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I'm Feeling Lucky

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Posted: Sat, 20/04/2019 14:34 (4 Years ago)
I want to join, please <3

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2017 20:32 (6 Years ago)
Got my first munchkin today <3 almost able to breed, and I saw a really nice one in the breed-ables that's free and perfect coloring (breeding dark/black ones) My pretty

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Posted: Wed, 28/12/2016 17:37 (6 Years ago)
anyone have a male (you'd let me breed with or buy) that looks like Powder? With her getting older, I want to get a similar mwitten soon
edit: Ignore, unless you have a similar you wanna sell, she's pretty enough I'd buy a close one

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Posted: Fri, 23/12/2016 17:02 (6 Years ago)
1. star piece
2. star piece
3. star piece
4. Hard rock
8. Easy hunt
9. Flame
10. Icicle
11. Meadow
12. Pixie
13. Splash

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Posted: Sat, 03/12/2016 00:39 (7 Years ago)
Got another lovely mwitten <3

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Posted: Fri, 02/12/2016 01:45 (7 Years ago)
yes, so much yes. Then I could save pd that's intended for raffles and not worry about overspending

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Posted: Mon, 28/11/2016 16:31 (7 Years ago)
Got a new mwittin this morning =^_^=

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Posted: Sun, 27/11/2016 23:17 (7 Years ago)
I wanna join!
Username: Narcissa
Fav pokemon or pokesona reference: Meowth or Persian

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Posted: Sat, 26/11/2016 18:53 (7 Years ago)
Can you link me to your cattery? I'd love to see what you have for sale

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Posted: Wed, 23/11/2016 00:53 (7 Years ago)
Look at this pretty mwit I just bought ^_^ So happy

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Posted: Tue, 22/11/2016 00:13 (7 Years ago)
I have mixed feelings about her I don't generally love Flames, but her fire amuses me =^_^=
edit: the account is my side, if anyone wants to add me

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Posted: Sun, 20/11/2016 03:32 (7 Years ago)
[/b]Hello alexia! I'd like to buy some art!~[/b]

Username: Narcissa (here) and Yuki Cross on Mweor

Art Type:Chibi, please

Reference: Him, if possible

How much you are paying: 10k (Edit: if that's too low, let me know. I could see the 2 pairs of wings being a little troublesome)

Specific Details Wanted: none that I can think of

Password:I love Tems! <3

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Posted: Sun, 20/11/2016 03:19 (7 Years ago)
EDIT: Ignore this post, I found her a male

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Posted: Fri, 18/11/2016 23:25 (7 Years ago)
We can pair your male with my lady, if you like ^_^ I'll set her to private breed, to make sure the mwit goes straight to you

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Posted: Fri, 18/11/2016 23:18 (7 Years ago)
you're welcome ^_^ gonna go find the right male, and will do my best to help you (if you know of a male that works, lemme know)

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Posted: Fri, 18/11/2016 23:13 (7 Years ago)
@Saratank I have a fairly similar one, if you want me to try to breed a comparable one to the escapee here

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Posted: Fri, 18/11/2016 19:52 (7 Years ago)
A few days ago, I found her for free in mweor sales =^_^= such a pretty girl, and the perfect price

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Posted: Fri, 18/11/2016 17:52 (7 Years ago)
I kinda wish Eclispse were an air, she would look so pretty ^_^

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Posted: Fri, 18/11/2016 17:44 (7 Years ago)
ooh, she is amazing @_@ My comp took forever to show me, but...just wow! I hope the generator is telling the truth about how she'll look (I dunno how accurate it is)

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Posted: Fri, 18/11/2016 17:24 (7 Years ago)
@Shadow - Those are so pretty (Velvet has a bunch of marks, gonna have to use the generator to see her
@Eeveelution - Aww, thank you ^_^ I'm at least happy she got the wings, since I'm working on the badge, but here's to hoping my mwits due on the 21st look nicer XD I'll probably keep this one, though I'm not sure about colors, I'm already attached

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