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Posted: Mon, 27/02/2023 07:30 (1 Year ago)
Why? Nobody knows

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Posted: Sun, 26/02/2023 10:26 (1 Year ago)
Name: Akire Shede
Age (11 - 18): 11
Level/Grade (1 - 8): 1
Gender: Female
Ability(ies)/Power(s) (All characters will be considered general by default - general = able to learn all kinds of magic, this part of the form is for any specifics of a character's magic - fire, water, good at making potions, etc., as well as the level they are at in terms of magical studies):

Atmokinesis (weather manipulation)
Akire can do weather magic, but lightning is her specialty. When she can't do that, she works with the elements in general (she prefers using 'natural' things to fuel her magic if you get what I mean). It seriously drains her energy so she doesn't use it often, but with practice, her limits are slowly improving.
She sometimes tries to break her boundaries, so things don't always go to plan, but she makes the most of her powers, trying to find new ways to use them.

Akire is also learning how to do something she calls "The Commanding Voice"- the clue is in the name, it's sort of like mind control but requires Akire to speak to carry out, often slightly distorting it.

Appearance: Akire sports slightly pale skin, deep brown, almost black eyes, and shoulder length, straight-ish black hair. Whenever she can, she wears a white hoodie and loose pants, and always wears a necklace with a silver cloud on it.

Personality: Smart and dynamic, Akire has a real zest for life and nothing will stop her from being that way. She is inventive, always thinking outside the box, but is easily influenced by others and is quite naive and childish at times, however, always realises what she did wrong- often too late, which, combined with her slightly unpredictable nature, makes her a bit of a troublemaker in the eyes of some people.

Backstory: To be RP'd... but a teensy weensy beensy bit in other.

Password: "I, Akire, hereby agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the Institute."

Palpad?: Yup lessgo!

Other: Can she be in Chatoyant? And her necklace was given to her by her mum, who also has atmokinesis powers (her powers were genetic) and it helps amplify her weather magic. Without it, it's quite weak.

Edited :D just saw your message in the sea of palpad messages...

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Posted: Wed, 15/02/2023 16:39 (1 Year ago)
Banned cus I shall slay your PFP and chase it to the ends of the earth

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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 15:47 (1 Year ago)
Reserve please?

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Posted: Fri, 03/02/2023 07:42 (1 Year ago)
Onyx is baffled. "What's PTSD? And why were you holding this fellow Pokemon's tail? Doesn't that... Hurt? And most of all? What is the Void exactly? We need to know if we are to travel dimensions!"

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Posted: Fri, 20/01/2023 08:16 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Thu, 12/01/2023 18:41 (1 Year ago)
Hi, I have 1 ice gem lol... I don't really have much use for it. Would you like it? I don't mind how much you give for it...

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Posted: Wed, 11/01/2023 16:51 (1 Year ago)
What is pog?

Is this a stupid question?

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Posted: Wed, 11/01/2023 16:47 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Wed, 11/01/2023 16:43 (1 Year ago)
I am the sand, where is the hourglass ⏳?

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Posted: Wed, 11/01/2023 16:31 (1 Year ago)
Banned for random table

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Posted: Wed, 11/01/2023 14:34 (1 Year ago)
Banned because everyone has a right to have rights

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Posted: Wed, 11/01/2023 14:28 (1 Year ago)
Charlie wakes up, blinks and yawns. "Whoa, what do we have here? A Torchic? Nice to meet ya!" Charlie greets Sunny, adjusting her cap. "What was that about berries? Is it breakfast time yet?"

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Posted: Wed, 11/01/2023 14:23 (1 Year ago)
Onyx sniffs. "What is that thing? It smells of rotten eggs... Where is that place? The Void?"

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Posted: Tue, 10/01/2023 18:14 (1 Year ago)
"Mario?"Onyx frowns. "Are you sure? Do you mean Marill?"

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Posted: Tue, 10/01/2023 17:29 (1 Year ago)
Onyx raised an eyebrow at Obsidian, coming towards him. "There's something I don't like about him..." His hackles come up as he warily and bluntly says, "Hello. What is your name?"

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Posted: Wed, 04/01/2023 17:41 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Wed, 04/01/2023 17:10 (1 Year ago)
Yes but I love rps tho 🥲

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Posted: Wed, 04/01/2023 16:56 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Wed, 04/01/2023 16:55 (1 Year ago)
Hey Ray I'd like to have a member of the Reeveelution!
Username: dRAGONsLAYER17
What Pokemon?: Leafeon
Quantity: 1
Form of Payment: pd
Gender you'd like: any
Tips(optional): 3k pd
Password: green

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