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I'm Feeling Lucky

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Posted: Tue, 20/12/2016 02:25 (5 Years ago)
Hi,i just returned here and i want to win so i will have somthing that can motivate me to stay here. I hope you have a good real life.

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Posted: Wed, 07/12/2016 03:50 (5 Years ago)
Polestar! I want to make a wish!
I wish for...a surprise

Polestar! I want to tell you about my best friend here!
Your username:Blackex
Your friend's username:Junker_Can
Why are they special to you?:He is a good friend of mine here,and ever since we met,he have been so kind and caring like a brother to me

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Posted: Mon, 20/06/2016 05:00 (6 Years ago)
Hey-o Uncle Finny!
I want to participate in The Legendary Raffle!

If you could go anywhere for a summer vacation, where would you go?:i think i will just stay at home
Anything to add?:thanks for the raffle

Hey-o Uncle Finny!
I want to participate in The Mix Raffle!

If a platypus could speak, what do you think it would say?:i am a duck
Anything to add?:thanks for the raffle

Hey-o Uncle Finny!
I want to participate in The Item Raffle!

Which season is the most beautiful? Why?:winter,because it's christmas time
Anything to add?:thanks for the raffle

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Posted: Wed, 23/03/2016 14:26 (6 Years ago)
Can i also sign up

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Posted: Sun, 17/01/2016 12:59 (6 Years ago)

Charlie sneaks into the pile

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Posted: Sat, 09/01/2016 03:44 (6 Years ago)
I want to enter

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Posted: Mon, 28/12/2015 07:50 (6 Years ago)
i hope i can get the retro delibird,goodluck everyone

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Posted: Fri, 25/12/2015 01:54 (6 Years ago)

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Posted: Thu, 24/12/2015 14:37 (6 Years ago)
Which shiny do you want?:sylveon
How many shinies do you have?:0

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Posted: Sat, 29/08/2015 09:34 (6 Years ago)
Done,also number 29?

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Posted: Fri, 28/08/2015 13:55 (6 Years ago)
Pokemon/s:durant (Remember only your 1st request is Free!)

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Posted: Sun, 23/08/2015 09:40 (6 Years ago)

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Posted: Mon, 13/07/2015 13:30 (6 Years ago)
Username: Blackex
Reason of joining?: I like team galactic
Favorite shiny?: pikachu
How many shiniest do u have?: none yet
What shiny hunt next?: i don't know
What position do u want?: maybe mod
Password?: none
Favorite trainer sprite?: hilbert sprite please
Advice?: i don't have any sorry
Other: nope

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Posted: Wed, 16/07/2014 15:16 (7 Years ago)
I would like to be Giratina plz :)

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Posted: Tue, 03/06/2014 11:16 (8 Years ago)
BE HAPPY.......OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!

by the way where do u live CuteAnna?????????

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Posted: Tue, 03/06/2014 10:36 (8 Years ago)
"I love my Pokémon!"
Pokémon 1:Pikachu(Shiny)
Pokémon 2:Charizard
Pokémon 3:Blastoise
Pokemon 4:Grovyle(Shiny)
Pokemon 5:Aggron
Pokemon 6:Mawile
Trainer Sprite:Red
please I want them
P.S. Red is a Pokemon Trainers name

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Posted: Sun, 01/06/2014 12:21 (8 Years ago)
Sinnoh Form
RP Name:Blackex
History:Although from Johto but spent his whole life in Sinnoh
Pokemon: Charizard, Dragonite, Pikachu, Infernape, Giratina, Floatzel 8)

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Posted: Sun, 18/05/2014 10:39 (8 Years ago)
not me???????? *NOOOO* :c :c :c :c :c :,( :,( :,( :,(

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Posted: Sun, 11/05/2014 09:52 (8 Years ago)
Ben 10 rocks!
Alien I choose: Ghostfreak (of Alien Force)
Why I chose this alien: It is Spooky...And I love it
I choose this image:

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Posted: Fri, 09/05/2014 10:28 (8 Years ago)
u cant take 2 members as "Goku" DragonSumedh

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