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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 15:06 (15 Minutes ago)
"To you, obviously! I don't even like that guy!" He blew a raspberry at Rhulk, folding his arms and mirroring Renata. "If I had to revert back to living my old life or be loyal to Rhulk forever, I'd revert back to my old life." The fires dimmed a bit at his words, though they did not seem offended. Simply concerned in a knowing way. There is another reason you'd go back to your life. You just won't tell them yet.

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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 14:47 (33 Minutes ago)
"Ah, yes. Sorry about that." He stopped jumping, walking backwards a bit before stopping. He poked his foot into the sand. Strange, he wondered how it felt. It felt soft under his shoes, but it looked grainy. Yue had the sudden urge to run his hand through the sand. Been traveling in deserts and hasn't experienced sand smh

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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 14:41 (39 Minutes ago)
Taboo huffs. "No, I'm coming with ya'lls. I trust Yeka and Harpy to get her back safely, but Rhulk? Meh, not so much." He rolled the axe in his palm, fires dancing on his shoulders.

"Of course, My leader." Harpy nodded and neon tendrils hefted Rhuna up slowly so they wouldn't hurt her. He turned to Yeka again, waiting for her command.

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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 14:15 (1 Hour ago)
"Are we fighting now? Sweet honey chisels, I don't even know what's going on." Taboo grumbled, following after Rhulk. He hissed a bit when he dropped Rhuna. "My Dude, we know. We're getting onto that." Harpy hovered near Rhuna and Yeka, nodding to her that he would come with them.

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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 14:08 (1 Hour ago)
"You have? Great!!" Yue sprinted over, sliding in the sand a bit before standing up properly. "What is it?" He craned his neck over Lean's shoulder, jumping a bit to see it.

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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 03:45 (11 Hours ago)
✩Entry 6:

I'm cleaning out the pen today. Rebecca followed me downstairs, even though she is sorta slow. But she caught up in the end so that's alright! No one'd touched the pen for a while so there were a lot of weeds sprouting here and there. I had to wear boots because some plants have those really spiky seeds that latch onto your feet and you have to pull them out individually. Rebecca stayed outside the pen, just crawling around and onto some of the garden plants. She stayed away from the Duck pond which is very smart. Anyways, I started by yanking out the weeds and putting them into a bucket. That took a long time. It took like five bucketfuls to rid half of the pen! They're nasty. And then after that I went to have a break and then continued. My hands hurt and so do my knees. And that's only the first thing I have to do. Sigh.

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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 02:28 (12 Hours ago)
"Alright, Miss. I'll get right onto that." He nodded and scurried off. He poked around the Ruins, using Light to life any fallen debris so he could see better. So far, he'd found nothing.

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Posted: Tue, 07/02/2023 01:19 (14 Hours ago)
Peter looked Erik up and down. "Wait, you're not part of Legion... yet you took down the guards anyways? Hm." He folded his arms. Sounds like someone he knows. "Well then, you could just leave all of this behind and pray that Wildana authorities don't find you. Or, y'know, join Legion or something."

Yue looked to Sela and then to Dakota before waving slowly at her. "It was nice to meet you, Miss." He followed after Sela, looking around the ruins. "Miss Sela, could I ask what we're doing here?"

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 12:53 (1 Day ago)
Name: Sucrose Leofwine Iria
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: He stands very awkwardly and usually fidgets with the onyx ring on his finger. Very soft blond hair that frames his face. Red eyes can be seen through his hair. He wears a dark shirt over a puffy red sweater with ripped jeans and checkered sneakers. A belt loops around his waist.

Personality: Unlike his grunge outfit, he's very soft and tries to be considerate to everyone he meets. If anyone rejects his friendship, he'd probably hand them a lollipop and walk away. Sometimes he is very open but that is only when he is around people he thoroughly knows. If not, he'd hold a normal conversation. Sucrose also enjoys Rock songs.

Fears: Getting taken advantage of, drowning

Backstory: TBRP'D

Password: *cough cough*
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Palpad: Yes pls :D
Other: Yayy Wtnv rp!

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 12:32 (1 Day ago)
"Not afraid of being fast, just um," He looked down. "More likely not wanting to fall off and smash my face into the pavement, if you get what I'm saying."

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 10:06 (1 Day ago)
"Ahahahaa- Not very fast! Definitely not fast at all-" His face spread into a nervous grin. He blinked at the broom twitching.

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 08:33 (1 Day ago)
Yue laughed and then his hands gripped onto the broom when it sped up. The laughter spiraled into nervous ones. "Agreed, but how fast should we go-" He definitely hasn't gotten used to being in the air.

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 08:11 (1 Day ago)
"Mona... that's a very nice name." Yue smiled, before looking down at his hands and then moving his legs back and forth again. He pulled his hair over his shoulder, careful not to smack anyone with it.

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 07:53 (1 Day ago)
"The fastest driver, huh? That's believable. Your ride seems comfy." He leaned back, holding onto the broom as he did so. "Did you give your carriage a name?"

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 07:39 (1 Day ago)
"Oooh. What is that? It looks marvelous." He studied the picture, tilting his head a bit. "Is that some sort of intricate carriage of some sort? Is it self driven?" He kept his tone low, though there was wonder in his voice.

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 07:25 (1 Day ago)
"Of course, I won't tell anyone. I'm good at keeping secrets if I do say so myself. My lips will be sealed." He made a zipping motion across his mouth

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 07:16 (1 Day ago)
"I'm doing alright. The broom isn't much, but it is still great nonetheless." Yue answered with a smile, moving his legs back and forth like a little child.

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Posted: Mon, 06/02/2023 01:22 (1 Day ago)
Peter waved goodbye to Ann, who went back up the tree, before following after Azazel. He took a vial of black liquid from his belt and drank it, retying his hair back into a bun. A small widow spider crawled up his shoulder, climbing up his head and waving its little legs around.

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Posted: Sun, 05/02/2023 14:17 (2 Days ago)
✩Entry 4:

So, according to the stuff written in the book which I only remember this evening, snails do eat zucchini! Rebecca was holding out on me!! And Bladder snails are supposed to be a species that eat a lot!! Hm, can't blame her exactly. She still definitely doesn't trust where she is now. But a great thing I found out is that Bladder snails eat leftover fish slash shrimp food! It's a great thing I have some fishfood from the Duck pond, right? I had to crush them a little bit because I wasn't sure if Rebecca could chew it (Probably not because she doesn't have any teeth). I came back like an hour later and it was mostly gone! Except for some wafting pink things. At first I wasn't sure if she would eat them because they were specifically made for Flower Head Eels but hey!! How convenient!! It's a good thing bobo kept this junk.

✩Entry 4.1:

Mom said that I shouldn't feed Rebecca too much, maybe because it would make her fat? Can Snails get fat? What does Mom know even, she's never taken care of a snail. But neither have I, so I don't think I get any say in this argument. I'll listen what she says. Oh! And another thing, I got to pet Rebecca! I was cleaning out the wafting thingys and she popped her head out. I was like 'Hi' and then at first I was going to stroke her shell but then she didn't go back into her shell! So I got to pet her!! She felt very smooth, kinda like softer plastic. After that she continued crawling around the tub. A great experience!!

✩Entry 5: Some interesting stuff this morning. Rebecca crawled out of the bathtub again and she's crawling across my floor. She stayed out for a few moments before going back into the tub. She left some slime but that's nothing a mop can't clean up! The slime is sorta brown, it's like one of Mom's face scrub thingy. Ohh, maybe people use this slime to make those things? That's why they're called Snail slime things? You learn something new everyday!

✩Entry 5.1: Went to the library again. On the way mom yelled at me to keep Rebecca in a different place because she was living in my bathtub, and you can imagine the issues with that. I have to go and shower in Mom's bathroom instead. I don't mind, but Mom sure does. I was thinking that I could put her in the empty pen! We used to keep Honey there. There's a pond and a shelter, and there's a fence around it too. I think Rebecca would like it. Anyways, I found out snails are hermiphorites hemiphrodites (???) I'm not writing it I don't know but they aren't male or female. So um, I'm not sure what to call Rebecca. Would it be disrespectful to continue calling her by she/her? Hm, she doesn't really mind, but then again she can't understand english so maybe she's just tolerating it.

✩Entry 5.2:

It's been decided, I'm going to call her She/They. I asked her about it and she tilted her head again. She's so small. I let her crawl around the house so she could explore! I even let her go outside and I showed her the pen too. She didn't mind it, I think. I'll bring her out for a few more times in the following week so she'll get more accustomed to the outside. Mom said three days and no more which sucks. Adaptation takes time!! Well, unless you're superhuman (I think)

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Posted: Sun, 05/02/2023 10:25 (2 Days ago)
"Kill em', I guess. What use would they be alive?" Peter shrugged, rolling his bloody sleeves up. He licked the blood off his lips and petted the large spider. "Good job, Ann. Who's a good girl? Yeah, you are. Good girl."

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