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Posted: Sun, 11/09/2016 13:17 (7 Years ago)
Ninu was opening and closing lockers repeatedly "OH BOI DIS IS FUN"

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Posted: Sun, 26/06/2016 16:26 (7 Years ago)
(Good, we quit, I don't want the argument to evolve either. No problem.)

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Posted: Sun, 26/06/2016 16:21 (7 Years ago)
(That's what I just said, that was ages ago. And no. Maybe we could be friends with him, but being in an RP with him, never.)

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Posted: Sun, 26/06/2016 16:18 (7 Years ago)
(You know what? That was ages ago. I don't even care. If that's what you want to believe, fine. That's why we left. Because we wouldn't interact with anybody.)

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Posted: Sun, 26/06/2016 16:13 (7 Years ago)
(We were until we gave up because you were ignoring us.)

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Posted: Sun, 26/06/2016 15:58 (7 Years ago)
(Our concern is not about that. It's that everytime you come to an RP you just type with Infinity and pretend that we're not here. You just completely ignore us. So there is no point at all to actually call us rude and childish because we didn't sat here saying bad things about you. We just left. Just like we should have. Have fun.)

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Posted: Sun, 26/06/2016 13:43 (7 Years ago)
(Nope. I'm quitting the RP. Bye.)

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Posted: Tue, 07/06/2016 19:27 (8 Years ago)
(I keep forgeting... sorry)

Joules went to the kitchen to get some food. "I'll make a sandwich" he said to himself because he's crazy. He opened the fridge and saw some vegetables. "Ugh... I HATE vegetables... but I guess I have no choice, do I..." he said and started making a sandwich.

(Better? XD)

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Posted: Tue, 07/06/2016 19:13 (8 Years ago)
After 200 years some time, Joules woke up. He goes out of his room and sees that the house is a mess. "What happened here!?" he asked, eager to find out.

(God, why is my English awful today? XD)

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Posted: Sun, 05/06/2016 14:13 (8 Years ago)
Joules started waking up. He opened his eyes slightly and saw everyone having an argument. "No way I'm getting involved", he thought. Then he went back to sleep.

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Posted: Sun, 05/06/2016 13:38 (8 Years ago)
(Oh, okay XD. Sorry, I just panic when I do such things

And I don't have time do think about something else because I'll have to go somewhere pretty soon, so I'll edit it later.)

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Posted: Sun, 05/06/2016 13:35 (8 Years ago)
(@A-Cat-With-Glasses Omg, I'm already going to get a warning... I'll delete it, sorry)

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Posted: Sun, 05/06/2016 13:27 (8 Years ago)
Joules was sleeping. He was seeing a dream. A wonderful world (@Aqua What a wonderful wooooooorld) with peace and no noise. So... Calm. Almost like he wasn't trapped at "The School" treated like a lab rat a little while ago.

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Posted: Sun, 05/06/2016 12:57 (8 Years ago)
(@Karuru I feel ya XD)

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Posted: Sun, 05/06/2016 12:18 (8 Years ago)
Name: Joules Nightmare
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Yes, he's a boy, shut up)
Wing Appearance:
Personality: Coward, calm, but could sacrifice himself for his friends.
Powers To Develop Later: The power to extend his claws, just like a cat.
History: His real name is Gus Led. His parents brought him to "The School" because they thought that he could have a better future. Though, the results were the opposite of what they expected.
Crush: No
Other: He doesn't like fighting.

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Posted: Wed, 16/03/2016 21:30 (8 Years ago)
Gus saw Marie. He found his chance. "Hey, that girl is in trouble!" He told the teacher, waiting for him to go to her so he can leave.

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Posted: Wed, 16/03/2016 18:32 (8 Years ago)
(I was talking to Cerys)

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Posted: Wed, 16/03/2016 18:30 (8 Years ago)
(Um... Don't you think you're being a bit strict...?)

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Posted: Wed, 16/03/2016 18:27 (8 Years ago)
(I agree. Both of you stop.)

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Posted: Wed, 16/03/2016 18:22 (8 Years ago)
(I don't think she edited it)

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