seen you in like, forever!" Kit said as she kept on hugging Sabrina. "Yeah, it has been forever hasn't it?" Sabrina replied and let go of her dear. "Oh yeah! That's right I have a gift for you!" Kit put her backpack down and dug through it. Everyone watched her toss things out like it was the end of the world. She finally found what she was looking for. Sabrina gasped and put her hands on her mouth. "Kit! You shouldn't have
gotten this!" She grabbed the bracelet that was had a heart scale and other gems on it. "T-this is so-" Sabrina started to sob. "Amazing!" she hugged Kit "Thank you so much my love!" Kit whiped Sabrina's tears. "Come on now, it isn't that good." "Not good?! This is made out of some beautiful gems!" Sabrina gave Kit a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you once again, my love."

Eon and Valerie were just watching them closely and then Eon got an idea. "Hey, we should go to a cafe! That way we can talk about what Pokemon we got and what our plans are for the future!" Eon grabbed out her map "This is a cafe. We go that way." she dragged her finger around to the right. "then this way." her finger then went up. "then that way." her finger finally stopped to the left. "Alright, you guys got that? If not, I don't care let's get going!" all of them followed Eon to the cafe.

As Sabrina finally got her first Pokemon, and they met up with Kit and Valerie, Eon decided they should go to the cafe near the Lumiose Tower. Will we finally learn which Pokemon Kit and Valerie got? Find out next time on Eon and Sabrina's adventure!

Hey there! Need a small preview of the next chapter? Well, we finally get to learn which Pokemon Kit and Valerie got! Plus, Eon gets picked to win a Guidebook? Find out more on the next chapter! Remember, to stay patient or else the bad Pokemon will get you!

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Chapter 2: A Friend Of A Kind

We left off with Eon and Sabrina leaving home to go off to Lumiose City to start off their Pokemon Journey! Let us see what they are up to right now.

"Oh man sis! I can't wait for the Pokemon League!" Eon said excitedly as Marlua also was excited.

"How come? You haven't even obtained any badges yet." Sabrina asked Eon.

"Pfft, so? I just can't wait because first of all, some of my friends are trying to become the best Trainer out there and of course, I bet Satoshi will be in it!" Eon was too excited for this wasn't she?

Of course she was! She couldn't wait to beat up all of her friends in the battles. Plus, what if she got the chance to met Satoshi? That will make her year even better than all of the previous ones.

"I'm sure he will be in it..." Sabrina didn't get why she liked him so much. Like he is just another boy that goes around regions trying to beat the Pokemon League.
Why was he such a big deal to Eon? Suddenly she remembered that he was pretty popular due to the Sinnoh League and helping out Champions across the globe and heck even saving the world from destruction. No wonder he was such an inspritation to Eon, he was a hero.

Out of nowhere, a big explosion was heard near them. "Uh, should we check it o-" Sabrina was about to finish when suddenly Eon started running off to the explosion.
"Hey sis! Wait up!"

"Ugh..." A boy with black-brown hair wearing a grey hoodie with dark-yellow shorts sat on the ground next to a Riolu.

"Johnny!" Eon ran towards the boy so called named Johnny. "Huh? Oh hey!" Johnny got up and helped his Riolu up as well. "What are you even doing?! We heard one big explosion from over there!" Eon yelled at Johnny. "Well, we were just training, until we get hit by some pokemon, we don't know what it was but it sure had one strong a** move."

Johnny was Eon's friend. Although they hated each other, they were still good friend to each other most of the time they were together. Eon sometimes hated him due to him always being stupid and not knowing much about anything that goes around him. That is because he never payed attention in school. Plus, he was a bit rude to lots of people he met.

"Well, you should be careful. I don't want anyone to get hurt." Eon cared about Johnny even if they were rivals most of the time. "Do you know how the pokemon looked like?" she asked him.

"The only color I saw was f***king black. I think it was a fire type as well since it used some type of fire move, don't know which one though." Johnny tried to remember everything he could, but those were the only things he could get outta his head.

Sabrina started thinking of any fire types that are color black "I bet it's like a Lampent or Houndoom." she said.

"Oh yeah, like that could hap-" Johnny was about to finish his sentence when out of nowhere, a fire attack hit them.

"The hell was that?!" Sabrina said as she jumped back with Eon and Johnny.

As the smoke cleared out, they could see two adult trainers in their way. The female seemed to have Purple hair while the male seemed to have Black hair with strings of yellow. They both wore black uniforms that seemed to have a big 'R' printed on it.

"I seen that R before!" Eon was trying to remember where she had seen that. She finally remembered. "Your that evil organization in Kanto!" She yelled.

The woman looked at her and smirked "Oh my, what a clever girl..." the man next to her grinned "But you don't know us that well.." they then stood to each others back and started to introude themselves. "We have to steal, and take Pokemon for our boss." "Because if we don't then we will come out as a loss." the lady stepped forward "Ruby!" then the male stepped in front of her "Romero!" "Team Rocket has come in with a fright!" "Give us your pokemon or you'll be in a fight!" "Yup!" at the end a Houndour jumped in.

Sabrina looked at them annoyed "Uh, alright..can you maybe leave? Also why can that Houndour talk...that is not even normal."

All three of the Rockets looked at Sabrina. "No! We have to steal your Pokemon! Didn't you hear us?!" all three of them yelled at her. Then the Houndour stepped in "Just because I can talk doesn't mean I'm not normal! I just wanted to be like a certain other Pokemon!" he yelled at Sabrina..

Sabrina covered her ears then uncovered them "Alright sheesh, don't need to yell at me. But we don't want this right now..so like, can you please leave us alone?" she said.

Romero looked mad "You know what, we came here to steal that Riolu so we are going to do that! Alright?! Sheesh, Houndour use Fire Fang on the Riolu!" the Houndour looked at Romero "Why me?!" Ruby then stepped in "Well your the only Pokemon in our team so you have to attack it!" "Alright, alright sheesh I'll attack that stupid Riolu." he ran towards the Riolu.

"Quick! Dodge that sucky move!" Johnny yelled out to his Riolu. "Then use Quick Attack!" Riolu dodged the bite and used his Quick Attack. "Ow!" the Houndour got hit
but still got up. "So you want to play rough huh little boy? Use Tackle Houndour!" "Ugh, why do I have to do this..." Houndour started running towards Riolu until Marlua jumped in and used Iron Tail. It sent the Houndour flying backwards towards the adult trainers. They jumped out the way and the Houndour got up. "Darn, that Mareep came out of nowhere...and it's strong too..." it said.

"We said...we wanted to be alone!" Eon yelled at them, they really did want to be alone. After all they just wanted to go to Lumiose City...

"My oh my, getting a little angry? Well lucky for you, we will leave once we get both of your Pokemon!" Rudy said laughing...

"Oh no you ain't staying, Use Iron Tail once more Marlua!" "Eep!" Marlua jumped and then looked down and locked onto Houndour. Johnny then jumped in
"Rio, use your Quick attack to help Marlua out!" "Ri." Rio went running and hit the Houndour, it didn't seem like it did much but it did, then Marlua came from above
and hit Houndour which sent it flying backwards and it hit the two adults, which sent them three flying!

Ruby looked down and shook her head mid-air "This is embarrassing!" Romero then looked at her and said "You tell me, we got beat up by a Mareep and a Riolu, that's straight up embarrassing.."
Houndour then looked at them both "Oh man, I wonder what the boss will think of this.." they all looked at each other with worried faces. "This feels bad!" they yelled and then disappeared into nothingness..

"Alright, Good job you two!" Sabrina jumped up and gave Eon and Johnny a highfive.

Eon then sighed and looked up "Yikes, where did they go and boy was that Houndour werid, I bet I was just imaging things...," she looked down to Marlua. ",Good job Marlua! You did an amazing job next to Rio." she gave her a thumbs up.

"Eh, she did okay.." Johnny looked down "Rio did the best to be honest." he smirked at Eon. "But she was pretty strong! I really want to battle her now!"

"Well, not right now Johnny...me and Sabrina still have to go to the Professor at Lumiose City." She felt pretty bad she couldn't battle him. "Maybe the next time we met. Hopefully that time, we won't have two weird trainers and a talking Pokemon trying to steal our Pokemon.."

"Yeah, hopefully next time. But even if we did battle, I would have needed to go since we need to go to the first gym as fast as possible!" Johnny took out his hand for a hand-shake.

Eon grabbed his hand and shoke it. She then leaned closer and whispered to him "But I will beat your a** no matter what." she let go and started running. "See you later Juan!" Marlua and Sabrina followed her, although they were confused as to what Eon had whispered to him.

"You know it's Johnny right?!" Johnny yelled out. "Yeah, but that's your nickname dumb***!" and then she, her Mareep and her sister were off once again..

Johnny stood there, smirking at Eon 'Man, isn't she a dumba**.' he thought then looked down to Riolu. "Come on let's go Rio, we have to get there before sunset!" and they were off too..

As our heroes coutinue their trip to Lumiose City, and have met up with Johnny. They have gone off once again to Lumiose City. Just what will happened next? Need a preview? They finally met up with the Professor! Of course, they met up with Kit and Valerie. But what's this? They don't have starter Pokemon?! They have their own?
Which Pokemon do they have? Well you'll find out next time on Eon and Sabrina's adventure!

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Chapter 1: The Start For The Heroes.
Two trainers were asleep in their bed, one had brown short hair with blue dye at the end of the hair. She had brown eyes and a cheerful and reckless personailty..
Her sister, had dyed pink hair and brown eyes and had a cheerful yet dark personailty.
The browned haired girl was named Eveva yet she liked to be called Eon, while her sister is named Sabrina and does not have a nickname just yet..Anyways, today is their first day for their Pokemon Journey! Isn't that exciting?! Let's see how it's going for them shall we?

*beep* *beep* A Pokemon-like alarm started beeping at Eon and Sabrina, it's cheeks kept on glowing and it keep saying Pikachu but in a beeping voice. *beep* *beep*

"Ugh-" Sabrina started to roll on her bed trying to block out the noise "-it's still early, why is that stupid alarm beeping?!"

Sabrina wasn't a morning person, she hated waking up early! She always felt really bad when she woke up early due to her habit of staying up late..Eon always tells her to go to sleep early like she does but she never likes the idea of sleeping early, it just feels really weird for her.

"Uh, don't you remember?" Eon grabbed out a calander and pointed at the circle marked on that day. "Today is our first day of our Pokemon Journey!" She hopped around causing her best friend, Mareep, to wake up. "Oh yikes, I'm sorry Marlua! I'm just so excited we will finally be able to explore the world!"

'She really was excited for this journey huh?' Sabrina thought to herself, she too was excited since she will finally be able to have a Pokemon of her own and she will finally be able to leave this house but it felt really scary, after all they were going to leave right? What will they do? Who will they met? Sabrina kept on thinking of this journey until she remember that she needs to dress up for this journey.

"Were you already awake?" Sabrina asked her little sister.

"Uh, duh! I always wake up 30 mintues before the alarm goes off. Plus, I needed to double check my backpack to see if I have all of the stuff I need for this journey!" Eon replyed back while Marlua was just sitting there wondering if she was ready too.
"Do you already have your backpack packed?"

'Oh shoot!' Sabrina thought, she forgot to pack her backpack last night! "Uh, maybe...or maybe not.." Sabrina started putting on her clothes faster then ever, since she needed to pack her backpack right away.

"You forgot didn't you..." Eon sighed but she knew this was going to happen "Don't worry I packed a bag for you. Hopefully it has stuff that you need, and if not tell me 'cause we need to go in 37 mintues." She handed the bag to Sabrina.

"Ah, thanks sis!" Sabrina looked through the bag to check if everything she needed was in there. It seemed like it had everything she did need! But she couldn't find her Workshop Kit..."Uh, sis, wheres my Workshop Kit?" She asked her sister confused.

"Oh, I didn't add that in..I couldn't find it anywhere around the room! Maybe you can? I don't know..anything else that I forgot?" Eon was putting more Berries and other Medience in her bag just in case.

"Uh, I don't think so? I don't know sis, it looks like you have everything I need in the bag!" Then she finally noticed something else was missing, her favorite plushie of a Fennekin. "Sis, why didn't you put my plushie in the backpack?!" She said as she went to get her plush

Eon looked at her confused then remembered the reason why "Oh...I thought you didn't want to get it dirty during the journey so I didn't put it in that backpack..." she then took out her favorite plushie of a cartoon character "I wasn't thinking of bringing her along, but I guess I should have put yours too since then these two can hang out together." she laughed at herself and put the plush back into her backpack..

"Aw, that's nice of you to think I wouldn't like to get her dirty but come on sis," She grabbed the plush and held it up ",you know I wouldn't be able to sleep with this plush!"

"Yeah, I thought so, I guess I should have put it no matter what." She giggled nervously as she and her Mareep went downstairs to go eat breakfeast that their mother had made for them "Met you down here sis!" she yelled at Sabrina

"Alright! I will met you down there in a sec!" Sabrina yelled back at Eon as she was doing her hair and putting on her favorite Meowth ears and black tail on. She went downstairs with her backpack and put it down on the couch.

"Woah, sis!" Eon looked at her sister "Are you really going to go like that? I mean, you look cute but come on, are you confortable?"

"I mean, I think I look nice..." Sabrina looked at her tail. Did she look bad? She thought.. No, she looked wonderful! Even of others thought it was weird of her to wear that she was going to wear it no matter what! She then looked back at her sister.

"Oh, sorry. You look nice, if you wanna go like that then go like that, no one is stopping you." Eon felt bad since she thought she was being a bit too rude.

"It's okay sis!" Sabrina sat down to eat and looked at her plate "Ah, mom thank you so much, you know how much I love these pancakes!" Sabrina said to her mami

"Yeah, I know my dear." Lupe told her daughter "Now you better eat up because it's going to take you a long time to go to the Professor!"

Lupe loves her daughters, no matter what they do she will love them, she knows what's best for them and what's not good for them. Although she is sad to see her two
girls off. She knows that this is for the best since they now have the freedom to do so and Eon always wanted to travel the world due to her inspirtaion that is Satoshi.

"Man.." Eon looked down at her pancakes "I'm going to miss you food mami." Eon seemed sad that she was going to go...

"and I'm going to miss you both!" Lupe told her other daughter. "but I'm most likely going to miss Marlua!" she laughed.

Marlua blushed and let out a happy yelp, "Yeah, I think she is going to miss you too." Eon said as she petted her best friend. "I'll make sure to take care of her!"

Eon has had Marlua for a long time, Marlua got to bond with everyone and loves Lupe a lot. After all, she did feed her some good Eletric Pokemon food that was really tasty to Marlua, and she did treat her like she was part of the family so that's another reason she likes Lupe a lot.

"Oh! Sabrina-" Lupe grabbed a letter from the countertop and gave it to Sabrina "-one of your friends this morning told me to give this to you!" Lupe then looked at Eon and also remembered that one of her friends also gave her something for Eon. "Almost forgot-" She grabbed a small box that had a letter attached to it "-your friend last night dropped this off here and left a note to give this to you right away." she handed it to Eon.

"Woah, I wonder what it could be!" Eon grabbed the box and took of the letter, she started to take out the letter carefully and started to read it.

"Dear Eon,
I have set of on my journey! Hopefully you have too, anyways I felt really bad I couldn't be with you guys but my mom wanted me to start off early since she wants me
to have the best Pokemon from the professor, also lucky you Eon! You already have a Pokemon! I can't wait to fight you with my Pokemon! Anyways, I decided to get
you a small gift! I couldn't get Sabrina one since my mother only told me to buy something for one friend since she told me I need all of the money I have for this
journey, but hopefully when we met up, I will have something for her! I really cannot wait to met up with you both!
-With love, Valerie" There was a small drawing of a wolf and Eon's pokesona.

"Man, she is so nice! I hope I can get something for her too..." Eon opened up the small box that seemed to have a dark-blue bow tie with an Ice gem glued to it but
cut up to look like a diamond. "Oh my! This is so cute!" Eon put it on and went to look at herself in the mirror, boy did she like it. "I have to go on PokeHeroes to tell her thanks!" she went on the popular website and started to text her and turned off her phone.

Sabrina grabbed the letter someone left her. "Let's see what this says." Sabrina couldn't open the envelope right but still got to the letter.

"Hey there my amour!
So uh, I just left for my journey! I'm sorry I couldn't be with you to the road to the professor. But hopefully I see you at Lumiose City! I can't wait to show you with Pokemon I will get! Hopefully it's cuter than yours, but I bet yours well be cute as you! Anyways, I couldn't wrap up the gift I was going to give you in this letter but I have it on me and I will give it to you the moment I see your lovely cute face! So, see you later!
-Love you with all of my might, Kit" there was a small drawing of a Pokemon that seemed to look like a Pikachu.

"Aw, that's cute." she closed the letter and sat it down on the table. She started to think, what did Kit even get for her? Was it jewlery like Valerie gave to Eon? Or was it something else? Who knew, but it sure was driving Sabrina crazy.

"Man, what time is it?" Eon asked as she remembered they still had to go to Lumiose City. She looked at the clock in the living room. "Oh, we have a few more mintues before we head out!"

"You made a time to leave?" Lupe asked her daughter.

"Uh, yeah..I just wanted to make it a good time since we have to arive there either early or just a tad-bit late or else Sabrina wouldn't get her Starter!" Eon told
her mother.

Of course she would do that, Sabrina thought, she plans things out too carefully just in case anything goes wrong.

Eon then got up and hugged her mom, she whispered something to her. Lupe gave Eon a thumbs up, now Sabrina on the other hand was really confused since she didn't know what Eon had said to her mother. "Uh, what is going on here?" she asked them both.

"Oh, nothing. Now you better get going my dear! Or else you will be late!" Lupe got up and made Sabrina stand up then she hugged her. "Now go!"

"Alright, Alright!" She got up and grabbed her bag. She gave Lupe a big kiss on the cheek. "See you later mom!" she ran outside with Eon.

"You two better be careful! Or else!" Lupe yelled at Eon and Sabrina.

"Oh, we will be." Eon yelled back as she ran next side Marlua and Sabrina.

There they go, down the path to Lumiose City. It will be a short time, but it will take them a while due to them finding someone that Eon used to be friends with! Who is that person? Is it a she or a he? As well they encounter some unexpected guests? But just who are these guests? Well then, find out next time on Eon and Sabrina's adventure together!

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