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Trainerlevel: 43

Trainerpoints: 3,497/5,589

Game Records

Trainer ID: #842374895
Registration: 02/07/2016 (10 Months ago)
Premium member until 12/Jun/2017
Game Time: 543:18 Hours
Total interactions: 325,232
Trainer Battle Stats: 3 won, 4 lost.
Money: 2,500,571
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


My apologies to everyone who has messaged me
I was asked to go on the floor earlier
I am slowly replying, but it might take a few hours for I am working through breaks

Love y'all

Today, 21:400 comments
For this next hunt I am buying normal gems
2k each

Pal pad me if you're selling

Today, 18:190 comments
So, the piplup I caught earlier
Was female.

Today, 17:380 comments
Mudkip caught!

(sorry for close feeds. this is just shocking)

Today, 16:432 comments
Piplup caught!

three starters... in one day... wow

Today, 16:411 comment
still selling nuggets

Today, 15:550 comments
Totodile caught!

two starters in a row!?

thank the PokeGods

Today, 15:455 comments
Froakie caught!

Today, 15:421 comment
One of my shuppets hatched mega able!!!
Im super happy!!!!

Today, 15:055 comments
add onto the announcements:
i'm buying Flying and Ice gems

pal pad me if you're selling

Today, 04:590 comments
Congratulations, you solved it!

Points: 36
Wrong Guesses: 13
Game Chips Won: 11,380
Special Prize: Totodile (Retro) Egg!

Today, 04:520 comments
i honestly feel like my callouses are about to split open, they hurt soooooo bad

Today, 04:490 comments

few announcements {it is 12:21 where i am. Sooooo}
~I am still selling Nuggets. 1N=1.5kPD
~this hunt #AcaciasHunts HUNT has ended. i will be taking the shuppet i have out of the daycare, will hatch the last 4 and start lab hunting for all of tomorrow.
~That being said this ROUND of Acacias Hunts doesn't end until Saturday. you can still send in your votes and items.
~I am very tired, i had a long day of a machine that didn't want to work, being fussed at by one of my superiors for something that wasn't even my fault, and not taking a break at work, so i will only be on for another 30-45 minutes

Today, 04:250 comments
You won 88000 Game Chips.
You also won 1x Lugia Egg Voucher! CONGRATS

3,000 tickets...

Yesterday, 18:053 comments

Points: 36
Wrong Guesses: 28
Game Chips Won: 7,220
Special Prize: Cyndaquil (Retro) Egg!

the time i did the worst... really?

Yesterday, 16:372 comments
Points: 36
Wrong Guesses: 13
Game Chips Won: 11,380
Special Prize: None (Better luck next time!)

Yesterday, 16:200 comments
i am no longer an idiot, and i love myself now ::3

i saved my mess up.. on an actual document. ain't i smart, lol

just goes to show, professors are human, too XD

Yesterday, 16:130 comments
You bought 3,000 lottery tickets for the next draw. However, this page only shows the first 2,000.

well... i feel like i'mma reget that

Yesterday, 15:460 comments
by Professor*Acacia

want a chance to win shinies or gems- including dragon gems every two weeks?
then Vote!! in Professor*Acacia's poll!
here's how it works
Vote in her Bi-Weekly Lottery and message me your answer, you get one ticket
share the hashtag #AcaciasHunts and you get one ticket
send me common gems, you get two tickets per gem
send me Normal or fairy gems, you get three tickets per gem!

click here for more info!

Share It||Delibird

Porygon is in the lead by.. A LOT, don't forget, ends... oh.. what's this. it's Thursday already?! oh how time flies! it ends TOMORROW

Yesterday, 15:370 comments
Looking to buy 2 pearls
Pal pad me and I'll get back to you when I wake up

Yesterday, 06:180 comments



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About Me

Avi by ReptilianGoddess

==> Hello there trainers!
I mostly concentrate on my main lottery, every two weeks, feel free to vote in my polls! if you vote in my #AcaciasHunts poll be sure to palpad me your answer or you won't be added to the lottery, you get one vote and one ticket!

check here for more details!

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~I'm not nice. don't talk to me expecting sympathy over something i have no bloody idea about.
~ don't be irritating. whining and complaining about the current, past, or future events doesn't fly with me.
~ I do like helping! don't be afraid to message me questions. But at the same time, don't expect me to do all the work for you.
~ if I don't answer right away, don't try blowing up my Pal Pad or PMs.
~ I call just about everyone and anyone Hun, or sweetie. If that offends you, then get off the internet.
~asking if I'm selling something, without me posting about it=auto report and block. I'm tired of it.

~I don't have many rules, i don't like rules, they're lame. but the rules i DO have, follow.

Cosplay and about me
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Sailor Uranus

Vriska Serket
ex best friend and ex boyfriend put my bandage on the wrong arm..

about me:
age: 21
relationship status: taken. Sadly, the boyfriend doesn't play PH. would love it if he did
Favorite type: either Ghost or Fairy
Favorite Starter: Piplup
Favorite Pokemon all around: Celebi

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