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Posted: Sun, 13/11/2022 16:02 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Sun, 30/10/2022 16:42 (1 Year ago)
Username: Zazi

Which one: Mushlion

Payment: 25kpd

Are u subscribed?: Yes


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Posted: Fri, 28/10/2022 23:39 (1 Year ago)
I love it, thanks!

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Posted: Wed, 26/10/2022 23:40 (1 Year ago)
It's incredible, thank you so much!! :O

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Posted: Sat, 22/10/2022 19:47 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Thu, 20/10/2022 19:25 (1 Year ago)
Username: Zazi

What would you like: this character > https://f2.toyhou.se/file/f2-toyhou-se/characters/18452811?1666043158

Do you want it for avatar sizes?: no

Do you want me to pm u the sketch before I color: yeah

Something particular about it?: no

Payment: pd

Are u subscribed?: no

Other?: thanks!

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Posted: Tue, 18/10/2022 21:48 (1 Year ago)
commission type: full-body!
character reference: this?
expression/pose: your choice <3
payment method: 500 chicken nuggets
would you like me to send an in progress sketch or keep it a surprise until i'm done?: in progress sketch please!
anything else?: thanks a lot!!

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Posted: Tue, 18/10/2022 20:56 (1 Year ago)
Reference: Her?
Payment: 150kpd
Other: shaded please

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Posted: Sat, 15/10/2022 23:54 (1 Year ago)
Zombies forever XD

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Posted: Mon, 03/10/2022 19:41 (1 Year ago)
Aishling approached a small preschool. I can't remember the last time I got to be as carefree.

A little girl bounced over to her and cocked her head playfully. " It's not Halloween yet," she said, noticing Aishling's gauntlet.

She crouched down so she could look the girl in the eye. "Let's say it is. What do you think I'm pretending to be?"

The girl looked at her thoughtfully. "A hero," she said with a giggle and hurried back to her friends.

Aishling retreated slowly, head hanging. If only you knew...

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Posted: Sat, 01/10/2022 20:16 (1 Year ago)
Aishling slowly opened the small chest that held her gauntlet, a gift from her mother on her 13th birthday. Although it was powerful, she'd never used it, afraid of the memories it might spark. But now rumors of the so-called "Sinners" seemed to haunt her no matter where she went, and she knew wearing it was the best way to stay alive. She hastily put it on and grabbed a small handgun. Better safe than sorry, she thought. With that, she stepped out of her house and into the vast, unforgiving world.

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Posted: Fri, 30/09/2022 20:01 (1 Year ago)
Pokemon: Obstagoon + Zoroark
Base Pokemon (Will use other Pokemon's color): Obstagoon
Which parts of the second Poke do you want on the base? (Blank if yes to next option):
Do you want me to choose the features myself? I have good taste, lol: Yes please!
How I want to pay: 10kpd

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Posted: Wed, 28/09/2022 23:37 (1 Year ago)
Username: Zazi

Character name: Aishling

Age: 16

Gender: F

Fandom: Overwatch (my character)

Appearance: Long and straight dark auburn hair with black streaks. Umber eyes and fair skin. Often wears a black tank top and army pants. Prior to a big fight, she'll don a metal gauntlet that strengthens her reflexes and protects her shooting arm. She is usually seen with silver half-mask that covers the scar on her right brow from a fight she never talks about, and a rifle on her back secured with a strap across her chest and back. (ref is a WIP)

Personality: Reserved and distrustful, but protective of those close to her. Likes to run into fights without a strategy, only firepower. Lives according to her mother's last words: "A fight's not over until someone's life is over."

Abilities: Able to use any weapon with a trigger; knows the basics of martial arts

Alliance: Guardians

Palpad?: Yes, please!

Password: this is not the password ;)

Other: What poem...?

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Posted: Mon, 26/09/2022 21:11 (1 Year ago)
Box#: Kanto1
Pokemon: Scyther, Seadra

Anything else?: If I sent you a Metal Coat, would you be willing to have Scyther hold it so it can evolve? Same with Seadra, but Dragon Scale? No worries if not ^^

Box#: Johto2
Pokemon: Magcargo

Box#: Johto4
Pokemon: Gligar x2

Box#: Johto7
Pokemon: Unown B, G, Q, S, W

Anything else?: Thanks so much!

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Posted: Sat, 24/09/2022 15:45 (1 Year ago)
Box#: Hoenn1
Pokemon: Zigzagoon, Sharpedo (female), Wailord (female), Cacturne (female)

Box#: Hoenn2
Pokemon: Torkoal

Box#: Hoenn4
Pokemon: Swampert (female)

Box#: Hoenn5
Pokemon: Lunatone

Anything else?: Everstone Zigzagoon please and thank you!

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Posted: Sat, 24/09/2022 14:31 (1 Year ago)
Back again! May I order:
x2 Gligar (any gender)
x1 Snubbull
x1 Teddiursa
x1 Magcargo
x1 Piloswine
x1 Phanpy
x1 Tyrouge
x1 Hitmontop


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Posted: Sat, 24/09/2022 13:42 (1 Year ago)
If you're willing wait, I can breed all of them for you, in exchange for ones I'm missing of the same rarity.

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Posted: Wed, 21/09/2022 23:48 (1 Year ago)
Hi! Any chance you'd sell the Moltres in your "OT" box? My offer is 475kpd, but I am willing to haggle.

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Posted: Sat, 10/09/2022 15:10 (1 Year ago)
I don't have all the pairs, but I'd be willing to breed any of the non-legends for you, since I have a Ditto.

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Posted: Thu, 25/08/2022 16:07 (1 Year ago)
Hi, can I request a Lickitung please?

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