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I'm Feeling Lucky

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Posted: Tue, 27/04/2021 20:41 (2 Years ago)

Oops, I’m sorry! I only have 3 of them atm. Is 90 of either Gem okay? I’ll send a trade, just offer :)

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Posted: Tue, 27/04/2021 18:02 (2 Years ago)

Open again :)

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Posted: Tue, 01/12/2020 22:26 (2 Years ago)
Yes, I am still looking for all the other gems but I need to update that section real quick to be more current with Gem prices.

Check back in a few minutes, okay? :>

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Posted: Tue, 01/12/2020 15:02 (2 Years ago)
I’m really sorry you two, there’s a reason why I haven’t updated/posted on this thread in 5 months ;v; All the shiny hunts on the first page have already been completed.

I (should) still have all of those shinies for trade, but I’m unfortunately not looking for Poison Gems anymore. I have just recently reached my goal with them.

Thank you both and I apologize again!

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Posted: Mon, 02/11/2020 20:12 (2 Years ago)
Yes you may <3
I’ll send over the trade!

Thank you all for your offers!

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Posted: Mon, 02/11/2020 19:33 (2 Years ago)
They messaged me outside of this and withdrew. If you are still withdrawing your offer also, I guess TheRockers is the winner then lmao

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Posted: Mon, 02/11/2020 18:42 (2 Years ago)
Kanchan withdrew their offer, so Guest you are the winner!!

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Posted: Sun, 01/11/2020 01:55 (2 Years ago)
Please post your full final offers on this thread. I will be choosing the winner before reset tomorrow. Good luck all <3

Please be more specific on your offer. Also, can you post your whole offer?

Can you also do the same and type out everything you’re offering?

Thank you both!

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Posted: Fri, 30/10/2020 20:42 (2 Years ago)

Only a couple days left~

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Posted: Tue, 27/10/2020 23:41 (2 Years ago)

Unfortunately, your offer would still only be in 3rd place with the other offers ;v; I’m really sorry.



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Posted: Mon, 26/10/2020 21:30 (2 Years ago)
@Kanchan & Kimie

Thank you both for your offers! ❤️

I’ve updated the first post

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Posted: Mon, 26/10/2020 04:26 (2 Years ago)

I’ve updated your offer into the first post ^^ Thank you!

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Posted: Sun, 25/10/2020 19:45 (2 Years ago)


For your offer, I’d probably put yours after BoomBoy’s offer unfortunately ;v; While I am accepting shinies I’m missing, the other offers are worth a lot more in my opinion.

Thank you for your offer <3

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Posted: Sat, 24/10/2020 22:49 (2 Years ago)

Just to let you all know, there is only one week left to make offers on this! Guest’s offer is still in the lead.

I have also added another item to the list that I am also collecting: Ice Gems! Maybe that will help a bit? :)

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Posted: Mon, 19/10/2020 01:04 (2 Years ago)

Okay thank you! I appreciate your offer and I’ll go ahead and change that right away :>

I’m still leaning more towards Guest’s offer atm ;v;

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Posted: Sun, 18/10/2020 20:39 (2 Years ago)



Is that in addition to what you previously offered or is this your new offer? ^^

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Posted: Sat, 17/10/2020 03:07 (2 Years ago)
Bump; just about 2 weeks left! Guest is still in the lead :)

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Posted: Sat, 10/10/2020 21:57 (2 Years ago)

EDIT: sad to say, but KrazyKarp has withdrawn their offer. So Guest is now in the lead!

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Posted: Tue, 06/10/2020 23:19 (2 Years ago)
First post has been updated, thank you <3

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Posted: Tue, 06/10/2020 21:41 (2 Years ago)
Hello again everyone, I really do apologize once again for disappearing in regards to this thread. Once again, I had a really difficult past month in my personal life so I haven't had the time to sit down and update this and think about the offers you all had given me.

Because of this, I have changed the deadline of this auction to October 31st.

I have also went ahead and made some helpful updates to the first post, just so you guys can see all of the offers I have recieved in one spot and they are also in the order of which I like best! So that way you can see what you can add to your offer if necessary :>

In 1st place so far, we have KrazyKarp.
2nd place: Guest
3rd place: TheRockers

I will say that this will be the last time I am changing the deadline for this. Even if something ends up happening again, I will just take the offer that I had liked the best the last time I updated the thread. But, I'm predicting that I will not be running into the same problem again and I will be continuing to update the first post as need be.

Thank you all again for your offers, and good luck! <3

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