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Posted: Mon, 24/10/2016 04:53 (7 Years ago)

Clótilde seemed to be slowly calming down, she wasn't taking too long to reply
"My name is Clótilde. I'm fine with whatever nickname you give me." Clótilde replied with a neutral-ish face

"A dice?" Clótilde said and showed the dice she had in her hand
"I saw the card and this dice was beside it, I mean, I don't know if this is true dice or not... " Clótilde added

"....Also, do you know who is that in the photo, I mean, I know it must have to do with something but... I have no idea." Clótilde pointed at the photo aswell.

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Posted: Mon, 24/10/2016 04:08 (7 Years ago)

When The creature looked at her, Clótilde panicked inside, she didn't know what to reply and stayed quiet for a few minutes, until she decided to reply, she could understand

"...oui... I mean... Yes, I'm lost aswell... Wait, are you looking for an Apple tree aswell?...................... Did I say that correctly?" Clótilde replied nervously.

Clótilde knew a bit of english, she understood basic words, not many complicated or formal words.

"Cette créature peut parler?" Clótilde thought

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Posted: Sun, 23/10/2016 17:15 (7 Years ago)
Clótilde stopped and hid when the red creature looked around, after the red creature continued walking, Clótilde continued walking slowly into the forest aswell, trying to not be seen by the red creature and a.... Paintbrush?

And then, she accidentally stepped on a stick, and out came a cracking noise.

"Pourquoi devez-vous mettre dans mon chemin bâtons!?" Clótilde whispered very lowly and quickly darted her eyes around to find a hiding place.

Why? Didn't Clótilde went to another direction? Because she is still interesed in what the red creature Will do when it enters the forest.

((Little notice: I'll Probably change my roleplaying Style/format.))

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Posted: Sat, 22/10/2016 15:25 (7 Years ago)
"Une lettre et une donnée?" Clótilde whispered and started reading the card. After reading the card, she was a bit confused, but took the dice as the card said.

Clótilde looked at the dice, then outside. She decided to slowly get out of the house via the window, keeping in mind the message of the card, but also trying to not scare or startle the red creature.

She went outside to find the Apple tree, just in case the dice in front of her was an ilusion. But first, she had to enter to the forest.

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Posted: Sat, 22/10/2016 14:41 (7 Years ago)
After roaming around the house, Clótilde saw the open windows then peeked to see what was outside the house. A red creature caught her attention, it seemed like it was going into the forest. Clótilde kept watching the creature and waited for it to do something else other than walking.

(By "red creature" I mean Matuneah, it's just that Clótilde has never seen something like them.)

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Posted: Sat, 22/10/2016 02:28 (7 Years ago)
Clótilde felt something cold in her face, When she opened her eyes, she saw she was facing something, she then realized she was laying on some sort of floor. Clótilde then stood up, and saw her Swiss knife between a few cracks on the floor, she then tried to reach her Swiss knife with her finger, but it only caused her finger to get a cut. She tried again with another finger and succeded and took it. Then she moved her head to every direction.

"Where am I...?" Clótilde thought

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Posted: Sat, 22/10/2016 01:28 (7 Years ago)
((I might sound a little impatient but, when can we start?))

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Posted: Thu, 20/10/2016 04:16 (7 Years ago)
Username: -Tams-

Character's name: Clótilde

Nickname: Clo (mostly by friends)

OC/Canon: OC

Fandom: currently fandomless

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual

Weapons: She has a swiss knife (does that count?)

History: She lived with her 20-year-old brother in Corsica (Clótilde's parents died due to unknown reasons), since her brother had enough money, he signed her up to a private school, and lived a relatively normal life with her older brother, he was always a good father figure to her, even when She grew up. Clótilde eventually got lost when trying to walk home alone after assiting a friend's party, and she never noticed She was transported to a different place.

Personality: Clótilde is slightly emotionally stable and neutral-ish most of the time, She can also be modest and generous, due to copying her older brother's morals. She is very careful and perfectionist, a lot, when she Seems to be never satisfied with her actions and tries to improve, thus she becomes more careful and concentrated. She is still trying to find her own identity.


Appearance: (the piece of clothing with multicolored triangles are leggings, as footwears, She wears hiking boots.

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Posted: Mon, 10/10/2016 03:11 (7 Years ago)

Claro que sí alus! solo mandame un mensaje privado (o palpad) y ahí hablaremos más sobre esto

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Posted: Mon, 10/10/2016 02:54 (7 Years ago)
Cuanto tiempo ha pasado, hehe.... pero tengo algo que decir:

Planeo hacer un animatic storyboard de Undertale con voces, pero necesito actores de voz, asi que...

Personajes disponibles:

-alma aquamarina personaje ya tomado

Se tratara de el punto de vista de al alma aquamarina.

si quieren participar, mandenme un mensaje privado (o palpad). si tienen preguntas, solo respondanme.

P:¿Que es un "animatic storyboard"?

R:Algo así:

P:¿Que es "Undertale"?


por sí alguien esta interesado

Edit: Eliminé a alphys y agregue a gaster.

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Posted: Sun, 02/10/2016 16:37 (7 Years ago)
After seeing the human grab Pepper from tree, Frosty stopped meowing, and tried to get in a comfortable position again. At end, Frosty ended up falling asleep and accidentally snuggling up to Peaches, then Frosty's sleep turned into a deep sleep.

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Posted: Sun, 02/10/2016 06:28 (7 Years ago)
Frosty heard Pepper's mew, and turned to see the tree, she tried to see if something was up in the tree. When she did notice something up the tree, she tried to draw attention from the human by meowing loudly and "pointing" at the tree with her paw.

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Posted: Fri, 30/09/2016 17:37 (7 Years ago)
Frosty then looked around the yard again, then, when she finally saw the pillow (along with Peaches), Frosty walked over to the pillow, and sat on it, beside Peaches, she then adjusted her straw coat.

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Posted: Fri, 30/09/2016 01:35 (7 Years ago)
Frosty continued to stare at the human intensely, writing for any response from the human.

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Posted: Fri, 30/09/2016 00:55 (7 Years ago)
When Frosty finished eating a small portion of cat food, Frosty felt chills and looked for a pillow in the yard, seeing no pillow, she procceeded to slowly approach the human, sit in front of the human, and then stared at the human with her light red eyes.

((What kind of cat food is in the garden?))

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Posted: Thu, 29/09/2016 21:27 (7 Years ago)
Frosty was just walking around with her straw coat. Then she sniffed the air, she could smell a weak scent of some sort of food, she wasn't what kind of food tho. Frosty was very hungry, so she decided to find out the source of the scent.

After a few minutes of walking she arrived to a yard, with many cats and a big creature (human). Then of course, she heard grass rustling and saw a figure running, finally, Frosty decided to eat some of the cat food

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Posted: Thu, 29/09/2016 02:42 (7 Years ago)
Name: Frosty
Gender: Female
Age: 13 in human years

Personality: Sensitive (both emotionally and physically) and Seems to be slightly picky (as she seems to dislike Thrifsy bits), the rest is tbrp'd
Friends: Tbrp'd
Other: Seems to like Sashimi and snowy pillows the most

Unrelated Note: I've tried to get Frosty, but Tubbs ends up eating all the food

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Posted: Thu, 29/09/2016 00:41 (7 Years ago)
"Probably, I mean I hace no idea how the bear you saw earlier looked like, but it can be possible" Sora S. said

"We could go to the zone the river is in, then place fish or food there, hide behind the trees and watch if any bear appears." Sora S. added

"But I don't it'll work..." He thought

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Posted: Wed, 28/09/2016 20:39 (7 Years ago)
Sora S. stopped writing and looked at Ayano

"I think I saw a river before the bear started chasing me. I mean, I dunno if that's useful" He said

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Posted: Wed, 28/09/2016 20:32 (7 Years ago)
Sanatçı was just casually walking around in his human form. He couldn't turn back into a demon, or at least, not yet. He prefered in the night, as he could attract uneccesary attention.

Then he saw a group of 4 people. He approached the group out of curiosity and asked

"Excuse me, but, what are all of you doing?" He said in an Old man-like voice.

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