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I'm Feeling Lucky

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Posted: Fri, 20/03/2020 01:03 (2 Years ago)
lol Denied because, ~> "Could lead to harassment" lmao smh :/

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Posted: Fri, 20/03/2020 00:43 (2 Years ago)

Title: Huhh??

What?? :B

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Posted: Fri, 17/01/2020 21:54 (2 Years ago)

Title: Hey hey

Greetings from New Brunswick. (Y)

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Posted: Fri, 17/01/2020 21:53 (2 Years ago)

Title: Hey all

Greetings from New Brunswick

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Posted: Fri, 29/11/2019 07:32 (2 Years ago)

Title: Soothe Bell???

Where exactly does one find one of these "Soothe bells"??

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Posted: Fri, 16/02/2018 06:23 (4 Years ago)
Feel free to offer whatever you feel like. I'm open to anything. (Pokes/Items/PD/whatever."
v v

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Posted: Fri, 16/02/2018 06:22 (4 Years ago)
I'll take whatever you want to give. lol

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Posted: Fri, 16/02/2018 06:06 (4 Years ago)

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Posted: Tue, 13/02/2018 23:39 (4 Years ago)

Title: I'm a crab.

I'm a CANCER. (Y)

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Posted: Tue, 13/02/2018 23:37 (4 Years ago)
Jolteon, because Jolteon is the SUPERIOR Eeveelution!

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Posted: Tue, 13/02/2018 23:34 (4 Years ago)
Jolteon FTW!

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Posted: Tue, 13/02/2018 21:03 (4 Years ago)
28. Getting dangerously close to 30...

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Posted: Tue, 13/02/2018 20:28 (4 Years ago)
The image codes don't seem to want to work so just follow the links. (Y)

<a href='http://www.felisfire.com/?ref=28116'><img src='http://www.felisfire.com/images/referral/468x60.gif' /></a>

Maybe I'll see you there? Same name there as here. (Y)

<a href='http://www.felisfire.com/?ref=28116'><img src='http://www.felisfire.com/images/referral/LIGHTNINGBOLTno.gif' /></a>

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Posted: Tue, 06/02/2018 03:52 (4 Years ago)

Title: Hi!

Hello. ;) I have crippling depression. (Y)

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