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Harvey_The_Dark_Vulpix 2 Days ago
(random plushie give away)
2 Days ago
jaggu240 2 Days ago
IgnisCarmelita Have a nice day! 3 Days ago
Muse 3 Days ago
Vandal 11 Days ago
Sabito K

17 Days ago
SmolBeanRey My favorite smell is that of an old theater, something about it is comforting and makes me so happy 22 Days ago
Sabito 24 Days ago
poorbryan plushies make everything better. 26 Days ago
DangerousNewt63 Give cookie please >:0 26 Days ago
Sabito After this plushie sends it will be a Sabito Sandwich on your plushies

26 Days ago
~LovelyShinx~ also, take this shinx in your trying times 26 Days ago
~LovelyShinx~ they eat slowpoke tails in the anime 26 Days ago
NAMUH Here take this salad. 26 Days ago
Sabito 😊 26 Days ago
Sabito :3 26 Days ago
kytten ♡Have a great day!♡ ♡Remember to drink lots of liquid, do some stretches, have some snacks here and there, enjoy what you can of life, and keep being the best you that only you can be!♡ ♡[PEG]♡ 29 Days ago
WolfPopkayZ 1 Month ago
hinayanachan My favorite piece of furniture that was in my childhood home was the bunkbed I shared with my sister. I had the bottom bunk which seems to be common for the younger sibling but I hung up a blanket around the edges so it felt like my own private lair where I could read and eat snacks I snuck in

courtesy of PEG
1 Month ago
WolfPopkayZ Poof~ 1 Month ago
WolfPopkayZ 1 Month ago
BoomBoy have a good day! remember that if the world didn't suck we'd all fly off into space :P 1 Month ago
DangerousNewt63 Virtual hug from SaLaD 1 Month ago
LukeArch87 Virtual hug :) 1 Month ago
polycrystalline 1 Month ago
Your~Kohai 1 Month ago
momalia Hello 1 Month ago
OneBow Thank you for joining in the #TheHoundDoomTwo! Good luck in the giveaway! :)
1 Month ago
DangerousNewt63 I need a cookie >:( 1 Month ago
LuckyLady A sweet, juicy fruit coated in a sticky sugary mess! It's crunchy and sticks to your teeth. Usually eating around Halloween time... It's a toffee apple! <3

Hope you have a great day! (PEG)
1 Month ago
IgnisCarmelita Have another one too lol :D 1 Month ago
IgnisCarmelita Why Wolf spamming you plushies LMAO 1 Month ago
WolfPopkayZ Hope these make up for all the time I haven't sent ya one.... 1 Month ago
WolfPopkayZ And another <3 1 Month ago
WolfPopkayZ Love ya~ 1 Month ago
CountryhumansUK you wer missing dis one
beep boopp
1 Month ago
CountryhumansUK angy fish 1 Month ago
elenam 1 Month ago
Beel Enjoy random Karp! ♥ 1 Month ago
BeckyMc 1 Month ago
~fukurou~ Nuuuuu my precious lugia babies- (also sorry for the trashy magikarp, i'm really broke) 1 Month ago
WolfPopkayZ Go away DrGrimm >;< 1 Month ago
DrGrimm I chose the poll answer that will surprise you the most >/////////^/////////< 1 Month ago
cat-rose Peg, Thank you for this award, I deffinetely deserve it looking at how wrinkly my hands became after washing so many dishes haha 😅 I hope I won't have to suffer like this again but I guess I still need to eat huh 😬 I wish I was rich and could eat out more often... Thank you again 🥰 1 Month ago
Cuocuobacchaya 1 Month ago
evosive 1 Month ago
DrGrimm <3 2 Months ago
Frenzy322 2 Months ago
Tacomon237 2 Months ago
WolfPopkayZ Please don't break my heart 2 Months ago
WolfPopkayZ I am delicate 2 Months ago
WolfPopkayZ Don't break me again 2 Months ago
WolfPopkayZ Trust me, I've been broken before 2 Months ago
WolfPopkayZ I know how it starts 2 Months ago
WolfPopkayZ Don't tear me apart 2 Months ago
WolfPopkayZ So please, don't break my heart 2 Months ago
WolfPopkayZ But nobody feels like you~ 2 Months ago
WolfPopkayZ Met a lot of people 2 Months ago
WolfPopkayZ It's you 2 Months ago