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Posted: Mon, 17/04/2023 15:34 (1 Month ago)
Box#: Kanto4
Pokemon: Arbok

Anything else?: Thank you. :)

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Posted: Tue, 11/04/2023 13:38 (1 Month ago)
Box#: Kanto4
Pokemon: Arbok

Anything else?: Thank you. :)

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Posted: Thu, 06/04/2023 16:04 (2 Months ago)
Box#: Kanto10
Pokemon: Weedle

Box#: Kanto10
Pokemon: Kakuna

Anything else?: Thanks

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Posted: Thu, 06/04/2023 13:25 (2 Months ago)
Username: That_One_Guy_1
Type of tickets/amount: 43k PD + 5 Normal gems
Total tickets: 48?? (I can't do math well)
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: "Simba"

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Posted: Thu, 12/01/2023 17:03 (4 Months ago)
Box#: Johto7
Pokemon: Unknown N

Box#: Johto7
Pokemon: Unknown O

Anything else?: Last brain cell go brrrrrrr.

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Posted: Tue, 10/01/2023 02:02 (4 Months ago)
Box#: Kanto8
Pokemon: Metapod(x1)

Box#: Kanto7
Pokemon: venasaur(x1)

Anything else?: Thank you. :D


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Posted: Thu, 05/01/2023 17:01 (5 Months ago)

Title: Random Thought #4

All Pharmacist are technically drug dealers.

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Posted: Tue, 27/12/2022 05:02 (5 Months ago)
Username: That_One_Guy_1
Type of tickets/amount: 8 Normal Gems, 180k PD
Total tickets: 188 (I think)
Password: (・ω・) banana (・ω・)
Other: For some reason I am craving a Hot pocket right now

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Posted: Fri, 04/11/2022 17:53 (7 Months ago)
Hewwo, Royal! Can I buy an Any-Mon?
Username: That_One_Guy_1
Pokémon: Castform
Price You Are Willing To Pay: 3000
Tips (Completely Optional!): 1000
Supportive Message?: Weatherman go brrrrr.

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Posted: Mon, 14/03/2022 22:29 (1 Year ago)
I think of the based James and based Ash meme. also the tv show in general and pokeheros.

When you think of the medieval time period, what do you think of?

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Posted: Fri, 11/03/2022 22:44 (1 Year ago)
Eevee, ditto, or some others(it depends on the situation)

Do you like your chicken rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done?

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Posted: Wed, 09/03/2022 04:13 (1 Year ago)

Title: (Note 2 Self)Unknown Needed

Pokedex Needed
-None needed

Eggdex Needed
- All (except Unknown T)

(Edited 1/14/2023)

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Posted: Wed, 09/03/2022 00:57 (1 Year ago)
Box#: Sell3
Pokemon: 4x Eiscue

Box#: Sell9
Pokemon: 1x Cramorant

Box#: Sell11
Pokemon: 1x Cramorant

Box#: Sell13
Pokemon: 4x Cramorant

Payment: PD and Ground Gems
Anything else?: can I use ground gems to pay for the Cramorants and PD for the Eiscue? Thank you. :D

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Posted: Tue, 08/03/2022 15:35 (1 Year ago)

Title: Random Thought #3

You know how us humans get bruises, well what if humans evolved to the point that how you got the bruise shows in the shape of the bruise. For example you get a bruise on your shin from running into a trailer hitch, you would have a bruise that resembles the shape of a trailer hitch.

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Posted: Tue, 08/03/2022 02:54 (1 Year ago)
Hey can I get:
3x Eiscue (box 1)

Edit: changed from 4 to 3 for The kind person below my list of wants.

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Posted: Sat, 26/02/2022 01:51 (1 Year ago)

Title: Random Thought #2

If anyone or anything that uses air and water die from, after, or during use of them, then technically air and water have a 100% consumer to death ratio.

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Posted: Fri, 25/02/2022 22:10 (1 Year ago)
Hey could I get:
(BOX 1)
1 monferno

(BOX 3)
1 numel
1 roggenrola
1 boldore
1 gigalith
1 sawsbuck(summer)

(BOX 5)
1 oricorio(baile)

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Posted: Sat, 19/02/2022 04:47 (1 Year ago)

Title: Random Thought #1

If time for some people feels or appears to speed up daily does that mean they will literally see their life flash before their eyes by they time or when they die?

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Posted: Sat, 19/02/2022 03:43 (1 Year ago)

Whelp… this is it

welcome to my diary.
I will most likely just use this for my random thoughts but might occasionally put some other stuff in here.

My Profile—> That_One_Guy_1
If you have any questions on anything you find in here or on my profile don’t be afraid to send me a Pal-Pad or PM.

Also please Don’t touch this is because as the seagulls in Finding Nemo said it is “Mine!” .

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Posted: Mon, 31/01/2022 23:22 (1 Year ago)
4 eevees (box 1) please.

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