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That my son will get to come back from his Dads on the 26th so we can all have family time when his step-sister comes up.
For my friends to have a wonderful holiday ^.^

Today, 00:230 comments
Hehe... I hatched my first Albino on PFQ >.<

....I actually had NO idea until I went to release all of the pokes in one of my fields and was like "wait...wahh?"

Yesterday, 03:413 comments
While shopping with my Mom the other day, she stopped and said "Oh, you know I completely forgot your birthday, I had to remind myself it was in a few days lololol" ^^;

Is it sad that I told her that she can, feel free, to forget it? I never ask for anything, or remind anyone of it anyway. Not to mention, this is "the big one" for me, altho I don't feel happy/sad either way -shrug-

2 Days ago8 comments
Ahhh I'm so close!!


6 not available yet so 1115/1192

Minus Megas, I still need:

Golem(Alolan) - currently bidding
Salazzal- currently bidding

Cosmoem- Have stone
Solgaleo- Have stone
Lunala- Have stone

Tom Nook(Seller- only clothes needed)
Easter Vigoroth
Eater Slaking
Ditto- Slow saving gems

4 Days ago2 comments
#FreeMil Round 18 by Argentis
A grand prize of 750k pd, two prizes of 125k pd, shiny and MA Pokemon!

How to Join:
1) Share the FreeMil Hashtag.
2) Name a single friend (or user), if you can, who has improved your PokeHeroes experience. Please use their full username.
3) Wait for Argentis to comment on your hashtag share. No comment means you are not in the raffle.
4) FreeMil ends on Dec 10, at 23:59!

Bonus: help fund FreeMil by sending in PD and be entered in a contributor prize draw. [Max. 75k PD. Must have “FreeMil” in the comment.] Three prizes for this round, either a MA Gyarados OR shiny Staryu OR 125k pd (first names drawn = first pick).
* M!Gyarados if 500k is raised!

Share It | Google Docs

In comments!

5 Days ago3 comments
I think I might call it an early night... Hubs may have a friend stay over after he gets off (he lives pretty far, and the road conditions are bad), but I have to get a good bit done in the morning.

Its going to be so weird to not have hubs here at night(he starts Sunday 10pm-7am), looks like I will be the one staying up for the monsters/bad dreams/cranky baby now XD

Anyway~ Night Heroes!

5 Days ago0 comments
Snow! Snow! Its Snowing!!

I Hate Snow!

An we have yet another inspection Monday, hubs starts working overnight Sunday, so I've got work to do... Guess we won't be getting our tree up this weekend after all.

6 Days ago2 comments
Those hunting Furfrou are about to have more eggs in the Tall Grass... Looks like I still need one more Arceus after all... -.-

7 Days ago0 comments
Trying to clean when all you wanna do is sleep is so freaking hard...


10 Days ago2 comments
Sometimes those FB memories remind us of the worst times...

Today I'm reminded of a tragedy 6 years ago... One of my baby cousins (he was a week away from 1 was killed by his father in a hunting accident. There's still a hole in our family...

12 Days ago5 comments
By Braixie
#BraxiesHolidayGiveaway Okay guys so I'm starting my 1st hashtag giveaway, the prizes are Pokemon in my Giveaways Box
To enter all you need to do is share this post with working links. There will be a total of 7 Winners, each will be able to pick 1 Pokemon from the box (Please note I won't be able to give Mega Stones for the Mega Able Pokemon) Winners will be drawn on December 23rd (my 20th Birthday) and prizes will be given out on December 24th 1 minute to reset. More Pokemon may be added to the box as I hatch them. Happy Holidays! [Share it]

12 Days ago2 comments

Made by the fabulous Argentis!
#NewPoll Actually TWO New Polls 'cuz I'm curious!

14 Days ago4 comments

The wonderful friends I have made here, I've never been active on any site or made connections like the ones I've made here. Its more than Pokémon for me... Thank you Riako, and Mods(past an present) for making such an amazing place for myself an many others!

Also thankful for my kiddos and family ofc

15 Days ago0 comments
#SuperSecretSanta hosted by Daemira and Argentis

Here's how it works:
1, Use the hashtag by 11/30/17 and PM your filled out form to Argentis and Daemira!
2, We will assign your giftee, and PM to you who it is on 12/1/17 (that way it is random assignment and there are more users). REMEMBER: NEVER SHARE WHO YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED TO!!
3, From 12/8/17 onwards: you will give your assigned user a gift!

Every user will be assigned a partner, you can not pick! If you picked a user it would not be random. If you were missed, palpad either of us, and we will send you a gift (or pair you with someone else)!
Do not send your gift before 12/8/17!
Please send something decent on your giftee's wishlist.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (Credit goes to Lillypie for the original Idea.)

SSS Form

17 Days ago0 comments
Happy Thanksgiving (for those celebrating!)

I'm busy making food so don't know how active I'll be atm. Then BF shopping this evening.

22 Days ago3 comments
Uhm... Egg from Alola Rumble area... What is it?

25 Days ago5 comments
YAY!! Last Daycare egg hatched into a pretty Alolan Vulpix! ^.^ Maybe I'll get lucky and she will recruit a male for me XD

27 Days ago2 comments
*Chokes on my breakfast*

I don't know if they are as rare as they are on here, but this was a nice gift to wake up to!

*Grumbles* Now why can't I get one here!? 2+years!

28 Days ago4 comments
Second Egg- mind giving it a hug?

28 Days ago2 comments
Mind clicking my party?

29 Days ago2 comments



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