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Trainerlevel: 59

Trainerpoints: 4,705/10,501

Game Records

Trainer ID: #185613754
Registration: 18/10/2015 (2 Years ago)
Premium member until 18/Mar/2018
Game Time: 1366:03 Hours
Total interactions: 1,084,514
Trainer Battle Stats: 1 won, 3 lost.
Money: 8,252,392
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion



Dec 17th. ^.^

2 Days ago0 comments

I joined PFQ since selenity told me too (lol), I'm super confused on everything lol. But I guess you can look me up by the same name as here!

2 Days ago1 comment
Today is my 2nd Anniversary here on PH!

I think I will raffle out a prize to whoever can guess which Anniversary poke I picked! If more than 10 people correctly guess it I will raffle out additional prizes(depending on just how many- winners will be chosen by RNG)

2 Days ago5 comments

Bred 3 deoxys so I could get the other forms, only to realization I had no forms changers.

Also forgot that the Space rumble area takes...7...days...

@[email protected]

3 Days ago6 comments
Been sickly a lot this week so I haven't been around too much, and I got sucked into a few games on my tablet --- which I also found a GBA Emulator app that I can play all the GBA games on my tablet!! I started my very first try at a Mystery Dungeon game! Also found this cool app that is called "I am innocent" or something like that... I just got it but I'm totally hooked! I think hubby is kinda worried about me wanting a game that is like Mystic Messenger but your trying to find a serial killer XD

4 Days ago9 comments
Beauty Contest Task:

Hatch an egg!

*Looks at current party and laughs nervously*


5 Days ago1 comment
Come oooooon Halloween eveeeeeent!

5 Days ago3 comments

Thank you all for your help- my party looks so awesome!

Now just to be patient while I wait for all these 30k eggs to hatch lmao

7 Days ago0 comments
Well last week Blake had a horrible sore throat and fever for a few days, today Alex had to be picked up from school for the same symptoms...

And right now Little Miss and I both have slight fevers. Wonderful.

7 Days ago7 comments
Whew! Finally not driving myself crazy with my last post. Yay!

8 Days ago0 comments
Okay PH I Need Help!!!
Especially from the movie buffs!!!

Please look at the first image in the article(I'm on a tablet an can't screenshot...)

Okay, I need to know what actor he is reminding me of badly!? Think 40-50s, scruffier, and seems to always play a super country/hick bad guy. I can legit see it in my head with him dirty (possibly car grease?) with a cigarette in his mouth lowkey threatening someone or their family etc. I have been searching for over an hour and I'm completely lost...I have no idea what movie or show I'm thinking of or who else might be in it. I've had luck with you guys helping me before so please help me now!!!

8 Days ago6 comments
Everyone should totally spam Argent is with canine plushies BC they are just too awesome!!!!

9 Days ago5 comments
Please click the wounded pokes in my party?

Also have 2 retro eggs they'd like to be warmed!

9 Days ago2 comments
Geez... I really need to start collecting mega-ables, there are just too many I'm still missing. That or start hunting them again. Only a few more things left on my hunt list before I can start any of those though.

11 Days ago1 comment

This Guy... is AMAZING! Link to the YT channel of a really awesome digital painter- it is well worth a click!

11 Days ago4 comments

Granted 3 wishes just now for: ShadowedFury, jadeperks and KateYoke- please check your trades/gifts!

Uhm...Maybe a shiny I don't have? Normal Gems? Ack, I don't know. I'm not good at asking for stuff lol.

12 Days ago0 comments
Ugh, stupid links.. heres a good one! HERE & HERE- mind feeding a berry?

Thanks Princess_Politoad for letting me know they weren't the right links! XD

12 Days ago4 comments
Long road trip to my Moms Dr again...

Wish me luck, I don't have room to bring my boot with me!

13 Days ago1 comment
OK! Since the x2 is gunna be soon I just picked up 2 weak pokemon from the Ancient Cave, help me get them healed?

13 Days ago1 comment
Hmmm... #AutumnWishes going around huh... I'll try to grant some tomorrow ^.^ Can't wait to see what wishes will show up!

Also, it would really help if everyone posted "Granted" on their feeds if it has already been granted. Just sayin'!

14 Days ago2 comments



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