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Posted: Thu, 13/08/2015 16:03 (7 Years ago)
oh god, I haven't posted in here for 2 months OTL.

I'm glad I improved though ;; (kinda?)

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Posted: Thu, 13/08/2015 16:01 (7 Years ago)
alskdjaslkdj, it's been so long on PH and also a long break from digital drawing. But I guess I'm back with more improvement :3

Trying to improve on BG and anatomy lately

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Posted: Wed, 01/07/2015 23:54 (7 Years ago)

They will be added shortly, the wiki is a bit out-of-date so the team will get back working on it when we can. Thanks for pointing it out though.

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Posted: Mon, 18/05/2015 22:48 (8 Years ago)
made these adopts a week ago with my lovely friend on DA(collab) ; w ;
She did the line art/base and I chose colours and shaded! ^^

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Posted: Sat, 16/05/2015 00:56 (8 Years ago)


ah haven't updated my thread in a while

as the title says, I am open for commissions. The whole thread is being re-done C:

Yuki Miku 2014 Fanart I did a couple weeks ago ^^

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Posted: Fri, 15/05/2015 00:51 (8 Years ago)
wow it's amazing!! you really seem to enjoy doing portraits so dragons! XD

the neck looks a little short to me ^^, since it's phoenix like I would picture it to have a longer neck. Try using a swan as a reference?

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Posted: Fri, 08/05/2015 21:22 (8 Years ago)
Thanks, hahah, yeah I think I think I went overkill with the snowflakes because originally I put too little orz XD.

Thank you!! Just practice! I was quite bad when I started drawing digitally/anime. your chibis are better than mine then when I started lol XD. I think my coloring is okay because I use a lot bright over-saturated colours OTL. To be honest, I don't really know how I learned how to color. A lot of artists influence me and whenever I see someone's works I always go like "I want to color like that"! and then see a different artist and go like "I want to color like too" XDDD.

I think I learned how by copying various artist's styles and then changing them. Or they don't come out exact anyways, because it's not "your" style. I don't have my own static style either haha, I'm just currently experimenting and doing weird stuff with my art OTL.

I'll temporarily unhide this xD, this was the first chibi I drew

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Posted: Fri, 08/05/2015 20:36 (8 Years ago)
Ahh it looks amazing!!! The paws are a bit off though but anatomy is hard, and I don't really know how to explain it to fix it? Make sure you have the right kind of paper before watercoloring it too, I tried to watercolor on normal paper once. I didn't turn out well XD. Glad you got out of your artdip!

drawing yuki (snow) miku. I'm happy how it turned out ;w; I think spoilers make my drawings smaller?? So I don't think I'll be using those any more.

Click for bigger size (on DA)

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Posted: Thu, 07/05/2015 02:42 (8 Years ago)
Although there is style, I want to emulate real watercolor ^^;; , to me it just doesn't look realistic enough xD. Idk, I'm a very "real" person so I stress over things like this. & Thank you!!

yep, yep. Long laborious practice gosh. xD, I like to draw but ehhh.... Wish improvement will just come by without practice OTL (even though I know it won't) haha. I find it kinda disappointing to actually know when most artists reach that amazing state they have less time to draw. alksdalskjaljs, why life why.

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Posted: Wed, 06/05/2015 20:32 (8 Years ago)
wwww you're too generous with your comments ^^;

I'm still experimenting and it doesn't look very watercolor-ish to me actually? My friend was doing real watercolor the other day and it looked completely different OTL XDDD. I think I would still like some guidance with digital watercolor though ^^; (I wish I would stop being lazy/cheap and learn real watercolor too XD)

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Posted: Mon, 04/05/2015 00:14 (8 Years ago)
What's the term "artdip"? I've never heard of that before O.o

Your drawings are always so unique!

Finally tried some digital watercoloring. Not really sure how to do it, and I couldn't find a good tutorial. This was an art trade I did with someone on DA. Bad anatomy OTL

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Posted: Sat, 25/04/2015 17:48 (8 Years ago)
omg I want all here artbooks so badddddd //steals Unfortunately they sell out really quickly and she doesn't reprint them :'(. Also you're from australia then??? (oh never mind your profile says malaysia XD seems like a pretty cool country as well) omg, but I'd like to meet her one day. Her art is too godly alskdjalksjdaljs ;; I seriously gush out whenever I see her art it's just so amazing ;w;

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Posted: Sat, 25/04/2015 17:37 (8 Years ago)
O.o i never knew that (well I don't draw much traditionally anyways XDD) That seems pretty convenient although after I'm done with a traditional drawing I always seem to ruin it haha. (be it a signature or something else LOL)

Thank you so much ^^

yep,yep I agree. All depends on the composition/artist itself! C: One of my most favourrrite artists on DA is namie-kun (although she doesn't use her DA much anymore) here drawing all super amazing and very BG-heavy. I love her works to death. You guys should check her out! She draws a lot of pokemon too xD

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Posted: Sat, 25/04/2015 17:23 (8 Years ago)
Hmm, I slightly agree although I am not talking about dragon lady's drawing specifically o3o. I just think "real" bgs (scenery) should cover the whole canvas. E.g. It'd look kind weird if the background on the mona lisa suddenly shrunk 25% and there was white/"transparent" space in stead. xD? To me a BG is meant to create "context"

Great job with the shades! Also, what is "fixative"? (the thing you had to "spray" on your drawing?) I've never heard of anything like that before.

Ahh, that looks like an amazing pixel! I can't pixel either xDD


Here's a experimental cell-shade chibi that forgot to post a week ago wwww

Don't really know how to cell-shade OTL ;;

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Posted: Sat, 25/04/2015 00:35 (8 Years ago)

Sorry but commissions on PH are closed right now ^^; . This is because I took some commissions on DeviantART which I am still working on and also I'm busy with school. When I'm free again I'm going to update this thread about my commissions.

I'm planning to remove/add/change commissions types and also adjust prices now that I feel like I've somewhat improved haha xD

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Posted: Fri, 24/04/2015 02:13 (8 Years ago)

Shouldn't the BG be big though? In my opinion, what's the point of a small bg (like a "real" bg (scenery) rather than a pattern). By making the BG smaller you're basically reducing the space with color/objects?? Which is more empty space, which contradicts what you said?

& that's amazing you drew that in paint?!

The thing that bothers me about your drawing is that the lava (tower?) has no shadow (the lighting)? The person in the foreground has a shadow (in front of him) which suggests the light is coming from behind but the lava tower does not cast a shadow? (which theoretically should?) Lighting is hard to stay consistent to, though xD

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Posted: Tue, 21/04/2015 00:50 (8 Years ago)

woahhh, I haven't updated this in a while LOL

here's some more artsu I did xD
sorry drawing is my drug lol, I'm addicted and I draw pretty much everyday (also obsessed so much that I always think about improving X'D)

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Click the images to view bigger size (view on DA)

Meet the artist meme!

Fusumi doodle (cell-shade experiment)

Some headshot coms I did:

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Posted: Sun, 19/04/2015 18:27 (8 Years ago)
I think I saw a tutorial on DA for digital watercolor but I don't think I'll be very good at it anyways. XDD

No problem, glad it helped! ^^

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Posted: Sun, 19/04/2015 18:21 (8 Years ago)
O: I'll have to try it sometime then!

I think the whole purpose of then meme, is too design it yourself? xD (express your self in any way you like!) I made the bg myself by adding random squares and stuff so I guess there aren't really any rules. haha I'd love to see yours when finished!

that vulpix is so adorable ;w;

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Posted: Sun, 19/04/2015 18:08 (8 Years ago)
oh gosh your water color is beautiful! I don't have watercolor paper myself and I suck at painting xD (even though, I find it a really attractive medium lol)

Did the meet the artist meme/self meme! you guys in this club are all tagged too xD GO DO IT!!!

*large image, but I think it's too big for PH so click on the image to be redirected so you can view it bigger C:

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