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Posted: Sun, 04/06/2023 12:41 (2 Days ago)
Username: ~Mewism~
Name: Soliana Caicyne
Age: 18
Species: (can be a variety of different species, but nothing OP.) elf?
Gender: female
Personality: quiet and calm, friendly but introverted. Quick thinker, pretty intelligent
Path: Abundance
Element: Ice
Spirit’s will
She can summon blue butterflies that can be absorbed by allies to heal, Silver butterflies for attack buffs and golden ones for damaging enemies with small but stacking afflictions
Ice Prism
Makes a prism made of ice to envelope one or more people which will hide them from enemies and give them constant healing regeneration for 10-20 secs depending on Soliana’s condition. (Normal and fine-20s, minor injuries like scratches-17s, Serious injuries-12s and Literally gonna faint-8-10s
Weapon: Catalyst
Palpad: oui(yes)
Other: Nah I’m Genshin for life, Mr Hat guy
Password: Trashcan for life

Username: ~Mewism~
Name: Val Marquez (full name unknown)
Age: 20
Species: (can be a variety of different species, but nothing OP.) human
Gender: male
Personality: dark, anti social, yet very gloomy at times. He dislikes interactions with others, not because he is shy but because he isn’t bothered
Path: erudition
Element: fire
Path Of Fire
Summons a fire tornado that destroys/damages everything it touches but lasts for around 5-10 secs
Blazing Light
Summons a Fire Phoenix that can fly around and bind enemies together and then… deal damage. (Basically A ‘Oz’ with Yelan’s E (elemental skill)
Weapon: Dagger
Palpad: yes
Other: So many Genshin referencessssss
Password: Trashcans for life

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Posted: Sun, 04/06/2023 12:23 (2 Days ago)

Momoka smiled warmly and pointed at Eris’ pin. “What’s your flower? Mine’s a Cecilia Rose.” She said, using her other hand and tugged gently at her own pin

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Posted: Sat, 03/06/2023 21:20 (2 Days ago)
“Sure.” Arisa said and looked at Cecilia, “have you caught wind on how literally crowded with thieves and pickpockets the city is full of recently? I’m going to the festival mainly to take care of them.” Arisa said, slightly annoyed that her relaxing break would be interrupted due to the ‘body guarding’ duty of hers.

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Posted: Sat, 03/06/2023 16:39 (3 Days ago)
Val looked up at Crimson, “Ahh Miss Crimson… I was just going to find someone to take these papers to Hoyuki.” He said, handing over the stack of Angels’ and demons’ names. “Pass them to him please, tell him that those are for the expedition, to stabilise the dimensional gateways. It also happens that you are one of them miss Crimson, tell Hoyuki to sign them as fast as he can… you can round up everyone who is on the list.” a smile was barely visible on his pale face, in a slight flash, a demonic creature could be seen. It had dark red skin with two black horns, white eyes that looked as if it belonged to a cat, scars were not at all uncommon on its face. But it all appeared and disappeared in a second and everything looked back to normal.

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Posted: Sat, 03/06/2023 16:05 (3 Days ago)
Is this closed for signups or can I still sign up???

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Posted: Fri, 02/06/2023 21:32 (3 Days ago)
All are fine except for the fact that if someone knows your secret, you… die, which means that a character can not know another’s secret, you could maybe have it as a phenomenon that happened because of something? Idk but everything else is fine

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Posted: Thu, 01/06/2023 13:19 (5 Days ago)
Val looked at Elehah with distain, it wouldn’t matter if Elehah tried, he wouldn’t be able to find anything, the guy’s memory was refreshed and everything was planned and perfect. He backed down and entered a door at the side of the hall, Val’s office.

Val started organising the papers and clipboards of information about each on the Angels and Demons, he wanted to sort out a party for the expedition to stabilise the dimensional gateways, there were only about 10 around the 3 realms, which meant they wouldn’t need that many people for it.

Val flicked through the papers and finally, after a while, he had gotten a full team for the expedition, now he just needed Hoyuki’s sign and everything would be perfect

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Posted: Thu, 01/06/2023 08:33 (5 Days ago)
“Huh? I may be missing out, what news would you be talking about your highness?” Arisa asked, surprised because she was normally very caught up on the news circulating in the kingdom, she shifted her position on the cloud, waiting for Cecilia’s answer.

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Posted: Wed, 31/05/2023 17:33 (6 Days ago)
“Oh, I’ll fly next to you.” Arisa said cheerfully, conjuring a puffy cloud for herself to sit on comfortably, she could also communicate to Cecilia through the open window of the carriage

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Posted: Wed, 31/05/2023 14:56 (6 Days ago)
After delivering all the Rank one Demons to the Realm of demons, Val headed back to ‘Paradise’ to meet up with the assistant Angel of Sariel and Hoyuki. But he glanced around the street and made a detour to a dark alley. “Well, well, well… you put on a good act contractor.” a shadowy figure rose from the ground and looked at Val, “Good job, here’s your payment as promised.” Val took out a pouch full of coins, the shadow opened it and counted, then frowned. “This… is not what we agreed upon…” he said, glaring at Val. “You failed to kill her, either you take it and leave, or you finish her off.” Val said, menacing. “No, I’d rather finish you off, unless… you hand the rest over…” the shadow said and without warning, it leapt for Val, but Val was no longer there, he had teleported through a shadow and reappeared behind the shadow, summoning his dagger, he stabbed the figure in the shoulder, tied him up and with a wave of his hand, erased his memories about Val and his contract, replacing them with an urge to kill Sariel “The weak stays the weak, yet the string grows ever stronger!” Val said, darkly.

“Sir, I have tracked down the Assassin.” Val said, dragging the figure towards Hoyuki’s throne. He ignored the stares of the demons and angels above rank one and knelt in front of Hoyuki. “May I dispose of him?”

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Posted: Wed, 31/05/2023 12:06 (6 Days ago)
Arisa nodded at Cecilia, her hat almost slipped off, in annoyance, she placed it back onto her head. “you look beautiful your highness, shall we get going?” Arisa asked, without waiting for a reply, she called a guard and told him to prepare the carriage for Cecilia. Arisa didn’t need one herself, she was a witch after all.

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Posted: Wed, 31/05/2023 10:11 (6 Days ago)
Arisa pushed open her room door and went over to the closet, what should she wear? Simple and casual daily outfits were obviously not a good idea at all, but she hated the idea of a dress, either way, she put on one of her Costume that changes into three different types depending at will and who she was talking to, she had it in the first option(purple) as she was going with Mrs Articily, but when she gets to the festival she might change it when she gets to the festival.

After getting ready, (not that she had much things to put on) Arisa stepped outside and waited by Cecilia’s room door to wait for her.

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Posted: Tue, 30/05/2023 17:43 (7 Days ago)
Both fine! You can find the RP since it’s started a while ago :)

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Posted: Tue, 30/05/2023 00:03 (7 Days ago)
Arisa nodded eagerly and smiled, then pointed to the room door. “Do you mind excusing me for a while? I have to get ready…” she said politely. She dreaded wearing dresses but she had to, this was a very important festival of the year so she was required to be in her most formal attire.

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Posted: Mon, 29/05/2023 14:51 (8 Days ago)
“not yet your highness, no, I had to sort out some small business…” she trailed off. “Is that all you wanted to say to me?” She asked, eyeing her room door, if she didn’t hurry up she might not make the festival in time.

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Posted: Sun, 28/05/2023 16:06 (9 Days ago)
After dumping the man in a cell in the dungeon, Arisa headed up to the hall for breakfast, she had a busy schedule, visiting the nearby villages and collecting resources, getting rid of the trolls that were dwelling in the forest and also hunt for the festival. She sighed and signalled for the servants to bring her some breakfast, after eating as quickly as she could, she went back to her room, but spotted Cecilia on the way. “Hello Mrs Articily.” She said, did a quick curtsy even though she didn’t wear a dress and nor was she a part of the royal family, she still knew that she had to respect Cecilia. “May I ask why you are knocking on my door, your highness?” She asked politely.

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Posted: Sun, 28/05/2023 08:20 (9 Days ago)
Arisa Lysuuka

Arisa stood on the balcony of her room in the palace, which was the 2nd story, watering the plants in her flower box. The sun today was very bright, the clouds were puffy as normal and the wind ruffled her hair gently, everything was peaceful. She could over look some streets and alleys that were busy with business people, sometimes there would be pickpockets too. And just like that the market was buzzing with noise as a pickpocket stole something from a fruit stall, Arisa smiled and vaulted over the railing, into a roll as she made contact with the ground. The pickpocket had a black hood and was sneaking away, “Not so fast you don’t.” Arisa said and sprinted after the pickpocket. He was fast, but avoiding the crowds of people was hard, soon, they reached an alley with a dead end, Arisa summoned a giant rope and lashed out at him, the pickpocket was pulled towards her and she tied him up, another for the court to find guilty then.

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Posted: Fri, 26/05/2023 06:31 (11 Days ago)
Box#: Hoenn 1
Pokemon: 2 Altarias

Anything else?: breeding pair :)

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Posted: Fri, 26/05/2023 05:48 (11 Days ago)
Val’s group of Rank one demons had all shuffled over to him, he lead them through a side door that opened and they were outside. Was this heaven… no, this was paradise. The skies were filled with low-hanging clouds that seemed to be within reach, stars shined in the distance, small planets could be seen. The path they were walking on was white marble, so polished that they could see their reflections, some demons turned around and looked back at the hall, but it had faded from existence.

As they walked, the Demons were examining the environment around them, the silver leaves of the trees and the golden petals of flowers, the blue glowing grass on the ground. Small butterflies were dancing in the air, birds were singing on the tree branches, this seemed like the best place to be in your whole life.

After a while, the group noticed that the sky was dimming, fading into a dark wine red, the path was no longer white marble but black bricks. They started feeling panicked, but Val stopped them by raising a hand, “This is natural, it’s only because we are approaching the dimensional boundary of ‘Paradise’.” He said, looking back at them. The trees and grass were no longer shining, but all black or grey, the sight wasn’t as bad as Val remembered.

Val walked over to a floating, mirror-sized gap that was filled with Galaxy, he took out a notepad and signalled for the first demon to come, then, asked his name and told him to step through the gateway, the demon was nervous, but he did so, and Val ticked his notepad and stepped through the gate too. The demon was unconscious, Val lifted him up easily and propped him up against the wall of the room they had stepped into. He stepped back and repeated the process.

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Posted: Thu, 25/05/2023 16:33 (12 Days ago)
Val looked around, and stood up, there wasn’t much to do now, he stepped down from the slightly raised platform and raised his hand so everyone can see, “Rank one Demons over to me! Rank two and above can go straight to the realm.” He called out, his voice projected.

The Head Angel’s assistant saw Val and followed his lead, stepping down and calling: “Rank one Angels over here! The others may leave!” Raising her hand too.

Soliana followed the Other Angels and shuffled towards the assistant of Sariel’s, nervous.

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