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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 02:07 (1 Day ago)

"Hmm.. For some reason, this situation feels awfully familiar?"


[Name of Character]

[Character Age]

| Cunning | Shrewd | Nonchalant | Teasing | Mischievous | Untrustworthy |

Ayran has curly low saturated golden hair that is swept to one side, and golden eyes with pale skin. With a height of 5'9, he have a well-built stature. A slender figure, that has lean muscles hidden beneath his loose outfit.

Ayran tries to wear comfortable clothing when he can. Like, but not limited to, a knitted turtleneck, blouse, and windbreaker. Paired with some black jeans, and white boots that are somehow completely white, without a single stain.

Very often, he carries multiple pairs of black gloves in his messenger bag.

[Backstory (Optional, but recommended)]

[Reference Image (Optional, but recommended)]
[Password (Found in the Rules)]

I better get my pr ^^

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Posted: Wed, 22/03/2023 00:45 (1 Day ago)
Banned for: Disappearing for the short period of time, refusal of starting a certain rp, calling my pfp a manga character, daring to challenge me for pres, actually winning against me, joining child with that nonsensical kebab, being on the same side as child, being the auntii of child, and the fact daring to underestimate me!

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Posted: Tue, 21/03/2023 23:48 (1 Day ago)
Lucian was the Komainu, and he was gone, dead before he knew it. Even though Elehah knew that they weren't close, he couldn't help but feel pity for the other.

After he is still human, and has his human emotions whether he likes it or not.

But now without Lucian the Komainu, it will be much harder to win the game, but first things first. Elehah went up to the podium with steady steps. He took a deep breath silently, and wrote down a name without any regrets.

Artemis Wright

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Posted: Tue, 21/03/2023 23:45 (1 Day ago)
banned bc, actually we can bann people however we like >:))

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Posted: Tue, 21/03/2023 01:34 (2 Days ago)
Beautiful blue sky, barely any wind, it should be considered the best weather they had received in the recent years, it it weren't for the temperature.

Ayran groaned, as he groggily walked up to flip his door sign to [Closed], while he shielded the sunlight from his eyes with on of his hands.

Today was the day where he has to meet those stubborn, stuck-up, traditional mages that just don't want to change their ways to fit this era.

Looking back at his run-down shop, with multitude of different materials, from herbs, to poison he sighs. He could only hope that the magic formation that he draw earlier would hide his shop from any thieves...

Just thinking about the possibility of thieves storming in, rummaging through the shop carelessly, and creating a mess made him hesitate.

Does he have to go?

But thinking about it once more, their guildmaster is much more powerful than he is, so if he doesn't go..

His shop it most likely ruined!

How can he, a mere ant, stand in front of a dragon!

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Posted: Sun, 19/03/2023 20:23 (4 Days ago)
Elehah observed the newly arrival that entered their conversation with his arms crossed.


That was the conclusion that Paiyoon ended up with it seems like. But on what basis could Elehah trust her judgement, actually, what if she was trying to deverge his judgement, and kill an innocent.

"Miss Paiyoon, on what basis can we trust your judgement on?" He interrupted.

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Posted: Sun, 19/03/2023 20:17 (4 Days ago)

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Posted: Sun, 19/03/2023 18:45 (4 Days ago)

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Posted: Sat, 18/03/2023 21:41 (5 Days ago)
Elehah opened his eyes, he remembered all of the content of the day before, but suddenly he blacked out. Was this the power that the Yokai's had over them?

He frowns, he didn't like having no control of his life, and putting it on hands of people he doesn't know.

He looked at Lucian, who was just about in the same state as he was. A seed of doubt grew in his mind, perhaps he shouldn't have talked to Lucian.

But it was too late for him to back out unfortunately, nor was he the type to when he has already begun.

After a few moments of awkward silence, with Elehah looking up upon the sky, contemplating, he looked at Lucian with a serious look upon his face.

"...Hey, what do you think we should do?" This was the most normal question anyone has asked probably.

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Posted: Sat, 18/03/2023 21:07 (5 Days ago)
@Yeet and Mele Order complete!

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Posted: Sat, 18/03/2023 17:46 (5 Days ago)
Banned bc I haven't read 8t either, nor is going to read it anytime soon

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Posted: Fri, 17/03/2023 22:24 (6 Days ago)
banned bc pa is me

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Posted: Fri, 17/03/2023 22:18 (6 Days ago)
banned because you are a mew! How can you not understand my ban!

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Posted: Fri, 17/03/2023 21:47 (6 Days ago)
banned for not banning a mew

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Posted: Wed, 15/03/2023 00:53 (8 Days ago)
Hello Traveler.
In order to accept this quest, please send a scroll to guildmaster Serafina Magisteria.

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["I'm sorry, but in this shop, there is no bargaining, no stealing, and no no's! You get what you get, so don't you dare throw a fit!"]






Ex-Tomb Hunter, Scamming Apothecary


[Magic Type]

Standing at the height of 6'2, Ayran has a slender figure, murky golden hair set in a small pony-tail and grayish gold eyes. He may be on the lighter side in terms of weight, he is agile, and quick with his hands and feet. He wears a brown cloak enhanced with multiple enchantments outside of the white tunic, with a black belt, and leather pants. Paired with a pair of ankle length boots made out of lizard skin. He purposely always wears a monocle and a pair of black leather gloves to looks more professional.

| Logical | Analytical | Unpredictable | Outspoken | Untrustworthy |

Came from a family that has an extensive history of tomb hunters, Ayran thought that he was doomed to trail after his ancestors poor ways and end up on the streets begging for food. But perhaps, God decided to gave him mercy. One day, when he was tomb raiding with his team, suddenly a contraption was activated.

The Tomb suddenly started to collapse, he thought that his life was about to end right there and then. He thought, what a pity it was to live a life without fulfilling anything. But perhaps by some chance, he didn't die. But instead, he ended up in a secret compartment underneath the whole entire labyrinth.

The compartment, was about a size of a average noblemen room. But instead of it being filled with fancy belongings, and impressive treasures. It was completely barren, except for a big bed, a chair and table made out of good materials. There wasn't any other furniture. It was a room, but it was too comfortable to be a criminal cell room, yet it was to barren to be noblemen's room.

The longer Ayran stayed in the room in a daze, the more he felt like the room was more like a cage. Meant to trap someone, and keep them down here forever. With goosebumps, he walked to the desk, inwhich laid a notebook. Perhaps, it was because even the notebook was made out of fine materials, the content in it wasn't too damaged.

But as he flipped through the each pages of the notebook, he quickly realized that it was a journal, a record that someone left behind. The first few pages were just medicine formulas that he can't understand, but instinctively felt that everything that was recorded on here was all true.

He continued reading along the line of words, but soon, he felt something was wrong. Terribly wrong. The person in the journal started to become cautious of their words, and their handwriting started to become messy, showing their unstable mindset.

He clearly felt the emotions conveyed by the journal, the panic, the anguish, the anger, to hatred all combined into words. He almost felt that he couldn't breathe. Each word felt like a hammer hitting his soul. Ayran wasn't sure if he was so engrossed in reading the journal that he forgot to breathe, or it was some outside factor.

But he felt like oxygen wasn't coming into his lungs. He felt trapped, caged, alone, and unable to escape. Panic started pooling into his heart.

He immediately felt something was wrong with this tomb, but it was too late as Ayran turned around. But before he could do anything or scream. Everything went black.

He didn't know how many days has passed after he woke up, he forgot everything related to the secret compartment underneath the tomb. But mysteriously, by his bedside, there was a journal, with many pages ripped apart except those related to medicine that he can somehow understand. Instinctively, or perhaps it was led by fate, Ayran somehow knew that if he wanted to step away from following his ancestors trails, he should follow the journal instead.

Thus now, Ayran owns a small shop in a alleyway, in Solarion, The Capital of Aeloria. There may not be many customers, but the unlucky few who comes by, ultimately get scammed by Ayran. But none of them can refute that, Ayran, the scamming Apothecary, is a good Apothecary.

[Theme Song]
Venom - v_flower (eng ver)

[Favorite Color]
Lavender and Mint Green

[Password] (found in rules)
Human - Solarion - Necromancy - West GreenField


[Previous RP post you’re particularly proud of that you want to show off]

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Posted: Tue, 14/03/2023 19:42 (9 Days ago)
Ayran stared at Atticus for a moment, before he turned his gaze to the princess. To be honest, he has never actually met the princess this close.

He didn't have much against the princess, as he never did anything against him, but hearing her innocent, unassuming voice, made him scrunch his eyebrows together.

Someone who was born with luxury, care and respect...

Ayran thought, 'How enviable.'

He was born in the depths of the streets, with rags and dirt. He stole for food, fought for survival, never had a day of rest. From the moment he was born, the moment his birth parents thought that they didn't want him. He lost his place in the society.

From birth, he was at the bottom pit of the pyramid.

To be born with luxury, extensive care, and respect was something always out of his reach. But now that he met someone who was born with such, he just can help but feel envy in the corner of his mind.

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Posted: Tue, 14/03/2023 19:34 (9 Days ago)
Elehah paused for a moment when he heard Lucian's question. He expected it, but how to answer such, is the problem. He could not answer rashly, or else he may be scared away.

'How fickle...'

Just saying a name, will cause immediate suspicion.. so he should avoid doing as such. Seemingly made up his mind, Elehah looked at Lucian and smiles.

"It's difficult just to say a name, isn't it? Afterall, we don't know anyone here. People that may be crying, and weeping about their situations, could be cruel. Those who are crazy, may actually be crazy."

As he said that, he looked at the others, most are gone exploring somewhere, but there are those still in a daze. In such place where everyone are strangers, it truly is hard to find trust.

"Thus, I think we should get to know eachother. Ofcourse! That doesn't mean I want you to trust me..." Elehah looked back at Lucian observing his expressions.

"I wouldn't trust myself either.."

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Posted: Tue, 14/03/2023 00:18 (9 Days ago)
Elehah cursed inside his mind while never letting anything show on his face. Outside, he still have a amiable smile on his face, completely gentle.

"I completely agree with you, who knows what would happen next. But if we do want to survive, I think it's better to get to know eachother first, don't you think?"

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Posted: Mon, 13/03/2023 21:17 (10 Days ago)
Elehah didn't even need to observe Lucian's body language to tell that he is nervous. Of Course that made sense, any normal person would be nervous in this situation.

But unfortunately, most people here are the exact opposite of normal...

Trying to calm the poor guy down, Elehah gave his best effort of what seems like a reassuring smile, and reached his hand out to Lucian.

"Sorry to bother, I'm Elehah. You can lead the way, if that makes you any less nervous." Elehah said in a kind voice that he usually talk with his scared/panicked patients.

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Posted: Mon, 13/03/2023 20:35 (10 Days ago)
Elehah woke up in a daze, for a moment, he thought that he was back in his own world. But when his mind cleared up, he realized.

Disappointed, he sat up and let his head rest against his hand, waiting for his headache to diminish down. Before he took a deep breath, and thought to himself.

Felicity was dead.

But that wasn't the point, as he didn't even know her. People die everyday, everywhere, and for stupid reasons and causes. He'd seen many people die. There are people he can't save. As a physician, he has long accepted the fact that he can't save everyone.

Merely, she was just unlucky to be chosen.

She was their first victim.

They may be even more in the future...

Elehah clenched his fist, his nails digging into his palm, they don't have any power to defend against these yokais. Except during the day, whether if they can vote them out or not.

He was not willing to die, not now, not ever. He still has many things to finish up in his world. Elehah stood up, and walked to the next normal person, or one that atleast seem the most normal out of all.

Lucian Arbred.

This time he was actually going to investigate, and make sure he survives, Elehah thought with a determined gaze, as he walked towards Lucian.

"..Hey, mind if we talk for a moment?"

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