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I'm Feeling Lucky

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Posted: Tue, 09/11/2021 00:24 (7 Months ago)
Whoa, this is a really cool event! Guess I'll have to prioritize Sinnoh for the next couple weeks.

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Posted: Fri, 05/11/2021 05:35 (7 Months ago)
I spun the Wheel of Fortune and although the wheel landed on an image of a Fire Stone, the text says I won a Water Stone. Image in the spoiler below.

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Posted: Tue, 02/11/2021 01:00 (8 Months ago)
I just got a question where I was asked which Pokemon hatched in 7710 steps (or the PH equivalent). Cranidos and Amaura were both options. I chose Amaura and got kicked out. I don't have the data for those two on PH, but Bulbapedia shows them having the same hatch time.

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Posted: Sun, 10/10/2021 22:41 (8 Months ago)
For egg steps, Bulbapedia's List of Pokemon by base Egg Cycles may be helpful. PokeHeroes seems to base eggs steps off the way they were calculated in Gen 6. If you can keep this page open and use ctrl + F to quickly find a Pokemon, that might be a big help to you.

Similarly, the List of Pokemon by evolution family could help, as it lists every pokemon and how it evolves.

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Posted: Sun, 03/10/2021 23:34 (9 Months ago)

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Posted: Sun, 03/10/2021 23:05 (9 Months ago)
Being told some slightly disappointing news.

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