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Posted: Thu, 02/06/2022 19:54 (1 Month ago)
Hey, Vulpix! Draw me something!
Username: Scapegoat
Art Type: headshot
Reference: oleander! and hibi!
Anything Specific?: oleander’s orange eye is dead thanks rose 😳 and hibi is very fluffy ^^ i dont mind what experssions you wanna do but hibi is normally very happy where as oleander is sad or reserved
Payment: 80k :)
: waaa braixen :,)

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Posted: Mon, 02/05/2022 21:53 (2 Months ago)
Thats so weird... Yeah I’ll just palpad you their ref because idk what the heck is going on with toyhouse right now-

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Posted: Mon, 02/05/2022 21:47 (2 Months ago)

Thats strange? I can see them? they're set so only logged in users can see then so that might be your issue
try this access key then?

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Posted: Mon, 02/05/2022 21:41 (2 Months ago)
Username: Scapegoat
Order type: Chibi
Payment of choice: PD
Reference of character: my pokesona :D!
Other: only transparent please
Comments: please feel free to message me if you want any questions answered ^^

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Posted: Fri, 29/04/2022 05:32 (2 Months ago)
Aaaaaa i love them so much 🥺🥺 they look exactly how i imagined!! Thank you so much 💚💚

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Posted: Thu, 28/04/2022 08:42 (2 Months ago)
Hi, I'd like some art!
Who would you like art from, me or Spyder?: You :>
Character Reference: Solence <3
The form of art?: headshot
Other things I should know?: they have no pupils! so please dont draw them with any :> , the little symbol above their head is like a halo and its just black at 50% opacity (its supposed to be see through) the smoke is the neon red
Password: Steven with a V

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Posted: Thu, 07/04/2022 06:04 (2 Months ago)
Minerva! Pooldrop! I've got a request!!
Username: Scapegoat
Design details: I REAALLLY want a Garchomp based on a funfetti birthday cake-

I’d like for the blue area of garchomp to be white and sludgy like icing with rainbow sprinkles on it and for the inside red/chest area to be more vanilla cake coloured with lots of rainbow sprinkles inside of it , i’d like for it to also have a little candle on its head , id like for the little spines and claws to each be a different colour too!
Payment: 45k and 61 nuggets

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Posted: Mon, 04/04/2022 12:56 (3 Months ago)
Claimu :)
Edit: sending unwatermarked version via PM’s ✨


A garchomp please!!

🌈🎂🕯 (rainbow , birthday cake, candle)

🌙⭐️🌌 (moon , star, space)

☕️👓📖 (coffee , glasses, book)

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Posted: Wed, 30/03/2022 21:06 (3 Months ago)
Hunterz! Doodle me this!

Art type: fullbody :>
Reference/Description (Please be as detailed as possible. Images are best): my socky l a d heres his digital colour pallette :>>
Coloured?: [yes/no] Yes please
Form of payment:40k PD
Permission to use art as example? (Optional): yes ofc!
Others?: coffeeeee :D

I hope the slot is still open ^^' if not then ignore this <3

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Posted: Wed, 30/03/2022 20:46 (3 Months ago)
heluuu everyones tomorrow is International Transgender Day of Visibility! (march 31st)

so what is International Transgender Day of Visibility?

International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual event occurring on March 31 dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide, as well as a celebration of their contributions to society!

please share the hashtags created by the LGBT Foundation #IAmEnough for all my lovely Trans and Non-Binary people and Allies can share the #YouAreEnough to show support for all the wonderful Trans and Nonbinary users in the site!!

The ‘I am Enough’ campaign aims are as follows:

Affirmation & Empowerment- For trans people, a message of strength, resilience and community. The aim of the campaign is to provide a message that ties together the following themes:
Acceptance of individuals in their chosen gender, just the way they are without the need for change/treatment/qualifying factors.

Promotion of self-deceleration of gender Identity.

Visibility of non-binary identities.

Awareness Raising & Allyship- For non-trans/cis people to be able to stand up and show solidarity and support for their trans family, friends and colleagues.

(above text taken from the LGBT Foundation!)

Feel free to also share some kind words along with these hashtags to promote positivity ! <3

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Posted: Sun, 27/02/2022 15:58 (4 Months ago)
well i dont doubt it anymore lol i originally did because it was only on pokeheroes but its now on a few sites, i'll get it checked when i can

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Posted: Sat, 26/02/2022 00:05 (4 Months ago)

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Quote from Grey
1) All PH rules apply.

2) Under NO circumstances are you allowed to edit the design of your Digideemin(s) without the required items. if you wish to change the design of your digi please purchase the item from the shop before you change their design.

3) Use the order form or your post will be ignored and you may end up with a strike or ban.

4) Please sub to this forum , it makes it easier to know which person owns what Digideemins.

5) Please credit me OR my designers for our Digi design (we will always let you know who has created what) with a link.

6) If putting on Toyhou.se please credit my DIGIDEEMINS TH page for the base UnleashTheBeast as the creator of the species or you may be given a warning or banned

7)if you are banned all your digi's will no longer be considered digi's and you will have to change their species. you will NOT be refunded for any purchase(s) you have made.

8) PLEASE be kind to me and my staff as we are people too , we have busy lives and we cannot always run this so we may have to close it temporarily.

9) Using NO password or the wrong password may result in a warning or a ban. The password is hidden somewhere here.

10) Payment is to be sent via gift before you may create your Digideemin. The gift will be accepted once you have recieved confirmation that your DigiMYO is added to your "bank".

11)Posting here when the shop is closed will result in a temp ban until the store is open again.

12) DO NOT MINI MOD. you will be BANNED.

13) If you have been previously banned in an old thread then that ban passes over to here.(my art shop or either of the bleppo threads.)

14) Please note that your digideemin will be uploaded to the Digideemin masterlist on my toyhouse page under the digideemins species page (you will of course be credited for anything you've drawn/designed this is just so I can keep track of all the offical digi's, they will also be added to the offical digideemins discord version of the masterlist.)

15) You need to be 13+ to own a discord account , you must also be 13+ to access the digideemins discord, by accessing this discord you agree to discord's rules as well, I am not in charge of your behaviour on this site and while the discord IS monitored and will have repercussions for broken rules I will not be policing what happens through DM's (unless it is a serious situation.)

16) Allowing access of the base or a created digideemin to anyone who has been banned/blacklisted from the species will result in the trader /previous owner in being blacklisted from owning any future digideemins.

{Staff Members}

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ROLES - owner , artist , mod
" Heya, I'm Grey , The owner and creator of Digideemins, Please enjoy my species and have fun with your digis! Please come talk to me if you want to know anything about my species of computer virus furry demons!"

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Posted: Tue, 22/02/2022 18:34 (4 Months ago)

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Posted: Tue, 22/02/2022 09:05 (4 Months ago)
Hey, Vulpix! Draw me something!
Username: Grem
Art Type: headshot
Reference: ok so i cant pick which one i want more so i’ll let you choose who you want to draw BYT3 or PLAY3
Anything Specific?: if you decide to draw BYT3, they are mischievous and evil, also a huuuuuge pain in the butt , they always have a huge grin on their face, they’re almost always plotting something , they have 2 large teeth and their ears are pointed like in the old design. If you decide to draw PLAY3 , they’re incredibly depressed and are always smoking , they almost always look fed up or annoyed especially with their spouse BYT3 so anything grumpy for them is great :) their old colour pallettes still apply to them i just havent put that on their toyhouse yet and i didnt have markers that match the colours exactly :))
Payment: 25k :)
Password: awoo wolves are amazing

Also just for reference BYT3 is a hell hound with long ears and PLAY3 is a cat with flopped ears :)

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Posted: Sun, 20/02/2022 22:51 (4 Months ago)
♡Aero! Draw me something!♡
Character you want drawn: these two gays PLAY3 and BYT3
Type: headshot sketch no shadin cos im too broke to afford shading >:,D
Password:c o f f e e
Other: guess who made PLAY3 a stoner now , me - it me - they looked h i g h in the sketch so i was just like " mm high"

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Posted: Sun, 20/02/2022 21:14 (4 Months ago)
BONK! up up up!

@~Rosie~ & @Aera

sent you your YCH's through Discord! <3

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Posted: Fri, 18/02/2022 16:54 (4 Months ago)
yeah i am , apparently (as i had a chat about this with some of my friend's ) it could be an issue with my graphics card but i doubt that so no clue

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Posted: Wed, 16/02/2022 22:02 (4 Months ago)
i have ,,, no other way to describe this except everything has gone weirdly crispy for me- i dont understand as its not an issue with my laptop as it doesnt do this for any other site so it must be a PH thing right?? i tried clearing my cache and cookies , i tried closing my browser , i tried restarting my computer too . Nothing has worked and its really stressing me out its literally doing this to peoples art on their profiles , peoples small icons and also to the plushies every so often , nobody else is experiencing this though so thats why im really stressed from this if anyone can help me out PLEASE DO SERIOUSLY!! i know its only a dumb lil graphical bug or whatnot but i get really anxious when things go wrong, im a very cautious person and NEVER share passwords or click random links so i dont get why its gone like this

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Posted: Sun, 13/02/2022 11:48 (4 Months ago)

Omg accepted ofc tf i love her 🥺🥺🥺 remove password pls 💚

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Posted: Sat, 12/02/2022 11:53 (4 Months ago)

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