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Posted: Sat, 26/03/2022 14:21 (1 Year ago)
What can a legendary teach me, oh to be really rare and super difficult to catch

What if An Autobot was the substitute teacher?

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Posted: Sat, 26/03/2022 14:16 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Sat, 26/03/2022 14:14 (1 Year ago)
Snom meaningly forced a Rainbow Serpent to devour an ocean of witches with one million flasks of fish-eyes

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Posted: Thu, 24/03/2022 14:24 (1 Year ago)
They smugly dared me to eat a bowl of surströmming for seventeen vials of sentient prismatic gel.

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Posted: Thu, 24/03/2022 14:21 (1 Year ago)

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Posted: Thu, 24/03/2022 14:19 (1 Year ago)
I am the Ron, where are the Weasley family?

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Posted: Thu, 24/03/2022 14:16 (1 Year ago)
hope the B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z is somewhere within the soup (alphabet soup

Waiter, there's a 変態 in my soup

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Posted: Thu, 24/03/2022 14:11 (1 Year ago)
Is Monkey D. Luffy the origin of our teacher

What if a pirate was the substitute teacher?

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Posted: Thu, 24/03/2022 04:50 (1 Year ago)
I'm sorry, but Shinx cannot be a teacher

What if Eli Shane (Slugterra) was the substitute teacher?

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 23:04 (1 Year ago)

🐵 🔥

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 13:54 (1 Year ago)
only things you can do to a wooper is punch them

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 13:13 (1 Year ago)
of course, you're a shiny Umbreon

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 13:10 (1 Year ago)
learning about eating carrots, and pooping in tiny pieces will be GREAT

What if Stumpt(Youtube channel) were our substitute teacher?

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 12:54 (1 Year ago)
Chaotic Evil

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 12:53 (1 Year ago)
I am the wands, where are the students of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry?

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 12:50 (1 Year ago)
At least try

you would just be a normal type

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 12:20 (1 Year ago)
Hope he's not as bad as a friend than you are then

What If Aquaman (Kaldur'ahm) was our substitute teacher?

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 11:48 (1 Year ago)
You did it wrong, you are suppose to reply to someone's answer before posting your own answer. Anyways;

Hmmmmm, the steel and rock will help turn the soup into a stew

Waiter, there's a PM from my stalker in my Soup

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 08:41 (1 Year ago)
You avariciously made me chocolate frogs for seventeen Queen's Knight

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2022 08:24 (1 Year ago)
"Come with me, for thy experiments will make you stronger"

Waiter, there a in my soup and it's still alive!!!!

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