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Posted: Wed, 12/01/2022 06:21 (5 Months ago)
Giratina an Lugia, are my two favorites! I love how creepy but cute Giratina looks. While Lugia's look just looks so wonderful.

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Posted: Wed, 12/01/2022 06:19 (5 Months ago)
Im not sure if any exist but i would love to see Weavile variants/new forms

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Posted: Wed, 12/01/2022 06:13 (5 Months ago)
I have so many Plushies of pokemon!

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Posted: Mon, 10/01/2022 22:02 (5 Months ago)
Hiya, I am Veola an uuuh im pretty new to this game, but im understanding a lot of it! How i found this game was from the person who made the mega Zorark on twitter! Sence he said the name, an like that i got in! I will admit im pretty shy, but if you do try to talk to me, i will try my best to talk back!

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