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Posted: Sun, 04/07/2021 04:18 (1 Year ago)
The Mightyena was extremely annoyed but decided not to pick a fight "Fine might as well not join then, after all it doesn't concern me. I was intrigued at first but it's just a waste of time after all" The Mightyena said not wanting to converse anymore with someone he found to be irritating

Orkei was stuck in the middle he wanted to help out but he didn't want to leave Jiji. The Noctowl waited a little longer to see if anymore conflict would happen, he didn't want to get into any fights but Jiji still has a short temper (though he was doing his best to manage his anger)

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Posted: Sun, 04/07/2021 03:53 (1 Year ago)
The Mightyena was a little offended by the Alolan Ninetales "Well to answer your question unknown Staraptor I know about a few good routes. As a sales man I make sure that my wares are in good condition meaning I try to avoid any and all conflict or harsh conditions that could damage my items. So I know some of the best routes to avoid any rock slides, avalanches, or any bandits. I also have been through these mountains about a few times, and yes I have been attacked here and there" Jiji sternly answered staring the Ninetales down not wanting to be underestimated

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Posted: Sun, 04/07/2021 01:56 (1 Year ago)
Jiji looked back "No we're not, we don't even know you all. Besides what you all are doing doesn't concern us and it's not our business. We probably won't be of any help anyway so we'll be going now" The Mightyena was annoyed and wanted to get things over quickly

The Noctowl bowed apologetically to the Staraptor "Sorry about him. He doesn't like being bothered with things that he thinks isn't his responsibility"

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Posted: Sun, 04/07/2021 01:24 (1 Year ago)
Orkei had quickly went back to a 'I'm not eavesdropping' pose once he saw everyone start walking out. The took note of everything he heard and quietly told Jiji

"It doesn't matter Orkei, it doesn't concern us. Let's just get moving" The Mightyena said not wanting something more to deal with "We already wasted too much time" Jiji started to walk away from the group leaving the mansion

Orkei was hesitant to follow since he knew that the two of them could help, but he eventually followed Jiji's directions

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Posted: Mon, 28/06/2021 19:56 (1 Year ago)
Hey Pichu! Draw me a oc!
✧Reference/description✧: her pls
Headshot/full body etc? : full body
Background (transparent or specific color?): transparent
Shading y/n: yes pls
Payment: 80k pd

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Posted: Mon, 28/06/2021 01:55 (1 Year ago)
Orkei had been very obviously peeking into the window watching what was happening inside after stopping his nonchalant posing. The Noctowl was surprised to see the Hydreigon collapse as they seemed to be pretty fine just minutes before. He was fighting the urge to make himself known to help the collapsed pokemon.

Jiji noticed Orkei very obviously watching whatever was going on inside the mansion. Though he hadn't received the signal to proceed he could tell Orkei was very invested in whatever he was seeing "Orkei what are you doing? You aren't even trying to hide that you're eavesdropping!" The Mightyena said quietly as he walked up to the preoccupied Noctowl

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Posted: Wed, 23/06/2021 19:46 (1 Year ago)
Journal Entry #5

The two of us made it to the 5th town after an exhausting trip. While there we found a hopefully not abandoned and maybe lost egg. Orkei has been warming up the egg while we try and find its parents, though so far we found nothing. It would be a lot easier to find the parents if we knew what pokemon would hatch out of the egg but... anyway while at the 5th town Orkei took the cart to a repair shop. It's been a few days since then so of course it's all fixed up now. The cart looks brand new now and there ain't an annoying creak every time it hits a bump. After a bit of inspection on the egg (also with a bit of help in the library in town) we could tell that the egg was close to hatching, about 3 days or so until it cracks. Since it's so close to hatching we don't have much time to find the parents. Now that I think about it the egg's parents could be in a different town.. they could be in a town we haven't been to yet.. or they could be in a town we have been.. Also since we have to watch over the egg my selling times have to be shortened, and Orkei's scouts need to happen after my selling time. This egg is giving me more trouble than I thought..

While I keep wanting to give up Orkei still manages to push me forward in doing 'the greater good'. I can't really argue with him on that since I know his reasonings are always right and pretty good reasons. Though that won't stop me from complaining, I really just hope that we can get this extra task finished soon. Also because of this egg we have to stay in town for longer than I would like.. but I don't want to leave it or take it with us. Worst case scenario.. well for me that is, is that the egg hatches before we find the parents. The hatched pokemon gets too attached to us and Orkei convinces me to keep the hatched pokemon... and then I have one more.. permanent responsibility. Let's hope we find the parents before then, I'll write more when something else happens

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Posted: Wed, 23/06/2021 01:21 (1 Year ago)
Orkei who waited for the absol to go back in the mansion, landed near the big building in hopes of listening in. Jiji stopped following and stayed put a few feet away awaiting the Noctowl's signal that it was safe. Orkei walked slowly and carefully closer to the building, not being able to hear what was going on from his other spot. The Noctowl tried to peek in real quick before going back in a nonchalant pose, acting as if we wasn't trying to spy on the pokemon inside

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Posted: Mon, 21/06/2021 16:02 (1 Year ago)
The two arrived at the village wanting to sell their wares as they would usually do. Jiji strided in with their traveling cart straped to him as Orkei eagerly followed. They had no intention on staying in this village for more than a few days, both of them were blissfully unaware of the situation at hand. Jiji suddenly stopped walking when he saw a small crowd gathering near a building

"Orkei go ahead and scout that area, there might be trouble if there is a crowd" The Mightyena instructed

"Yes sir! I'll come back when I find anything interesting" The Noctowl quickly took to the skies and glided over to the mansion as Jiji slowly followed him on foot

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Posted: Mon, 21/06/2021 00:20 (1 Year ago)
Character name: Jiji
Pokemon Species: Mightyena
Gender: Male
Appearance: skadosh
Other: A con artist traveling merchant with charisma "that'll swoon the swoonless" < A joking quote from Orkei

Character name: Orkei
Pokemon Species: Noctowl
Gender: Male
Appearance: skadosh 2
Other: The Assistant/Partner of the Traveling merchant Jiji

(Been wanting to rp as them for a while so might as well do it now)

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Posted: Fri, 18/06/2021 22:11 (1 Year ago)
Chapter 8

The duo arrived at the entrance of the 5th town "Finally.. after such a long time we made it.." Jiji said extremely exhausted "At least we made it one day sooner than we thought! What should we do first?" The Noctowl asked "It's best if we split up, that way we can get things done more quickly. I'll buy supplies, you can take the cart to any of the repair shops" The Mightyena instructed "Yes sir!" The Noctowl said back. Jiji took their bag of money after unstraping himself, Orkei then straped the cart to himself and started walking to the public map. The two walked off to finish their own duties, The Mightyena walked into a nearby grocery store to stock up on some food. The money bag tied to his wrist to keep it from being stolen "We definitely need more berries.. argh.. my memory is getting away from me, how much exactly do we need?" Jiji talked to himself as he usually does when getting supplies "I think we need about two bags full.. or is it two and a half? Maybe three? Hmm.. I should get two and a half as a good in-between.." Jiji grabbed three bags (provided by the store) and filled them up with berries, he packed them with his and Orkei's favorites. As Jiji walked around the store more he spotted something in the corner of his eye. The Mightyena stopped near the sweets section, he took a glance at the cookies "...I suppose I should buy a box for Orkei.. since he has been doing a good job" The Mightyena hesitantly yet quickly snatched a box of chocolate chip cookies and put them in the half filled 3rd bag "I think I got everything I need here.. time to pay I guess" Jiji walked over to the counter and payed what he needed to, though he complained under his breath on how much he spent. The Mightyena walked out of the grocery store with 3 bags on his back, 4 if you count the money bag still on his wrist "I think that's all we need for now. I don't think we'll need any rope or such from the general store.. I should wait for Orkei to come back then" The Mightyena said walking off from the entrance of the grocery store, going to pass a nearby ally way

As Jiji passed the ally way something caught his eye. It was a slightly closed box that seemed to be in fine shape "Hmm.. I think I should look at what's inside. My curiosity is getting the better of me and there might be good items in it to sell" The Mightyena walked up to the box and opened it stunned to see what was inside. A pokemon egg was in the box along with a small cushion to keep it safe and some rags at the bottom of the box "Oh no. Oh no no no.. I'm not about to feed into the cliché that I will take that egg in as my own! I just don't have time for it!" Jiji walked off not wanting any part of the egg but he eventually came back to it "Dang it conscience! I thought I turned you off years ago! Why are you just now screaming at me to do the right thing!" The Mightyena argued with himself for a while before Orkei arrived, looking around to find Jiji only to find him sitting down in an ally way "Jiji? What's going on? Why are you sitting there and--" Orkei was interrupted when he saw the egg laying there in the box "Now I see why.." The Noctowl commented "Are we going to take it with us? Or are we gonna leave it..?" Orkei sadly said the last part. He didn't want to leave the poor thing and to abandon it, but he knew that Jiji wouldn't like the extra responsibility "Ugh.. we might as well take it.. I may be heartless but I'm not so heartless as to leave an egg defenseless and alone, but! We're only taking it to find it's parents, it might be lost" Jiji said after his internal battle with himself "Oh! Of course! I can't wait to find this little one's parents!" The Noctowl happily said before he saw something on the box "Hey Jiji look at this. There seems to be something written on the box. It says... Ten.. to..? Oh! Tento! That must be the eggs name!" Orkei said as he pointed to what was written and read it "Are you sure that ain't the package number or something? It is pretty smudged.. Anyway did you get the cart to a repair shop? How long will the repairs take?" The Mightyena questioned "I'm sure it's the name! Also about the cart... the pokemon running the shop said it would take about 1 and a half days to repair it all. Since it's so beat up and raggedy" Orkei said hesitantly "Hold on days?! It's going to take days to fix that thing?!" Jiji exclaimed as this threw his whole plan off the rails "I know it's longer than we expected but.. to be honest the cart is pretty old, I'm surprised it doesn't need to take longer to be repaired" The Noctowl said trying to calm down the stressed Mightyena "Well what about the items and such? Are they all ok?" The Mightyena asked "Yeah they're all good, I also found a good tent that we could buy so we could camp out and protect the items" The Noctowl proposed "That sounds like a fine idea.. alright let's get that tent now, also can you sleep with this egg? So it'll be all warm" Jiji asked picking up the egg from the box "Sure thing! Let's take a closer look at the egg once we set up camp!" The two left the ally along with the egg

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Posted: Wed, 16/06/2021 22:01 (1 Year ago)
"Sounds like a plan" Zari held on tight to Yung's shoulder, though she made sure not to hurt him with her claws

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Posted: Wed, 16/06/2021 21:58 (1 Year ago)
"Oh! Heh.. thanks Yung" After the short cuddle Zari moved over to Yung's shoulder

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Posted: Wed, 16/06/2021 21:55 (1 Year ago)
Zari didn't like the wobbly floor, she preferred nice and solid ground thank you very much "Eh.. how big are the hills again?" Zari looked up

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Posted: Wed, 16/06/2021 21:52 (1 Year ago)
She giggled to herself "I kinda figured but I wasn't sure if they were actually the hills" Zari was getting ready to fly over the hills but remembered Yung couldn't do that "Oh hehe.. you wanna walk?"

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Posted: Wed, 16/06/2021 21:48 (1 Year ago)
"So where are those jelly hills you were talking about? Or should we just walk around aimlessly trying to find them, or something else?" Zari looked around for anything to help her navigate

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Posted: Wed, 16/06/2021 21:44 (1 Year ago)
She gratefully took the box "Oh you know me so well. Can't wait to try it later with my daily cat nap!" Zari carried the box with her wind "I'm also grateful that it isn't made of actual jello" She mumbled to herself

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Posted: Wed, 16/06/2021 21:39 (1 Year ago)
"They'll definitely be interesting. Oh a gift huh? I'm honored but you really didn't have to" She jokingly said though appreciative

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Posted: Wed, 16/06/2021 21:37 (1 Year ago)
"They do sound interesting.. though I feel like if you bounce too hard on them, you'll get stuck inside" Zari said

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Posted: Wed, 16/06/2021 21:33 (1 Year ago)
Zari stopped walking and looked back at Yung "Sure I don't see why not. I wanna see how many things in this town is made of sweets"

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