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Posted: Tue, 30/08/2022 04:31 (9 Months ago)
Then we will restart! I'll start it off:

Once upon a time, there was a yellow vaporeon.

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Posted: Mon, 29/08/2022 16:56 (9 Months ago)
Might I suggest a restart?

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Posted: Tue, 05/07/2022 16:16 (11 Months ago)
Pretty much this is a basic thing where you add a sentence to the story. Each person adds a sentence and it doesn't really have to make too much sense or anything.

Person 1: Once upon a time, there was a rat.
Person 2: The rat's name was Beth.
Person 1: And Beth hated running from the cat.
Person 3: Since the cat was a cop coming after her.

If you really want to, you could make it two sentences but that's the limit. Pretty much go nuts with it.

If it is too off the rail/hard to follow/or is boring, someone can suggest a redo and everyone can start from the beginning if they are okay with it. If someone suggests a redo and the majority doesn't want to start over, then they can continue.

Now start!

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Posted: Mon, 04/07/2022 14:44 (11 Months ago)
You warn the ants of the dark arts of bees

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Posted: Mon, 04/07/2022 02:30 (11 Months ago)
You are the one that turned me into one with the dark arts of bees.

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Posted: Sun, 03/07/2022 23:08 (11 Months ago)
You are secretly an anteater

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Posted: Sun, 03/07/2022 14:58 (11 Months ago)
You have led a rebellion among the ants due to their colony becoming too chaotic with all of this.

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Posted: Fri, 01/07/2022 16:42 (11 Months ago)
You like ants and frequently feed them.

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Posted: Fri, 01/07/2022 16:14 (11 Months ago)
You pretend to get married to legos when no one is looking.

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Posted: Fri, 01/07/2022 12:00 (11 Months ago)
Punch hard

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Posted: Wed, 29/06/2022 22:38 (11 Months ago)
The kitchen about 5 mins ago.

Do you think pokemon is dying?

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Posted: Wed, 29/06/2022 17:38 (11 Months ago)
You actually want sprigatito to stand but you project this onto others- (You double monster)

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Posted: Tue, 28/06/2022 21:34 (11 Months ago)
You eat all the snacks and blame it on someone else-

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Posted: Tue, 28/06/2022 21:32 (11 Months ago)
Chase after

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Posted: Tue, 28/06/2022 04:47 (11 Months ago)
Pokemon Fight

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Posted: Tue, 28/06/2022 01:32 (11 Months ago)
With the frog, I would definitely say Froakie. Maybe Alcremie and Appletun too for reasons I won't explain. ^^

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Posted: Mon, 27/06/2022 21:56 (11 Months ago)

Waiter, there's pixie dust in my soup!

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Posted: Mon, 27/06/2022 21:09 (11 Months ago)

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Posted: Mon, 27/06/2022 20:23 (11 Months ago)
Let's get the ball rollin'!

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Posted: Mon, 27/06/2022 19:11 (11 Months ago)
How you go about this is up to you- You can directly list pokemon that you could imagine being on their team or you could say something more vague.

"I think they would have a Dragonite and maybe a Axew"
"They would probably have more cutesy but dangerous pokemon on their team"
"I could see them using a monotype team of fire types"
"Spooky pokemon, enough said"
"Definitely Bulbasaur"

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