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Posted: Fri, 07/04/2023 23:23 (2 Months ago)

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Posted: Sun, 02/04/2023 19:38 (2 Months ago)
Haze walked in from of Breeze, his eyes narrowed as he watched for enemies as the Silvally was not the fighter as they wanted to be before.

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Posted: Mon, 27/03/2023 02:19 (2 Months ago)

Uraraka's one of my comfort characters when I watched MHA!

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 03:53 (2 Months ago)
Ohh okay, all good!

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 03:52 (2 Months ago)
Is there a rp forum yet or just the sign ups?

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Posted: Sun, 19/03/2023 13:46 (2 Months ago)

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Posted: Sun, 19/03/2023 13:23 (2 Months ago)
I have a few favorites but the one I like most would have to be Miraidon as they're a pokemon I've grown close with as soon as I started playing Violet

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Posted: Sat, 18/03/2023 01:52 (2 Months ago)
Pokemon: Silvally
Character Name: Breeze
Age: 30
Gender: Non-binary (they/them pronouns)
Appearance: A Silvally with half their mask still on while a large scar is running down their other eye (the revealed side.) Carries a sack with all memory disks.
Moveset (Up to six moves!): Multi-Attack, Swords Dance, Shadow Ball, Flame Charge, Defog
Birthday: Unknown
Others: A Silvally who distrusts many due to past experiences.

Pokemon: Ceruledge
Character Name: Haze
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Appearance: A Ceruledge with black flames instead of the usual purple(ish) color.
Moveset (Up to six moves!): Bitter Blade, Bulk Up, Shadow Sneak, Close Combat, Dragon Claw
Birthday: April 12th
Others: A Ceruledge very close to Breeze, usually being a protector.

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Posted: Wed, 15/03/2023 16:38 (2 Months ago)
Missing plushie pls!

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Posted: Wed, 15/03/2023 02:31 (2 Months ago)

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Posted: Wed, 15/03/2023 02:30 (2 Months ago)
Small bear with a crescent moon on their forehead


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Posted: Sun, 12/03/2023 19:20 (2 Months ago)
Missing pls!

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Posted: Sat, 11/03/2023 19:51 (2 Months ago)
I have a few

Snivy evo line, Sprigatito evo line, Chikorita evo line, Popplio evo line, and Fennekin evo line are my favorite starters

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Posted: Sat, 11/03/2023 19:48 (2 Months ago)
Favorite Pokemon: Vaporeon because childhood favorite (I will block anyone who says the copypasta /lh)

Favorite shiny: Hisuian Zorua/Zoroark since I love the coloring a lot

I would want to find both Zorua/Zoroark forms!

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Posted: Sat, 04/03/2023 15:57 (3 Months ago)
Send missing pls!

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Posted: Thu, 02/03/2023 21:02 (3 Months ago)
tbh my least favorite type is ice
My favorite pokemon from that type is Aurorus

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Posted: Sun, 26/02/2023 19:24 (3 Months ago)

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Posted: Sun, 26/02/2023 07:02 (3 Months ago)

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Posted: Fri, 24/02/2023 23:49 (3 Months ago)
Missing pls!

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Posted: Sun, 19/02/2023 22:14 (3 Months ago)
Hey victoria, draw me a character!

Username: Grass_Type_Zane
Character: Moon'Cry (Warrior cats oc)
Reference/description: Her!
Pose: Possibly anything that sparks your imagination when you see the ref sheet!
Traditional/digital: Digital
Hs/Hb/Fb: HB
Payment: 150k PD
Tip? 150 PD
Anything else? Thank you and take your time!

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