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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 04:55 (1 Day ago)
“Alright, that’s one good idea.” Forestfire muttered while singing a song. ‘I hope BlueJay’s ok. He’s a kind-a nice guy, anyways. Will it be safe? Or will he be brave.’ Forestfire thought again and again.

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 00:00 (1 Day ago)
“Wait for me!” Forestfire yelled and ran to Silver. She was hoping that Silver leads them to a good place.

“Silver do you know where you’re going?” She asked.

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Posted: Mon, 16/05/2022 11:40 (4 Days ago)
Can we use legendary Pokémon / creatures / animals for the rp? I don’t see any ‘character must be human’

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Posted: Sun, 15/05/2022 12:49 (5 Days ago)
it’s just a gift for you!

Waiter, there’s a reshiram in my soup!

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Posted: Sun, 15/05/2022 04:24 (5 Days ago)

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Posted: Sat, 14/05/2022 10:51 (6 Days ago)
flying/ground NOT a a normal
flying because it have feathers and ground because it don’t have wings


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Posted: Sat, 14/05/2022 10:25 (6 Days ago)
hihi i'm decidueye, this is my art shop

i will be selling art for pd/ shinies / nuggies or items
here are the examples:
custom pokemon/animal (halfbody)
human (halfbody)
simple ref sheet, complicated shading
fullbody, no shading
icon, no shading


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headshot: 150k+ pd / 88 nuggs / shiny worth it
halfbody: 250k+ pd / 147 nuggs / shiny worth it
fullbody: 400k+ pd / 235 nuggs / shiny worth it
ref sheet (simple): 450k+ pd / 264 nuggs / shiny worth it
ref sheet (complicated): 500k+ pd / 294 nuggs / shiny worth it
+simple shading: +50k pd
+complicated shading: + 100k pd

use this form while ordering!
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decidueye i want some art!
art type:
description of character:

thanks for visiting, hope you have a great day

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Posted: Sat, 14/05/2022 07:53 (6 Days ago)

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 08:46 (7 Days ago)
yessir 4/10

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 08:40 (7 Days ago)
10/10 you have a shop

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 02:50 (7 Days ago)

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Posted: Thu, 12/05/2022 23:34 (7 Days ago)
5/10 only see you in some kind of game forums

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Posted: Thu, 12/05/2022 23:18 (7 Days ago)
0/10 ur a new guy

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 12:01 (9 Days ago)
Acesunman sorry I can’t. Emolgas are too hard for me.

The others: accepted!

Edit! I never saw the other person’s post , so it’s not full yet when acesunman ordered. Sorry for the inconvenience, and That person’s accepted too

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 09:33 (9 Days ago)
sorry, I think I can’t. It’s a shame that I think that I couldn’t draw that bat well.

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 06:06 (9 Days ago)
sure that'll be easy!

Update: everything ordered yesterday was completes, sended in pms

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 06:05 (9 Days ago)
"Is this the right way?" Forestfire asked.

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 05:38 (9 Days ago)
Both accepted!

MightBeMal will try.

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 05:10 (9 Days ago)
hi I’m back, open again, 2 slots left!

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Posted: Tue, 10/05/2022 12:51 (10 Days ago)
I can do normal muck that will be easy XD


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