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Finally home!

So wore out its not even funny. Laid down for a bit, but I'm still so tired I cant wait to go to bed tonight...

Today, 02:062 comments
Guess that's a 'no' on my last feed? Good thing I didn't just do them an put them on here lol

Yesterday, 01:430 comments
... Wondering if those that have seen my sketches think I would make a few good adoptables on here? I might try to sketch a few while I'm here another day...

1 Day ago1 comment
10-12 hrs later... finally back in the hotel, kids ate & in bed. Mom propped up in pain, talking non-stop. I'm just checking in here, not feeling so hot. Tomorrow is a R.E.S.T. Day! Then one more apt Monday and heading home by the afternoon ^.^ I can't wait to be back home honestly.

I've been so worn out, my entire body hurts and is sore, I swear Ive lost like 5-10lbs in the past few days from all this running around XD I guess that would be a plus? LMAO.

Its after 3am, I'm finally going to beeeeeeed! <3

1 Day ago0 comments
((Close Feeds))

We are going to have to stay another day as Mom's Dr. is wanting to replace her cast Monday, and it makes no sense to drive all the way back Sunday to just turn around and come back Monday.

But super sore and tired from all this driving. But, will be going to pick her up in just a bit!

2 Days ago0 comments
Took the kiddos to the Children's Museum, it was fabulous!

-Bubble room where you can pull a hoop up and encase yourself in a giant bubble
-Huge Train room with old school train tracks and motorized rails. (little tunnels and viewers in the center of the tracks so you can see them from the center)
-Life size Tug boat (you can fish off), Metro Bus, Firetruck(with lil burning windows they can spray with water to put out), Police Motorcycle.
-Kid size bank + vault, super market, dentist/doctor/vet offices with xrays and all kinds of stuff.
-Play house, bigger than life yard
-Music/sound room, weather room, Art room
-Energy Carnival
-Dino area with paleontologist dig site.

And the planetarium I know I'm forgetting a lot of other stuff, but it was really cool! Will try and share pics later <3

2 Days ago5 comments
Mom is not being released today like she was sure of and pushing for before the surgery. She is in so much pain. I hate seeing her like this and there's not a thing I can do They haven't even helped her get outta the bed yet! There's just no way she could be released today. Especially not to be in a car for 4 hrs straight. So, another night in the hotel.

Also, we stayed mostly at the hotel today and going to head to the Childrens Museum first thing in the morning before she is released. Hope everyone is having a good Friday ^.^

3 Days ago3 comments
Welp, Mom spent 5 hours in Pre-OP... Her surgery was scheduled for 8:30am and she didn't get taken back for the actual surgery until 1:30pm. Needless to say, me and the boys stayed for a few hours until she wanted to get some rest and we came back to the hotel and rested too.

Now heading to the store to get her a few things, and still waiting on a call to see if she is out of surgery yet.

She was so frazzled and scared this morning; she started snapping at everyone until she started crying. She hasn't had surgery or anything in 25 years <3

I know I keep posting a lot about all this trip, but it helps with my own nervousness. ^^;

4 Days ago2 comments
Thank you to everyone that helped cheer me up this evening ^.^

I do feel like I have the best group of friends here, and I adore this community so much!

It's after midnight here, Little Miss has finally fallen asleep(as I type this tho, she woke back up.. -sigh-), and I'm getting the boys and I into the beds as we have to get up super early to take my Mom to the hospital.

Any positive thoughts, prayers, or whatever your thing is would be really appreciative for her tomorrow(technically today I guess) as she and I are very nervous.

4 Days ago5 comments
Would I be a horrible Mom if I cried right now?

I really want to.

It's just been such a stressful day: kids screaming and arguing in the backseat for a 4 hr car ride, hot as all get out, traffic, anxiety attack with a hint of depression and a lot of pain.

Almost had to go to a diff hotel b/c junk, and Mom literally stood in the lobby asking me what to do for 20 mins when I just did not care anymore. Had to go buy a pack n' play so the baby has somewhere to sleep bc they did not have cribs here.

I'm just... so done all I wanna do is cry.

Can I have a hug?

5 Days ago10 comments
May not be too active here in the next few hours; need to finish packing and straightening up before I leave. Gunna grab the boys from school- take them to the dentist- then our 4 hr drive to the hotel.

I may try and snag another hour nap before I finish all this stuff though Xd Its just going to be a loooooong day. We wont get there until prolly around 8pm. I will be bringing my laptop, so will check in tonight!

Hope you all have a great day ^.^

5 Days ago2 comments
I don't think I've ever seen so many Moltres in the AH at one time before. O.o

5 Days ago3 comments
Oh, for those wondering about the package I got-- it was from selenity, they had ordered it with the other stuff, but it took longer to get here.


I legit almost had 1 less kid XD

6 Days ago6 comments
My Moms surgery is Thursday morning. Her, me and all 3 kiddos are heading down to the area (4hrs away) where shes having it on Wednesday evening. The kiddos and I will be staying in a hotel until atleast Sat while she recovers. It's going to be a very very stressful time. Being that it is just me and 3 kids in a hotel room for a few days. + the added worry about my Mom being in the hospital.

Though, I do plan on trying to take the kiddos to the Childrens Museum which they don't know about (they don't check these feeds often). If you've never head of it, I recommend checking out the link! I haven't been since I was a kid and they've made some serious improvements!

6 Days ago2 comments

Finally evolved the last shiny in my Castform set!

I still have plenty to actually hatch before I'm done, but atleast I don't have to wait on certain weathers for my set to be done XD

8 Days ago4 comments

Wishing all the Moms a wonderful Mother's Day! As well as the Moms-to-be and the kiddos who are taking the time out of their day to wish their own Moms a great day ^.^

I only know of a few Moms personally on here, but if I have you on my FL please let me know if you are one!

8 Days ago4 comments
Shiny Wonder Trade Report:

Magikarp => Gyarados
Goldeen => Gyarados
Houndoom => Beedrill
Mareep => Gengar

Can we like implement something to where we DONT get multiples of the same shinies back? If we can't put in multiples of the same species to setup, getting almost all the same things back is a bit ridicules...

(I know it would never happen, but I can dream right?)

9 Days ago4 comments
#FreeMil by Argentis

Round 3 Giveaway: 1M pd to 1 lucky number from 1 to 100, will be picked by random.org.
* The 1M pd will be divided between those that have the same number for this round.

How to Join:
* Comment any whole number from 1 to 100 on Argentis' ORIGINAL FEED
* Pick a Pokémon from this box and try to guess why it's name is what it is
* Share the hashtag with the Pokémon's name and "reason for its name"
* Wait for May 15th to happen on site and for Argentis to draw your number

To be filled:
* Lila Krankenschwester
* It is a type of a watch for nurses.

Share it

9 Days ago2 comments
By PokéRadar - 3 Minutes and 21 Seconds ago.

Congratulations! A shiny Castform hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #1085)!

Slow and steady, right?

9 Days ago4 comments
Anyone playing ZGirls?

9 Days ago0 comments



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