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Registration: 18/10/2015 (1 Year ago)
Premium member until 18/Mar/2018
Game Time: 1330:14 Hours
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Trainer Battle Stats: 1 won, 3 lost.
Money: 8,570,798
Starter Pokémon: Typhlosion


Grrr. I hate getting a game from the app store(I like story type games where your choices effect the story etc.) But after going through the Prologue it turns out to do anything else you have to buy each episode/route.

I'm perfectly happy waiting and only having one a day or something, but literally having to buy everything is so frustrating!

4 Days ago5 comments
Ahh! Kiddos go back to school tomorrow. I'm not ready. I think I'm one of the only parents that hate when their kids go back to school

Yes the boys can push my buttons, but we actually enjoy being around one another. I go atleast once a day saying "Oooh, Blake/Alex would love this!" Not to mention the big guy just getting back from being gone for a 6 weeks, I want more time...

(PSA trying to kick painkillers after 2+ years sucks, an makes me emotional)

5 Days ago0 comments
My Super_Blake is hoooooome!!! I'm so happy ^.^

He got to come back a day early, and the tiny munchkins have been all over him lol.

We will be heading to a birthday party here shortly and I'm already exhausted.

6 Days ago1 comment
I feel so... All over the place inside...

But I need to get everything together for both the Meet the Teachers tomorrow.

8 Days ago2 comments
So lowkey totally want a remake of Mulan in Moana/Pixar awesomeness style.

8 Days ago2 comments
Little Miss is completely obsessed with Moana. She will chant "Ma-na" lol. I guess that means I need to find a stuffed plush of her now. She already has ones of:Belle, Elsa, Anna and Sophia the first.

I can't find any in store only on amazon, but can't really afford it right now lol. this

9 Days ago14 comments
Been lab hunting, so those looking for poke's feel free to check through HERE. Just comment if you want anything.

I just released a bunch of multiples and super easy pokes (karps,scythers, etc.)

9 Days ago2 comments
I think this is the first year I haven't gotten many Skygifts (only like 3 total).

Maybe its a bit to do with not getting notifications for them? (or eggs hatching either)

No, this is not a beg for gifts, just an observation.

12 Days ago1 comment
#FreeMil Round 9 by Argentis

Favorite Number: 03
Favorite Food: Chicken Penne Alfredo

13 Days ago0 comments
10k interactions 2day... nada.

I'm beginning to think Shaymin has a problem with me >.>

13 Days ago1 comment
RnB Style

What! What!

A week of lab hunting and got my first good thing. Not one single thing else, but I'll take it

13 Days ago6 comments
Going to get the rest of the boys' school supplies... This coming Friday will be "Meet The Teacher(s)" and BAM! Next Monday will be the first day of school!

I'm never ready for summer to be over. It just means schedules, study cards, and pretending I'm not a social impaired idiot.

13 Days ago0 comments

5k+ a day since the event started, and mildly annoyed that I haven't seen Shaymin at all yet.

Yes, I know that it can take 15k+/day sometimes.

Anyway, heading to another Dr. appointment and have to take both lil kiddos with us and have to leave at 5am, so I prolly wont be on tomorrow...

15 Days ago5 comments
I'm too lazybored to interact tonight... Guess Shaymin will have to wait longer to see me

17 Days ago0 comments
I was so excited I got back internet in time for the Shayin event...


Not sure I should have come back to... this.

Legit, not even sure whats going on here....

17 Days ago19 comments

Loneliest and most boring weekend I've ever had ;_;

*huggles all of you*

18 Days ago9 comments
Finally got my last shiny Illumise. Now to hatch the last of the eggs and....

a)Should I go ahead an hunt the 3 Volbeat I need, seeing as I already have eggs.

b)Lab hunt like I've been wanting to do for awhile now.


24 Days ago4 comments
Awww! I'm late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

You were one of the first "big name" people I was always afraid to talk to, but you are unbelievably sweet and I hope you have a wonderful day ^.^

24 Days ago1 comment
Ugh. I just want 1 more shiny from this hunt.
My flutes have run out, bc I wanted to lab hunt a bit after this one was done, but of course I'm not getting any eggs, and the ones I am getting at not the ones I need (hunting Illumise which is male only, so have Volbeat which is only male in with it). I wanted to get both hunted b4 my flutes ran out, but that didn't happen since these darn bugs are being a pain!


27 Days ago3 comments

Hate when I comment on something an the feed gets deleted before I can go look at the responses... -.-;

29 Days ago8 comments



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