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Posted: Mon, 29/12/2014 23:43 (7 Years ago)
Hey coco i like to sell to you a red key

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Posted: Mon, 29/12/2014 03:39 (7 Years ago)
sending espeon

please send me a charmander

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Posted: Sun, 23/11/2014 08:41 (7 Years ago)
hey liirah can you evolve my machotide

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Posted: Tue, 18/11/2014 09:36 (7 Years ago)
I WANT TO fight with lightining yellow

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Posted: Sun, 16/11/2014 08:42 (7 Years ago)
9 and 99 (the box was hold by houndoom)

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Posted: Fri, 14/11/2014 23:23 (7 Years ago)
how can I evolve machoke to machamp?

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Posted: Mon, 10/11/2014 10:29 (7 Years ago)
Which Class:team lightning yellow

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Posted: Sun, 17/08/2014 03:07 (7 Years ago)
hi I am back

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Posted: Sun, 03/08/2014 09:53 (8 Years ago)

I am a water type pokemon
my color are blue
I have pump at my back
taller than a human
who am I

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Posted: Sat, 02/08/2014 10:17 (8 Years ago)
Form: My Pokemon Looks Like Another Pokemon!
Prefered Spriter:Squertle908
Other?:the main pokemon is blastoise

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Posted: Sat, 02/08/2014 10:11 (8 Years ago)
RP Name:pokemon camphalfblood/campjupiter
Godly Parent(Has to be only 1.Say if you are the Head Counseler):zeus
Pokemon Partner(Only 1):elekid
Description(How you look):blue t-shirt with a cowboy hat
What is Rule Number 2?please inform me if you want to be a head counselor/centurion

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Posted: Mon, 28/07/2014 08:04 (8 Years ago)
Earthbound my pokemon change color during is exploration
color(s):blue and green

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Posted: Mon, 28/07/2014 07:58 (8 Years ago)

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Posted: Fri, 25/07/2014 22:58 (8 Years ago)

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Posted: Tue, 22/07/2014 06:49 (8 Years ago)
I am ready

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Posted: Tue, 22/07/2014 06:34 (8 Years ago)
after making the grouped drake had a dream\r\ndrake:hey where am I am I dreaming this I hear someone's talking wait it's clearing wait\r\ndrake:that dream was weird \r\nken and gary:goodmorning drake\r\ndrake:hey dude's I have a dream maybe it's a dream of becaming a pokemon\r\ngary and ken:what why are you a human?\r\ndrake:yes dude's\r\na gliscor hear the them\r\ngliscor:so that boy is a human not a pokemon so this new rescue team can be deleted on our list so fast hahahaahahahahahahahahha wait someone's coming need to wait zapdos is coming\r\nzapdos:so you are the rescue team huh\r\ndrake:right\r\nzapdos: I will destroy you\r\nthe fight was too long and drake was too weak\r\nzapdos:are your team going to quit\r\ndrake:no way\r\ndrake use a powerful uknown attack that make's zapdos weak \r\nzapdos:you defeat me I will be back soon \r\na jumpluff come out\r\njumpluff:thanks for saving me here is the reward a rare candy you know you better come with me

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Posted: Mon, 21/07/2014 10:52 (8 Years ago)
Hey gaming absol what can I do for the team

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Posted: Sun, 20/07/2014 11:41 (8 Years ago)
hello gaming absol let me join the team rocket

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Posted: Sun, 20/07/2014 00:02 (8 Years ago)
can you add dialga and palkia

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Posted: Sat, 19/07/2014 23:09 (8 Years ago)

gumawa ako ng group sa fb pangalan pokeheroe's user sumali kayo

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