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Posted: Mon, 20/03/2023 19:28 (1 Year ago)
There is no law about pokemon batman MUHAHAHHAHA so YES

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Posted: Sat, 23/10/2021 17:57 (2 Years ago)
Please hide your messages when I tell you in Pal Pad that you have points!

When I message you in Pal Pad make sure to add the points to your forum post, and make sure to delete your answers!

Keep everything in one forum post please!

This goes to everyone that uses this =)

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Posted: Sat, 23/10/2021 17:42 (2 Years ago)
What Is Something That Appears At Day, But Disappears At Night? 10 Points (there is more than 1 answer to this)
(Still more to be added)

A wealthy family lived in a big circular house. They had a maid, a butler, and a gardener. The parents were going to a party, so they tucked the younger kids into bed and kissed them goodnight and said goodbye, and kissed the older kids goodnight. When the parents came home, all the kids were gone—they had been kidnapped. The authorities ask the butler, maid, and gardener what they were doing at the time of the kidnapping. The butler says he was organizing the library, the maid says she was dusting the corners, and the gardener says he was watering the plants. Who’s lying and actually kidnapped the kids? 20 Points.

Points will give you prizes that you can buy! This game is still a work in progress, but for each riddle you solve, you will get 10-20 Points!

Let’s challenge your brains!

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Posted: Sat, 23/10/2021 01:44 (2 Years ago)
I’m scared of people who say, “Look it’s Joe”

You can guess what category this falls in

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Posted: Mon, 19/07/2021 15:50 (2 Years ago)
I a m v coolj’


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Posted: Fri, 16/07/2021 18:43 (2 Years ago)
I got garbage poopoo head (blaziken).

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 21:12 (2 Years ago)

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 21:12 (2 Years ago)


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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 21:10 (2 Years ago)

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 21:06 (2 Years ago)

I mean I forgot the Upper case and I typed two ss’s By accident

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 20:58 (2 Years ago)

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 20:26 (2 Years ago)
Good and Evil

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 20:21 (2 Years ago)
Jun 16 or Jun 18 and I will be rating everybody’s remakes

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 19:07 (2 Years ago)
Oh crap, I need to change the amount, I accidentally pressed the button a lot

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 18:59 (2 Years ago)

You can make remakes of songs For every good remake you make you get 100 points (Get 1000 points for a surprise)

(I want you guys to have fun and to learn how to be creative)

Extra Points:

90’s Songs

Anime Openings

Panic At The Disco Songs

Michael Jackson Songs(I love Panic at the disco)

You can get a extra 100 points if you do these

Pick any song you want to do!

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 17:37 (2 Years ago)
(Nice details and can I ask questions in pal pad?)

Harry put his mask on his face to hide his identity. “I should get out of my house to get more food.” Light takes a deep breath and goes outside. He looks at the rust and fire on buildings and on cars. “I can’t believe the world has gone to this” Harry tries to think of places that has clothing and food. “I can’t go to the mall. It might collapse.” Light chooses to go there anyways. “I don’t have a vehicle so I guess I should just walk.” Harry begins to walk. (He will take a Long time to walk over to the place you are at because he is 20 minutes away)

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 16:49 (2 Years ago)
Username: *Ampharos*
Character name: Unkown (Name is Harry Ugamaki, but you will have to gain his trust to know him better)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black coat and black hiking boots and black pants and a black cap, and he has a mask that covers his face. He is 6’4
Age: 18
With anyone? (optional): lives by himself
Backstory: Harry Ugamaki has watched everybody in his life die, even before the world has gone to a deadly place. When he was a kid, a serial killer killed his whole family, Harry Ugamaki had to watch them die. He luckily escaped. Now he doesn’t trust anybody, he is ignored, and left alone because thought he killed them. Harry now has lost his trust with everybody in the world. Harry has two weapons, a pistol and a knife from his dad
Other: Harry is silent and stealthy, (btw, did I make this correctly? If I did something wrong, can you tell me what to fix)

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Posted: Tue, 08/06/2021 01:07 (2 Years ago)
Aspen, I'd like to buy some art!
Form of Art: (Lineless, fullbody, ect) Fullbody
Character Reference: (on my pfp on “about me”)
Payment: 50k Pd with a extra 5k Pd
Other: if possible, Can you color it? (I want the eyes to be red)
Password: Tired Art-

(Nvm you can’t do these kinds of characters)

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Posted: Thu, 03/06/2021 23:19 (2 Years ago)
Darkness pulls out his letter with a smile on his face and he begins to get ready. “I can’t believe it. I got accepted!” Darkness whispers with joy. “I’m only twelve, and I got into this school! I’m kind of surprised they would let me in” He smiles.

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Posted: Wed, 02/06/2021 18:26 (2 Years ago)
Light hears voices in his head causing him to have a headache. “Ugh! Ah. It hurts!” Light collapses onto the floor and sees a strange figure in his mind. Light stays on the floor and looks like he has just died. “I’m sensing a great danger....” Light says to himself before closing his eyes.

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