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Posted: Mon, 21/02/2022 15:52 (4 Months ago)
payment: 16k pd
password: Siresam2004
tip: Its a surprise

Review from last time 5/5 or 10/10

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Posted: Mon, 07/02/2022 01:31 (4 Months ago)
Sent you a gift :)

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Posted: Thu, 03/02/2022 21:14 (4 Months ago)
ITEMS: 45 Honey
payment: 1,500 pokedollars
Password: Siresam2004
Tip: 5 Electric Gems and 3,000 Pokedollars

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Posted: Thu, 03/02/2022 20:00 (4 Months ago)
2 male 4 female

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Posted: Sun, 23/01/2022 23:51 (5 Months ago)
ok it's on the trades

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Posted: Sat, 08/01/2022 22:39 (5 Months ago)
Also, check out my berry shop

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Posted: Sat, 08/01/2022 22:11 (5 Months ago)
I want a job!
Name of job: combee breeder/honey maker
subscribed to forum?: yes
How active are you on a scale of 1-10: about a 7, I'm on for at least 4 hours a day

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Posted: Sat, 08/01/2022 17:20 (5 Months ago)
Hi Lucario! Please can I have some PD?
I am saving up for: a poke radar
Thanks! <3

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Posted: Sat, 08/01/2022 00:56 (5 Months ago)
Prices -
Common - 200 pokedollers
Medium - 1,500 pokedollers
Hard - 2,500 pokedollers
Rare - 4,000 pokedollers
Starter - 6,000 pokedollers
You can only buy Pokémon from my buy box.

You need to comment or message to buy pokemon:
Hello, I want to buy a Pokémon,
Pokemon name:
What gender:

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Posted: Fri, 07/01/2022 16:18 (5 Months ago)
okay your gift is up :)

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Posted: Fri, 07/01/2022 16:08 (5 Months ago)
Okay <3. all of you are gifts are sent, may I ask you to send one person in this chat a random gift, this chat is about gifting and making someone's day. have a great day :)

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Posted: Fri, 07/01/2022 04:53 (5 Months ago)
both of you have gifts in the gts now, no need to post usernames

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Posted: Thu, 06/01/2022 23:25 (5 Months ago)
I want some pokemon/items
Name of pokemon/item: Miltank
Quantity: 1
subscribed to this forum?: yes/ just about to once I send this message
which person?: JolteonThunder

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Posted: Thu, 06/01/2022 23:20 (5 Months ago)
Hey Ren, can I have some Pokemon?
Pokemon: Miktank
Gender/Nature/Link (if I have multiple): Male and female if you can
Other: Thank you so much

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Posted: Thu, 06/01/2022 23:17 (5 Months ago)
Hey, can I order a Combee here?!
Username: Siresam2004

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Posted: Thu, 06/01/2022 23:13 (5 Months ago)
comment your favorite anime below.

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Posted: Thu, 06/01/2022 23:11 (5 Months ago)
send a message in chat and I'll try and gift you something

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Posted: Wed, 05/01/2022 00:53 (5 Months ago)
shadowhunter famdom

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Posted: Wed, 05/01/2022 00:50 (5 Months ago)
I was so confused when it told me to have 6 eggs.

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Posted: Wed, 05/01/2022 00:44 (5 Months ago)
Gifting random items
I believe we can just gift items in this thread.

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