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Posted: Sat, 21/05/2022 02:36 (1 Month ago)

[ faceclaim ] none, see the above picrews/fanarts
[ name ] gordon elizabeth yongqí pandora
[ nickname ] freemind
[ gender ] cismale, he/him
[ age ] thirty-one years, 02/08/1979, leo
[ role ] right-hand-man to eddie grayson, a well known arms dealer and leader of a vigilante crime ring.
[ items on hand ] always has a pistol of some kind on him, as well as a swiss army knife.

[ ethnicity and origins ] chinese/spanish/southern caucasian
[ body type and condition ] very muscular, but not in the best condition physically
[ weight ] 95 kg
[ height ] 6'4
[ hair ] brown, with blond streaks. tied into a ponytail
[ birthmarks, tattoos, piercings ] has a tattoo of a flower on his collarbone, and the name "lorraine" on his left shoulder. eyebrow is pierced, along with most places in both ears.
[ scars ] most of the left side of his face is scarred, along with his right ear, his left hand, and his right knee. he's littered with scars from both bullets and deep lacerations. he's missing his left pinky, and there's a hole blown through his right ear.
[ eyes ] his right, working eye is green. he wears an eyepatch to cover the mangled scarring of his left one.
[ disabilities, injuries ] missing eye, missing finger, and he walks with a heavy limp because of damage to his right knee. he also has hearing damage, and he is dyslexic to the point where he cannot read without assistance.

[ personality ]
he seems relatively stoic at first, but that's because his mind runs on a constant monologue, saying all the things he wishes he could. when he opens his mouth, it becomes clear what kind of person he is. he's confident to a fault, with an angry undertone accompanying everything he says. one can hardly tell if it's on purpose or not. he's smart, with the capability to be cunning, and quite flirty when he feels like it. mostly, however, anger and explosive fury tend to overwhelm his other traits. nobody really knows him, so there's nobody to ask about him, but it can be assumed they wouldn't have generally good opinions of the man. unless there's more under that furious gaze of his... the only person who might know anything is the most well known arms dealer in the state, though, so information about the man isn't exactly accessible. maybe there's a reason for that.

[ history ]
to be rped :)

[ enjoys ]
guns, as a concept (less so in action)
rock/metal music
physics, especially theoretical physics
robots and robotics
die hard
pastafarians (??)

[ dislikes ]
loud sounds
repetitive beeping
stupid or ignorant people
bigots, especially homophobes
string theory believers

[ fears ]
losing the people he cares about (*cough* eddie)
being back in the places he's worked to escape from
aliens, especially facehugger kinds
not being in control of his life

[ kin ]
[ romantic interests ]
eddie nobody, as far as he's concerned.
(if it matters, he's bi, but with a lot of internalised homophobia against himself specifically. also he's polyamorous)
[ theme ]

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Posted: Thu, 19/05/2022 03:45 (1 Month ago)
He's not convinced, to say the least.

Gordon's not one to let a liar fly under his radar. She's being too cocky, not careful enough with her words. It's clear to him, right in front of his face. No way this girl can be trusted. The guilt tripping? The slight, barely catchable sarcastic tone lacing her words? Yeah, no.

He draws his glock with no warning, returning to the furiously, untouchably intimidating stance from moments before. His gun was trained right on her head, weapon clearly already cocked and ready to fire.

"Any sudden moves, and I'll blow your face off. I'm not afraid to clean your brains off these walls." Gordon's voice is sturdy, unwavering, lacking both hesitation and any of the prior warmth or fear. His face is cold, eye drained of all emotion it had displayed.

"Drop the bag in front of you and take a step back. Empty your pockets while you're at it. Now." He waved the gun in her direction, not letting her head leave his line of fire.

He doesn't look at Cassandra or Aster, but he wishes he could apologise for how... straightforward his methods were. The phrases he was using couldn't have been pleasant to hear, and regardless of their place in the situation, this wasn't something particularly fun to witness. He knew that. He knew that far, far too well.

He just hoped he wouldn't have to shoot her in front of the others. He knew what that did to a person. He couldn't let someone else go through it, especially not because of him.

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Posted: Wed, 18/05/2022 04:04 (1 Month ago)
He'd just been about to respond to Cassandra when the sound of an opening door cut his thought process clean in two. His reaction was instinctive - he reached for the glock strapped on his hip, aiming it directly at the intruder's face. His breathing was very suddenly uneven, coming in quick, anxious bursts. One would expect his body to be tremouring, for fear to be visible in his working eye, but his hand was so unmoving you'd think he were a statue. His expression was mean, one that certainly made his already intimidating appearance almost terrifying.

Aa he watched them run towards Cassandra, he very nearly fired. Lucky he didn't - Cassandra seemed to have this handled. Christ... He allowed himself a moment to breathe, putting the glock away with hands that no longer tried to look menacing. They trembled now, with the aftershock of the threat and... something unplaceable in his eye. He ran a hand over his face, taking in another steadying breath.

He heard his name and forced himself to tune back into the world around him, turning to face Cassandra with the remnants of a thousand-yard stare in his gaze. He thought long and hard about the stranger, weighing up his options. He didn't want to give Cassandra and Aster a reason to dislike him, since they were sort of in his house, and this girl didn't seem like much of a threat. He swore to himself internally, before making himself promise that this was the last person, dammit.

"...Yeah, yeah, she can stay." He muttered, trying not to sound too jittery. He offered a handshake with a scarred, rather worn hand. "I'm Gordon. You can stay here for shelter if you need. I'm not gonna have any problems protecting you, and I have enough food to feed you if you want."

He'd forgotten what they'd been talking about entirely now. Great...

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Posted: Mon, 16/05/2022 07:17 (1 Month ago)
It was only now that Gordon really registered her injury, a frown forming on his face. "That doesn't look good. Has that been cleaned? Disinfected? I can grab you some painkillers, if you need. Not sure if you can tell , but I'm a man with a big supply of medical stuff. Self-prescribed and otherwise." He really wishes he could have emphasised that statement with a wink, but... Yeah.

"Oh. And don't worry about the treatment being poorly done, either. I used a pocket knife to fish bullets out of my arm once, stitched and disinfected all the wounds myself! I turnout out great, in case that wasn't clear." ...huh. There must be a lot more than just a limp, a missing eye, a mangled ear and a missing finger on his scar list, hiding under that scuffed leather jakcet he wore.

"I'm a doctor, anyway. Not a medical one, but still." He gestures vaguely towards a small stack of papers collecting dust on a shelf just barely out of view. The shelf itself looks old, and worn, and there's various other things that look like they must hold a great deal of sentimental value. Only one half of the shelf is visible from where either of them stand, but it can be assumed there are more things on display.

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Posted: Sat, 14/05/2022 19:23 (1 Month ago)
"You seem to be doing great without them."

At those words, Gordon had to bite his tongue to stop himself from getting too... visibly emotional. Blinking harshly, he forced a chuckle out of his suddenly aching chest. Calm down, he told himself. She was talking about your friends. Don't make this more emotional than it needs to be. He takes a second to make sure he's not going to break his composure, before looking down at the carpet. That didn't need to hit so close to home, dammit. He had other things to focus on right now! He forced himself to tune back into Cassandra's words.

"Yeah, yeah, you're right. Although, I don't think surviving is too much of a problem for us. I have a bit of a track record with narrowly avoiding my demise, or whatever." He spared an anxious glance out the window, this one seeming almost compulsive. "I've brushed with death so many times, I really oughta start giving him high fives when I pass." He limps over to another window, looking through the blinds for any signs of intruders.

Aster's words brought a cocky grin to his features, folding his arms proudly. "I know, right? It's got everything! No loud traffic, no stalkery neighbours, and I haven't seen a single owl around here!" Some strange criteria for a house, but whatever. "It's crazy, I didn't even know this whole purge thing was a thing before I bought the place. Guess that explains why it was so cheap." He didn't seem terribly phased by this genuinely awful luck the gods seemed to keep throwing at this man. "Only the mailman comes down here, usually." He mutters something about said mailman being a creep under his breath.

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Posted: Sat, 14/05/2022 15:22 (1 Month ago)
Now it's his turn to listen to Cassandra speak, looking at the wall a short distance beside her as she did so. The wince didn't go unnoticed, and Gordon felt a feeling akin to empathy seeing the look in her eye. He knew that look. He saw it every time he looked into a mirror. The eyes of a person holding almost too much to bear - a story of grief, heartbreak, or something along such lines. It was strange, remembering that he wasn't alone in those feelings.

Gordon could see it, in the way that for a moment, the only emotion he could see in her eyes was a terrible kind of regret. He could just sort of... feel it. She'd lost someone too, huh? He couldn't think of anything to say to that realisation. Nothing came to mind that seemed too helpful. Instead, he waited for her to speak again. When she did, he gave a soft, empty chuckle.

"I guess I could find one or two of 'em, if I looked hard enough..." He trailed off slowly. his eye traced the faces of his old friends, a somewhat pained expression on his face. Dammit, quit that, he told himself. He looked weak enough, he didn't need to start showing emotional vulnerability!

"Not like I need them, though." He deflects quickly, turning away with a false grin plastered on his face. "I could survive on my own if I wanted. One friend? Already more than I need!" He laughed at his own statement, forcing himself to push away the... other emotions. Ugh.

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Posted: Sat, 14/05/2022 09:42 (1 Month ago)
"Who said they moved away?" He asked, almost bitterly. "Nah, I moved away from them. Some of 'em... well, I lost contact with some of them before then, but I had to move down to New Mexico after college for the job I was working." His tone takes on a dark, resentful tone as he mentions the job.

His face actually seems to light up at her second statement, however. For a moment, he almost smiles, looking back at the photo. "Eddie and I are pals. He's the reason I have ammo for these babies." He pats the MP5 on his back for emphasis. "Known him since I was thirteen. We go waay back."

The photo in question is one of six people, all around the ages of 13. The two in the center stood out the most - a small boy with blond streaks in his short, matted hair and a vaguely haunted look in his single working eye, and a much less healed scar on the left side of his face, standing next to a tall, confident looking boy with a ponytail not unlike the one Gordon wore today.

"He's an arms dealer, actually. Took over his brother's business when he turned 17?" He chuckles softly to himself. "He was there for me at a... really weird time." He trails off there, looking back down at the floor.

Gordon didn't seem to have a problem sharing trivial details of his past, but certain topics he seemed to dance around as they came up. He wasn't sure why he was so content talking about this stuff either, to be honest. The looming threat of possible death or worse along with being cooped up with a couple of strangers probably had something to do with it.

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 19:25 (1 Month ago)
He raises an eyebrow when they decline his offer, but says nothing. Hm, weird... Whatever. The mention of the people outside makes something in his gaze darken. His guess about how they ended up here didn't seem far from the truth, at least. As per usual, he thought to himself. Still, he looked down at the window sill, momentarily seeming lost in thought.

"Don't beat yourself up about it." He doesn't face her as he speaks, opting to look directly out the window instead. "You can't save everyone, and in a place like this, putting yourself at risk for someone else could mean you die for someone who deserved what they were about to get. The scum that walks these streets.." He glances around outside again as he speaks, as if talking about them would summon them to his doorstep.

He noticed her looking at the picture on the wall, and sighed. Walking a little closer to where she stood, he leant against a dusty cabinet full of various items that seemed almost sentimental. "Old friends, back before college. None of 'em live around here. Only have contact with one of them now, anyways." He's not sure why he felt the need to explain such a trivial thing. Maybe it was the recent lack of interaction, the isolation getting to his head again. Maybe he was just trying to make conversation, which... he almost never did, so he doubted that.

And he certainly wasn't lonely. That was the last possible conclusion.

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 18:53 (1 Month ago)
He'd waited a little longer than he'd expected to, considering how eager they seemed for protection before, but he tried to ignore that as the door swung open. He didn't move at first, keeping a close eye on them as they entered. He gave a nod at the word of thanks. He tried to hide how weary he was of the strangers, but he knew a thin layer of worry must have buried itself behind a false look of apathy.

He noted the removal of the masks, pretending not to know about how dangerous these people had the possibility to be. No, he could defend himself even if they were here for malicious reasons. He was fine, dammit.

The house was in pretty good condition, aside from a few holes in the walls. Boxes of painkillers and various medications for all sorts of things were scattered about the house, most of them in plain sight. It didn't seem like he had visitors often, and looking at him, why would he? The walls had the occasional poster or photo taped over them, of old rock and metal bands and what looked like old polaroids of friends. Something about the house seemed... lonely, still, even with the decor and the signs of clear life inside the rooms that felt so lifeless. There were a lot of things to look at here, but somehow it was all... bleak.

He doesn't speak again until they introduce themselves - or rather, the girl introduced them both. He nodded slowly, considering offering them a handshake. He decided against it, but his hand moved slightly as if he had almost done so anyway.

"Gordon." He states simply. "And it's not a problem. I have enough everything to last me, trust me on that one." He stuffed his hands in his pockets, leaning against the wall. "There's food in the kitchen if you're hungry. Don't feel bad about it or anything, you guys seem..." He pauses. "Well, you must've been desperate to ask a guy like me for help." He chuckles under his breath.

He doesn't seem as intent on keeping them afraid of him anymore, but he doesn't seem any less intimidating, either. The mysterious man doesn't say anything more, limping over to the window to make sure nobody else is around. Two people was enough, even if they were somewhat-maybe-tolerable people. He didn't wanna take any more chances, either.

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Posted: Fri, 13/05/2022 16:39 (1 Month ago)
At the sound of a voice, Gordon whips his head around. Oh god, oh chirst. He clutches his shotgun with one hand as he turns to face them fully. Two people, in what looked like halloween masks... That was never a good sign. Masks alone were relatively normal, perhaps even understandable in the circumstances. Halloween masks, however - masks of animals, or otherwise recognisable things - people who wore those wanted to make a name of themselves. The mask is the trademark.

If he wasn't so focused on keeping his expression unreadable, he would have cocked an eyebrow at her words. Oh, yeah, 'We're not here to hurt you.' Said every person here to hurt someone ever. But the sight of a pistol being thrown aside made him think twice. He stood his ground still, however. They could have more than one gun.

Gordon listened on to their little story, glaring slightly in their direction. A place to hide? she was certainly right about his lack of trust for strangers. It was probably an understatement, how little he tended to trust those that walked these streets. Especially today. But something about this seemed... genuine. The distress in her tone, and something in her stance that made her look injured.

...The streets weren't safe, huh? Yeah, obviously not, he thought to himself. No serial killer or worse would stoop to such obvious statements in their pleas. These were just two people who probably assumed they could help, bit off more than they could chew, and need a place to camp out. Probably sought out the most terrifying, intimidating, burly dude to hide out with, too. He supressed a chuckle at that. Man, he really did need to forget how much smarter he was that other people, huh?

He walked forward slowly, standing against the railing of his barricaded balcony. "There's a door 'round the back." He spoke, voice firm and, okay maybe a little scarier than it usually was because sue him, he liked being scary. The power was cool, and it was what he deserved anyway. "I'll go unlock it for you. But you bring anyone else here, and you're gone. I don't want to be making too much noise." He limped off without another word, walking inside to, presumably, unlock the door for the pair.

Walking through the smoke scented house, he made his way over to the back door. God, was he really doing this..? He'd been through worse than a couple of troublemakers trying to kill him, but still... Ah, whatever. He had his shotgun, he'd be fine. He unlocked the door with hands he refused to admit were shaking, and he leant against the wall to wait for the duo to come inside.

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 12:01 (1 Month ago)
As the somewhat awkward silence in the room was interrupted, Gordon stopped in his tracks. That couldn't be what he thought it was, could it? Those creatures couldn't exist anywhere outside of their home dimension now, he'd made sure of it-

It took him a second to realise he was frozen in place, his breathing considerably panicked compared to before. This place was literally made to make him emotionally unstable, he knew it. Someone here knew everything, and they were going to make him live through it all again. Someone here was against him, someone here was plotting against him-

The panic wasn't showing on his face. He was staring blankly at the floor, a cold and vaguely exhausted expression behind his eye.

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 11:51 (1 Month ago)
He glanced at Caspian, unsure of exactly who he was talking to. Eh, whatever. He didn't care about these idiots, powers be damned. Ignoring the cryptic metalbender (he thinks, at least), he focused back on the girl. Who, he was now realising, was smiling at him. Kind of genuinely, too. Huh. Maybe something good could come out of this after all. He chuckles to himself. Being him was awesome.

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 10:36 (1 Month ago)

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 03:02 (1 Month ago)
0/10 never seen you but hi

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 02:49 (1 Month ago)
He gave a suspicious glance to the girl somewhere behind him, watching as she ran her fingers along the walls. Her cheerful humming was almost off-putting. He raised an eyebrow in her direction, silently voicing his confusion towards her unsettlingly calm and chipper outlook on this whole thing.

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 02:22 (1 Month ago)
He makes a point to walk in front of the others, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his worn leather jacket. He didn't say anything, but the scowl on his almost tired-looking face seemed to speak for itself anyway. Dammit, he should be at home right now, listening to music and not caring about whatever this place was. How had he even gotten here to begin with..?


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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 02:12 (1 Month ago)
Still internally calming himself down, he stays leant against the wall. He's given up on any hope of normal conversation, and he's taken to watching the power-havers use their abilities to try and escape. Hmph. He's been in worse scenarios than this...No way he was actually trapped here. That was not how Gordon was dying. Without a word to Milo, he began to walk towards the hallway. Well... Less 'walk' and more 'limp', but you get the idea.

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 01:57 (1 Month ago)
The explosion is the icing on the horrible cake for this horrible experience. He flinches, violently. His hands rush to cover his ears, but the damage is already done. He hasn't even realised how tightly he shut his eye, how hard he bit his tongue to stop himself from cursing in something between anger and fear. The taste of copper lingers on his tongue as he backs against the wall, opening his eye and trying not to cause any more of a scene.

'Goddammit you JUST met these people you idiot, try not to let your stupid goddamn brain make them think you're any goddamn weaker than they already do.' His thought process doesn't help him emotionally, but it gives him the kick he needs to straighten up and give the culprit of his turmoil a furious glare. "Hey buddy, a little goddamn WARNING next time?!"

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 01:51 (1 Month ago)
He gives the person he now knows as Milo a bewildered look, confusion clear in his eye. "Okay, time out. You can what?" Before he can even wait for an answer, one of the strangers did some weird.. darkness thingy? He let out an angry shout of surprise. Honestly, with everything he's seen, he should've guessed there were superhumans around. His main question here was why the hell wasn't he one of them??? Genetics sucked.

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Posted: Wed, 11/05/2022 01:45 (1 Month ago)
1/10 your username is unfamiliar but i've seen you like, once in a shop or something?

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