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Posted: Mon, 23/02/2015 13:43 (7 Years ago)

I can give you 18 flying gem's and 50 fire gem's for FREE (yes, Is free!)

When you can just set up a gem exchange saying:
Want:18 flying gem's and 50 fire gem's

Give:1 normal gem.

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Posted: Mon, 23/02/2015 13:32 (7 Years ago)
I am XManuel1239

(All hail Gaben Piplup!)

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Posted: Sun, 08/02/2015 09:06 (7 Years ago)
1) Marcuskron
2) Emerald

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Posted: Thu, 15/01/2015 07:03 (7 Years ago)
I don't like this, first of all, helps a premium feature in a unnecessary way, second, riako got a second server trough the money of we, so he can't buy a third one just for 3 auctions.

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Posted: Sun, 28/12/2014 15:09 (7 Years ago)
Character's name in X/Y/OR/AS:Y MANU
FC (PM or palpad me if you don't wish to share it publicly) :5069-4071-8680
Amount of pokemon:10
Payment:10k (10 legendaries)

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Posted: Sat, 27/12/2014 14:43 (7 Years ago)
...so the magikarp in your party becomes shiny...
(PS:seriously don't make a rp, look the first comment and do like that.)

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Posted: Fri, 26/12/2014 08:40 (7 Years ago)
Name:XManuel1239 (i was already applied,il rewrite it with categories)
Number:#99 (i already was 99)
Categories I wish to apply for: Mega-Mega-ables,Summoning Items, and Retros/Events
Why I Want To Apply For These Categories: I would like to join to get mega able/mega to gift to my friend's,summoning items cause i like they feature and retros/event's cause i own a breeding shop and new event's to breed aren't bad :3

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Posted: Mon, 22/12/2014 13:41 (7 Years ago)
by capturing and saving after catching the missing no

How do you ecounter Missingditto? XD

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Posted: Sun, 21/12/2014 12:16 (7 Years ago)
Lemme enter :3 (When will it start?)

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Posted: Sun, 21/12/2014 08:12 (7 Years ago)
Quote from Snowling in wiki pageSnowling is an Event Pokemon that released on 08/Dec/2013 as a reward for completing the Advent Calender task.

It should be Calendar

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Posted: Sat, 20/12/2014 22:04 (7 Years ago)
Banned because my son coulded die by that cat Cute/deadly-ness

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Posted: Sat, 20/12/2014 06:55 (7 Years ago)
Banned because you banned someone that has banned powerofwaffle :3

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Posted: Fri, 19/12/2014 20:25 (7 Years ago)
Riako trolled everyone.

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Posted: Thu, 18/12/2014 07:01 (7 Years ago)
Sending :3

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Posted: Wed, 17/12/2014 13:56 (7 Years ago)
resending :3

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Posted: Wed, 17/12/2014 13:54 (7 Years ago)

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Posted: Wed, 17/12/2014 13:38 (7 Years ago)

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Posted: Tue, 16/12/2014 20:27 (7 Years ago)
It turns out to become a shiny dittarceus that recentely primal evolved.

What happens if ash choosed ditto as starter?

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Posted: Tue, 16/12/2014 17:46 (7 Years ago)
:3 (could you guys interact my eggs too? :3)

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Posted: Tue, 16/12/2014 17:45 (7 Years ago)

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