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Posted: Fri, 15/12/2017 06:13 (4 Years ago)

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Posted: Sat, 25/11/2017 23:11 (4 Years ago)
Username: Glaffyn
Reference: Blep
Preferred Pose (optional!):
Payment method: 100k PD
Full body, Halfbody, Headshot or Pixel doll?: Halfbody
Other details? (optional!): Ah tyty ; v ;

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Posted: Wed, 08/11/2017 22:08 (4 Years ago)
600k + 2 Griseous Orbs ?

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Posted: Thu, 13/07/2017 03:10 (5 Years ago)
Bro they were adorable, idk what you're talking about >:v

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Posted: Thu, 13/07/2017 01:46 (5 Years ago)
omg I remember when you first put Drakami up for adopts ; w ;

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Posted: Sun, 09/07/2017 16:53 (5 Years ago)
Aaaaaaa so slots are closed ; v ;U

EDIT; either North,January, or Timenia is fine tyty!~

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Posted: Mon, 06/03/2017 22:50 (5 Years ago)
Hi Tanu! I'd like to buy a mosaic from you~
Character refs: blep
Frame color: Green
Around frame: Maybe some Ribbons and Sparklers :0
Sparkles color: Any of the color palette would be fine~
Background color: Dark blue maybe black
Payment: 100~
Anything else? These are just so cute hhhhhhh ; v ;

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Posted: Sat, 18/02/2017 19:05 (5 Years ago)
These are all really cute??? adlifuahwelifuhadlsiufhlaiuwe

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Posted: Sun, 12/06/2016 02:41 (6 Years ago)
pokeheroes name: Glaffyn
requested drawing: Palpad u w u
medium: Traditional Watercolor (?)
type of drawing: Avi with BG
offer: 150k?
other important things i should know: Palpad ; u ;

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Posted: Sat, 28/05/2016 22:41 (6 Years ago)

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Posted: Mon, 23/05/2016 12:41 (6 Years ago)
You guys the shop is closed :\

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Posted: Sun, 01/05/2016 02:14 (6 Years ago)

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Posted: Wed, 27/04/2016 03:02 (6 Years ago)
- Stashyyy
- Poxel
- 75k-100k? ;v;;

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Posted: Tue, 26/04/2016 22:17 (6 Years ago)
aH I didn't know you reopened ;v;;;

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Posted: Tue, 26/04/2016 21:23 (6 Years ago)
Dragon Heart: 20k♥

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Posted: Mon, 25/04/2016 00:53 (6 Years ago)
I think I won that since it ended so long ago xD

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Posted: Mon, 18/04/2016 23:14 (6 Years ago)
Lizzie, I would like a drawing!
Refrence: Bloop
What kind?: Fullbody
Anything else?: Digital please ;v;;~
Password: Oink

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Posted: Sun, 17/04/2016 14:33 (6 Years ago)
40k ;v;;

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Posted: Sun, 10/04/2016 20:25 (6 Years ago)

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Posted: Sat, 09/04/2016 23:20 (6 Years ago)
20k start for the spring Bulb ;u;;

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