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Posted: Wed, 11/11/2020 18:17 (2 Years ago)
i'm also super curious!
with the latest post it seems it miiiiight be related to shadow?
we'll see haha

on another note, i wanted to sell everything on my pokeheroes account for Flightrising stuff
mainly treasure and gems, but i might also take skin/accents, familiars and other valuable items
you can shoot me a palpad here, or shoot me a pm on FR
my username over there is Marl1nde

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Posted: Sun, 08/11/2020 12:42 (2 Years ago)
i wanted to sell things from my account for FlightRising things
i check the answered thread and couldn't find anything on it
In which thread wouls the off-site sales thread go?

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Posted: Sun, 08/11/2020 10:17 (2 Years ago)
anyone in here that wants to trade their tr/gems for my pokedollars and nugs?
i have 227354 pokedollars and 194 nugs

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Posted: Tue, 21/01/2020 16:35 (3 Years ago)
i need funds for buying a 5-digit, so i'm selling 2 6-digit dragons!
it's an auction, so it's a forum post
rn both of them have a bid of 500g
come chekc out the auction!

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Posted: Wed, 30/10/2019 22:30 (3 Years ago)

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Posted: Thu, 03/10/2019 08:22 (3 Years ago)
i am so happy ;w;
i finally got myself a 5dig gen1!!!!!

i'm going to try n give her some fancy genes~~
gonna take a while tho haha

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Posted: Sun, 31/03/2019 18:44 (4 Years ago)
max of 15 k tr in my opinion
i personally do not like the colour combo's
then again i am very picky

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Posted: Mon, 18/03/2019 18:21 (4 Years ago)
i needed a different kind of help, but it's not needed anymore!
i made my dream come true!

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Posted: Sun, 17/03/2019 17:08 (4 Years ago)
i need help from someone who plays glimmer and gloom every day!

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Posted: Sun, 24/02/2019 19:44 (4 Years ago)
i think the ratio used is 1:2
so that'd be 700k tr
[which i would want o3o]

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Posted: Fri, 22/02/2019 06:00 (4 Years ago)
i'm looking to trade treasure for gems!
at a ratio of 1:950
i have over 300k treasure

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Posted: Mon, 04/02/2019 17:50 (4 Years ago)
that's alright!
oh i dforgot to mention that i take treasure too, and mixed payments haha

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Posted: Sun, 03/02/2019 21:16 (4 Years ago)
it's on the AH for 600 gems but i'd be willing to give it to you for 400 gems

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Posted: Sun, 03/02/2019 10:43 (4 Years ago)
i got a couple of dragons that can represent a flight
some are expensive though due to their colour combo



[also got a female version]

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Posted: Thu, 31/01/2019 11:03 (4 Years ago)
should i do an art auction on FR?
last tiem it....didn't go too well
it'd have a base price of 350 gems/k treasure

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Posted: Thu, 24/01/2019 18:00 (4 Years ago)
also, that looks great!
nice floofball~~

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Posted: Thu, 24/01/2019 16:31 (4 Years ago)
oof i haven't posted in here for a loooooong time
and i did draw some stuff
here's a meme commission i drew

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Posted: Fri, 28/12/2018 09:02 (4 Years ago)
@Green tree boi
i take commissions over on DA!
here's the journal!

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Posted: Fri, 14/12/2018 12:54 (4 Years ago)
hey guys, if you were looking to get art form me, now is the time!
i got a HUGE sale going on with 25% off on ALL commission types!!!
come chekc it out!

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Posted: Fri, 07/12/2018 13:00 (4 Years ago)
anyone want to buy either of these 3 coatls?
one is a breeding pair of mine
[doesn't come with the apparel they got]


just offer anything as long as it's above fodder price

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