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AKANES Event Distribution 6 Months ago
AKANES Event Distribution 7 Months ago
snaildays 7 Months ago
Squeaker 7 Months ago
MangozBaka Don’t mind me~ I just thought you would like a mega cuz I just found your profile!! Happy almost 30 days!!!<3 hope you have a great day!!^3^ 7 Months ago
snaildays stinky 7 Months ago
SensGirl25 I heard you were looking for a plushie, so please enjoy this plushie called Braviary 8 Months ago
snaildays espur is god and so are u <3 8 Months ago
pikipekoyama 8 Months ago
AKANES Event Distribution 8 Months ago
DorkyWerewolf Here you go! Have a good day! 8 Months ago
Global_Tummy Well I guess its better this way! You know.... Friends sending you plushy and showing you their affection and love! ;) 8 Months ago
pikipekoyama 8 Months ago
pikipekoyama 8 Months ago
CrosseRabbit 8 Months ago
okuyasu this u 8 Months ago
hitoshura :3 8 Months ago
Galvadyne Welcome to PH! >^..^< 8 Months ago
okuyasu thank u sm for joining!! :'' ) i hope we Play Togetha a lot.. ALSO PLUSHIES ARE A WEIRDLY BIG DEAL IN THIS GAME SO. I HOPE U LIKE THIS ONE! 8 Months ago