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Posted: Tue, 24/05/2022 08:16 (1 Month ago)
Galarian Yamask, use Dig!

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Posted: Sun, 22/05/2022 22:23 (1 Month ago)
Slash glances around, trying to make sure he is unobserved, and then buzzes off to a secret hiding place he devised, for one important-seeming object he found a few days ago...
Soon enough, Slash arrived to a hollowed-out tree, holding the strange, round thing he found a few days ago... It was gone! Slash looked for it, and then checked the tree again, and found something, but it sure wasn't the strange, round thing... It was strange, though, and gave Slash the feeling as if his power was being amplified... "Let's keep this here, all safe."

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Posted: Sun, 08/05/2022 16:19 (1 Month ago)
Thank you for ordering. I cannot be sure when your Parcels will arrive, but know that I will NOT accept the gift until all 4 Parcels are delivered. The reason for this is: A, so I can remember your username, and B, taking it beforehand just seems shady.

Do not post to this shop, it's closed. If you do, your parcels will not be sent.
And if you send the gift for parcels, I may take the money but not give the parcel(s).
And if you didn't know, that's just horrible for you.

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Posted: Sat, 30/04/2022 16:19 (2 Months ago)
Can I poke the Pikachu instead?

Maybe yourself at home, just don't use the elevator.

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Posted: Sat, 30/04/2022 13:45 (2 Months ago)
Your prices for Pokémon are horrible. Take a look at this.
I will, however, buy one Espurr for the price of 1000 PokéDollars and an Everstone for the price of 170 PokéDollars.
Total price=1170 PokéDollars.

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Posted: Sat, 30/04/2022 06:01 (2 Months ago)
Username: ChaosRisen
Promo Code: :3
Request: 2 Falinks.
Tips: 300 PokéDollar.
Mode of payment: PokéDollar.
Note- I may change my mind depending on the price.

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Posted: Sat, 30/04/2022 04:48 (2 Months ago)
Atwood was checking all of his automated defense systems, all the weaponry and experiments. Good, everything in its place and functional. The Purge was soon. The annual bloodbath. What was goverenment thinking? Oh well, no mind to that. "I'll have to steel myself, I have a bad feeling about this year." Atwood turned on his computer and logged on to Porygon Simulator. It was a refreshing game, Atwood decided last year when he started playing. "Alas, the servers will go down when the game's owner hides from the Purge." Atwood said, to nobody in particular. There was nobody nearby.

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Posted: Fri, 29/04/2022 18:26 (2 Months ago)
"I want to be hired!
I will be a mixologist,
Thank you!"
On a somewhat-related note, may I please have 5 Soda Pop to make drinks with?

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Posted: Fri, 29/04/2022 16:59 (2 Months ago)
May I get 1 Gold Box and 1 Gold Key pair? Also, I would like to join the shop as a Pokémon supplier. (basically I just give mons to the shop) Also x2, I would like to donate 3 Furfrou.
: This job isn't half-bad.

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Posted: Fri, 29/04/2022 16:53 (2 Months ago)
Bump - This shop is now open as a different shop! Get your parcels here!

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Posted: Fri, 29/04/2022 13:28 (2 Months ago)
[Note: This is not two Pokémon, rather one that is maybe a Ditto.]
Pokemon: Kadabra (Ditto Transformed into Kadabra if allowed)

Nicknames: James (Morphy as Ditto)

Shiny or no: No (for both)

Gender: Male (N/A as Ditto)

Personality: (Morphy's personality can vary so much, you'd think he has multiple personality/dissociative identity disorder.) As James, he simply stays quiet.

Set of main moves: Teleport, Psychic, Hidden Power (Psychic), Protect (Transform, Tackle, N/A, N/A as Ditto)

Trainer Name(Optionable): unknown (Exists, but is unknown)

Trainer Gender (Optionable): unknown (Exists, but is unknown)

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Posted: Thu, 28/04/2022 15:30 (2 Months ago)
bump for parcels

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Posted: Thu, 28/04/2022 15:19 (2 Months ago)

The Porygon Club!

: Oh, hello! Welcome to the Porygon Club!
: This is a place where all fans of Porygon may meet up and talk about Porygon.
: But don't go off-topic! It is really unhealthy for a club, and we want to stick around!
: We have events from time to time, so check often!
: Events sometimes have Prizes, ranging from Nuggets to PokeDollars to Evo Stones!
: If you're a new member, look below here for all the basics!
: Returning members, remember to check the member list!

Ranks and Users with Them

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- Smol Porygon- Owner, Co-Owner, and Admins. - ChaosRisen,
- Shiny Porygon - Any Moderator. Event Managers have an asterisk(*). - ChaosRisen* ,
- Porygon - Any member. - ChaosRisen,
- Porygon2 - Any member with 1 warning.
- Porygon-Z - Any member with 2 warnings.
- Shiny Porygon2 - Any member with 3 warnings.
- Shiny Porygon-Z - Any banned member who is not appealing for ban removal.
- Smol Porygon-Z - Any banned member who is appealing for ban removal.


Show hidden content
#1= Treat others with RESPECT, including the REAL Porygon. 1 warning.
#2= Do NOT do Shiny Porygon (or Smol Porygon)'s duties unless you are Shiny Porygon (or Smol Porygon). 1.5 warnings given.
#3= This club is for Porygon only. Please no Porygon2 or Porygon-Z. Optional. Does not give a warning.
#4= Follow PokeHeroes Rules! Important!! Gives 2 Warnings because this is rules of the rules.
#5= Be kind to other Porygons, even the Porygon2s and Porygon-Zs.
#6= Listen to Shiny and Smol Porygons.
#7= Have fun. Mandatory, but no warning.

The Forms

: The form is a little bit long, sorry!
Quote from ChaosRisen
[center]I'd like to join Porygon Club!
Nickname (Optional):
How much you like Porygon:
Why you like Porygon:
How often are you on?:
Do you know any Porygons (members)?:
Who are all of the Smol Porygons?:
Who are all of the Shiny Porygons?:
(True or False) All Shiny Porygons are also Porygons:
(True or False) No Smol Porygons are also Shiny Porygons:
Are you in any other clubs?:
What rule gives you 1.5 warnings?:
(True or False) Breaking a PokeHeroes rule does not give warnings:
Which Porygon is your Favorite? (Normal, 2, or -Z?):
Porygon Club PalPad?:

Note: Any [Redacted under order P-01] means I'm not telling you. Do not put that.

I'd like to join Porygon Club!
Username: ChaosRisen
Nickname (Optional): N/A
How much you like Porygon: 100/5 Porygon best Pokemon
Why you like Porygon: Uhhhhh it's cute and computery
How often are you on?: I have no schedule.
Do you know any Porygons (members)?: Inapplicable. No members.
Who are all of the Smol Porygons?: [Redacted under order P-01]
Who are all of the Shiny Porygons?: [Redacted under order P-01]
(True or False) All Shiny Porygons are also Porygons: [Redacted under order P-01]
(True or False) No Smol Porygons are also Shiny Porygons: [Redacted under order P-01]
Are you in any other clubs?: No
What rule gives you 1.5 warnings?: [Redacted under order P-01]
(True or False) Breaking a PokeHeroes rule does not give warnings: [Redacted under order P-01]
Which Porygon is your Favorite? (Normal, 2, or -Z?): Normal.
Porygon Club PalPad?: Yes


: We went back from images, editing them is boring.
: No events yet!
: Event Slot MissingNo = No events.
: Event Slot 1 = Locked. 5 members to unlock.
: Event Slot 2 = Locked. 10k funds total at any time to unlock.

: Our Funds are as follows:
: 0 PokeDollars.
: and 2 Nuggets.
: Funds are collected via gifting funds to ChaosRisen.
: When PokeDollar funds reach 1k increments, ChaosRisen will make a trade to all Club members containing the funds. (It extracts them from the account.) Do not make offers on this fund preservation.
: Funds can be drawn from to give out event rewards.
: Prices that do not have solid 1k increments, the extra outside of 1k increments will be paid for by ChaosRisen.
: When Nugget funds reach 50 increments, the same fund preservation trade will be initiated.
: If a preservation trade disappears, do not worry! Either an event using those funds is happening, or a new member joined.
: ChaosRisen may add you to his friendlist, so that fund preservation trade initiation is faster.
: When donating, don't forget to leave a comment on your gift stating as much!

: Put your applications in this feed.
: Alternatively, you can send all Shiny Porygons a private trade with a useless item, but the trade's comment is your application.

: Well, that's all!
: So what about it?
: Will you join the Porygon Club?

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Posted: Wed, 27/04/2022 22:26 (2 Months ago)

Temporarily closed

This shop is temporarily closed, sorry.
Any incomplete orders have recieved at least a 5/8 refund.
Hope to do business with you later.

: This shop is a very simple one.
: In this shop, you pay 500 Pokédollar to get a Random Parcel - This is not an item, but rather a trade.
: Please note that the Random Parcel might not give you your money's worth. (Unlikely. This generally only happens if you don't use the form or send payment as Gift)
: You are allowed to purchase multiple parcels at once - Don't clutter the thread!
: The Random Parcel will NEVER be empty.
: Send the payment as a GIFT. Some contents can be blocked if you send it in a trade. (i.e. Pokémon)
: Make sure to attach to the gift a comment of "Parcel Payment"

Show hidden content
0-5 Pokémon (very likely)
0-5 Everstones
0-1 Mystery Box (low chance, I don't get many of them)
0-1 Mystery Key (low chance, I don't get many of them)
0-3 Fossils (------^)
0-10 ???????? (Basically wildcard, may contain anything) - Amounts vary, simply 0-10 different items. (Ex. 15 Bluk Berries and 150 Cheri Berries is 2 ????????)
0-100 PokéDollars

: Now for the form!
Quote from the form
[b]I'd like a Parcel or Parcels!
[b]Number of PokéDollars in payment:[/b]
[b]I understand to send payment as GIFT:[/b]
[b]I understand that there may be delay in Parcel delivery:[/b]

: Here's an example.
Quote from PorygonI'd like a Parcel or Parcels!
Number of PokéDollars in payment: 1500
I understand to send payment as GIFT: Yes.
I understand that there may be delay in Parcel delivery: Yes.

: So! Would you like any parcels?
: Parcels are seemingly more likely to contain a special voucher, but not a normal one..

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Posted: Wed, 27/04/2022 18:44 (2 Months ago)
James finds himself unable to rest, so he decides to look around. Perhaps he would find something of note? He didn't know, but best to try. He doesn't move from his position, however, and knows that there's probably things he would not see. Likely, nothing of note will happen from me looking around, but oh well.

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Posted: Wed, 27/04/2022 16:09 (2 Months ago)
James sighed. He partially wanted to make new friends, but he knew that he'd get split away from any friends, so why try? Something else was on his mind too. It's so boring around here! No trainers are doing anything, no Pokemon except two are doing anything, and that Zacian, I suppose. James decided he'd be better off sleeping. Maybe a good idea to make things interesting would come to him in sleep...?

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Posted: Wed, 27/04/2022 07:14 (2 Months ago)
Character Name - James Atwood
Age - 54
Appearance - Atwood's hair has already gone white, whether the result of dying it or an unusually fast natural occurrence is unknown. He is as pale as a dead man, oddly. He has a scar over his right eye that takes close examination to really notice, or so he believes. Speaking of the eyes, Atwood's are an unnatural white, which many scientists agree is not a normal iris color. His background does not fit much with the scar, however, since the scar seems to have been made by a blade. It is entirely possible that Atwood was scarred during a previous Purge, despite the unlikeliness, since it is believed he has a secret bunker.
Personality - In better days he was a kind and caring soul. Until one fateful day, when everything was destined to change... He is still kind and caring, but an incident that will not be covered in this text left him mentally unstable, with fragments of his mind completely gone.
Backstory (optional) - In better days, James Atwood was a scientist specializing in the fields of neurology and robotics. One day, he has the far-fetched idea to [REDACTED UNDER ORDER X-19. CONTACT ADMIN TO HAVE THIS REDACTION REVIEWED.], with catastrophic results. It left his consciousness fragmented and his mind destroyed. Vestiges of a past time still are there in his mind, and they still show.
Password - The one with Chucky. Child's Play?
Group Chat? - Of course.
Other - I used "In better days" a lot, huh?

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Posted: Sun, 24/04/2022 19:50 (2 Months ago)
Slash answers: "Up until now, extremely boring. Most days are like that, except for one day a few days ago. So, should we look for your trainer?" Slash's mind wanders. What an extremely odd thing I found the other day. It feels as if it is filled with energy, yet... Oh, I can think about it later. Slash wonders if anything else unusual will happen today.

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Posted: Sun, 24/04/2022 18:12 (2 Months ago)
Slash is relieved and surprised at the lack of battle. This morning I decided today was going to probably be a normal day. I went exploring, not liking normal days, and I found a trainer with a Kleavor and an Arcanine, I battled, and the trainer disappeared. Today has not been a normal day. Well, I suppose a few days ago wasn't a normal day, anyways... "Oh yeah, how has your day been?" Slash asks Blister.

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Posted: Fri, 22/04/2022 23:32 (2 Months ago)
James noticed the oncoming darkness. However, he had no problem sleeping outside of a tent or building. I hope that Zacian lets me sleep outside, and not in a tent. I used to do it all the time. Noticing that Excalibur is currently occupied, James decides to just sleep outside whether it is permitted or not. I look to be asleep all the time, so it'll be fine.

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