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Money: 7,602,586
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Since I have TONS of Normal Castform, simply send me a PM with how many you would like and I will set them up for free in GTS for you! ^.^

I will still have some setup for Free regardless of PM info, but sometimes people bid multiple times on the same one, or 5 people bid on the same one when others have no bids lol. This way I can reserve them in your name.

Please share this around if you know anyone still looking for these guys!

Today, 05:260 comments

What time do you all usually eat dinner?

My parents have invited us to dinner at their house (which usually happens once a week/every other Sunday), and they always want us there at like 2-3pm. An legit it's "Ya'll ready to eat? Dinners all ready!" Like, really? And if we get there late like 4pm, my Dad and atleast one other person has already eaten b/c "They got tired of waiting". We eat at like... 7-8pm usually, heck we end up only having lunch at Noon-1pm! I'm just, so lost in why they have dinner SO early...

Even the kiddos are like "Whats for dinner?" AFTER we've been home for awhile.

Who knows, maybe I'm the weird one.

Yesterday, 19:0218 comments
2am and I'm on the wrong side of YT trying to find my way back....

Send help....


Yesterday, 05:574 comments
Oh! Got 2 pics in the Beauty Contest under 20!

#1: 15
#2: 19
#3 - 47
#4 - 85
#5 - 131

Wish I had gotten more FP, but still, I loved my Pac-Man one ^.^

2 Days ago4 comments

My guess is: 2!

2 Days ago0 comments

Birthday gifts ideas for a 2 year old Girl- GO!

3 Days ago34 comments
*Checks Castform Weather*

*Sees 'Sunny' that I still need for my shiny set coming= YAY!*

*Remembers something....*

...I wont be here tomorrow, due to going with my Mom again to her Drs ALL DAY, b/c they forgot to take one of the stitches out when they got the others out like a month ago...-.-

3 Days ago10 comments

Reading the rules of a raffle/giveaway are important ^.^

Don't post a condescending feed for something you didn't bother reading. It only makes you look bad.

Have a nice day!

4 Days ago2 comments
The ignorance of some is just astounding sometimes.

4 Days ago4 comments
AHH! I'm so happy. I didn't think I'd make it, but I did! 34 shinies in 4 months and 14 days (134 days total).

By PokéRadar - 7 Minutes and 42 Seconds ago.

Congratulations! A shiny Castform hatched out of one of your eggs (Chain #1463)!

OMG! I didn't think I'd get my last so quickly after getting one yesterday! Still, going to hatch 537 more eggs and see how many more I can get.

Now just gotta wait for Sunny and Muggy weather so I can evolve the last two.

5 Days ago10 comments

I'm putting in a TON of normal Castform in GTS for FREE. I have about 30 to get rid of right now, if not more, Ill be putting them in 10 at a time for the rest of the day ^.^

6 Days ago0 comments
Little Miss and Iron_Alex are beyond happy that their big brother (Super_Blake) is back home for a bit! They are all upstairs playing... Best sound in the world ^.^

6 Days ago4 comments
Still setting up regular Castforms for FREE in GTS. There's still 6 in there with no offers. Once they are out I will set up another 10 and so on. Just offer a pokemon that can be released like a 'Karp or something.

10 Days ago2 comments
OMG! Are you kidding me!??

Went to change one of my shiny castform into the "Muggy" version. As soon as I hit the button, the weather changes to "Dark". Seriously? I was happy I got on in time to get the Muggy an now I have 3 Dark....GRRR

13 Days ago13 comments
I dunno if I'm the only one who does this or not, but I look at things I wanna buy on here and think:

"Okay, well, I'll raise a little money b/c I really don't wanna go below $$$$$..." And then when I get enough money for what I want it ends up being:

"Ugh... I don't wanna spend anything b/c I'm so close to $$$$$! So... lemme just raise a bit more for xxxx instead..."

The struggle is real. Lol. I waited so long to get to 6mil so if I really wanted to I could buy a ditto. I've been wanting to extend my boxes, get 2 more and also extend my egg storage, so waited longer... and now I'm less than 10k pd away from 7mil I just don't wanna disturb it XD

13 Days ago7 comments
E3 <3

14 Days ago1 comment
*Fidgets nervously*

Alright, so I finished digitally coloring the (Shiny)Buneary + Pikachu fusion I did.

I don't know if I'm willing to sell it yet, but I'd be interested in hearing your offers? Or what you think it may be worth? I dunno, never done anything like this before.

I am nervous to hear what you all think of it regardless >.<

*Sets link here and goes to hide for awhile*

Thanks to Argentis for helping me bounce color ideas off you!

22 Days ago9 comments

You were one of the first 2 people I ever met on this site when I joined and I am beyond lucky that I did. You are such a kind, generous and all around amazing user- and that doesn't even scratch the surface of how unbelievable you are as a Mom to your girls. I am blessed to have the opportunity to call you a close friend <3 I know we both have hectic off-site lives, but I hope you know that I do think of you each and everyday and send out my own positive thoughts your way. Thank you for just being you~!

Happy Birthday hun!! Love from all of us!

28 Days ago0 comments
Give me some fusions to sketch?* I suck trying to think of them lol.

Or what would be a good fusion for me?

Just bc I get some, may not mean I have time to do them right now lol.

1 Month ago14 comments
Thank you to everyone that helped cheer me up this evening ^.^

I do feel like I have the best group of friends here, and I adore this community so much!

It's after midnight here, Little Miss has finally fallen asleep(as I type this tho, she woke back up.. -sigh-), and I'm getting the boys and I into the beds as we have to get up super early to take my Mom to the hospital.

Any positive thoughts, prayers, or whatever your thing is would be really appreciative for her tomorrow(technically today I guess) as she and I are very nervous.

1 Month ago5 comments



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