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Trainerlevel: 54

Trainerpoints: 7,264/8,801


Pkmn Name Level EXP/EHP
Charizard46208 / 6,489
Charizard453,759 / 6,188
Charizard454,727 / 6,188

hey, Guys and girls! {preferrably who play Pokemon Go, but that is not required}
I need your help!
and I'll send 10,000 to everyone who helps me!

I'm going to be putting together a Pokemon go panel to submit for Tekko {an anime convention in PA} next year. Only thing is, part of it is going to be accomplishments in the game, based on badges!
I need YOUR help to choose 5 from both of these lists (10 altogether) that you think is the best and most fair, and pal pad or private message me your answer!

List one: (choose 5)
Most gyms golded out
most pokemon caught
most Pokemon Evolved
Most eggs hatched
Most Pokestops Visited
most Berries fed at gyms
most gyms defended
most KM walked
most raids won
Most field Research Done
Most Pokemon Traded

List two: (choose 5)
Most Normal pokemon caught
Most flying pokemon caught
Most Poison Pokemon Caught
Most ground Pokemon Caught
Most Rock Pokemon Caught
Most bug Pokemon Caught
Most Fire pokemon Caught
Most Water Pokemon Caught
Most Grass pokemon caught
most Electric POkemon Caught
Most Psychic Pokemon Caught
Most ice Pokemon caught
Most Dark pokemon caught
most Fairy Pokemon caught
Most Fighting Pokemon Caught
Most Ghost Pokemon Caught
Most Steel Pokemon caught
Most Dragon pokemon caught

Shiny Hunt

Professor*Acacia is currently hunting Charmander.
Hunt started: 24/07/2018

Chain: 138
(0 Shinies hatched so far.)

About Me

Avi by one of my best friends, Argentis

currently on a Shiny Mega hunt for Swablu.

Normal gems
Ice Gems
Fire Gems
Electric Gems
Flying gems
ghost Gems
poison Gems
willing to pay in shinies, mega ables, or PD. Feel Free to Pal Pad me

~~Please Read~~~
~ Do not send me Pal Pads with just "hi" or "what's up" I won't answer them.
~ Do not Ask me about anything that is not in my UFT box. this includes shinies, Mega ables, or events.
~ Do not get upset with me once you realize I'm not nice.
~ Just because i'm on, doesn't mean i feel like talking.
~ If I have you on my block list, you did something to get there. Don't have people message me asking. I will just ignore or block them, also.
~ If I have you blocked, or vice versa, you can't enter into my raffles/lotteries.
~ I use real money to buy my nuggets!!! I reserve the rights to increase or decrease the price of them I see fit!! Do not ask me to reduce the price for you!!!
~My Private Message Box is for my lotteries and speaking to Mods


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Game Records

Trainer ID: #842374895
Registration: 02/07/2016 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 01/Oct/2018
Game Time: 808:33 Hours
Total interactions: 517,550
Money: 767,659
Starter Pokémon: Charizard


Longest HoL-Chain
What does HoL mean?

4 Days ago1 comment
i relate to Gym Leader Claire on a spiritual level

don't. touch. my. dratini.

5 Days ago0 comments
i feel so dead right now

8 Days ago0 comments
what's the point of dunsparce?

9 Days ago4 comments
the help that i need ends in just a few minutes.
i will never be offering such an easy way to earn PD after this.
so pal pad me, yo.

9 Days ago0 comments
check my profile for a way to earn a quick easy 10,000 PD

10 Days ago0 comments
*pst* Check my profile for a quick and easy way to earn 10,000 PD

15 Days ago0 comments
check out my last feed to earn a quick and easy 10,000 PD
side note: you do NOT have to play Pokemon Go, but it'd make it easier for you to understand what i mean in the first list

16 Days ago0 comments
hey, Guys and girls who play Pokemon Go!
i need your help!
and i'll send 10,000 to everyone who helps me!

details in the comments!

16 Days ago4 comments
Hey guys!
Please check out my last feed!

16 Days ago0 comments
relic vase x1
Enigma Pearl x1
Red Orb x1
Reveal Glass x1
Brown Box x2
Dark Blue Box x7
Green Box x9
Light Blue Box x11
Purple box x10
black box x1
pink key x1
Red key x3
Gold key x1

pal pad me

18 Days ago0 comments
i still need 65 nuggets
anyone else selling?

18 Days ago1 comment
hey guys!
I just need 65 more nuggets!!
so please, if you're selling, pal pad me

18 Days ago0 comments
i'm like
dying from my melitonin lol

18 Days ago0 comments
relic vase x1
Enigma Pearl x1
Red Orb x1
Reveal Glass x1
Brown Box x2
Dark Blue Box x7
Green Box x9
Light Blue Box x11
Purple box x10
black box x1
pink key x1
Red key x3
Gold key x1

pal pad me

18 Days ago1 comment
guys, i need nuggets fast
pal pad me
i just need like... a month's worth of premium again

18 Days ago2 comments
so angry
had a story up for THREE YEARS, it was a lemon, and deviant art JUST NOW took it down. after it had over 100 favorites?

22 Days ago6 comments
really need nuggets
so i'm buying
pal pad me

25 Days ago1 comment
i am so tired of swablu
i'm breaking this chain

25 Days ago2 comments
what would I be on the alignment chart?

+ Lawful Good | Crusader
+ Neutral Good | Benefactor
+ Chaotic Good | Rebel
* Lawful Neutral | Judge
* True Neutral | Undecided
* Chaotic Neutral | Free Spirit
- Lawful Evil | Dominator
- Neutral Evil | Malefactor
- Chaotic Evil | Destroyer

totally stolen

1 Month ago2 comments



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