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Posted: Wed, 19/10/2022 19:13 (4 Months ago)

"Make sure none of the working slaves has escaped, and make sure the guards are on their duty. The mages should be at work opening the portal, so check on that. If one has escaped, bring me the one responsible immediately." She had a harsh tone in her voice on the last command. One of the mages had been purposefully closing the portal, and well... It did not end well for them. She sent out some loyal guards, and started chanting something to strengthen the mages.

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Posted: Wed, 19/10/2022 16:04 (5 Months ago)

You are welcome to join at any time!
Signups are


The war has just begun, and things aren't going well for humans just yet. With the Goddess gone, the demon

queen's cruel commands leave humans to be either killed or used as slaves. But, the humans have built a resistance

bunker - where you either work or are an escapist. Somewhere, up in the sky, the great goddess, Kyuia Onama, is

stuck in a eternal prison. Some hope she someday breaks out to save the human race - but others have gave up on

their dreams.... their loved ones.... and their lives.

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Posted: Wed, 19/10/2022 15:05 (5 Months ago)
Accepted! Making rp now

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Posted: Wed, 19/10/2022 14:27 (5 Months ago)

Lunar decided to turn human and go home. She hid her giant drill, and said, "Lunar the demon - casually doing human jobs."

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Posted: Wed, 19/10/2022 07:12 (5 Months ago)

Lunar was at the local cafe, as a waitress. "So... Here's your latte!" She said, ending her shift a few minutes later. When she got home, she turned into her demon form and went hunting in the forest, but Lunar remembered she had to do a night shift. She got into the costume and walked to the pizzeria. She checked her phone. "Nothing new on... anything, really." Since nothing was happening, she reverted to her human form to rest.

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Posted: Tue, 18/10/2022 16:33 (5 Months ago)

Suki suddenly wakes up, in a place unknown. She notices something glowing, and checks her hand. It has multiple lines of green.. stuff. "Wh4t's th1s?" And her letters are gone now... What has happened? She starts quietly crying.... Its all dark, no-one in sight... not even her drawings - not even her tablet. She screamed for help... then she saw a view of the planet, and then she appeared in a cafe.. it was like she was switching dimensions and realms. Suki then appeared in her bed, all safe. What was that..? She sighed in relief, then went to draw a stuffed animal. Because of the horrifying past event, she drew something evil. She let it out of the house, and then erased it. Suki calmed herself, and drew a stuffed animal. She then got teleported to a house... where 2 adults were yelling at her. She hugged her plush - but it was different. A stuffed dog it was. She held it tighter and tighter, until she glitched back into her world.

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Posted: Tue, 18/10/2022 16:19 (5 Months ago)
I am going to make a difference!
Username: alcremiie
Character Name: Lunaria Sunama
Gender: Female
Age: People say 27, but she is about 1000.
Personality: Protective, because she doesn't want to lose anyone. Also, she is cautious and trustworthy. (but doesnt seem so at first)
Appearance: Human form:
Demon Form: She has red skin, and giant horns. Her blue eyes have turned black, with a black dress, and her hair now is black.
Side: Heroes, but if her kind won that war... she would be evil.
Role/Position: She's the most bloodthirsty out of them all, probably because of her loss.
Magic Style : She uses dark magic/witchcraft, which only her kind, which was low of population, could master.
Preferred/Favorite Weapon: She enjoys using her giant, red drill named: AIKARI.DESTRUCTION, named after her fallen friend. Also, she has a portal gun!
Backstory: She was a demon in the war of Aiona Deka (Demons and Light), but she is now a protector of the humans, after successfully defeating Persephone Satana. But, her sister, Aikari Sumana, had to die for her win. To this day, she still thinks back and wishes she could somehow save Luna
Palpad: yaaa
Password: alcremie (i hope pls its my signature pokemon plsplspls)
Other: this is my res character

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Posted: Tue, 18/10/2022 15:06 (5 Months ago)
reserve a spot for me or else. *gun emoji*

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Posted: Tue, 18/10/2022 13:34 (5 Months ago)
bump! its still open, but if u join after 5 pages then ur in the neutral dorms (if u join on page 6, then u will get ur house at page 11

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Posted: Tue, 18/10/2022 11:30 (5 Months ago)
For centuries now have the Demon Goddess ruled the land of Aiona Deka. Her cruel judgement of the humans ended up with many in hell. Decades and decades ago, the great goddess Kyuia Onama (obama lmao) ruled the land, and banished the demons to the ground. But 10 years ago.... it all changed. The demons regained their land, and it is up to you to fight.


*Respect other roleplayers
*No bunnying
*Follow PH and RP rules
*No being too op
*The password is in the text.
*The roles are as listed:
Resistance (basically, they help humans who are lost)
Escapist (Escaped from hell)
Devil (Weaker Demon, but can fly.)


I'm a ___ (demon or human)


My forms

I'm a Demon Goddess

Username: alcremiie
Name: Persephone Satana
Appearance: She has black, long hair which goes to her knees, and it has black streaks. She has a black party dress, and a necklace with a skull.
Personality: Careless, evil, sinister.
Powers/Weapons: She uses a dark orb, which uses black magic, and has a mind of its own. Just in case, she has a sword which is engulfed in flames.
Password: no >:I
Role: Antagonist Demon Goddess
Age: ???
Family: ???
Relationships: ??? (might update)
Housing: In hell, she has a castle which has a river of lava, and a bridge to get across. It is heavily guarded, with also an unbreakable door. Maybe the windows could do...

I'm a Goddess

Username: alcremiie
Name: Kyuia Onama
Appearance: She has long, wavy white hair with light blue eyes. Her pale skin helps her blend in with the clouds above.
Personality: Caring, loving.
Powers/Weapons: She wields a beige staff with a white orb inside, which glows in the darkness and gleams in the light.
Password: not tellin
Role: Light Goddess
Age: ???
Family: Will update
Relationships: ???
Housing: In the forest, she resides in a giant mansion. It is painted with pale colours (For example beige, white, etc.)

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Posted: Tue, 18/10/2022 07:17 (5 Months ago)

"Dear students, Keperstof is due late because of an important meeting. Please head to the Neutreu dorms, which is the current dorms for all of you."

Ethereal said goodbye, and headed to the dorms. We cant design them yet, because any new first years (anyone who joins after the 5th page) will be staying there too.

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Posted: Tue, 18/10/2022 07:10 (5 Months ago)
Username: alcremiie
Character's name (First Last): Yukari Numara
Type of Alchemist: Soul Creator
Age: She looks 6, but she is actually 12.
Personality: A little careless, basically an annoying kid.

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Posted: Tue, 18/10/2022 07:02 (5 Months ago)

"I actually like the Wyvern, do you know it is the fastest starter?" Ethereal replied, "Hey, wasn't there supposed to be another person who's gonna do a speech?"

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Posted: Mon, 17/10/2022 16:19 (5 Months ago)

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Posted: Mon, 17/10/2022 15:08 (5 Months ago)

Yuri sat at the Ravenclaw table, with this weird.... thing. "H-hello... I'm Yuri!" She introduced herself, and the thing, which was apparently called Hollow Knight, just nodded.

Natsuki sat down at the Gryffindor table, and said, "I'm Natsuki, and I like cats!" She got some unapproving stares, but it made sense for an 11-year-old girl to like them.

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Posted: Mon, 17/10/2022 13:31 (5 Months ago)

Dawn decided to go back to the dorms and get changed. She checked her phone, and decided to look at Magicer.


"anyone got something fun to do?"

She then noticed a package, and it was a black dress. "When's this gonna be needed?" Dawn threw it into her wardrobe, but kept it clean.

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Posted: Mon, 17/10/2022 13:16 (5 Months ago)

Dawn was at the counter, a little bored because no one had stopped by. She began talking to her ghost friend. "Hey- Ghost uh..... when will someone come through?" Ghost just tried to shrug their nonexistent shoulders. "Ooooo~ I don't know, Dawn. Sorry!" They flew into Satara's bag, and just fell asleep. "Ghost being Ghost, I guess."

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Posted: Mon, 17/10/2022 13:12 (5 Months ago)

Natsuki just stood there, annoyed as always, thinking, "When'll this be over!" Yuri was excited, maybe her housemates would like books! But what if they hated her, what if they didn't like how she was so shy?

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Posted: Mon, 17/10/2022 12:46 (5 Months ago)

A small creature with a.. sword.... boarded the train just in time. It sat on a seat, and just stared into space. Many people stared, but it just stayed there.

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Posted: Mon, 17/10/2022 10:20 (5 Months ago)

"Did you know that ______?" Eth told her some facts, while some were leaving because they wanted to check out their sole dorm room.

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