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Posted: Sun, 07/07/2024 17:38 (8 Days ago)
Sending noooooooow

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Posted: Sun, 07/07/2024 17:31 (8 Days ago)
You're banned because you're spitting an interesting opinion and I totally respect it, though I love Rowlet more for some reason...

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Posted: Tue, 02/07/2024 07:49 (13 Days ago)
Let's do this!
Clicking now!

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Posted: Mon, 01/07/2024 09:27 (14 Days ago)
Happy 11th anniversary PokeHeroes! 🥳🎉

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Posted: Thu, 23/05/2024 17:47 (1 Month ago)
Hi >:D
*Bumps back*

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Posted: Thu, 23/05/2024 13:39 (1 Month ago)

Title: Off topic

Bump! :3

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Posted: Sun, 31/03/2024 20:11 (3 Months ago)
Good idea!
Maybe you could also draw your ocs as well!!
Thanks :3

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Posted: Sat, 30/03/2024 12:35 (3 Months ago)


Hi there, so this is basically a list of my ocs as you can see (and probably other art)

Here will be mostly including references, in case of joining an art contest or making fan art.


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-Don't steal my art!
-Ask me first if you would like to make a fan art of one of my ocs!
-No trolling, swearing and putting something off-topic in this thread.
-Advices and opinions will be much appreciated!

P. S. I will mostly post traditional art

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