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Posted: Sat, 27/05/2023 01:25 (10 Days ago)

Title: Chapter 1

Rays of the early morning sun cut through the small gaps of the curtain that covered the window, shining in April’s face. She grumbled, turning her head away, trying to go back to sleep. She would’ve almost succeeded, had the alarm on her phone not gone off, playing Powerglove’s cover of Gotta Catch ‘em All.

She sat up, stifling a yawn. She then grabbed her phone from the table next to her bed, silencing the alarm. The time was currently 6:30 AM. The battery was at one hundred percent, so she would have to be careful not to lose too much of its charge. Today, she was heading to her new home, which was on the other side of the country in the state of North Carolina. She sighed. She was going to miss this place.

Had it not been moving day, there would’ve been Pokemon merchandise strewn about the room.

Getting out of bed, she turned to her backpack that sat in the corner of the room. All of her Pokemon games were in it, along with the corresponding handheld consoles (minus the Gamecube, of course. Still had to find an affordable game for that one.)

April had packed it the day before, making sure she didn’t miss anything important. It would be a long flight, and they would be with them for a week or so, so she wanted to make sure she had something to do. She unplugged her phone charger from the outlet, then wrapped it and placed it into the backpack.

She grabbed her pair of clothes that were sitting on top of the dresser, and went to the bathroom to get dressed.

“Glad you’re awake, April! Make sure you eat something,” her dad said as she walked into the kitchen. She gave him a small smile as she walked over to the counter, which was nearly empty, minus a few breakfast bars. She grabbed two of them, one for now, and one for the road. April opened it and began to eat it, chasing away her hunger. While it was tasteless, it at least got the job done. When she walked out of the kitchen, she looked around at the room. The furniture had been moved, leaving the room empty.

April sighed. She was going to miss home.

Well, it wasn’t home anymore, was it?

She finished the breakfast bar and walked out of the room, not wanting to stay any longer than needed. She pulled out her phone to check the time.

6:45 AM. Her and her father had fifteen minutes until they had to leave. She unlocked her phone, then opened up Pokemon GO.

Might as well check everything one last time.

The loading screen took a couple seconds, and she was shown the basic green map, with the roads colored grey. She zoomed out, spotting a Spearow and a Hoppip near her avatar, which was wearing the full Team Skull attire. She quickly caught both of them, transferring the two after checking their stats. She decided that she would hit a PokeStop later, since they would be driving and stopping for several days. When she was done, she exited out of the app and pressed the power button. April then placed her phone in the small pocket on her backpack, and put the backpack on.

“Well, I’m ready when you are,” she said, lacking excitement. Her father sighed, approaching her. “April,” he started, placing a hand on her shoulder, “I know you don’t want to leave. I didn’t want to, either. Life will be better in North Carolina. Safer, even.”


The word tugged at her, but she shrugged it off, opting to fill her head with the pros instead of the cons of moving.

“Well, at least we’d still visit a beach.”


And with that, they made their way out of the house. As she walked out the door, she stopped and looked at the clear sky, thinking to herself.

I wonder if life would be nicer in Pokemon.

She always had a childish dream that she could travel to the Pokemon world. Of course, that wasn’t possible, considering the current technology. It wasn’t even real to begin with. Just a game that ended up becoming a hit, and gaining songs, shows, cards, and even spinoffs. Even if Pokemon existed, it didn’t exist in the way she wished.

She returned her attention to what was in front of her, stepping off the porch and towards the driveway. Even the outside of the house looked devoid of color, the decorations having been removed and already packed into the truck, which waited on the street for them, the driver watching them. Her dad’s yellow van sat in the driveway, the front end facing the street. He was waiting for her next to it. She paused, hesitating.

“Sweetie, we have to leave,” he said, having noticed. April sighed. He was right. They had already bought their new house already and sold this one, so really, there was no point in hesitating. She steeled herself, taking a step forward…

… and started to fall when her foot did not meet the ground.

“Dad!” she cried, alarmed. The last thing she saw on his face was shock, and he had started to move forwards before he was out of her sight, replaced by clouds and sky.

“Apr-” was the last thing she heard from him before his voice was cut off, being replaced by the sound of rushing wind.

Her body tumbled aimlessly with no sense of direction other than down at an alarming rate, and April could feel her heartbeat skyrocketing as fear spread quickly through her body as she saw she was heading towards something white and man-made. Another seemingly man-made island was near it. However, it wasn’t close enough to make out any other details.

I’m falling I’m falling I’mfallingI’mfallingI’m-

Her voice inside her head rapidly spoke as panic took over, and she let out a terrified scream.

She looked around wildly, hoping she would find something to grab onto to maybe slow her fall. To her dismay, there was nothing but ocean as far as the eye could see. There were maybe one or two islands in the distance, but they were too far away, and she couldn’t properly count due to her body spinning in various directions.

The voice continued panicking.


The area below her got bigger and bigger as she got closer and closer to her supposed fate. If she weren’t panicking, she probably would’ve found the place a bit familiar. But, alas, she wouldn’t find out until later.

In her panic, she noticed that several small dots were rushing around below her, scurrying about. They all seemed to flock below her, as if they had noticed her.

There was a small body of water on the man-made thing, but, judging from her trajectory, she wouldn’t hit it. With the new information processed, she let out another terrified scream, her fear rising again.

Higher and higher it rose, and closer and closer she got.

Tears had been forming in her eyes. Whether it was from fear or the wind hitting her eyes, she did not know.

She could’ve sworn she heard someone call out the word ‘psychic’ mere seconds before everything went black. April wouldn’t know if she was alive or not until later.

It would’ve been a relaxing day at Aether Paradise, watching over the Pokemon that were in the conservation area. That was what they had expected, until they detected an energy surge far above Aether Paradise, with whatever it had brought with it plummeting quickly. Wicke and Faba quickly rushed outside to see what it was, and if it was a threat to Alola.

As they reached the area where the object or being was predicted to hit, they looked up. “That’s a person!” Wicke exclaimed, almost horrified that someone was falling. They were probably panicking, judging by the way they flailed. A distant scream was heard, confirming that the person was indeed scared.

Faba, who was initially frozen in shock, managed to reach for one of his Poke Balls, and threw it out.

“Alakazam! Use Psychic!” he nearly yelled the order, and the ball opened quickly, a red energy jumping out. His Pokemon appeared not a second later. “Alakazam!” it acknowledged, and its eyes glowed a purple color as a faint purple aura outlined it, and it swiftly caught the person before they could come in contact with the pavement. Alakazam then lowered the person gently on the ground.

There was no movement from her, which caused Wicke to rush over and check her vitals. Sure enough, there was a pulse.

“Poor thing. She probably fainted.”

Without thinking, she picked her up and turned to Faba. “We need to get her to a room. We don’t know where she came from, but there’s a chance she’ll be able to tell us when she wakes up.”

And with that, they brought her inside. After several minutes of walking, they brought her to a room. They laid her on the bed and placed her backpack nearby. They wouldn’t go through her things in case there was something sensitive inside.

Wicke and Faba left the room, the door closing behind them. Whoever the girl was, they would know later today or tomorrow.

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Posted: Sat, 27/05/2023 01:20 (10 Days ago)

April Summers, a 15 year old teenager, is a resident of Earth and knows a lot about Pokemon. One day during the summer, a mysterious portal opens up beneath her as April and her dad are about to move from their old house, dragging her along with the games in her backpack to drop her into the Pokemon world. More specifically, the one from the anime.

This is both a dream and a nightmare.

(if anyone is out of character, I sincerely apologize)

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Posted: Sun, 21/05/2023 23:14 (15 Days ago)
Best OG Story

Fanfics aren’t always about a specific fandom. Sometimes it’s an entire universe of its own, or a collection of short stories. From space cats to a literal skeleton mafia, it exists! trust me on the skeleton mafia, I’m pretty sure it exists.

We had one winner for this category, and the writing and plot are very enjoyable.

A Wolf’s Library by Hunterz~Wolf!

Personally, I loved these short stories. Whether or not there will be more, we don’t know, but they are all certainly well received.

That’s not to say the others aren’t the Best OG Story. Everyone’s fanfic(s) are great, so all you writers keep writing to your heart's contents! (But also do things outside of writing, like enjoying a tv show, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Healthy life = positive vibes)

The other nominees have great stories, too. Be sure to read Diary of a Snail Keeper, T0WER, and Memories of Ghosts.

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Posted: Sun, 21/05/2023 23:02 (15 Days ago)
Best Adapted Story

Hello there, CrystalBorf here! Fanfics are abundant in nature, and sometimes are really long. How do you keep people hooked on fanfic? Why, the ability to adapt of course!

Believe it or not, we had not one, but two winners who tied!

Without further ado, here are the winners :D

Naruto Rewritten by TheFruityBanter and Anachronistic Diary by ~Waveshaper~!

These stories have kept us hooked, and we’re all eagerly waiting for more chapters to be posted (take your time. Writer’s block is and can be a pain.)

There are other fanfics that didn’t win, but that doesn’t mean they’re not well adapted. Don’t let not winning discourage you from writing more. Remember, at least one person who’s viewed your fic has subscribed to yours for more. Do it for them :)

The other nominees, The Aftermath and Under The Moon's Light, were also well adapted :)

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Posted: Sat, 29/04/2023 18:41 (1 Month ago)

Title: Intermission: Plots and Talks

The sky was still bright outside, the day’s events having only taken about a little over an hour for the group to complete. Flynn was glad that the barrels didn’t hit his ship. He was the best pilot in all of Skylands, of course. Nothing could knock him out of the air, not even himself!

When they had returned, they had learned that Cloudcracker Prison was now gone. However, Cali mentioned that the Stone Heads on Know-It-All Island would know a great deal about the villains that had escaped.

And here he was, waiting for the next group to be ready.

While Flynn waited outside for everyone else to get ready, he began to daydream again. Maybe when this was all over, he would be able to win Cali over. He did save Skylands three times now. Surely that would amount to something.

When the doors opened, his attention snapped him back to reality, and he watched the new group that was being sent to Know-It-All Island walk out the door.

Fling Kong, Gill Grunt, and Tuff Luck, another Trap Master.

He hadn’t seen Tuff Luck in awhile. Then again, she was guarding Cloudcracker before this whole fiasco began.

Fling Kong was another one of the new Skylanders. He assumed Eon wanted to send him on a mission so he could get some more experience in the field on top of what he already knew. Or maybe he wanted the new Skylander to get a taste of his awesome flying skills.

When they got close enough, and put on a big smile.

“Okey-doke,” he beamed. “You ready to take a trip to Know-It-All Island?”

Then, he added, “Oh, and by the way, I’m only the best pilot in Skylands. And that’s putting it mildly-” and struck a pose, “BOOM!”

He didn’t notice Gill Grunt rolling his eyes, but Fling Kong seemed to be persuaded.

“Yes, Flynn,” Tuff Luck replied, her accent showing. “We are ready.”

“Boom Part Two! Let’s get this show on the road!” He grinned a little wider, before continuing, “It turns out we’re meeting that Buzz guy there. If you ask me, he’d be right at home on Know-It-All Island.”

He paused, then a thought struck him.

“Heh, of course, what I really want to know is how these bad guys escaped in the first place…”

Meanwhile, somewhere in Skylands…

The room was dimly lit, barely illuminating anything, and the silhouettes of six figures, each a different species, were seen, their features hidden. They were seated at a U-shaped table, with the main chair on the opposite side of the table. It was turned with the back facing them, its occupant unseen. Currently, their attention was turned towards the giant screen that was held before them.

The giant screen flickered to life, static dancing across it in a mass of grey, white, and black pixels before cutting to the footage, which was zoomed in at the moment. Whoever was holding the camera while filming was clumsy, at best, and it took at least five seconds for them to steady it. It passed over an evil-looking human several times during the process, and he glared at the cameraman.

What is the matter with you?” he yelled in irritation as the camera zoomed out, giving the viewers a full view of the human. He was light-skinned, but the black marks that decorated the area around his red eyes, along with the blue pattern on his head and the two sharp fangs that jutted from the bottom jaw were telling them that this child-like character was evil. That was if you dismissed his attitude towards everything good. He wore a brown shirt, which was covered by a dark, almost black colored robe. Both touched the ground due to their lengths.

Hold still, Glumshanks!

I’m sorry, Lord Kaos,” the cameraman apologized to his master.

‘Lord’ Kaos rolled his eyes, stepping closer to the camera before continuing. He continued, still annoyed, “Is that thing even on?

The camera shifted upwards as the cameraman, Glumshanks, revealed himself. A scrawny looking troll looked the camera over once before his gaze flicked back to Kaos and nodded in affirmation, “Uh, technically yes.” He redirected the camera back to Kaos, who wasted no time in properly greeting the viewers.

Hello, fellow evildoers!” he started, looking as though he were trying to be charismatic. “By the time you see this, I, Kaos, will have hatched an ingenious plan to liberate you from your miserable existence here in Cloudcracker Prison. And I will do it with this,” he said, before gesturing to his right. Glumshanks shifted the camera, bringing a strange device into the frame. It had a multitude of buttons and levers to control it, with a giant ring that at the moment, laid dormant. It looked as though it were built by a novice.

Then the annoying pest that called himself Kaos spoke up again, “My Evil-Frequency-Modulator-of-Evil-Doom!

There was a collective sigh from six villains that were forced to watch this so-called introduction. They had come up with better names for their inventions than this poser. Whoever was sitting in the main chair was either oblivious or didn’t care, because there was no response to the annoyance in the room.


He proceeded to recklessly pull two levers and press several buttons, bringing the machine to life with a rumbling start. As it began to charge up energy, it shook more and more, revealing how poorly put together it was. So the person who built this wasn’t a novice.

He was a damn idiot.

And he still kept talking.

With this device,” Kaos stated, his face showing pride, “I will tunnel my way through these walls and free all of you; the Doom Raiders. Then, obviously grateful, you will hail me as your new Supreme Leader and help me complete my glorious plan for the ultimate domination of all Skylands!” He had emphasized ‘obviously grateful’, which served to only annoy the room’s occupants even more.

Lord Kaos!” Glumshanks shouted. “Are you sure it’s supposed to be this loud!?” The camera had panned back to the machine briefly, and it looked as though it was going to explode.

Silence, fool!” he responded, irritated and angry. He then resumed a casual tone, “Of course I’m sure.

Glumshanks looked around with the camera again, revealing that the sound and vibrations the machine was making was beginning to cause parts of the prison to crumble as it continued to tunnel a hole. The machine shook violently, and sparks flew as several key pieces fell off, and it grew unstable. When the main button shot off and hit Kaos in the face, it seemed to snap him back to the present, and he, too, saw he needed to leave. Without hesitating, and darted off, passing Glumshanks. The camera flickered back to static, before all audio and visual were cut off. An image not dissimilar to what one would see from a film filled the screen. And, of course, it had Kaos’ grinning head in the middle.

The dim room then lit up, and the man in the egg-shaped chair, which was high above everyone, turned around, his evil, yet annoying laugh filling the air. The other members in the room all gave each other uncertain looks, unsure of what to make of this ‘Kaos’ fellow.

They all stared back at him with near disinterest when he startled talking again.

“Welcome! Welcome, Doom Raiders, to my ultimate evil war table,” he paused dramatically. “Of doom!”

The undead werewolf holding a guitar made of bones slammed a fist on the table, clearly having heard enough.

“Enough with the games, little man,” he growled, irritated. Narrowing his eyes, he added, “What do you want from us?”

Kaos had leaned back into the chair, and it descended back to the ground, replied, “Relax, friends. Now that I, Kaos, have rescued you, you are now all under my protection, here in my new hidden lair, complete with holographic camouflage!” He eagerly looked down to his scrawny Troll servant, “Show them, Glumshanks.”

Immediately, Glumshanks began pulling the lever repeatedly, and they could all hear machinery powering up. They turned, looking out the window from where they were seated, and they could see dome-like structure change twice; first into a bouncy house, and then into an igloo.

Well, that wasn’t going to help at all, considering the base was in a forest.

They all turned back to Kaos, not even trying to hide their disappointment.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Kaos said, not noticing the looks. “Ingenious!”

The mage at the table glanced at his Chompy hand puppet, and it shook its head.

The werewolf spoke up again, “Fat lot of good your protection did The Gulper!” Kaos noticeably shrunk back into his chair, taken aback by the outburst. The wolf continued, sniffing the air, “And you know what else? I don’t like your smell.

“Uh huh,” the talking chili-pepper added. “Exactly, Wolfgang. As a chef of great renown, I saw pee-ew pee-ew!” Of course, the mage’s puppet mouthed the words, too. He glanced at Kaos, stroking the vine that supposedly was his beard, “However, I do like the chair.”

“Yeah,” said the floating head behind him. She drifted towards Kaos, “Let’s keep the chair, and ditch the creep!”

In agreement, five of the six members of the Doom Raiders surrounded the chair, and Kaos sunk further into his chair, bewildered and a little scared. “But- wait!” he exclaimed. “I saved you! You’re supposed to be thanking me! You haven’t even heard my plan!”

They closed in, ready to give Kaos a good thrashing, when a voice from behind barked an order.


Like loyal dogs, they obeyed, backing away to allow the sixth individual into view. A golden humanoid (and we mean that literally), shining bright and holding a golden staff and adorned with similar golden clothing, stood above them all, an air of royalty surrounding her.

“Don’t think us ungrateful for what you’ve done, Kaos. You and the Troll may stay,” she began, then a small chuckle escaped her. Then, her voice became aggressive, “If only to bear witness to my plan to bring Skylands to its knees!”

Kaos looked around, as if looking for a way out of the situation as she continued. “And believe me, this one’s,” she said, before tapping the chair next to her. In an instant, it turned into gold within seconds.

Solid gold.

Her evil laughter filled the air, and the Doom Raiders grinned at each other.

Oh, Skylands was going to feel their wrath.

Elle carefully brought the platter, which held a teapot full of the Earl Grey tea that she made, two teacups, and everything else you’d have with tea, to the living room. Wayne was seated on one of the cushioned chairs, waiting.

“Ah, you didn’t burn the tea this time,” he said. “Color me impressed.”

“Maybe I didn’t feel like giving you burnt tea,” she retorted, sticking her tongue out. She set it down on the table next to the chair, and sat in her chair on the opposite side. “Now, how much sugar do you want?”

“Two, as is the unspoken rule of tea,” he replied, and Elle, deciding she wouldn’t commit to antics this time, gave him two, and handed him his cup of tea. She then reached over and poured herself some tea, and placed three cubes in hers. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Wayne’s somewhat disappointed look. It disappeared when she glanced over to see, so she shrugged it off.

“So,” she started. “What’s Ganondorf like?”

Wayne took a long sip of his tea, and she waited patiently. When he was finished, and responded, “He said he was a reincarnation of someone from long ago. Apparently, it’s happened before several times. Came here in hopes of stopping some sort of cycle.”

“Huh. Cool.”

He sighed, clearly not going to fight it. “Well, tell me about Cat, then.”

Her excitement flared up, and she sat up straight, “She’s from space!”

“Yes, we know that. I’m talking about details.”
“Sorry, sorry!”

She felt her smile falter a little before she spoke, almost as if she could feel the emotions surrounding the words weighing heavily.

“She was a soldier in a war that lasted three years. At the very beginning, she was kidnapped and experimented on, which is where her cybernetics came from.”

Silence followed, filling the room. She could tell Wayne was processing the information, thinking carefully of something to say. Instead, he said nothing, and motioned for her to continue. And she did.

“Well, after the war ended, she was adopted by her general, and they moved to Skylands. A month or so later, she joined the Skylanders as a part timer. It’s currently her third year working.”

She looked back at Wayne, “That was all she was willing to tell me. Sorry.”

“Ah,” Wayne added, “so she’s similar to Ganondorf, in a way.”

“How so?”

He sat up straight, “They both want to help others, and they have a strong sense of duty. So, when they arrived and heard about the Skylanders, they wanted to use their powers for good.”

Elle nodded, and silence followed again, occasionally broken by one or the other shifting in their chairs. She hadn’t pried too much into Cat’s story, almost as if she could sense that something truly horrible had happened at the end of the war, scarring her. But Elle knew she would eventually tell them when enough trust was built between them.

“Anyways,” she said, breaking the silence. “I think Kaos is behind all this.”

“Agreed. It’s got him written all over it.”

It would be an hour or so before they were needed to watch over the mission to Know-It-All Island, so there was no hurry.

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Posted: Tue, 18/04/2023 17:56 (1 Month ago)
6/10 (also kinda hard to read the green text)

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Posted: Mon, 17/04/2023 19:12 (1 Month ago)

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Posted: Mon, 17/04/2023 15:00 (1 Month ago)
no one's going to buy it for an inflated price, either

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Posted: Mon, 17/04/2023 14:55 (1 Month ago)
according to stonks, Dratini is 285 PD

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Posted: Fri, 14/04/2023 14:49 (1 Month ago)
Granted, but all other emotions are gone, too.

I wish I had a pet

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Posted: Tue, 11/04/2023 02:07 (1 Month ago)

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Posted: Mon, 27/03/2023 12:19 (2 Months ago)

Title: Chapter 3: Rest

The ride back to the Academy was better than the ride from it. No flying barrels to hit the ship, no giant villains, and definitely no evil sheep.

Cat grinned, the success of her first real, serious mission giving her a boost of confidence. She elbowed Ganondorf playfully, “Hey. We should pull off a combo move on the next mission.” He placed a hand under his chin, thinking.

“Well, the opponent would have to be large enough that we don’t miss, so I’ll say maybe.

“Hmm… Alright. So fifty-fifty chance of pulling off the Blazing Fastball?”

“Is that what we’re calling it now?”


She heard him sigh in defeat, and she chuckled, “Well, if we come up with something better, the name can change. But, for now, it’s Blazing Fastball.”

The Academy became larger as they got closer. When they arrived, they would have enough time to rest. Buzz had said that there was a place where they could go for information, but it would wait until everyone was rested. She looked around at the landing area, ears perked up.

There’s the Minis, Flynn, Cali…

Wait. Where was Tucker? Usually when her or Ganondorf (or both of them) returned, he would be there waiting for them.

When they landed, Cat took off before Buzz could speak. “You guys can catch me up later!” she called. “I just want to check on someone!”

Her mind began to race with the many things that could’ve happened to him

He could’ve gotten into the vents again. Or maybe he’s stuck and no one can hear him. Maybe he got sick! Or maybe-

She wasn’t worried. Of course she wasn’t. She just wanted to know how he was doing, that’s all.


Okay, she was worried. Ever since her and Ganondorf met Tucker at the Nature Preserve, he had stuck to them almost like glue. She couldn’t shake him off unless a mission or request was too dangerous, such as the one she had just gotten done with. Of course, she knew he could handle being alone, but she just couldn’t help but worry. He was just a kid, after all. Sometimes they could get into trouble if left unsupervised.

Hopefully he didn’t get into trouble again.

“Cat, wait.”

She skidded to a halt and turned around. Cali had followed her. “Tucker’s not in trouble, before you ask,” she said, and Cat sighed in relief.

“Well, that’s one thing out of the way. Where is he?”

“It’d be better if you waited for the rest of your team, first,” she replied, smiling. Almost as if she knew something Cat didn’t. She wanted to pry a little further, but something told her she’d ruin something. A surprise, probably. So, she didn’t ask anymore questions, and waited. Soon enough, the rest of her team caught up, and she bounded over to Ganondorf.

“So,” he started, “did you find him?”

She shook her head, voice holding a hint of worry “Cali said she knew where he was, and said to wait for everyone else.” Ganondorf placed a hand on her shoulder, a small feeling of calm washing through her. He nodded, “You shouldn’t worry so much. If Cali knows where he is, then Tucker is doing fine.”

“Alright, team! Head to the cafeteria for refueling.”

They stopped their conversation, doing as they were told and made their way to the cafeteria. Cat could hear her stomach growling, and she knew she definitely needed it. She had spent energy using her cybernetics, and now she needed to regain it.

Well, the good thing was that she would get to eat.

Wonder what today’s selection is.

As they continued down the hall, the smell of something sweet became more and more apparent, and it made Cat a little more hungry. “If I were to take a guess, we’re having cake,” she said, a playful tone in her voice.

“Or it could be something entirely different. Like a pie,” Ganondorf pointed out, a playful tone in his voice as well, though not as much as Cat’s.

She made a face at the mention of pie, “Bleh, you actually like that stuff?”

“You actually like cake?” he retorted. Cat huffed, “More sugar means more energy. Energy that my cybernetics need." When Ganondorf began to chuckle at this, she could feel her cheeks burning a little. Gah! Why does he gotta be difficult?

By the time they reached the cafeteria doors, the smell was strong. Strong enough that Cat’s mouth was watering a little. They opened the door, and both Cat and Ganondorf’s guesses as to what was made for the group were proven wrong.

On one of the tables, the source of the sweet smell were several fruit dessert ‘pizzas’, freshly made. Fruits and Berries, specifically the sweeter Berries from the Isles of Arc. A more healthy option compared to what was sometimes served.

“Okay, now this is a treat,” she said, taking a couple steps forward in excitement. Then, she noticed a small shape climb up behind the pizzas, two, short-furred ears poking up.

“There you are, Tucker!”

In response to his name, the Drow hybrid poked his head above the table, his white eyes sparkling. “I helped make the food!” he squeaked excitedly before he hopped down from the table’s seat and ran up to Cat. He jumped up, and she swiftly caught him in a hug.

“You didn’t get into trouble this time, did you?”


She let out a sigh of relief. At least he’s safe. Then, she glanced at the treats on the table. Looking back at Tucker, she smiled, “How about we go ahead and chow down?”

Within a few minutes, everyone was seated at the table, enjoying the treats made for them. Cat was in the middle of telling a story.

“I was buying time for the General and Commander to safely get the Huttlet back to Tatooine.”

She pointed to the scar on her face, grinning, “During the fight, she managed to hit me. But, she missed my eyes. When my other General arrived, we managed to fend her off, and she retreated.”

A more toned down version of the events, but it would have to do. Tucker stared at her, eyes wide with admiration and wonder. “So that’s how you got the cool scar!” She nodded, a grin still present as she added, “Yep. Of course, every time me and her clashed again, I never let her forget she missed. Though, at the end of the war, she had a change of heart. Wonder where she is now…”

Tucker stood up on the seat, “Maybe she’s going on adventures like you!”

“I would hope so,” she said, albeit a little too quickly. She turned to Ganondorf, quickly changing the topic, “What about you? Got any stories you haven’t told us yet?” She watched as all pairs of eyes turned to him, and she hid her relief.

Still. A part of her hoped that she was doing alright, wherever she was.

“Well, there was a time when I was still wandering the desert beyond Hyrule in my self exile, when I saved a group of traveling merchants from monsters. It’s rare to see them out so far, but people learned that it didn’t mean roads were safe.”

“What kinds of monsters?”

“A group of Lizalfos. Electric ones, mostly. There were also some monsters that I’ve never seen before. A couple flying ones, which were a little difficult to take down.”

“Oh, so they fly now?”

Before she could get an answer, the familiar alert of her commlink went off, and she glanced down. A message had been sent to her, most likely sent by Skywalker himself.

She picked it up and read it.

Anakin: Hey, how’d the grand opening go?

She smiled before texting her reply.

Cat: You won’t believe what happened today. It’s a long story. Might be on the news, though.

Anakin: That exciting? Remind me to come with you next time.

Cat: No can do. Skylander business only.

Anakin: Cat, you’re a part-time Skylander.

Cat: Still counts.

She nearly started cackling to herself at her own response. Technically, she was right.

Then she got a reply.

Anakin: Well, just letting you know that we’re doing fine. Giri still insists that she trains instead of having fun.

Ah, yes. Giri. The girl had come from Celestic Town wanting Anakin to train her. Whether or not it was helping her with her lost memories, they had yet to know.

Cat: Good to hear. Hopefully her memories return soon. Take care :)

With that, she turned back to the story Ganondorf was telling.

“-so I threw the last of the electric Lizalfos at the flying monster, and the electric shock that followed when the horn connected took out both of the aerial foes.”

The table’s occupants whispered among themselves, words of awe spreading.

High Five sat up, “Did you get anything for saving them?”

Ganondorf nodded. “It wasn’t much, but they shared a meal with me, then we parted ways.”

“I guess you can say the flying monster was in for a shock,” Cat pointed out, half chuckling at the pun she made as she stood up. She watched as Ganondorf gave her a look, as if saying, “Really?”

At least a couple of the others at the table chuckled a little at the joke.

“Well,” she said as she made her way towards the cafeteria’s doors. “I’m gonna see if we’ve made our next move. I’m ready for some action.

She stepped outside the cafeteria, then turned the corner and almost ran into someone.

“Whoa, sorry. Didn’t you there,” she apologized, then paused. They were another human, which, in her three years, was uncommon compared to how many other species there were. However, she seemed to be semi-transparent, with a faint, white aura emanating from her. Her green eyes sparkled with excitement, “Oh, it’s alright!”

However, she didn’t leave, and Cat looked around. “Are you… wanting something?” The girl nodded, her long, blonde hair shifting out of place a little. She held a hand out, “I’m Elle. I want to get to know you.”

“Elle, why do you want to talk to them in person?” Wayne asked his sister. She simply smiled in return, “So we can get to know them better, of course!” He sighed, knowing nothing was going to convince her otherwise.

“Okay. You choose who you want to talk to, and I’ll pick from there.”

“Great! I’ll talk to Cat, then. You get Ganondorf.”

He stood there for a moment, blinking. He brushed aside some of his blonde hair that had fallen in front of his eyes, “I said I was going to- you know what? Fine. I’ll talk to Ganondorf.” He turned to the portal, muttering under his breath, “I never get a say in these types of things, don’t I?” He closed his eyes for a moment while he concentrated, and he imagined that his sister was doing the same, standing next to him.

They could only do this every once in a while, due to how much energy it required, and the limited time they could remain in Skylands.

There was a flash of light, and the feeling of the wind gently blowing was now apparent. Voices murmured all around him, some in awe, some slightly startled. Then, some familiar voices.

“Well, boomsticks! If it isn’t Wayne and Elle! Wasn’t expecting you two to show up in person this soon.”

He opened his eyes and turned around. Standing behind him was Buzz. “If I’m being honest, sir, I wanted to do this when it was necessary, but Elle wanted to get to know a couple of the new Skylanders. So, here we are,” he explained, a hint of annoyance in his voice. If Buzz noticed it, he didn’t let it show.

“Better to get to know them now rather than later. All’s calm, for the most part. I’m sure it’ll only get more hectic from here.”

Wayne nodded. There was some truth in what he said, he wasn’t going to lie. Usually, when something like this popped up, it meant trouble. “But, like you said, The Gulper was supposed to be in Cloudcracker Prison?”

“Mmhm. I think someone must’ve released the villains themselves. And whoever it was, they’ve released a can of worms that need to be cleaned up, pronto.”

He waved his cane in the general direction of the Academy, “For now, why don’t you see what’s new? Elle’s already gone inside, no doubt chatting it up with one of the new Skylanders.”

Without a word, Wayne made his way inside the Academy, and was greeted by the bright and shiny interior. It must’ve been cleaned thoroughly before the ceremony, otherwise it’d look a little less clean. He shrugged and continued to walk down the hall, passing by several Skylanders. He passed several doors that lead to many rooms. Classrooms, storage closets, one even lead to a large gym.

He paused, looking around the hallway. No sign of Ganondorf yet. Wayne sighed. He was the tallest. How can he not find him?

“Need some help?” a semi-deep voice from behind nearly startled him. He turned around, and lo and behold, Ganondorf was standing there. Despite his size being intimidating, he had a slight look of concern on his face.

Wayne cracked a smile, “Actually, you helped me already.”

“Oh? And what was that?”

“I was looking for you.”

He held a hand out, “I’m Wayne, one of the Portal Masters.”

It took him a couple seconds, but Ganondorf grasped Wayne’s hand firmly, shaking it in a friendly manner, “Ganondorf Dragmire, at your service.”

Through the grip, Wayne could tell Ganondorf no doubt was strong. Strong enough to wield the greatsword on his back, and probably strong enough to pick up a tank. He wasn’t human, that much was for sure, but he was still a person. And it was now his job to get to know him.

They let go of each other's hands. “I’m supposed to get to know you. Y’know, so future missions are at least easier to do,” he said. Ganondorf nodded in agreement, “It is the best course of action, considering the situation right now.”

“That’s if it gets worse. However, knowing that whenever we are summoned it usually gets worse, it probably will,” Wayne stated, almost calmly. He still had the hunch that a certain someone was the one who started this mess. He swore he could already hear him cackling like a maniac.

He gestured to one of the rooms. A class room that was still empty. “It would be best to have this conversation in private.”

Soon enough, the two were seated across from each other at a desk. Both were staring at each other, waiting for the other to speak. Ganondorf was the first to talk.

“What is it that you want to know?”

Wayne paused for a moment to think. He didn’t want to pry too much into his life. Only enough to understand him.

“How about where you’re from? If that’s alright to ask, that is.”

He watched Ganondorf close his eyes and hum. He then opened them back up, “I see no problem in letting you know. I am from a place outside of Skylands called Hyrule. More specifically, the Gerudo Desert. I am a Gerudo.”

“Ah, I see,” Wayne replied, his interest growing a little. A world outside of Skylands that isn’t Earth. Wonder how many more are ‘connected’ like our home is.

He sat up, “So if there was a mission in a desert, you would be in your element.”


“Hmm. Continue.”

“If I were to explain what I’m going to tell you in full, we’d be here all day,” he warned. He was starting to look a little worried, as if he thought it was going to do some harm. “Then you may shorten it if needed. This conversation will only be known by me and my sister. No one else,” he assured Ganondorf. It was the truth.

“As long as you stick to your word.”

He took a deep breath and let out a short sigh.

“Back in my world, I am part of a curse from many, many years ago. Three people reincarnate in an endless cycle and fight. There is the princess, the knight, and the demon king. I believe I am one of them.

“My previous reincarnation, if I am correct, was a being called Calamity Ganon. A beast full of malice that threatened Hyrule almost ten thousand years ago. I… suppose I didn’t want to be a threat to my people, so I went into self exile. I met a companion, we traveled together, then we found a strange portal.”

“And then you ended up here?”


“And now you work for the Skylanders. Is it a way for you to do enough good deeds to ward off the curse?”

Ganondorf nodded, giving him a tiny smile as he did so, “You are perceptive. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Portal Master.” He shifted in the chair so that he, too, was sitting up straight, “It also gave me the opportunity to think about other people for a change. Not that I ever put myself first before others a lot. I didn’t. People depend on the Skylanders to save them from evil. The job just called to me.”

“Interesting. Usually, Master Eon comes to the Skylanders and recruits them. Then again, we didn’t have part-timers a few years back,” he replied, leaning back. “Then again, times change, and so do people.”

There was a moment of silence between them. Wayne opened his mouth to say something. But then, he could hear a small warning chime go off. Ganondorf had heard it as well, and he blinked, “What does that mean?”

Wayne sighed, “Ran out of time on keeping a physical form in Skylands. Sorry about that.”

“It’s alright, Wayne. I understand.”

Wayne got out of the chair, walking towards the door.

“And Wayne?”

He paused, turning around to look back at Ganondorf.

“Sarqso,” he said, bowing.

“Sarqso?” he asked.

“It means ‘thank you’ in my people’s language.”

“Ah, I see. What for?”

Ganondorf stood up straight, showing gratitude in his eyes, “For getting to know me, and being supportive.”

“You’re welcome. It was a pleasure getting to know someone I’ll be working with.”

With that, a bright light engulfed him, and he was back in the portal room. His eyes quickly adjusted to the room, and he looked to his right. Yep. Elle’s here, too.

“So, how’d it go?”

She turned to him, beaming.

“Cat’s from space! How cool is that!?”

He stared, “Like, in general, or she came from another planet?”

She stared at him with a playful grin, “Yes.”

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It’s finally canon HURRAY

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Aesthetically pleasing and the text color is soft on the eyes and easy to read.

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very relatable

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her please :)

take as much time as you need

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What’re you lookin’ at? Want a piece of me!?
Name: Snappy
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Region of origin: Johto
Species of Pokemon: Totodile
Appearance: Like a normal Totodile. However, he is smaller than normal, so naturally, he’s short.
Personality: Quick to engage in a fight, and a little short temper. May appear arrogant at times. Due to being short, he feels the need to appear bigger, in a sense, in order to prove himself to others. Though, he will show a calmer side to him to people he trusts, albeit rarely.
Moveset*: Bite, Scary Face, Aqua Jet, Rage.
Ability: Torrent
Backstory: Snappy was raised in the Lake of Rage, where fights between his parents and the Gyarados are a near constant. He left to get stronger, which led him to wandering around, picking fights with other Pokemon often. Usually, he loses these fights, but his fighting spirit is something to be admired.
Other: Has the Adamant nature, so he likes spicy berries.
Password: Shadow
Palpad?: yes

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My eggs:

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Brute Bonnet


Ursaluna Mark

Outer Science (OC)

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Title: Chapter 2: Soda Springs

Ganondorf stood next to Cat when they boarded Flynn’s ship, his greatsword resting at the ready on his back, Spyro, Cynder, and High Five joining them. The mission was to investigate the ‘meteor’ that had hit Soda Springs. Something in his guts told him that this would be no ordinary mission.

Buzz had already gone ahead to get a lay of the land so he could lead them safely to the area affected.

As they were flying closer and closer, they could hear something grumbling, and noticed several objects being flung. Empty soda barrels. One came close to hitting the ship, Flynn ‘expertly’ dodging it, yelling, “Hey! Watch my ship!”

He noticed that High Five seemed a little nervous. So, he knelt down, “Do not worry, you’re among skilled warriors.” The hybrid turned and looked at him, some of the tension disappearing.

“What if I mess up?”

Ganondorf replied with a gentle tone, “Mistakes are to be expected. However, you can still make up for those mistakes.”

He gestured to Cat, “In her time, and mine, we’ve made mistakes. Things we wish we could have done differently. But we managed to live past them, and we learned and adapted.”

The fear and nervousness in High Five’s eyes seemed to dissipate, being replaced with confidence. He stood up straight, “You’re right. I should focus on the mission, not worrying about how I do.”

As they got close to reaching the landing point, they could sort of see what was causing trouble. A giant, blue slug-like thing was grabbing barrels of soda and downing the contents, before flinging them away once they were empty. It laughed before making another demand.

“Me want soda!”

It reached down and grabbed another soda barrel, drinking it in one gulp, before tossing that barrel as well. The barrel hurtled towards them as they got off the ship, but was quickly and effortlessly shot down by Buzz’s boomstick.

“Wonder where my Skylander operatives are,” he grumbled slightly, before he turned around and spotted them.

“Boomsticks! Took you long enough.”

He walked over to one side a little bit, “To anyone who’s new to the Skylanders, or needs a reminder, the name’s Buzz. Head of security and secret ninja commando operations around here.” Buzz cleared his throat before continuing. “Now, how’s about we go investigate all this ruckus?”

The group made their way across the bridge that was built over the river of soda, the barrels of soda that were being flung no longer a worry to them. They were still too far away to make out any details of the giant blue slug in the distance, and Ganondorf glanced at Buzz, hoping he would know. For a brief moment, there was worry in his eye. However, it was washed away with a steeled expression when he turned to the group.

“The door’s locked. The Mabu working here said they couldn’t find the key.”

He looked around, before spotting a full soda barrel. It’s cork was pointed at the gate that stood in their way. Buzz smiled confidently, “Only thing better than a key is a loaded cannon pointed at a locked door.”

Ganondorf turned to the barrel, only to find Cat assisting High Five with the barrel’s valve. “The pressure’s gonna fire the cork at the door and knock it down,” she said as they turned the valve. Just as she said, the pressure built up fast. It became too much for the cork to hold, and it shot off at the door, knocking it down with ease as a stream of soda spilled out of the barrel. It came to a stop when it ran out.

Behind the gate were a total of three giant, and scared, tortoises. With everything going on around them, he wouldn’t blame the gentle creatures for acting like this. He walked up to one of them, placing both hands on the shell. “I’m sorry about this, but I need to make a path,” he spoke gently, before shoving it into the gap that it was unintentionally blocking. There was room for it to move, and the soda stream wasn’t deep enough to get into its shell, so eventually, it would move when it wasn’t endangered. He turned back to his allies, “Shall we continue?”

Spyro, Cynder, and High Five all just flew over, with High Five nodding his head in thanks. Cat was the last, and Ganondorf stepped back. “Ladies first,” he said respectfully. She smiled as she hopped onto the tortoise, “Don’t mind if I do.” Ganondorf followed after, and watched as Spyro and Cynder shoved the other tortoises into the larger gap and crossed.

As they approached the clearing, they stopped when they noticed a single sheep standing before them. Spyro and Cynder both spread their wings out, growling, and a new person, a blue crocodile-like - or was it alligator-like? - with what appeared to be a blue, crystal-like bow and arrow, between them and the sheep. High Five hovered above them, confused. “It’s… just a sheep?”

Buzz walked a little closer, but not close enough to be within grabbing range. “Careful there, Skylander,” he said to High Five. “This may look like an ordinary, harmless little sheep, but I can personally assure you that Sheep Creep here is bad news.”

“In fact,” he continued. “He’s supposed to be in Cloudcracker Prison for leading an ill-fated sheep rebellion.”

Wait, that sheep’s a bad guy?!

The new voice caught him slightly off guard, and he looked around for its source. The other Skylanders didn’t seem to be concerned. Instead, they talked back. “Yes, Elle. The sheep’s a bad guy,” Spyro replied, being the first to respond. The crocagator had taken out a green crystal and stepped back, speaking in an accent, “I want to see what the new Skylanders can do.”

Ganondorf, Cat, and High Five stepped forwards. “Three against one. Sounds easy enough,” Cat said, rotating one of her shoulders before getting into a fighting stance. Ganondorf unsheathed his greatsword, holding it out in front him and pointed at Sheep Creep. High Five stood between them, claws gripping the ground as he readied himself.

Sheep Creep bleated, as if he were laughing at them. From under his wool came two cannons, and he pointed it at them and quickly rapid-fired… corks? Cat was quick enough and rushed forwards, the small shields on her cybernetic arms coming to life as she blocked the projectiles to defend her friends.

Their opponent seemed to growl, or attempted to, though it came out as a baa. Suddenly, High Five zoomed out from behind Cat, tackling the evil sheep and disrupting his attack. Ganondorf took the opportunity to send a ball of magic fire at Sheep Creep, which knocked him out, rendering him defeated.

The crocagator Skylander stepped forwards, holding the green crystal up high. Behind Sheep Creep, a green, swirling portal opened up in the sky with a thundering boom, and he looked up at it in what looked like fear. In an instant, he was grabbed by the vortex and sucked into it, and a glowing green light was absorbed into the crystal. Various sheep noises were heard coming from it afterwards. For now, the fighting was done. Ganondorf and his friends turned to the crocagator, confused and curious as to what happened.

“Snap Shot! Glad to see you here,” Buzz greeted. “Mind explaining why Sheep Creep’s here and not in Cloudcracker?” Snap Shot turned to the Mabu veteran. “It’s a long story. Right now, we need to contain the Gulper before any more damage is done.” He then turned to Ganondorf, Cat, and High Five.

“You three fight well. Don’t get overconfident. I fear that this is only the beginning of our problems.”

“The beginning? You mean to tell us that there’s more people like that Sheep Creep guy running around?” Cat asked, and Ganondorf swore there was a tiny hint of excitement in her voice. Snap Shot nodded, before leading the way up a hill.

There was another tortoise to move into another gap in order to proceed. Ganondorf sighed inwardly. Three years living in Skylands, and he keeps forgetting that these tortoises were abundant. They crossed with relative ease, and reached a point where they couldn’t progress any further. The giant tree stump in front of them was too high. Buzz grumbled, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small device. He tossed it onto the ground, and a bounce pad spawned before them.

Everyone then turned their attention to Cat, who was halfway up the stump thanks to her cybernetic claws. She paused and glanced back, noticing them staring.


High Five snickered, jumping onto the bounce pad and passing Cat on his way to the top of the stump. Again, Ganondorf waited until everyone (but Cat) reached the top. He then ascended via the bounce pad, the sudden acceleration launching him with enough force to get to the top of the stump. When he landed, he turned around, a smug grin growing on his face as he watched Cat finally pull herself up.

“Shabuir,” she muttered in what Ganondorf understood as Mandalorian. The clones she served with during the war had taught her. He almost burst out laughing, “Should’ve waited.” He composed himself quickly, focusing on the mission.

There was another stump below they were standing on. In the middle of it stood an unknown, light blue mass of crystals that hummed with a mysterious energy. Chompies swarmed the place, along with a malicious-looking plant creature standing on the ledge above. It had no visible eyes, but on the ends of its arms were hardened shoots, which were used to stab at its enemies. The creature itself was better known as a ‘Plant Warrior.’ On the other side of the stump, the way forward was blocked by a gate. One that would only open once all hostels in the area were defeated.

The strange voice from before spoke up again.

Whoa! Is that-?

And was promptly interrupted by Buzz. “Wait a dag burn minute! That looks like… Traptanium! I haven’t seen that magical stuff in a long time!”

He turned to Snap Shot, giving him a light elbow to the arm, “I’m guessing the arrival of Traptanium might have something to do with you being here too, eh compadre?” Snap Shot didn’t answer. Instead, he jumped down into the Chompy infestation without fear. Buzz called after him, “Go bust that sucker open with your righteously awesome crystal weapon!”

The Chompies, who took notice of the new ‘prey,’ began to charge at the blue crocagator. The rest of the group (save for Buzz) jumped down after him, focusing on the Chompies. The Plant Warrior, who had jumped down as well, was dueling Cat. She had grabbed hold of both arms with her own. To anyone who hadn’t fought her before, they would think she had nothing else to fight with. Her tail snaked over her shoulder, and a blue energy blade the size of a butcher knife ignited itself and quickly struck the weed monster in the head several times. Her enemy was defeated, vaporizing and dropping several small orbs of light, which gravitated to Cat.

Ganondorf took his greatsword and slammed it on the ground, sending several Chompies flying, and subsequently defeating them. They, too, vaporized and dropped a small clump of orbs.

The orbs themselves only appeared when certain enemies, such as Chompies, were defeated. They were used for many purposes, such as creating an endless supply of minions, or healing someone if said minion made from said power was defeated. The process of an enemy made by the orbs was termed ‘poofing’ by several.

He could feel the rush of adrenaline as he absorbed the orbs. Then, he heard the sound of crystals shattering, and an explosion of energy followed after. It shook the ground they were on, and in an instant, it crumbled away. They didn’t fall down far, only a few feet, but it was still enough to catch them off guard. The flyers recovered quickly and managed to stay in the air, while the ones who couldn’t fly landed on their feet on the floor below.

He and Cat stared at Snap Shot. He stared back.

“I apologize for the sudden drop,” he said. They heard Cat chuckle.

“Well, it’s not like any of us knew what was going to happen.”

High Five flew down to them, hovering just above the ground, “Is everyone alright?” Ganondorf nodded, and High Five smiled. He waited patiently in the air while the three of them made their way out of the stump, and through the now opened gate. Ganondorf climbed up before Cat, so he turned around and reached a hand out.

“How about I help you this time?” he said, kneeling down so she could reach. Cat reached up, grabbing his hand with her own, “Thanks.” He assisted her up, though he might’ve used a little too much strength, because she nearly fell forwards when she got up. And fell into him. He caught her, and for a moment, they stared into each others’ eyes.

It was a good five seconds before they looked away. Cat was blushing slightly, and Ganondorf felt like he had butterflies. “We should probably catch up with the others,” she said quickly. Ganondorf shook off the feeling, chalking it up to the sudden close interaction being awkward.

They jogged around the corner, finding Spyro, Cynder, and Buzz standing near another gate. The gate itself had the symbol for the Water element on it, and was spraying water from the sides. An Elemental Gate. This one was different from the others they’d come across in the past. Perhaps it needed a specific type of Skylander, like the ones that reacted to the Swap Force.

Buzz would know.

“You’re all showing a lot of promise, recruits. I like that,” he complimented. Of course, it was obviously more directed at High Five, but he and Cat had never had a serious mission until now, so they at least appreciated the sentiment. Buzz continued, gesturing to the gate, “But if you really wanna stay ahead of the game, you’ll need to check out these Elemental Gates.”

“They can only be opened by a Skylander, or in this case, a Trap Master of that same element. When they are - BOOMSTICKS! You now have access to a brand new area which contains a magical hat!”

Ganondorf saw Cat open her mouth, as if to ask a question.

“Why do you want a magical hat? Because they’re awesome!” Buzz stated, and Cat immediately shut her mouth. “And they make you stronger. That’s the magical part.”

They turned to Snap Shot, who started walking past them. “I’ll catch up with you guys when I’m done here. The Gulper is the last villain on the island that needs capturing, but considering these areas don’t take too long, we have nothing to worry about.”

He disappeared through the gate, the sound of footsteps and splashing being heard. And so, they continued forwards. It really wasn’t that long of a walk to a peculiar looking bounce pad. One that had arrows pointing in the direction of another part of Soda Springs, which was too far to jump to, or fly across.

“You remember the bounce pads from earlier?” Buzz asked, and everyone nodded. He grinned, “Well this here’s a SUPER bounce pad!”

“And it’s super because…?” Cat asked.

He simply stood there, the grin not leaving. “Take it and find out why.”

He saw Cat shrug, stepping forward. She jumped onto the super bounce pad, almost acting a little cocky, “If you say-”

And was promptly flung to the other island.


They all had a good chuckle as Cat had found out, the hard way, why they were called ‘super’ bounce pads. When she disappeared in the small distance, they waited for her to respond. Sure enough, Ganondorf could make out the small, black cat-like ears on her head as she stood up.

“Cool ride!” she shouted, her voice distant. “I almost feel bad Skywalker’s missing out!”

Well, good to know she was alright, and already liking the super bounce pads. He just hoped she didn’t tell her former general. Who knew what kind of crazy plans he would make involving super bounce pads.

“You coming or what?”

Well, it was time to catch up to Cat this time.

He jumped onto the super bounce pad, and ascended to the neighboring island.

“Well, the new Skylanders seem to be able to handle themselves against the easier enemies,” Elle remarked, watching them with interest.

Wayne nodded, “And they’re really cool, too!” Pointing to Cat and Ganondorf, he added, “I wonder where these two are from. I mean, clearly they’re not from Skylands.” She looked at the two humans, thinking. While they were human, or at least some form of human, they weren’t exactly the same species of human as Eon and Kaos. “We’ll ask when the current mission is over. Right now, we need to at least provide some help.”

They watched as they began to get closer to another super bounce pad, with Cat nearly jumping when she turned around to see Buzz standing behind her.

What the- I- you-,” she stuttered, startled.

How did I get here without you seeing me walk past, hmm?” he seemed to ask the question for Cat. “Exactly! Secret ninja commando skills!

Wayne and Elle both chuckled. Seemed like Cat still had a lot to learn from Skylands.

A grumble could be heard, louder than the ones before it. They were indeed getting closer to stopping the Gulper, and he could be seen just over the ridge. “I can see some enemies ahead, be careful,” Elle warned, spotting movement on the next island over. She could see Cat leaning forwards a little, a cybernetic hand above her eyes as she took a look.

Yep. Enemies. Thanks for the warning, um… Elle, was it?
“Yeah, I’m Elle.”
Elle. I’ll be sure to remember that.

Elle smiled, and watched the group use the super bounce pad. When they landed, they took to their battle stances, ready to fight. They had to clear the enemies again in order for the gate to come down. The Chompies, as per usual, ran up to the group. They were dispatched quickly. The two Plant Warriors rushed in, and, instead of Cat dealing with them like she did earlier, she did something else.

Fire engulfed her entirely, before dissipating as something roared from within. A roar not unlike a lion’s.

That was because she had indeed turned into a lion. While on Earth, lionesses don’t have manes, the one Cat had turned into had a red mane only on the top of her head, which flowed backwards, a yellow stripe running down the middle. The fur on her main body was dark brown, with her legs, face and neck, and the tuft of her tail, being light brown. Her eyes were a brilliant blue, and were steeled with confidence.

I just need to stretch my legs,” she said, her mouth not moving to her own words. She rushed forwards, and Elle could see fire spark from her mouth, almost as if she had fangs made of fire. Cat bit down on one of the Plant Warriors, shaking it violently. It lasted only a couple seconds before poofing. Another Plant Warrior ran up to Cat from behind, leaping in the air, its arms poised to attack.

“Behind you!” Elle shouted quickly. The lioness turned around, a ball of fire manifesting within her jaws. She roared, and a stream of fire lashed out at the enemy, and it, too, was quickly defeated. With the enemies defeated, Cat turned back into herself, her hands on her hips as she smiled.

Nothing a Pyroar can’t handle!

With that, the gate opened, and the group passed through, stopping at another super bounce pad. Buzz was next to it, having pulled out a file. “His name’s the Gulper,” he reported, “and strange thing is, he’s supposed to be locked up in Cloudcracker Prison, too.” The Mabu took a moment to think, before adding, “Something very peculiar going on here and I suggest we get to the bottom of it - pronto!

Another grumble interrupted them, and they all turned their attention to the Gulper. They could fully view his appearance now.

He was, indeed, a blue, slug-like creature, with barnacles growing on his body. He had two arms, for which he used currently for grabbing barrels of soda and drinking. A crown sat on his head, as if he were a king in his own right.

He had turned a barrel upside-down to drink the contents. However, when he discovered there wasn’t any, he tossed it aside, his voice booming as he reached for another barrel.

Soda… I must have soda!

He looked to his right, spotting a barrel of soda sitting atop a stone tower. He reached over and grabbed it with a barnacled arm, swiftly downing it in a matter of seconds. Once he swallowed, his body suddenly grew, and he was bigger than before, the empty barrel crushed in his grip like it was nothing.

See?” he said, his voice deeper. He flexed his arms in a show of strength, “That’s why I must have soda!

They all shared a look, as if asking each other, What do we do now?

Elle looked at Buzz through the vision. “Anything?”

Just had another thought,” he replied, an idea clearly formed in his mind. “If it’s soda that Gulper wants, it’s soda he’s NOT gonna get.” He pointed to a barrel of soda that the super bounce pad’s arrows pointed to, “So all you need to do is bounce on over to that next building and destroy the soda vat before he can drink it.

Another familiar voice spoke up, “And we’ll make our way to those two barrels over there.

Elle looked behind the group, spotting Snap Shot. He had finally caught up to them, and was wearing a sort of hat on top of his head. A turtle shell, to be exact.

Before you ask,” he said. “Yes, it’s magical. Increases defense, so I take less damage.

Ah. So magical as in it boosts certain stats,” Ganondorf stated. Snap Shot nodded, satisfied that the information was at least decently received. He began to walk towards the super bounce pad, “Now, let’s deal with the Gulper.

Then, he proceeded to jump on the super bounce pad, continuing the mission. Elle watched in awe as the Skylanders, both new and old, followed suit with strong loyalty. The Gulper had spotted them, turning his head to face them, but must’ve thought that they posed no threat, and continued to root through the mass of soda barrels, a majority of them empty. When he grabbed one of the empty ones, he would promptly crush it in anger.

We gotta be quick with taking out the vats,” the crocagator said, aiming his bow at the first vat and releasing the crystal arrow that he notched. It impaled itself in the vat’s side, a crack forming. It wasn’t enough to destroy the vat, but some of the soda spilled out of the crack that had formed, splashing on the ground. Spyro stepped forward, launching a fireball at the vat and successfully destroying it, along with the rest of the soda.

Spyro turned to the nearby Mabu workers, who had watched him and Snap Shot destroy what was essentially their property, “Don’t worry. We’ll pay for the damages.” The workers believed him, with several saying ‘thank you’ in response. Then, the group made their way over the wall, and down a slight ramp, where there were unfinished vats of soda closed with corks all lined up towards the next vat.

That was when things got a little more difficult.

The accumulated amount of soda that the Gulper had drank caused him to belch, shaking the ground. In fact, the ground shook so much that the vats below them shook, causing the soda inside them to build up pressure, lifting the corks up with the streams of soda at varying heights. Some of the corks lowered occasionally before the pressure would build back up, raising them back to the height they were initially. Elle and Wayne watched as the group, one by one, began to traverse the corks. The flyers flew low and above the group, helping out when one of their own fell behind. Cat had nearly been flung by one of the corks, only to be caught by Cynder, who carried the rest of the way. Her face scrunched up, “By the Maker, the Gulper’s breath stinks.

“I’ll take your word for it,” Elle said, glad that she wasn’t down there physically to deal with it. Wayne shifted beside her, “The next vat’s coming up.” But, as the group crossed the bridge of corks, the Gulper had found another barrel of soda, lifting it up the drink. His left hand came up and rested on the ground in front of them, barring the way to the vat.

Buzz swore under his breath, before looking over across from the giant hand.

We need to get his hand out of the way. Let’s blast it with a soda cannon!

This time, Snap Shot was the one to launch the cork. It shot off, hitting the Gulper’s hand and causing him to lift it up with a loud yelp. He shook it in the air, then held it with his other hand, glaring down at the group, unable to stop them when they destroyed the second vat of soda.

Yup! That’s exactly what I was thinking!” Buzz shouted in response to the humongous villain’s cry of pain.

Another cry of pain came from the Gulper. “What are you doing?” he asked, his hand clearly still stinging. “Why would yo-,” he burped, cutting himself off. “Gulper burping on his own rage here!

They noticed that Ganondorf had grabbed Cat, cutting her off from saying something. “Do not anger him anymore than he already is. You’ll make the situation worse.” She appeared to think about it for a moment, eyeing the Gulper. She turned back to Ganondorf, “Eh, you’re right.” They then followed the rest of the group up two more ledges. There in front of them were two more vats of soda. They looked like they were about to charge at the sodas, but were stopped when Buzz stepped forward.

Just had the most awesome idea. Even for me.

He continued, a mischievous grin on his face, “See these two vats here?” He pointed to the vat that had a smiley face drawn on it, and had a ribbon on it, indicating it won first place, “This orange ambrosia cooler was named Soda of the Year.” He then gestured to the one next to it, which had no ribbon, and a skull and crossbones was drawn on it instead of a smiley face. “The other green stuff is bottom-feeding suction eel-flavored and tastes even worse than it sounds.

Elle cringed at the name of the second soda flavor, nearly gagging. Wayne looked at her, apparently sharing the same feeling, “How about we don’t drink soda today.”


But if we can switch them up and trick the Gulper into drinking the eel stuff, it might just bring him down to size.

The group exchanged glances, and half of them, consisting of Cat, Ganondorf, and High Five, stood near the eel soda, while the rest, Snap Shot, Spyro, and Cynder, went to shove the orange ambrosia soda off the edge of the building. They were lucky the Gulper hadn’t bothered to look over in their direction as the first place soda tumbled over the edge, its contents spilling. The rest of the group then began to move the eel soda to the spot the other soda used to be. It took a little bit, but they managed to not spill it, and the trap was ready. They scattered, hiding so the Gulper would only see the soda and not them. He glanced over, spotting the soda and grabbing it eagerly, licking his lips. He tossed the contents in his mouth, but, unlike every soda before, the disgust on his face was instant.

In fact, the repulsiveness of the soda was so strong that the Gulper began to shrink. First his hands, then the ‘fins’ on top of his head, then the rest of him. “Noo-” he cried out, the booming voice changing midway into a smaller, less-threatening tone. He was in the air for a couple seconds, before zipping to the ground with a thud.

The Skylanders came out from hiding, peering down at where he had landed. Wayne began to move the vision to see, as well.

He had indeed shrunk, and stood there with his trident, his previous strength gone. Snap Shot stood up, bringing out a blue Trap out and holding it high in the sky. Another flash of light accompanied by a booming sound, and the Gulper looked up fearfully, holding a hand up in defense. A swirling portal manifested in the sky, this time, it was the same color as the Trap. The Gulper swung, then pointed, his trident at it, “Stay back, swirly thing!” Instead, it got sucked into the portal, and he shouted, “Hey! My trident!

The pull that the portal was unleashing strengthened, and some empty barrels began to roll its way, the Gulper trying to run away from the pull. “I just wanted to drink some soda!” he yelled this time, before he lost the battle with the portal and was pulled in. Once he entered the portal, it vanished, and a blue ball of light traveled to the Trap, indicating he was captured successfully.

The team cheered, their mission now complete. Spyro and Cynder walked up to the newer Skylanders, smiling.

You three did great out there,” Spyro commented. “I wouldn’t rest for too long, though. If the Gulper and Sheep Creep broke out of Cloudcracker Prison, then it’s like the rest have, too.

So, there’s more?” Cat asked, a hint of excitement in her voice. Cynder nodded, “They will most likely be tougher than the Gulper, so don’t let your guard down. But for now, we need to head back to the Academy and report to Eon.

Elle and Wayne sat there, wondering how many villains there were that had broken out of Cloudcracker Prison. If they were right, and they were out there running rampant, they would need all the help they could get. And they had a sneaking suspicion Kaos had something to do with the new situation.

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