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Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 03:35 (4 Hours ago)
“Those covering the house should also be prepared to fight if needed. Emergency backup is necessary here” He eyed Caspian, he should be sent out of the room right now, but it’s Mercy we’re talking about

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Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 03:05 (5 Hours ago)
“You know her better than I do,” Apparently at least. He didn’t want to get into that can of worms just yet. “We estimate how long this so called ‘grace period’ is, if its sooner rather than later we focus less on all that evacuation you want and focus on the threat.”

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Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 02:28 (5 Hours ago)
“Well we dont even know when she is making the announcement. We just know where. Thats not a lot to go by” He noted

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Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 02:08 (6 Hours ago)
“I don’t want to hide if that’s what you mean” He huffed, wanting to do anything else but that

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Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 01:36 (6 Hours ago)
He grumbled but didn’t say anything to them. It was clear he wanted to be anywhere but here right now

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Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 01:22 (6 Hours ago)
Scara was just watching with a sour look on his face. He did not appreciate this at all

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Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 00:59 (7 Hours ago)
As expected. She really didn’t listen to what he wanted. He wanted to fight. He wanted revenge for all that she had done to them- he wasn’t about to just hide for Celestia knows how long

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Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 00:25 (7 Hours ago)
“I’d rather die honorably at least trying to fight than live throughout the rest of whatever will happen in shame-“ He pulled his hand away, defiantly

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Posted: Thu, 07/07/2022 00:06 (8 Hours ago)
“I- No! I said I’d do what you want but this is too far!” He was clearly annoyed here “So get mad at me all you want for this- I don’t hide”

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 23:39 (8 Hours ago)
“Put somewhere..? I’m not going anywhere- I don’t run and hide-“ How many times must he protest that he can survive- that he can help her?

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 23:27 (8 Hours ago)
He blinked. Seriously? Leaving just like that? If he could curse he would have some choice words to call her.

“The next time I see her I’m going to kill her-“ He grumbled, fixing the damage dealt to his neck

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 23:14 (9 Hours ago)
“That’s not my name-“ He said, more on habit than anything at this point “I doubt anything you create can be considered a paradise”

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 18:52 (13 Hours ago)
He moved to be in front of Mercy defensively

“I don’t know what you’re planning on doing but I know whatever it is is doomed to failure” He wanted Bliss out of here, now

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 18:36 (13 Hours ago)
He was very not appreciative of this at all. But then again, he did the same thing before. He would be a hypocrite to denounce it

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 18:05 (14 Hours ago)
His eyes narrowed at Iteral. “This is not the time nor place for that” What was she even doing. How did that make any sense in this situation

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 13:58 (18 Hours ago)
Scara couldn’t really do anything. Except stand there. What would happen if he even tried to attack her right now, would it just not hurt her like usual?

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 05:44 (1 Day ago)
He wanted to glare at Bliss, except he didn’t dare actually move. Instead he could only watch as Mercy did as Bliss said, which Scara regarded as what you call a ‘bad move’. He didn’t like this at all

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 05:35 (1 Day ago)
“Don’t give it to her- we’ll be fine” Wow if he could feel he would be in excruciating pain right now

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 05:27 (1 Day ago)
“It’s not our fault you didn’t keep it in a safer space when you had it- we aren’t giving it to you-“ He wasnt in a good position here

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Posted: Wed, 06/07/2022 05:13 (1 Day ago)
He froze up defensively. This was not good- not good at all- “What do you want-“

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