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Posted: Mon, 21/03/2016 14:58 (8 Years ago)
Coin perched herself on Gumi's shoulder. Now she wasn't so short, at least.
"Pleased to make your accquaintance," she purred eloquently. "My trainer calls me Coin."

"Yes, it's nice to meet more pokemon," Gumi added with a smile. "So, does anyone here understand the situation? I saw a strange cloud here just now."

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Posted: Sun, 20/03/2016 17:31 (8 Years ago)
Coin froze on the spot, staring up with wide eyes at the Charizard before her. Why did it always have to be Charizards? Lucky for her, Gumi came to her aid.

"Ah, please don't be alarmed!" Gumi explained, waving her arms towards the Charizard. "Just a friend of mine! I, uh, my name's Megumi, though most just call me Gumi...um..."
She bent over and scooped up the cat pokemon, holding her protectively.

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Posted: Fri, 18/03/2016 20:08 (8 Years ago)
Coin halted, hiding beneath some bushes. Her eyes were locked on the thing floating in the midst of a group of other pokemon. Was it another one of the strange new pokemon she kept seeing? Whatever it was, it didn't look like anything living...just a cloudy mass of different colors. It reminded her of something else she'd seen, but she couldn't recall what it was called.

The strange mass disappeared, leaving the group of pokemon confused. Coin debated whether or not it would be a good idea to approach them, considering that most looked dangerous. A certain someone blew her cover, unfortunately.

"M-Meowth?! Get back here!" Gumi called, stumbling into the clearing. She stopped and looked around in alarm. "Oh?"

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Posted: Wed, 16/03/2016 14:51 (8 Years ago)
Coin's ears perked. Voices...somewhere close by. She looked up at the strange creature that currently held her hostage. Could she not hear the voices, too? Guess she doesn't have any ears...as far as Coin could tell, at least. The dragon's grip on her had loosened now, she could probably-

Coin dashed off towards the noise, catapulting off from the surprised Goodra. Maybe something more exciting would be happening where those voices are. Humans or not, it would be something.

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Posted: Thu, 10/03/2016 10:07 (8 Years ago)
Gumi plodded as quietly as was possible for a pokemon her size through the small forest, carrying a smaller pokemon in her arms. The mischevious cat in question was squirming in her grip.

"Aw, come on!" the Meowth complained, probably for the hundredth time. Gumi gave an indignant snort as she continued forward. The Meowth had run off from the main group, and Gumi, having been the only one to notice, followed. The cat pokemon lead her all the way to a city, where the two nearly risked capture.

"You haven't told me your name yet," Gumi stated. "What is it?"

"Like I'd tell you," the Meowth huffed grumpily.

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Posted: Wed, 09/03/2016 20:02 (8 Years ago)
Nickname: Gumi
Pokemon: Goodra
Gender: Female
Game they came from: X
Level: 52
Moveset: Power Whip, Aqua Tail, Dragon Pulse, Body Slam
Ability: Sap Sipper
Other: She's a relaxed-natured Goodra. Extremely loving and friendly, loves to interact with other pokemon. She's a little disoriented and sad to be out of her game, and would like to return to her trainer at some point.

Nickname: Coin
Pokemon: Meowth
Gender: Female
Game they came from: Blue
Level: 24
Moveset: Pay Day, Bite, Scratch, Screech
Ability: Pick Up (though she doesn't really know it's an ability)
Other: Coin is a trickster and a little bit sassy. She doesn't have much respect for rules and such, and does as she pleases. She's indifferent about being taken out of her game, maybe even a little oblivious. A master thief.

I hope it's okay I'm coming in a little later! I just joined and then saw this RP, thought it looked pretty cool!

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Posted: Wed, 09/03/2016 19:44 (8 Years ago)

Title: Ciao!

Ciao tutti! Eh...non sono Italiano, ma parla un po anche vivere in Italia adesso. ^^''

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Posted: Wed, 09/03/2016 19:42 (8 Years ago)

Title: Hej?

Hej hej! Är det bara du och jag som är Svensk här? XD

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Posted: Tue, 08/03/2016 15:36 (8 Years ago)

Title: Hi!!

Hi everyone! I'm a new member here, I guess. ^^''
You can call me Sprite or Sparky! I enjoy chatting with people (especially about pokemon X3), so feel free to message me if you want!

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