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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2016 00:39 (6 Years ago)
@emilicious, this is a gijinka rp my dude

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Posted: Wed, 20/04/2016 02:24 (6 Years ago)
Name: Samael "Grim" Abarys
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Species: Hydreigon
Grade: Drama Teacher
Personality: TBA bc im a lazy frick bag
Occupation: Drama Teacher and Host/Director of Theatre Club
Background extras:
Encounter Theme
Fight Theme

Move Set: Dragon Rush, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, and Draco Meteor
Crushes: Open
Other: Gengar
Questions/Concerns: nah fam

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Posted: Wed, 30/03/2016 23:35 (6 Years ago)
Sean: //he stepped closer to Finch, his gait moving in long strides. Sean refused to move his gaze off of him as he moved closer with a disgusting sharp-toothed grin/ Well would ya look at that //he said crouching in front of his host/ I didn't even possess you and somehow I did, huh? So what's it feel like kid? Being possessed and all //he chuckled moving in closer to Finch's personal bubble, his sharp eyes wide with amusement. So close in fact their noses were nearly touching. Sean had no sense of personal space since he had a tendency to hijack other human bodies and such. His devilish grin was wide and ever so wicked. He truly found this situation interesting.

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Posted: Wed, 30/03/2016 21:13 (6 Years ago)
Sean: //he eventually tucked his bag of snacks away into his pocket as he continued walking. He had some sort of weird feeling as he approached the corner store. Sean peered into its windows and decided to step in. His eyes sharpened as he felt the presence of his unsuspected host nearby/ Thats really weird...//he grumbled while wandering around trying not to act suspicious in any way. He walked over to the restroom and without hesitation kicked the door so forcefully it flew off of its hinges. Sean stood there a moment before putting his foot down and stepping in, and giving Finch a cold, dead, demon stare. His glare was intimidating while his pastel goth attire wasn't as much so.

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Posted: Wed, 30/03/2016 04:04 (6 Years ago)
Sean: //he walked around town aimlessly looking around himself to make sure nobody was watching before he pulled a baggie out of his pocket. Sean unrolled the package revealing the assortment of larvae and insects that were in it. He opened the ziplock bag and dug around for one of the juicier grubs and pulled it out. He looked at it as it wriggled around between his thumb and his index finger before letting it into his mouth and chewing it up happily. Sean really likes eating weird things. Especially bugs and eyeballs on occasion. He swallowed his tasty treat before reaching into his bag again to continue eating his odd demon snack.

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Posted: Tue, 29/03/2016 02:49 (6 Years ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAA i already paired up with SandeviRae :'D

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Posted: Tue, 29/03/2016 00:37 (6 Years ago)
Name: Sean Arberum
Species: Demon
Age: appears 21 but older than dirt lmao
Gender: Male
Host/Demon: Finch

Personality: A very cocky and somewhat rude demon. Sean is blunt, loud, and doesn't really care about the feelings of others. He loves the feeling of being able to take control of an innocent mortal's body. So much so he will stay in a single body for hundreds of years at a time until he finds one that's suitable. He's perfectly content in the one he has now but only if hes required to leave it he will. He has a laid back attitude and is semi-pleasant to be around regardless if you are human or demon. Even for how relaxed he is, Sean has a short fuse and is easily angered. He is also rather edgy and snacks on the strangest of treats you can find. If he wants to be left alone he will morph the flesh of his body to make any sort of mouth and/or eyeball he can make to ward people off.
Relationships/History: Prefers not to speak about his history
Other: his favorite hobby is s i n
fight theme
Questions/Concerns: nah fam

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Posted: Tue, 22/03/2016 04:35 (6 Years ago)
Fenris: //he let a low growl rumble out of his throat while keeping an aqua glare fixated on th vampire. He wandered down from the rock he was sitting on and moved in front of his pack members protectively. His head wad low, hair stood up on end, and teeth bared, because he did not trust this man one bit because of previous incidences./ You best stay away from my pack...//he said in a grumbly tone, trying to ward off James, even though he knew it most likely wouldn't work/ You have no business being around here and harrassing my wolves...//said Fen, speaking the truth on his behalf because the vampire really had no reason to be there

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Posted: Mon, 21/03/2016 02:53 (6 Years ago)
Fenris: //He whistled a happy tunr while waltzing through the forest on his own, since this was a normal occasion because he liked separation from his pack from time to time. Fenris looked around his familiar surroundings and let out a massive yawn before he stopped and stretched, popping a few of the vertebra in his back. He itched the back of his neck and looked around him some more with a little bit of a confused look./ This doesnt look right?? //he said to himself blinking in the direction he came from. He ran his long fingers through his floppy mohawk and huffed/ I got myself lost again didnt I...//he said, slumping over in disappointment. Fenris sighed and changed into his big, and hairy wolf form and wandered around aimlessly for a high rock or something. He eventually found one, then sat atop it, taking in a deep breath and releasing a loud, bellowing howl that could be heard for miles. He did this often considering he was known for getting lost and it was the easiest way for him to find his pack again

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Posted: Sun, 20/03/2016 22:57 (6 Years ago)

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Posted: Sun, 20/03/2016 19:25 (6 Years ago)
Sean: Man, you all really are a stubborn bunch aren't ya...//the siren sighed, totally displeased with the fact that his disguise didnt work the way he though it would/ Well i mean if you want the truth i have it for ya. //he took a deep breath before saying what he needed to say/ Alright, you caught me. I ain't no human. Im a siren. But the reason im on your ship is because I want to feel human. I dont like living in the sea because its far too large for my personal preference and i kinda wanna work on a pirate's ship i guess. //Sean shrugged at his words and looked at Souris/ And im sorry for flirting with your crew members. Its just instinct, yannow.

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Posted: Sun, 20/03/2016 05:15 (6 Years ago)
(@Lady, ur accepted :D)

Sean: //he looked away from their earing, since the glare was hitting him straight in the eye/ Watch where you aim that thing before someone goes blind-- //he sneered at Lánh, wincing away/ And whats more suspicious than these point ears! //he said, pinching one of their pointed ears and shaking it around a little/ Someone sporting ears like those have to be some sort of shape shifter. And how are you supposed to know what a mer-person smells like if youre human! //Sean stated in a powerful, self impressed voice, trying to call Lánh out on being a sea creature instead of him, since he really didnt share any signs or traits of being from the ocean at all besides smelling of sea water, which almost anyone would smell like that if theyve been out at sea long enough.

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Posted: Sat, 19/03/2016 02:04 (6 Years ago)
Name: Fenris Lupin
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Personality: Fenris is a happy go lucky young man. Hes got a heart of gold and is always trying to put a smile on everyone's faces. Hes a bit stupid and has horrible tracking skills. He is also clumsy and can be extremely lazy. Fen is extremely protective of his pack members and will do anything to keep them safe. He's almost never in a bad mood, except when he catches the fowl scent of a vampire near by. He's rather social and likes to make new friends, i.e. other animals or people that are either scared of him or want nothing to do with them. He lives up to the fact that hes a dog at heart and is overly playful. You can find Fenris almost always into something that he really shouldn't be sticking his nose into. He is very stern when it comes to his territory and will mark anything that's been marked before. For the sake of his unintelligence, its common that he'll be somewhat scratched up, have quills in his nose, or reek of skunk spray. His favorite hobby is chasing squirrels, which can lead him to getting hurt at times.
Pack ranking: Alpha
Background information: He really does not like Vampires. He wants almost nothing to do with them
Powers: Nothing much besides the fact that hes a werewolf lol
Crushes: Open mainlycastho
Other: dontmindmefenisslightlybicurious
Questions/Concerns: nah fam

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Posted: Fri, 18/03/2016 23:46 (6 Years ago)
Sean: //he stopped playing with the crew member's hair to turn his attention to the captain. His eyes widened with joy as she came out/ So here's the captain! //he said excitedly, considering hes most interested in her anyway/ Sorry that you had to meet me this way. I really just want to work on your ship and such. Seducing your crew members was just my way of getting your attention! //he said with the cutest grin he could pull off./ Oh, it seems your intimidation game was broken, since you don't have your pistol. But it worked, and I respect you for trying your best. //he looked Souris up and down with those blood red eyes and kinda grinned/ Yannow, you're a lot shorter than i pictured you before. //Sean said while shifting his weight to the left and setting a hand on his hip

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Posted: Fri, 18/03/2016 23:05 (6 Years ago)
Sean: //he scoffed at the negative remarks from both of the crew members that he received. Sean rolled up his sleeves and scowled/ I'm awfully offended. You both seriously think I'm a sea creature! I slipped myself on this putrid ship before you guys set sail. I've just been hiding below deck from that hot babe of a captain you have. //he said in a rather douchey tone, considering he had literally no fish-like features to give himself away. He played with the open collar of his button up shirt a little before wrapping a finger around a lock of Lành's hair./ Say...you're kinda cute...~ //Sean said with that disgustingly attractive grin of his/ Despite being really rude to me. But i have you know, I like the girls that play hard to get. It makes things a lot more fun and interesting...

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Posted: Fri, 18/03/2016 13:58 (6 Years ago)
Sean: //the sirens eyes flicked with surpise as he turned to see who had touched him. He gave them a look up and down and pushed their hand out of the way./ Why dont you buzz off and mind your own business pal. //he said sternly to Lành with a harsh red glare. He was slightly frustrated because he had been interrupted from trying to seduce someone. Sean continued to stare at them until they decided to walk off and go back to whatever they were doing.

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Posted: Fri, 18/03/2016 03:18 (6 Years ago)
Sean: //after walking around a little and adjusting to his legs, Sean stepped onto deck. His hair flowed gently with the sea air as he got a good look at the crew. He sneered slightly because humans bothered him quite a bit. Sean wandered around a little getting an idea for different escape routes. He tapped his chin and looked up at the sky, wincing at the bright sun. He kept wandering before spotting one of the young ladies on deck. His movements quick and graceful, he moved closer to Kel. Sean tapped the girl's shoulder gently to get her attention/ Hey there...//he said in a low, somewhat seductive sounding tone. Sean's red eyes looked here up and down as he ran his slim fingers through his soft, blonde hair./

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Posted: Fri, 18/03/2016 02:56 (6 Years ago)

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Posted: Fri, 18/03/2016 00:23 (6 Years ago)

Archer: //he sat leaned back in his chair and feet kicked up on his desk in the captain's quarters. A gentle snore crawling out of his throat. His head was leaned back and he had a map over his face. He had fallen asleep studying the route they were heading across the Atlantic ocean. He had only been captain a few months before planning his journey and setting sail to the Bermuda Triangle. He wanted to see what it was really like there, and to prove that anyone could escape, since legend says that no ship that has gone in has ever come out. Archer's long, jet black hair swayed gently to the rocking of the ship against the waves as he sat there in a good, and well needed sleep./

Sean: //the siren had been tagging behind the Night's Crosair for a few days now, waiting for an opportune time to slip on board. He moved smoothly through the water, and his hair flowed gently with it. His gills opened and closed as he breathed in the crisp sea water. His eyes narrowed as he swam to the surface of the waves. He lept out once, then twice, and three times before latching onto the boards of the ship and started crawling up with his arms alone, since his tail wasn't dry enough to convert to legs. He crawled through one of the holes that the ship's cannons are at. Sean slithered in and sat patiently as his tail dried and transformed. His gills disappeared and anything that made him seem relatively fish-like left his body and made him appear human. The nude man stood up and wandered around before finding some clothes and slipping them on.

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Posted: Fri, 18/03/2016 00:00 (6 Years ago)
Accepted :0

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