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Posted: Fri, 08/04/2022 00:13 (1 Month ago)
Good, grief. I'm a Demon Lord and yet I'm scrambling around trying to find little eggs just to get a wreath of flowers...well, let the hunt begin.

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Posted: Sun, 23/01/2022 07:21 (3 Months ago)
I give my support. This would be a great way to let off some steam and destroy the pokemon ecosystem(slaughter those weak wild Pokemon!). >:)

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Posted: Sun, 23/01/2022 07:19 (3 Months ago)
...A...cobalt blue...bird girl? Bah! I'm a demon lord, not a genius!

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Posted: Sun, 23/01/2022 02:28 (3 Months ago)
This sounds great! In the future when I start looking for shinies and mega-ables this would make everything much easier.

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Posted: Sun, 23/01/2022 01:41 (3 Months ago)
I'm clicking!

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Posted: Sun, 23/01/2022 00:02 (3 Months ago)
I'm done, AlienSnowflake! Have a great day!

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Posted: Sat, 22/01/2022 15:45 (3 Months ago)
Welcome, Anime_Maniac! I'm new too! Done clicking, Chikorita! Have a good day y'all!

Whoops, we posted at the same time. I'll click your party too, Henrietta!

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